Mar 30, 2021
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Decided to prank my mom! #shorts

  • So cool

    Juan CalderonJuan Calderon57 minutes ago
  • Colty: *casually waving holding a snake*

    Ace Playz23Ace Playz232 hours ago
  • Drns

    Cool GirlsCool Girls4 hours ago
  • I love how she says "Snake can stay"

    VeljkoVeljko13 hours ago
  • That one is real

    ken Germanken GermanDay ago
  • By the spider

    ken Germanken GermanDay ago
  • Hahaha you got prank

    ken Germanken GermanDay ago
  • Thats not funny

    ItsJoeItsJoe2 days ago
  • ʰᵉˡˡᵒ

    Roxyte ZoxRoxyte Zox2 days ago
  • This is not ok, im not trying to hate but a huge fear of spiders would mean that she has arachnophobia.

    •.Cløudy bōba bübbles.••.Cløudy bōba bübbles.•4 days ago
  • Tell mom u will get rid of the spiders if she boops the snake 🐍 just once

    Michael PiotrowskiMichael Piotrowski4 days ago
  • That Karin thing has got to go or u both go.! Snake can stay SPIDERS FLICKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHA HIS MOMS ADORABLE 🥰 N JUST LIKE ME

    Michael PiotrowskiMichael Piotrowski4 days ago
  • I love the snake

    Roselovegirl202Roselovegirl2024 days ago
  • 🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😅lol

    Paul DikePaul Dike4 days ago
  • I rather the snake stay to

    poststars.poststars.4 days ago
  • You could have killed that tarantula what the heck.

    Tin Can'tTin Can't5 days ago
  • Why is there a ✨shit ✨in the toilet

    アストロアストロ5 days ago
  • For a very funny prank lets give someone I supposedly care about a panic attack! Yayeee /s

  • I thought it was going to be RIP tarantula

    MinecraftSam 06MinecraftSam 065 days ago
  • The snake reminds me of my lost friend exotic it’s not his real name but I like to call him that

    Midnight GlitcherMidnight Glitcher5 days ago

    Angelie mae CacayorinAngelie mae Cacayorin5 days ago
  • 🐍can stay 😂😂

    Rolly MartinezRolly Martinez5 days ago
  • I expected her to scream and cry

    Emily AlzagaEmily Alzaga6 days ago
  • Bro 😎 Do It Again

    Hacker SideHacker Side6 days ago
  • Next time u have to film the reaction of your mom🕷🕷

    Thenewchairisnotcool StoopidfoolThenewchairisnotcool Stoopidfool6 days ago
  • The fuck that is so mean you don't do that to your mother

    Paul sharla scottPaul sharla scott6 days ago
  • But the snake 🐍 can stay 🤍

    Mikayla WarrenMikayla Warren6 days ago
  • imagine having a mom that doesn't close the door while using the restroom 🤢

    Tyler HowesTyler Howes6 days ago
  • Ahhhhhhh SPIDER

    Alan WoodhouseAlan Woodhouse6 days ago
  • Karen

    Usine SombreUsine Sombre6 days ago
  • That kinda isn't funny cause she could have a heart attack and when I was at a pet store with my granny she saw one and we had to leave cause she started crying and it was in a cage.

    Lone Alpha WolfLone Alpha Wolf6 days ago
  • Dude not cool I fear spiders aswell and if I was your mom after I figured out you did that you would of got beat so ye don’t do that ever again

    Robo DevilRobo Devil6 days ago
  • I like spider to i had a llllot of spiders

    Cyril DaveCyril Dave7 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😌

    Breeana CunninghamBreeana Cunningham7 days ago
  • I have an aphonopelma seemani

    Mysterious FoxMysterious Fox7 days ago
  • The snake can stay 🙏 👍

    Noah KarasNoah Karas7 days ago
  • Can I have the snake

    Kiabeth GorostietaKiabeth Gorostieta7 days ago
  • Your mom was supposed to say the snake is staying here because you did that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Corina WardCorina Ward7 days ago
  • I thought it couldn’t be true... I thought it was impossible. But this man spells his name the same way I do

    Gonk DroidGonk Droid7 days ago
  • Snake can stay but the tarantula is probably the smallest animal he owns and how tf do u have enough money to buy a snake and a tarantula like wtf

    ZxmmZxmm7 days ago
  • I don't like these type of videos where creators profit off people's phobias Like wtf you know she's arachnophobic yet you still voluntarily and purposely decide to put her through it just for the sake of clout and views pfft

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood7 days ago
  • My name is coalton

    RedCODM YTRedCODM YT7 days ago

    lil_dark Demon angel blil_dark Demon angel b7 days ago
  • What tipe of breed is it🐍🐍🐍

    Carol BudgeCarol Budge7 days ago
  • Love the snake

    Carol BudgeCarol Budge7 days ago
  • Subtle snake flex

    Qt_Mrs_MidnightQt_Mrs_Midnight7 days ago
  • that was funny

    Ruksana KouserRuksana Kouser7 days ago
  • Aaaaaa I do not like you

    Bro Gacha lifeBro Gacha life7 days ago
  • Boop the snoot plssss

    Odavia AlfaroOdavia Alfaro7 days ago
  • No. D/c is not. God

    Edith RendonEdith Rendon7 days ago
  • This guy was completely fine with the possibility of their mom A) throwing the spider B) killing the spider C) wishing they were never born

    Jaslene PetersenJaslene Petersen7 days ago
  • stop

    Nadine HarrisNadine Harris7 days ago
  • I hate spiders

    Snap dragon MonsterSnap dragon Monster7 days ago
  • Happy noodle

    ShadowNeko23ShadowNeko237 days ago
  • Nice

    Bernie WeinbergBernie Weinberg7 days ago
  • Ah this is so real.. it's so normal that people leave the bathroom door open

    Benjamin NiessBenjamin Niess7 days ago
  • Me ewwwww spider

    Brianna KoverBrianna Kover7 days ago
  • Dude...

    kookygamer ytkookygamer yt7 days ago
  • Not cool

    Tom PohlTom Pohl7 days ago
  • Imagine having a phobia and your idiot son decides to prank you with these. Hate this guy.

