Swapping Outfits With Bethany Mota!

Jan 10, 2021
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Swapping Outfits With Bethany Mota
Swapping Outfits With Bethany Mota!
I decided it would be funny to swap styles with Bethany Mota, or macbarbie07! I swapped outfits with Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, and the Beverly Hills brat, James Charles, and Amber Scholl, Daisy Msarquez, Niki Demar and more!! you guys enjoyed that! Let me know who else you want me to do a style swap with!!
BUY MY MAKEUP BRAND: www.rclocosmetics.com
BETHANYs VIDEO: usworlds.info/slow/video/j22FhW2-nYWoa4s
Bethanys Channel: usworlds.info/tv/c6W7efUSkd9YYoxOnctlFg
Casual Daytime
Top and bottom set-www.kslamclothing.com/collections/sets-jumpsuits/products/white-patch-set
Necklaces- adinasjewels.com
Sunglasses- www.givvano.com/?aff=90
Bracelet- www.vitalydesign.com/
Fancy Daytime
Dress- Maniere de voir
Corset- Poster Girl
Set- www.asteriaactive.com
Swimsuit- I literally do not know I am sorry the tags were itchy so I cut them off when I got it
Top- Namalia
Sunglasses- ZeroUV
One Piece
Swimsuit and Utility leg thingy- DARKER WAVS
Sunglasses- Sold out :/
Casual Nighttime
Top- www.altswim.com
Purse and jeans- www.patrickchurchartist.com
Sunglasses- Alexander Wang
Fancy Nighttime
Top- Namalia
Biker shorts- whitefoxboutique.com
Jewelry- www.vitalydesign.com/
Sunglasses- Maniere de voir
Chilling Around The House
Jumpsuit- pwww.vitalydesign.com/
Top- tobi
Bottom- Amazon underwear

  • imagine her swapping with claudia sulewski

    Abbi WhichardAbbi Whichard31 minute ago
  • You should do one with Rebecca Zamolo

    Maya DonovanMaya DonovanHour ago
  • It’s funny that Rachel’s outfits have evolved to just be “things you might see in blade runner”

    kolim jonekolim jone8 hours ago
  • Missed Beth. Wish she stayed consistent on youtube. But she'll always be one of my fav youtubers.

    C DC D15 hours ago
  • I love your hair Rachel

    Badgirl HaloBadgirl Halo18 hours ago
  • Bethany was my CHILDHOOD

    Mikayla MossMikayla Moss22 hours ago
    • Ok. But Rachel’s style is 🔥. You can’t tell me any different

      kolim jonekolim jone8 hours ago
  • Dude I'm a Scorpio♏

    madison Lankfordmadison LankfordDay ago
  • Bethany looked so good in the workout set lmao

    Abi B.Abi B.Day ago
  • Rachel I'm sorry but the first outfit bethany wore kinda looked like toilet paper pieces😂

    Kaitlynn VelozKaitlynn VelozDay ago
  • Rachel can you please do a video of you reacting to your first style swap and your most recent stlye swap to see the change in your style

    Sasha PhillipsSasha PhillipsDay ago
  • I love how they're both just constantly complimenting each other, hype. Also, I never knew Bethany had that BODY ODY ODY.

    ceerw butyceerw butyDay ago
  • I'm so proud of Bethany and Rachel and who they've grown up to be

    starfishstarfishDay ago
  • rachel faces tho

    Paige KieferPaige KieferDay ago

    Brenda SaferBrenda SaferDay ago
  • Omg you should dye your hair platinum 🙀🤍🤍 bc it’s sorta yellow rn but it would be fire

    Brooklyn BrownBrooklyn BrownDay ago
    • you should start a series where you have other you tubers pick your outfits for a week based on their style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ceerw butyceerw butyDay ago
  • Every since her styled changed she’s been wayyy more confident and I love it 🥰

    axjanaeaxjanaeDay ago
  • why am i just realizing rachel KINDA looks like Anne Hathaway from Princess Diaries

    Lyssa BabyLyssa BabyDay ago
  • I love her outfit swaps

    Nika 's worldNika 's world2 days ago

    Night RandomNight Random2 days ago
  • “Sometimes we forget about our (ASS)ets” omg Bethany 😂

    Natalie YoungNatalie Young2 days ago
  • Ok. But Rachel’s style is 🔥. You can’t tell me any different

    Madalynn DaughertyMadalynn Daugherty2 days ago
  • Her: im a scorpio Me: yass were twins

    Tulay ShabanTulay Shaban2 days ago
  • I haven’t seen Bethany Nita’s in so long sense I was 5

    Kyla McClellanKyla McClellan2 days ago
  • 🆒️🆒️🆒️🆒️🆒️🆒️

    Umaimah PatelUmaimah Patel2 days ago
  • Swap with Meg DeAngelis !!!

