Feb 7, 2021
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Honestly thought I was gonna win this challenge! What's your favourite prize? Link in down below for the cheap fun prizes! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #shorts

  • Bro plzz gimme a 10$ google goft card cuz u have alot of money so why don't?

    DeviL OPDeviL OP5 hours ago
  • I got the same musclw gun XD

    Noel ChongNoel Chong7 hours ago
  • The burrito blanket is obviously the best prize… Right?

    JINHWA LEEJINHWA LEE15 hours ago
  • Ok but where does the money come from

    M MM M20 hours ago

    Aidali OquendoAidali OquendoDay ago
  • Don’t mind me *buys a burrito blanket*

    MrsLoserIsHere Lazy VideosMrsLoserIsHere Lazy VideosDay ago
  • I'm happy for the man who got a burrito blanket

    ArtixcyArtixcyDay ago
  • I want to breathe

    Zoe SanchezZoe SanchezDay ago
  • Tbh blanket best

    SocioNextSocioNext2 days ago
  • Did anyone see the yellow that dissappeared

    Littlecane09Littlecane092 days ago
  • the thing that is funny is because I have that blanket

    Adalyn GarciaAdalyn Garcia2 days ago
  • Why is the best prize for second place

    gokugameinggokugameing3 days ago
  • Lol i the have last prize

    Susan AbregoSusan Abrego3 days ago
  • Wait a minute was somebody watching TVD

    NightFrostXNightFrostX3 days ago
  • Why do I want the burrito blanket the most

    June MosleyJune Mosley3 days ago
  • I have the burrito blanket

    KingEphiKingEphi3 days ago
  • Cool 😎

    Am�lia Rose SchatteAm�lia Rose Schatte4 days ago
  • That doesnt look like a 'muscle gun'... Girls might know what is looks like tho?

    · Noah ·· Noah ·4 days ago
  • Me who would only play the game to get the burrito blanket 😂

    hope9580 hope9580hope9580 hope95804 days ago
  • If you look closely you can see a ball dissapear

    Reina WhitlockReina Whitlock4 days ago
  • That burrito blanket looks cool tho

    Official NarutoOfficial Naruto4 days ago
  • Ngl, The burrito Blanket should have been 1st prize.

    Zaya OyunZaya Oyun4 days ago
  • One of them probably gonna have a war over burrito blanket

    Caleb LindermanCaleb Linderman5 days ago
  • That burrito blanket was the best prize out of all no cap

    Purple ChickenPurple Chicken5 days ago
  • How original

    RangoRango5 days ago
  • I feel like the iphone cover looked more like a 1st place prize rather then the expensive vibrator

    LatinfilmzLatinfilmz5 days ago
  • Lol I’m a burrito🌯🌯

    Shawntae BarberShawntae Barber5 days ago
  • İ have the video able fire its color black

    un7 rühünun7 rühün6 days ago
  • Burrito blanket

    Niemand 525Niemand 5256 days ago
  • Game boy iPhone case shiiiiii

    Evan the CrackpotEvan the Crackpot6 days ago
  • The guy who got the taco think was like : omg this smells just like taco I could sleep all day with it ( *Starts eating taco* )

    Ginger LeeGinger Lee6 days ago
  • Didn't the burrito blanket dude get more money than that girl yet she gets a better price

    Richard ist Ein HurensohnRichard ist Ein Hurensohn6 days ago
  • I prefer the burrito blanket over the other rewards.

    IlluminateFoxIlluminateFox6 days ago
  • i want the mucle gun please 😚

    Ashton HamiltonAshton Hamilton6 days ago
  • “ don’t think this is just a muscle gun “ woah there Buddy

    • lxster •• lxster •6 days ago
  • I am actually wrapped my my burrito blanket

    Random:_ GurlRandom:_ Gurl6 days ago
  • A burrito with black beans 🗿

    Bloody MarshalBloody Marshal6 days ago
  • borito

    fuzzytwingirlfuzzytwingirl6 days ago
  • Hmm that muscle thing do be kinda sus tho

    GilbertBoyGilbertBoy6 days ago
  • The best prizes were the second and the fourth .chage my mind

    Davi BritoDavi Brito6 days ago
  • Those are good prizes 😳

    Alayna LohrAlayna Lohr6 days ago
  • i want the burrito blanket 😭😭

    zzzzzz6 days ago
  • Totally not me trying to count the points as I go

    I’m a Anime_weebI’m a Anime_weeb6 days ago
  • “ don’t think this is just a muscle gun” little do you know what you was gonna do with that

    •Xx rEd RiDinG hOoD• •Xx•Xx rEd RiDinG hOoD• •Xx6 days ago
  • I would purposefully get the lowest points for that burrito blanket

    Drip KnightDrip Knight6 days ago
  • Like it

    Shadow EnochShadow Enoch7 days ago
  • He should do a duet with @amywoah on tiktok saying " IM A BORRITO"

    Ahmad NimerAhmad Nimer7 days ago
  • I liked the playable phone case thing lol also the burrito

    KyKy7 days ago
  • Burrito

    ensuensu7 days ago
  • Am i the only ona that thinks the burrito blanked and that something for the Phone is the Best prize?