    QRT QuQuRapTournamentQRT QuQuRapTournament7 days ago
  • *Snake can stay* *Happy snek noises*

    Alp Tuna TuncerAlp Tuna Tuncer7 days ago
  • Alernative video title: How to give your mother a heart attack

    Alp Tuna TuncerAlp Tuna Tuncer7 days ago
  • Imagine your claustrophobic ( phobia of small spaces)and your trapped in a small space. That’s probably what I would feel like in this situation. It’s not even funny

    Chiaki Doing stufChiaki Doing stuf7 days ago
  • That’s funny that she’s most scared of tarantulas Bc you know there not that harmful but I can’t say anything Bc spiders also creep me out

    Y/N MhaY/N Mha7 days ago
  • Please don't use live animals for pranks it can end poorly

    Joshua HallJoshua Hall7 days ago
  • Oh geez this will give me nightmares

    Jujunana BeanJujunana Bean8 days ago
  • I legit started shaking while watching this I'm terrified of spiders too but I'm clearly more terrified of them than his mom my friend did this to me once and once I found the real one I jumped on the toilet (lid closed) and I just started balling and shaking and screaming and my neighbors legit knocked on the door asking if I was ok because I was screaming LOUD long story short we aren't friends anymore and I just finished getting my new bathroom installed because after that prank I literally burnt my bathroom down

    Your AwesomeYour Awesome8 days ago
  • That is sick

    Spec Ops ClanSpec Ops Clan8 days ago
  • Snake drip

    Crunchy CoconutCrunchy Coconut8 days ago
  • I love snakes

    Laurel GuiceLaurel Guice8 days ago
  • My mom HATES snakes she’s mad scared of them

    Jayden IrunguJayden Irungu8 days ago
  • its very fun lol

    xxxpurple gamerxxxxxxpurple gamerxxx8 days ago
  • We wouldnt get along tbh

    ғʀᴏɢɢɪ カエルғʀᴏɢɢɪ カエル8 days ago
  • What about snake what about snake snake can stay

    Eri ChanEri Chan8 days ago
  • Dude he is so brave. Him carrying a snake 😀 then me 😨😰 I'm gonna die

    William RosserWilliam Rosser8 days ago
  • Snake can stay Hahaha dying laughing

    camilla crabbcamilla crabb8 days ago
  • Does she have arachnophobia? If so, that could give someone a heart attack/ panic attack or put her unconscious, even just with the fake spiders

    SpookzySpookzy8 days ago
  • Snakes are so cute I’m trying to convince my parents to let me get one

    MrswitchbladeMrswitchblade8 days ago
  • Fuck you for doing that

    dark sidedark side8 days ago
  • Spider prank more like trying to give her a heart attack

    Air OWA OWAir OWA OW8 days ago
  • that's not funny my guy

    swag personswag person8 days ago
  • LMAO SHES LIKE, "GET THE SPIDERS OUT! IF NOT, YOURE BOTH OUT!" Him: What about my snake? Him again: what about my snake???! Her: The snake can stay

    Tina BiltzTina Biltz8 days ago
  • Imagine living with your mom

    iClassicifyiClassicify8 days ago
  • The real spider was actually fuzzy

    Victor BellaVictor Bella8 days ago
  • This is faker than my mom saying she loves me

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis8 days ago
  • At least you didn't get death by spanking as punishment

    darius filipdarius filip8 days ago
  • Oh my god!😱😨😂

    Ylana SpeldeYlana Spelde8 days ago
  • If my mom sees a spider that big in the bathroom, it better be running with its 8 legs away or it'll loose half of those

    ABC 123ABC 1238 days ago
  • I pranked my mom putting a fake frost fury she was like so shocked when I said got ya

    Mouresha kennedyMouresha kennedy8 days ago
  • Lol

    Romea LicarteRomea Licarte8 days ago
  • I hate

    Prins & milian’s VerdenPrins & milian’s Verden8 days ago
  • Tarantula: Hey coltyy Coltyy: Wassup ima put you in my sink Tarantula: okay

    Pixels XDPixels XD8 days ago
  • phobia fear of spiders:araphobia

    xx_ermielplayz foxy_xxxx_ermielplayz foxy_xx8 days ago

    KatarinaKatarina8 days ago
  • Ngl this kinda messed up on my opinion

    literally nooneliterally noone8 days ago
  • Y did she leave the door open when she using the bathroom

    Saucy SaladSaucy Salad8 days ago
  • I would move out if there was a spider like that in my house

    XxCaptainLuckxX xDXxCaptainLuckxX xD8 days ago
  • Why does your mom use the bathroom with the door open ????

    Clip CombinerClip Combiner9 days ago
  • This is the only one of Ur videos I don't agree with, I also hate spiders and I would literally die if someone did this to me

    Blockgun141Blockgun1419 days ago
  • Not roller nice

    Mason ClickMason Click9 days ago