Technoblade is in this video.

Jan 18, 2021
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#ludwig #technoblade #minecraft

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    TechnobladeTechnobladeMonth ago
    • Waddup

      Namacto MationNamacto Mation23 days ago
    • halloooooo

      DeathyslayerDeathyslayer23 days ago
    • Yep

      Namacto MationNamacto MationMonth ago
    • Last

      Namacto MationNamacto MationMonth ago
    • Yep

      Ilan GuerreroIlan GuerreroMonth ago
  • i love this man

    YueYueDay ago
  • If I had a nickel for every time an English major appeared in this video I'd have dime. It's not that much, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

    JV _JV _2 days ago
  • Ludwig: Technoblade is in this video. Content-starved techno fans: Interesting.

    jules mjules m5 days ago
  • First

    PumpkinEaterPumpkinEater6 days ago
  • kekw dookie

    FrostbiteFrostbite6 days ago
  • u know u need to spam click right ?

    Ruben MandersRuben Manders9 days ago
  • Hey the chess sounds great please

    Cxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years agoCxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years ago10 days ago
  • I’ll be honest, I watched this cause I was pretty sure techno would be in it..... sorry Ludwig

    Jean-PaulJean-Paul10 days ago
  • huh.

    Kajetan MiliankovicKajetan Miliankovic10 days ago
  • Hey it's not a vowel ok

    TqcrTqcr10 days ago
  • The video rn has 696k views

    Master Chef1957Master Chef195711 days ago
  • ‘Technoblade is in this video” *You’re two years too late*

    AdamThePropAdamTheProp11 days ago
  • The slimy frost intriguinly live because chalk fortuitously thank under a awful existence. common, amused palm

    Hanes HowieHanes Howie13 days ago
  • Ludwig: tries to insult techno Techno: intimidates the crap out of Ludwig without talking or doing anything

    GamerzFalconGamerzFalcon13 days ago
  • I hate the way he got me with the title and i love it

    stephaynnstephaynn13 days ago
  • Technoblade u destroyed thedelambert!!!!!! i'm disappointed Tommyinit i'm caning for u Technoblade and i am on Tommyinit seid!!!!!!

    Izabel YoungIzabel Young15 days ago
  • I am simple man, I see technoblade and I click

    IsengromIsengrom15 days ago
  • "I went to college, then I dropped out of college then I farmed... Dream Smp livestreams." We all knew what he was going to say.

    ham sandwichham sandwich16 days ago
  • Rise up USworlds frogs

    DecoyDecoy16 days ago
  • The way ludwig plays has no right for him to be winning lol

    SamSam17 days ago
  • Doesn’t get that many views as u think

    Wesley TsangWesley Tsang17 days ago
  • I saw technoblade so I clicked

    The Windows GuyThe Windows Guy18 days ago
  • Ludwig and techno is my new favorite duo that I never even dreamed of.

    CoinWaterCoinWater21 day ago
  • I literally watched the stream while in class lolllll

    mccnx marinimccnx marini21 day ago
  • “If I brought 2 players equal to me would we win?, How about 4v1?” “4x0 is zero” Sounds like the manhunt series

    Amanda CarrollAmanda Carroll21 day ago
  • "Technoblade is in this video" Man... Lud know what he's doing

    SarantuyaSarantuya22 days ago
  • technoblade in the title? I click.

    TeslaDaCarTeslaDaCar23 days ago
  • That BNHA music in the background though

    Mytheus SMPMytheus SMP23 days ago
  • Blood for the BloodWig

    Joar PugosaJoar Pugosa23 days ago
  • yes

    yes manyes man23 days ago
  • This guy is really smart using technoblade. Nice choice

    Yahiko AkatsukiYahiko Akatsuki23 days ago
  • Bro 90% clicked cause technoblade😂😂

    gabe_anxietygabe_anxiety24 days ago
  • "Technoblade is in this video" **click**

    bOebOe24 days ago
  • who is this ludwid guy and why would techno play with this nerd

    ManMan24 days ago
  • 5:42 “Minecraft a sweaty game” Minecraft gamers: well nosh

    Da Panda pandaDa Panda panda24 days ago
  • watching an old man play with technoblade is funny

    PenguinPenguin24 days ago
  • 15:02 That was the funniest part of the video. Ludwig looked so terrified like, “Oh shit that was really gay uh let me rephrase it”

    LevelmakeLevelmake25 days ago
  • Hey here's Technoblade

    hyunsoo_zxhyunsoo_zx25 days ago
  • The Toxic Avanger themes do be boppin tho

    TheCancerGuYTheCancerGuY25 days ago
  • I swear that techno is in other people content more than his content

    Ahmad AZAhmad AZ25 days ago
  • 666k views atm

    CallMeKian_CallMeKian_25 days ago
    • 💀

      Remruata HmarRemruata Hmar25 days ago
  • This is just bad

    VeilStarVeilStar25 days ago
  • it feels good to see techno play bedwars again

    CatchingDark38CatchingDark3825 days ago
  • I clicked on the video because it said techno blade was in the video

    R JR J25 days ago
  • I actually clicked on this vid because I saw technos name In the title

    Gaming_With_ MoonGaming_With_ Moon26 days ago
  • peak clickbait

    CookieCookie26 days ago

    MmdqhMmdqh26 days ago
  • The title and thumbnail immediately grabbed my attention. He figured out the algorithm

    egg with 16 million likesegg with 16 million likes26 days ago
  • Viewssss

    Davi FahrezaDavi Fahreza26 days ago
  • 6:44 alendino with the shameless plug.