    _-Yukkine -__-Yukkine -_7 days ago
  • Burrito

    EXOfnEXOfn7 days ago
  • Liked*

    Aaron SerranoAaron Serrano7 days ago
  • Well this isint bad good job colty likef

    Aaron SerranoAaron Serrano7 days ago
  • The muscle gun looked like a fucking vibrator

    Vaughan LedbetterVaughan Ledbetter7 days ago
  • As a proud owner of the burrito blanket, I say it should be first place prize.

    Norped HollandNorped Holland7 days ago
  • I would of purposely lost for the burrito blanket

    Tinglun SuTinglun Su7 days ago
  • i need tha burito blanket

    Jolin Natasha LorettaJolin Natasha Loretta7 days ago
  • That’s cool 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Siblings ForeverSiblings Forever7 days ago
  • Anyone else notice that on the phone they were watching the vampire diaries! No just me ok 💀

    Iggially TwigallyIggially Twigally7 days ago
  • The burrito blanket is objectively the best prize

    4th dimensional cheese4th dimensional cheese7 days ago
  • the burrito blanket was the best

    XxNuggieWolfxXXxNuggieWolfxX7 days ago
  • I would rather get that blanket than anything else

    Jornotslime8Jornotslime87 days ago
  • I want the muscle massager

    Shaquille KotShaquille Kot7 days ago
  • Oooh i wanna video amplifier

    Kay CalamityKay Calamity7 days ago
  • Where is the bio

    Rosa HernandezRosa Hernandez7 days ago
  • Ok

    Dom FrancoDom Franco7 days ago
  • I got a burrito blanket and it's the absolute best

    Marcia McweenyMarcia Mcweeny7 days ago
  • How did first place get the worst prize?

    Blue VentedBlue Vented7 days ago

    RogueRebel 4651RogueRebel 46517 days ago
  • 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥

    CarliiDaSavage RodriguezCarliiDaSavage Rodriguez7 days ago
  • 1st place price looks worse than second and third lol

    Alex - UnityAlex - Unity7 days ago
  • I don't care about the other gifts . . . But I want that borrito blanket

    Lone WolfLone Wolf7 days ago
  • Sir.SIR. Um bring me that machine. but they need that machine. ...BRING ME THAT MACHINE

    FaZePrinceシFaZePrinceシ7 days ago

    Carese Lynn AldermanCarese Lynn Alderman8 days ago
  • isnt that a - never mind

    allison de sotoallison de soto8 days ago
  • Did anyone notice she was watching vampire diaries-

    Kikiloves _heartKikiloves _heart8 days ago
  • No one talking about the phone case I want it

    Blubberface 23Blubberface 238 days ago
  • Ngl i want that burrito blanket the most

    ᒍᑌᑎ駿ᒍᑌᑎ駿8 days ago
  • You know that last place prize seems way too undervalued, that should have been the first place item

    Mr. SuspiciousMr. Suspicious8 days ago
  • The burrito blanket will be the best prize ever, ya can be a real burrito now 😭✨

    • C L A U •• C L A U •8 days ago
  • I think that wasn't meant for a boy first place

    aidpackgaming YTaidpackgaming YT8 days ago
  • ok but I would want the burito blanket that should have been first place prize lets be honestly here

    DeminationsDeminations8 days ago
  • I would want the phone case

    Wade GuensburgWade Guensburg8 days ago
  • I wish my mom wold let me buy an exotic animal

    Michele RosaMichele Rosa8 days ago
  • The prizes are probably affiliate links and by buying them you support these people instead of supporting any other creator

    Nicolas PerreaultNicolas Perreault8 days ago
  • this muscle gun tho

    Davie420Davie4208 days ago
  • Every single one of you look like and sound like you have never had and actual job

    Aquasphere4Aquasphere48 days ago
  • Anyone got the link for the phone case

    Ultimate._.SimpシUltimate._.Simpシ8 days ago
  • I have that phone case

    D MD M8 days ago
  • I dont think that’s a muscle gun😬

    LAF_Cranked _LAF_Cranked _8 days ago
  • How do I look at the bio😭I wanna be a burrito

    That _boyAnthonyThat _boyAnthony8 days ago
  • woah the burrito blanket is better than the other prizes ✨

    LexiLexi8 days ago
  • Man for last place I would 100000% take that burrito blanket I’ve been wanting one for like 2 years

    TaviTavi8 days ago
  • How is the 1st one the worst one

    Logan20 ELGLogan20 ELG8 days ago
  • I’ve got that same blanket it’s so warm

    FastjessejrFastjessejr9 days ago
  • Get syndicate to 10 million subs!

    LiamLiam9 days ago
  • Shampenis

    Vltx DripzVltx Dripz9 days ago
  • I want that blanket

    Honey BearHoney Bear9 days ago
  • i feel like a super nintendo case is better than a muscle gun

    Judy AcabadoJudy Acabado9 days ago
  • The guy who got 100+ points: why tf did I not get something like which is related to tech, I will rather go to sleep *goes to sleep angrily vwith the blanket he got*

    Mr. LowSpecMr. LowSpec9 days ago