Surprising The Kid Laroi with $10,000 PC

Dec 1, 2020
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    FaZe AdaptFaZe Adapt2 months ago
    • @UNREALs Washed bro u have 8 subs and u don’t post any videos

      HoseyyHoseyy10 days ago
    • Yesssir

      Continue AhmadContinue Ahmad29 days ago
    • @Rxlphy shut up

      Slush_57 ChannelSlush_57 ChannelMonth ago
    • Hey adapt

      YNW_CapYNW_CapMonth ago
    • Same day on juice wrld birthday rip juice 💙

      rob wilsonrob wilsonMonth ago
  • faze laroi????

    riass simpriass simp19 hours ago
  • Is it just me who’s favorite member is Alex

    Makenna FalkeMakenna FalkeDay ago
    • Or maybe rug

      Makenna FalkeMakenna FalkeDay ago
  • He was talking about his bed sheets being a steal literally as he got a free pc

    DeadDead3 days ago
  • Laroi is a savage

    itskaylaitskayla5 days ago
  • Ugh , it hurts to see laroi fucking with these lame ass dudes . God I hate these guys so much

    Steven VSteven V6 days ago
  • Yea 10 grand on a PC for a kid who asked where the remote was for it🤦

    Tim LamkinsTim Lamkins6 days ago
  • Says Travis Scott and shows will Smith😂

    Lost_Soul999Lost_Soul9997 days ago
  • The kid laroi a snake

    TheMiniMETheMiniME10 days ago
  • He sounds different without auto tune

    Ubfrmrss 99Ubfrmrss 9912 days ago
  • When I rewatched this just to see and hear juices voice fly high man

    ImSlapn -ImSlapn -12 days ago
  • The kid laroi sounds like an Australian tubbo

    JycbJycb12 days ago
  • The kid laroi actually seems chill and someone I would probably like to hang out with

    Noah TraversNoah Travers13 days ago
  • @Faze Adapt I love the stories abt juice Tell Banks to make a vid opening csgo cases lmao

    Lil StoneyLil Stoney13 days ago
  • He looks like that guy from Logan pAul

    Randy CastroRandy Castro14 days ago
  • I did jot know he know 24k golden

    Jack DJack D14 days ago
  • i ordered a pc from digital storm 2 months ago im still waiting

    RarelyRarely15 days ago
  • 3:44 that was the intro

    Lil NightLil Night15 days ago
  • Let me join faze I am cool and dank

    Sam-wzSam-wz15 days ago
  • Yes cause an already very wealthy guy needs a free $10,000 pc.

    Tadhg kTadhg k17 days ago
  • Banks needs to come back to USworldsEEE

    Jonathan GutierrezJonathan Gutierrez18 days ago
  • My name is Alex😁

    Lawrence RichardLawrence Richard19 days ago
  • In other words Simpin for Friends

    Windex WindexWindex Windex19 days ago
  • 0:52 he had a chance to say I'm stepping on faze rug

    Jayden PoJayden Po20 days ago
  • What’s the song at 2.00

    Yxng Dead BeatzzYxng Dead Beatzz20 days ago

    Grind peterGrind peter20 days ago
  • adapt i know yur in the song without you by kid lario and 24kgloden

    katie linsdellkatie linsdell20 days ago
  • Juicewrld was there I can’t believe that

    Branson BurchBranson Burch21 day ago
  • I Cann even remember a song called tragic

    Branson BurchBranson Burch21 day ago
  • The kid Loro is my favorite rapper

    Branson BurchBranson Burch21 day ago
  • Bruh the faze people are such pussies lol

    DukieeDukiee21 day ago
  • laroi a goat no cap

    Adrian GomezAdrian Gomez21 day ago
  • is it me more is sum wrong with larios teeth

    Gunner OrtegaGunner Ortega22 days ago
  • Mans teeth is so crooket

    fari sfari s24 days ago
  • id die to get a pc and he didnt even care about the pc I LITERALLY PLAY ON A SCHOOL LAPTOP lol

    Mystic VortexMystic Vortex25 days ago
  • I do not believe that I am older than Charlton😦

    LonesomeWordingLonesomeWording26 days ago
  • Laroi is a goat

    lozanoj09lozanoj0926 days ago
  • bank looking like wallmart post malone

    JaydenJayden27 days ago
  • the pc is not ten grand for a 120mm aio and a 2080 super

    jinxjinx27 days ago
    • A good 2k not 100

      B GoogleB Google24 days ago
    • yea its a fuckin prebuilt and the gpu has no fucking backplate either

      Raz3dRaz3d27 days ago
  • And then there’s me sleeping on a futon in my uncles basement

    ok kueliook kuelio28 days ago
  • We need banks in 2021

    JCJC28 days ago
  • 10k pc thats not even watercooled ?!