    Est CREst CR2 days ago
  • Woah my two most watched you tubers at 12

    alissa mendozaalissa mendoza2 days ago
  • i miss your pink hair but okkkk

    Edgar CuzoEdgar Cuzo2 days ago
  • I remember😂😂

    Kimber MoonKimber Moon2 days ago
  • you should start a series where you have other you tubers pick your outfits for a week based on their style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ally ZAlly Z2 days ago
  • When Rachel came out with Bethanys pjs I was dying because we all knew where they were from 😂❤️

    Jennifer hernandezJennifer hernandez2 days ago
  • Yeah sometimes we forget about our ASSets.

    AnjaliAnjali2 days ago
  • Disney princess many video

    Zehrafathima ZehrafathimaZehrafathima Zehrafathima2 days ago
  • I should do an outfit swap with a kid😂but because of size..yall might have to like...let the kid go to a store and buy clothes in your size or something😂😂lol idek what I'm saying

    Naomi MohammedNaomi Mohammed2 days ago
  • Katie Wong we have the same profile :0

    Kloey’s VlogsKloey’s Vlogs2 days ago
  • 😉😉😉वो खूबसूरत आंखें जो इस वक्त ये पोस्ट पढ़ रही है भगवान उन आंखों का हर सपना पूरा करे💕💕💕

    Jeetu jaan kingJeetu jaan king3 days ago
  • I feel like the style evolution started at the Tana swap.

    SimplySweet5678SimplySweet56783 days ago
  • I love seeing my two favs in one video 😩🥰

    ashleyashley3 days ago
  • It’s funny that Rachel’s outfits have evolved to just be “things you might see in blade runner”

    asioe kiouasioe kiou3 days ago
  • You're telling me all these influencers wear the same damn size clothes? Lol wtf that's insane.

    kelsey pkelsey p3 days ago
  • That first outfit rachel put bethany in looks like toilet paper

    Jacki NicoleJacki Nicole3 days ago
  • I just want to see the outfits

    Farahnaz MahjabinFarahnaz Mahjabin3 days ago
    • I thought her hair was pink😂

      asioe kiouasioe kiou3 days ago
  • Why all the outfits Rachel gave to Beth look like outfits from an action/spies movie?

    Chio OsunaChio Osuna3 days ago
  • It's harder to do none

    Tanisa SamaddarTanisa Samaddar3 days ago

    erriberrierriberri3 days ago
  • I want her to swap with Gabbie Hanna

    Caity RobertsCaity Roberts3 days ago
  • Whyyyy does the jeans + bag matching outfit remind me of the early 2000s like 2007 style Idek why it makes me think of that ;-; send help i'm slowly losing braincellssss

    Arabel BarberArabel Barber3 days ago

    Gabriellaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔGabriellaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ3 days ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr3 days ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr3 days ago
  • I love videos of you two together!!

    MeetVirginiaJMeetVirginiaJ3 days ago
  • U-U your darker than me sooo

    kelly's Worldkelly's World3 days ago
  • The first outfit on Beth reminds me of toilet paper... sorry

    Bailey XiongBailey Xiong3 days ago
  • Bethany reminds me of Taelynn on tik tok lol

    moonlit baemoonlit bae3 days ago

    Ashley HernandezAshley Hernandez3 days ago
  • When you're a Scorpio/Pisces 😳

    Liya INGRAMMMLiya INGRAMMM3 days ago
  • I thought her hair was pink😂

    Tateny MylottTateny Mylott3 days ago
  • in nicolettes video Rachel : i dont think i hv a single pair of sunglasses now A drawer filled with sunglasses

    Kashvi GoelKashvi Goel3 days ago
  • I feel like Bethany has one of the most realistic/relatable styles so far. And now Rachel’s is so edgy and different lol

    Shreksbiitch _Shreksbiitch _3 days ago
  • Plz do Emma chamberlain next??!!