    BillBill26 days ago
  • That chat makes me cringe

    Caleb RowdenCaleb Rowden26 days ago
  • "I left for two years still got it" a wise man once said

    VisionzVisionz26 days ago
  • Wait did I hear the greater pretender theme?

    Llamaduder21Llamaduder2126 days ago
  • The youtube algorithm isn't supposed to work like this man

    Gh05t1yGh05t1y26 days ago
  • leaving a comment for the free likes

    CamelCamel26 days ago
  • Do you time your hits because ur not supposed to in hypixle

    Ultimate Mr penguinUltimate Mr penguin27 days ago
  • O my god a video with techno im happy

    Clieaster _Clieaster _27 days ago
  • Playing with technoblade be like 1. 1v1 and get destoryed 2. Get millions of views 3. Get tons of subs 4. clickbait title about defeating technoblade

    jerry zhangjerry zhang27 days ago
  • "Rosannapansino has invited you to join their guild, piss baby!"

    qrbe1tqrbe1t27 days ago
  • technoblade : i 1v6d them ludwig : I GOT AN IRON GOLEM!!!!!

    KiaTheEpicKiaTheEpic27 days ago
  • but its iconic

    Savine GSavine G27 days ago
  • only if we could whatch technos POV

    Salty AfSalty Af27 days ago
  • Chess game pog

    Justinas KelmelisJustinas Kelmelis27 days ago
  • I dont think you know how to 1.8 pvp (just spam click)

    RomanulvasiRomanulvasi27 days ago
  • him not playing on 1.8.9 makes me so angry for some reason.

    CyberRanielCyberRaniel27 days ago
  • "fuckwig" thank you for your sincerity chat

    Im_Still_HereIm_Still_Here27 days ago
  • Techno joined the call and the entire chat just spams "blood for the blood god"

    ScoobsScoobs27 days ago
  • Yep

    uhhh yehuhhh yeh27 days ago
  • Yep

    uhhh yehuhhh yeh27 days ago
  • “technoblades in this video” = 1 mil guaranteed views

    BlueBlue27 days ago
  • THE VIEWS!!!!!!

    Mia?Mia?27 days ago
  • *F11*

    cridit master strikes bacj • 85 years agocridit master strikes bacj • 85 years ago28 days ago
  • I only clicked on this video because of the title

    Warriors GOATWarriors GOAT28 days ago
  • puts technoblade in title to get views

    Colheccti ColhecctiColheccti Colheccti28 days ago
  • Void death counter:1373

    Anthony BondarAnthony Bondar28 days ago
  • he was on 1.16 bruhhhhhhhhh

    lowlightlowlight28 days ago
    • @lowlight I used to use lunar, but my internet has been bad as ever so installing it on my new computer, is not so easy.

      SleetSleet27 days ago
    • @Sleet lunar has both 1.16 and 1.8 optimised AS HELL, so why would you ever bother

      lowlightlowlight27 days ago
    • I always play on 1.16 because I am too lazy to download 1.8.9, with my internet.

      SleetSleet27 days ago
  • The clickbate is appriciable

    Conor CoradConor Corad28 days ago
  • Damn, nancy pelosi isnt a gamer, smh.

    ThanoidsThanoids28 days ago
  • I imagine someone not knowing who technoblade was and thought they were a girl with that thumbnail and then getting blasted with with the 1st second of techno helloing

    Bandit DoggoBandit Doggo28 days ago
  • I clicked on this b/c technoblade is in it

    teatimeremteatimerem28 days ago
  • Ah yes the way to attract every techno fan

    A_Random_DragonetA_Random_Dragonet28 days ago
  • Halo Music makes me happy :)

    LynxSVLynxSV28 days ago
  • 1st sec if the vid was easily the best lmao

    T0ny MT0ny M28 days ago
  • im only here for technoblade

    xsrtxsrt29 days ago
  • i needed to press f11 for this

    Syrup SapperSyrup Sapper29 days ago
  • at this level, Ludwig just blatantly clickbaits lmao

    notPaternnotPatern29 days ago
  • The two english majors

    RedinxRedinx29 days ago
  • If the video title contains the name of the legendary Blood God, it shall receive millions of views.

    Republic BrickFlick StudiosRepublic BrickFlick Studios29 days ago
  • Ludwig is so horrible at this its painful to watch

    IzuwuIzuwu29 days ago
  • is he really in the video

    AlphaKingAlphaKing29 days ago
  • I find it hilarious that when techno lost once he decided to invite the best players in the game to absolutely wipe the floor with the other team

    Ridge LoosliRidge Loosli29 days ago
  • E?

    MokekokMokekok29 days ago
  • 15:01 uhhhh ok then

    ElectricAlarm46ElectricAlarm4629 days ago
  • Okie

    SirPotatoritoSirPotatorito29 days ago
  • the new frogs don't even know the zany sidekick Sadge

    Guaire McKennaGuaire McKenna29 days ago
  • I’m a simple man if I see the 2nd worst thing to happen to those orphans in the title I click

    Assassin 2xAssassin 2x29 days ago
  • I don’t know who ludwig is but I heard technoblade was here!

    Jimmy GonzalezJimmy Gonzalez29 days ago
  • Tommy would like this video

    Mobslayer JrMobslayer Jr29 days ago
  • I only clicked BC technoblade is in this video

    Awatea AhemAwatea Ahem29 days ago