    OleOle28 days ago
  • *Why does Laroi look like a crackhead in the Thumbnail* 😂

    Unga BungaUnga Bunga28 days ago
    • (This comment is not meant to offend anyone)

      Unga BungaUnga Bunga28 days ago
  • He can't even watch his own music vids

    ViperViper29 days ago
  • Iphone x cases for low price

    rcrusa 07rcrusa 0729 days ago

    Jesus CastilloJesus Castillo29 days ago
  • No body faze adapt giving a rich person something expensive

    Step bro SusStep bro Sus29 days ago
  • The current card is dope it actually works guys for real

    FxReyFxRey29 days ago
  • i want a pc too 😢

    Its AxerIts AxerMonth ago
  • Lol banks workin out in sandals😂😂😂 absolute beauty

    MustyMustyMonth ago
  • 1:00 faze Logan Paul

    Fractured GearFractured GearMonth ago
  • Banks working out in sandals🔥🔥🔥

    Parker BrownParker BrownMonth ago
  • surprising rich people with stuff they can afford lmfao

    kinghurleykinghurleyMonth ago
  • That shit aint 10k.

    Dylan YewchynDylan YewchynMonth ago
  • made a song with my 11 year old lil brother lmk whatchu think!

    WhoLuvEJWhoLuvEJMonth ago
  • Who else is from where LAROIs from

    Lach EdwardLach EdwardMonth ago
  • mans gave him a $10,000 pc with a single fan AIO 🤦‍♂️

    SwitchyySwitchyyMonth ago
  • i think digitalstorm just ripped you off

    SwitchyySwitchyyMonth ago
  • Bed review

    Pzia_rollzPzia_rollzMonth ago
  • That's a huge waste I know for sure that he is going to use that thing like once just like post malone he streamed for a very short time and then just forgot about it these singers will just forget a pc even if it is like 5k

    Trays WRLDTrays WRLDMonth ago
  • FaZe Kid Laroi????????🤔🤔🤔

    JeremydaplayerYTJeremydaplayerYTMonth ago
  • Is COVID non existent in America???

    Sami Bensi alieSami Bensi alieMonth ago
  • hi

    Kolton VigerKolton VigerMonth ago
  • Hello 👋

    2ZS Dry2ZS DryMonth ago
  • Was soll der mit nem 10k pc ganz ehrlich

    henryhenryMonth ago
  • ur busted

    Mr BeefyMr BeefyMonth ago
  • faze banks returned to youtube

    Hartesh LakhwaniHartesh LakhwaniMonth ago
  • RIP juice what a legend how many likes this comments get is each prayer

    Lightning Mc queenLightning Mc queenMonth ago
  • All of faze are little druggys now, fuck them all, muppets

    Jake HJake HMonth ago
  • Me in desperate need of a pc and seen laroi get it sadd

    starsstarsMonth ago
  • It has a APu it is not 500 bucks

  • I remember seeing laroi in mounty in Australia

    Mati ZdrojkwoskiMati ZdrojkwoskiMonth ago
  • My dream is to meet Laroi

    Lonly Child23Lonly Child23Month ago
  • Banks speaks fluent DOLPHIN

    iEnVy FerLixiEnVy FerLixMonth ago
  • # Faze Laroi

    MG_Blitzzツ MGMG_Blitzzツ MGMonth ago
  • If that’s 10 grand I’m black

    7feature7featureMonth ago
  • I’m 15 almost 16 can I sign up for the current

    FNCS SakayFNCS SakayMonth ago
  • I see that ftp clock🔥🔥

    Julio EsquivelJulio EsquivelMonth ago
  • His wrong song is sick lil mosey

    Qwert TewtQwert TewtMonth ago
  • Juice's lil bro meets juice's biggest fan!

    KaynKaynMonth ago
  • Laroi is one of the gods of rap who was sent down by god

    devil retakesdevil retakesMonth ago
  • Hes so dam chill

    Didrik HopeDidrik HopeMonth ago
  • Industry plant 😐

    Dg2001 XDg2001 XMonth ago
  • Idk why but I thought that was disc from fortnite

    MonicytMonicytMonth ago

    Matrix Dem1t0rMatrix Dem1t0rMonth ago
  • Banks is a gangster 100% (not literally)

    ODA HitsODA HitsMonth ago
  • your here because of the @The Kid LAROI WITHOUT music video

    Omar NievesOmar NievesMonth ago
  • “Ye with juice right” 😩🕊

    CynicalCynicalMonth ago
  • The kid Laroi is one of my favorite juice wrld is number one fasho. Kid Laroi was like a little brother to juice wrld and I’ve been a fan of juice Sence his first song he has inspired me to do the greatest stuff I’ve ever done now that the legend him self juice wrld isn’t here with us in 2021 we will always remember “legends never die” “999” 🙌🏽💯🤘🏼

    YT_Deadly- SnipesYT_Deadly- SnipesMonth ago
  • This kid is cool

    BatmanTheGamer67BatmanTheGamer67Month ago
  • Faze laroi

    Itz holoItz holoMonth ago
  • Rip juice wrd

    Flxxy ZzzzFlxxy ZzzzMonth ago
  • Tell me whyyy tell me whyy, it was him and not me

    awesome 88012awesome 88012Month ago
  • The kid Laroi looks like disc no cap

    ReLic_34ReLic_34Month ago
  • yo i play on 30 frames

    nibeer subhannibeer subhanMonth ago
  • Faze laroi😳

    Claps GGSClaps GGSMonth ago
  • that shit no more than 2k and probibly has a shit ram and psu

    Jordan BenchJordan BenchMonth ago
  • WTF 10,000$ I wish I had 500$ one 🥺

    NotSHOTNotSHOTMonth ago
  • This is face adapt in 2020. Poor guy.

    RickyRickyMonth ago
  • Does it come with a remote

    Lenny GithuiLenny GithuiMonth ago