Surprising My Lover on Valentine's Day!

Feb 18, 2021
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In this video I take my Valentine out on a date. Enjoy!
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    Baylen LevineBaylen Levine12 days ago
    • hey baylen i want to become a youtuber, what equpiment do u use?

      KquiffyyKquiffyy2 days ago
    • Please give Sebas waves

      Unknown BrosUnknown Bros2 days ago
    • Vape is god

      Henry PylesHenry Pyles5 days ago
    • Any shortys JP: ahhh yessss Also JP: ahh noo

      Epic MalakaiEpic Malakai7 days ago
    • What happened to noah

      Ian HarveyIan Harvey7 days ago
  • I think he’s gay

    Mighty PlayzMighty Playz3 hours ago
  • I remember when you were at just 300k views per vid now ur doing so much better

    illclapubumillclapubum10 hours ago
  • I knew that shreksaphone when I heard it 2:19

    Adam KnutsenAdam Knutsen15 hours ago
  • no one: baylen: Porkucheese

    Aiden HrehowsikAiden Hrehowsik16 hours ago
  • Losing subs lmao your not big enough to not post for least 2 days 😂💯

    BTR FerkyyBTR Ferkyy17 hours ago
    • He’s gaining more than he’s losing lol

      Kevin ChanKevin Chan4 hours ago
    • BRU

      YoericdagoatYoericdagoat15 hours ago
  • My mom said she was going to name me Anakin

    Soul_BreakerSoul_Breaker20 hours ago
  • when baylen uploads my day gets 10x better

    Wyatt JeffreyWyatt Jeffrey20 hours ago
  • Someone send me a mr Kahn sticker so I can put it on my car.

    Jake CarruthersJake Carruthers21 hour ago
  • you need to collab with sun hat kid or Danny Duncan

    Hollidae likensHollidae likens21 hour ago
  • 11:07 when me and my brother hear my dad yelling

    Cameron SwopeCameron SwopeDay ago
  • Baylen I took a shit watching u bro

    Liev SantosLiev SantosDay ago
  • Any one think he should try to do dayley vogs

    McDonald Ronald JMcDonald Ronald JDay ago
  • We need Noah back

    Parker EvansParker EvansDay ago
  • Baylen did you move to the Bradenton/Sarasota area? I literally saw you go to Jumpin Fun Inflata Park I live near you omgg

    Trey GriffinTrey GriffinDay ago
  • Make a new video

    DLC_Jackson 3DLC_Jackson 3Day ago
  • Baylens been putting the minimum into his videos lately

    Wayne KerrWayne KerrDay ago
  • How much do I have to pay you to come to my birthday in the summer

    Samantha BredowSamantha BredowDay ago
  • The part when they were at the launder, it’s just wrong when u close ur eyes

    TLineTLineDay ago
  • Just Bought Some Frick Vape Merch

    Yo FrxnYo FrxnDay ago
  • Apollo beach laundry mat

    loadingloadingDay ago
  • When you google Baylen Levine real name it says Ben Dover

    ACE DylPickleACE DylPickleDay ago
  • I’m Brazilian and I can affirm that the JP is a legend here

    Eidy FujitaEidy FujitaDay ago
  • You know every Lil Yachty but do you know After the After Party featuring Lil Yachty? That song is amazingggg ps your the best!!!!! 💖

    KieraKieraDay ago
  • Welcome to CHilis

    SqwirlhareSqwirlhareDay ago
  • It’s over anakin I have the high ground

    TheSped_Damian 2324TheSped_Damian 2324Day ago
  • New video coming out???

    Landon MeyerLandon MeyerDay ago
    • He’s a week and a half late

      Kasey PilgerKasey Pilger3 hours ago
  • Your my favorite USworldsr

    XolevXolev2 days ago

    Convix 1xConvix 1x2 days ago
  • My mom died and I watch Baylen to feel better love you bro

    Jakob GranahanJakob Granahan2 days ago
  • Shrek

    Bryan cramptonBryan crampton2 days ago
  • Lol

    DRFT 5tumpyDRFT 5tumpy2 days ago
  • *”porky cheese”*

    XtralXtral2 days ago
  • I died when I saw how uneven the spread on the bagel was

    Dev DoddapaneniDev Doddapaneni2 days ago
  • oh jp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Use code lazarUse code lazar2 days ago
  • Off brand Danny Duncan looking ass

    Connor MahoneyConnor Mahoney2 days ago
  • R u gonna post bro? i miss your videos

    SSG Eleven PotsSSG Eleven Pots2 days ago
  • Bro wear a mask

    Samantha E.Samantha E.2 days ago
  • I wanna see Baylen play sea of thieves This would be awesome!

    A nameA name2 days ago
  • Bro you need to post more videos

    Polis MarquesPolis Marques2 days ago
  • no one: baylen: porgacheese

    Carson QuinlanCarson Quinlan2 days ago
  • I missed jp and I love this video

    LiL unicornsLiL unicorns2 days ago
  • Bro u make my day love u 👌👈👈👈👈👈

    Go CrazyGo Crazy2 days ago
  • Bro your almost about to hit 2 mill, can’t wait!!!!!