    Anika GoyalAnika Goyal4 days ago
  • Love you rachel 💙💓💓💙💙💓💙💓💙

    LouLou4 days ago
  • T la meilleur, on t adore ???

    seeni gztyseeni gzty4 days ago
  • what happened to her pink hair

    Luana RingoldLuana Ringold4 days ago
  • scorpio women rise:)

    Celes SaikaCeles Saika4 days ago
  • omg shes a scorpio like me does anybody know her birthday

    A r x o n a i i xA r x o n a i i x4 days ago
  • In every video you win 😂

    Fatima AtrisFatima Atris4 days ago
    • I wear men’s boxers to sleep too! 😂

      seeni gztyseeni gzty4 days ago

    Ericka EstacioEricka Estacio4 days ago
  • Rachel should switch outfits with a cosplayer 😂😂

    Karley Vlogs And GamingKarley Vlogs And Gaming4 days ago
  • 8:47 my fave part 😂😂 love you both!!! Queens that know how To make me laugh! ❤️

    LyndsiAntoinette DatangelLyndsiAntoinette Datangel4 days ago

    Maya BanuelosMaya Banuelos4 days ago
  • OK ok I'm a scorpio ♏

    LolbitLolbit4 days ago
  • Every fashion swap, Rachel aesthetic changes!

    PrincessHeaven9808PrincessHeaven98084 days ago
  • I remember these pjamas😭

    Karoline JuffingerKaroline Juffinger4 days ago
  • You show dress up with ssniperwolf

    Warda AWarda A4 days ago

    raffy Vraffy V4 days ago
  • Swap outfits with ro passion or Rebecca zamolo

    ezza nasirezza nasir4 days ago
  • You should swap clothing with a gay girl like Anna grace McDaniel or Avery Cyrus

    Raneem Yasser MohammedRaneem Yasser Mohammed4 days ago
  • Rachel’s style has changed so much from these style swaps!

    Lauryn ClarkLauryn Clark4 days ago
  • When she said “r u into astrology” “yes” I went 😮 “what’s ur sign” “Scorpio” 😳😲IM A SCORPIO WHOSE OBSESSED WITH ASTROLOGY ❤️❤️❤️

    rania_alani 12rania_alani 124 days ago
  • I wear men’s boxers to sleep too! 😂

    Bree PappasBree Pappas4 days ago

    Ashley SteventonAshley Steventon4 days ago
  • She do an outfit swap with sssniperwolf

    Ella Mays friendsElla Mays friends4 days ago
  • Can we talk about how cute Beth's style is?? Like THAT slit dress oh my god

    Ceren DursunCeren Dursun4 days ago
  • Style swap with Jenna Nicole next the make-up artist

    pitchblackpitchblack4 days ago
  • i remember when rachel use to post princess videos and shit lOL

    scythe deathscythe death4 days ago
  • "0:28"The only working one is *♥ 𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴*

    burcu helalburcu helal4 days ago
  • "00:24" 😂 Your choice but only *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'* 📌

    hasan erinhasan erin4 days ago
  • '0:29" You all can use *(𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴)* to get yours, it is the only one that worked for me 🧒

    burcu helalburcu helal4 days ago
  • Rachel where that one piece from

    Katie JKatie J4 days ago
  • 11:24 I don’t why it reminded me something Ariana Grade said in an interview.

    Sol PizanoSol Pizano4 days ago
  • gabi demartino pleasr!

    Bennyrose CastilloBennyrose Castillo4 days ago
  • the one piece and the casual night time outfits looked so good on bethany

    Paola MorenoPaola Moreno4 days ago
  • I am a Scorpio too I am freaking out

    Yesi MedinaYesi Medina4 days ago
  • At first, Rachel was the more covered. And now she’s like the unique showy one. But I’m digging the new look

    Allyn BrewerAllyn Brewer4 days ago
  • Can you swap outfits with Safiya Nygaard?!

    CJ MastersonCJ Masterson5 days ago
  • Rachel needs to do a outfit swap with herself and do her outfits in the very first outfit swap vs today.

    Courtney PatrickCourtney Patrick5 days ago
  • I love that I am the same zodiac sign as Rachel’s guest

    Afton JamesonAfton Jameson5 days ago
  • I LOVE Rachel’s style

    K4YL33K4YL335 days ago

    Jen SchraderJen Schrader5 days ago
  • Did something happen to her pink hair or nay?

    Panda BearPanda Bear5 days ago
  • ♏ scorpio gangggg

    Emerald AllyEmerald Ally5 days ago