    Nate SargentNate Sargent2 days ago
  • Baylen Levine Steezy Kane Danny Duncan best collab ever

    SoccercfSoccercf2 days ago

    Unknown BrosUnknown Bros2 days ago
  • Any girls JP? Yes. Ooooooooo. Wait Wait! no. Awwwww

    Roger RogerRoger Roger3 days ago
  • Baylen Le-Simp

    PAJSENPAJSEN3 days ago
  • dude facts my mom always calls my dad daddy in front of me I always go off on her abt it lmao

    Sayer JamesSayer James3 days ago
  • JP looks like the nicest guy ever 😂🥺🥺

    Javier UrenaJavier Urena3 days ago
  • funniest one with JP

    Kendall HartleyKendall Hartley3 days ago
  • I thought he did not add the hello fans

    Greasy FunBagsGreasy FunBags3 days ago
  • bald gang

    SirSlurpsSirSlurps3 days ago
  • i see kyle in the back round shakng his but

    serve XRserve XR3 days ago
  • I’m pretty sure I just saw baylen at Arby’s but I didn’t say anything 😳

    Sz SplixysSz Splixys3 days ago
  • ooooooooh jp

    Adrian PichardoAdrian Pichardo3 days ago
  • Baylen i watch your videos and I love them I believe anikin is better than Luke I love your videos and im a new youtuber i would just like to say thank you for making such great content keep it up please

    Travelbug70 gameTravelbug70 game3 days ago
  • 4:27 sock

    Carlos FigueroaCarlos Figueroa3 days ago
  • Yesss I love him

    James DawsonJames Dawson3 days ago
  • Stop bullying him😭u literally took random pics

    Jahseh onfroyJahseh onfroy3 days ago
  • Strike first strike hard no mercy

    Hyper_wolf123 YtHyper_wolf123 Yt3 days ago
  • Crazy how I remember u at 200k 💓 keep the grind , the jedi are proud

    NastyPeekzNastyPeekz3 days ago
  • Adam is daddy🤩❤️❤️❤️😏🤞

    Jakob PutzelJakob Putzel3 days ago
  • Well a little

    passions729passions7294 days ago
  • I know Portuguese

    passions729passions7294 days ago
  • Hi I just cut my hole hand open it’s not fun but you make me laugh thanks

    Pr0xxyzPr0xxyz4 days ago
  • 2 million before April?

    Rob _Rob _4 days ago
  • 10:17 porky cheese

    BloxC0rBloxC0r4 days ago
  • Just got the merch today and its sooooo soft I'm so happy with it

    Kendra HamreKendra Hamre4 days ago
  • Bald gang

    Capt LookinCapt Lookin4 days ago
  • Baylene , I'm 50 years old , you crack me up kid ... good for you and congrats on your success... peace ..

    Patrick SemaryPatrick Semary4 days ago

    Mae MadinaMae Madina4 days ago
  • he remid me of dany duncan

    Patrycja MalinowskaPatrycja Malinowska4 days ago
  • “Daddy has the pretzels” 💀

    UsernameUsername4 days ago
  • Yes

    LoganDaGingerLoganDaGinger4 days ago
  • Did you hear about the lil yachty Reese’s cereal

    Brogan PowersBrogan Powers4 days ago
  • JP: portuguese Baylen: Pork And Cheese

    VortexVortex4 days ago
  • This guy probably has Danny Duncan black listed. This guys the morgz of danny Duncan

    Joshua MirandaJoshua Miranda4 days ago
  • baylen what happend to the black pearl you were gonna make out of the car

    official Sponge Bob Square Pantsofficial Sponge Bob Square Pants4 days ago
  • My pp is not big but not small it is a fish

    ev keeperev keeper4 days ago
  • Bring back Miguel in your vids

    A1 FlixA1 Flix4 days ago
  • "Oh, porkageeze"

    GilgamarshGilgamarsh4 days ago
  • Sub to Kyle Johnson

    SantaSharkSantaShark5 days ago
  • So I'm confused is Baylen actually Gay?

    Matthew88788Matthew887885 days ago
  • Baylen where has AJ been?

    gliszygliszy5 days ago
  • Haha I can never keep a straight face ur to funny

    Zane ChalcraftZane Chalcraft5 days ago
  • This was cute I ain't gonna lie

    Tortured, Attacked & Targeted In beautiful SanPedroTortured, Attacked & Targeted In beautiful SanPedro5 days ago
  • Lmao daddy has the pretals

    Brw06Brw065 days ago
  • I want to grow up and be a USworlds or twitch gamer and also continue my own USworlds channel with the stuff I do already I watched most of your videos and your about motivation and I want to know how do I get where you are at now

    Brw06Brw065 days ago
  • U get paid bank to act like a 4 year old. Good shit. Fuck the haters. Chase the bag

    Jakd HdhdJakd Hdhd5 days ago
  • Meow purrrr owa owa barking sqek sqek

    Gaming with TerriGaming with Terri5 days ago
  • Do you know what would be a good video Baylen and Danny Duncan in A video

    Adam JandaAdam Janda5 days ago
  • You should travel to manhattan

    OJ’s GloveOJ’s Glove5 days ago
  • You should play sea of thieves

    Meankingcj JohnsonMeankingcj Johnson5 days ago

    Richard PRichard P5 days ago
  • Hey My friend has this baylen fan group on roblox and i make baylen merch on roblox!/about

    Lustrace [CGZ]Lustrace [CGZ]5 days ago
  • Hello baylen

    gaming wizardgaming wizard5 days ago
  • RANGE ROVER SPORTS TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hyper_VoltHyper_Volt5 days ago
  • dude that was a girl LMAO

    Avery LagraizeAvery Lagraize5 days ago
  • what boys cant say this read my titlle

    nigga bitchnigga bitch5 days ago
    • me

      Lustrace [CGZ]Lustrace [CGZ]5 days ago