Apr 5, 2021
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  • Aww rider is so cute 🥰

    Susan JijiSusan Jiji31 minute ago
  • Pink please please please

    Bentley SchattschneiderBentley Schattschneider7 hours ago
  • i think its gonna be zaza lol edit: this was made when u siad and her name is.... then the add lol and OMG i love the name zara!

    Cara FranklinCara Franklin9 hours ago
  • I think her name should be layla🐶

    Lucy AllwoodLucy Allwood12 hours ago
  • I think her name is zaya

    Adelina GuldsethAdelina Guldseth12 hours ago
  • molly

    Savo FtorekSavo Ftorek17 hours ago
  • pink with a bow

    Savo FtorekSavo Ftorek17 hours ago
  • I think the new puppys name is lucy or paige

    Zahara JoslinZahara Joslin20 hours ago
  • I think her meme is sunshine

    Lisandro WolfsLisandro Wolfs22 hours ago
  • I think it’s darling because she said she is so darling Jess said that

    Kenley ReynoldsKenley ReynoldsDay ago
  • You should get a pink or teal collar for her

    Tatymn DriscollTatymn DriscollDay ago
  • Bernnedoodles

    Kalynn BockKalynn BockDay ago
  • Why don’t you like Bernedpodle’s

    Kalynn BockKalynn BockDay ago
  • I think the name is rosey

    Marina AsilMarina AsilDay ago
  • Purple?!!!

    Poppy FornoffPoppy FornoffDay ago
  • nice puppyy and zara is a great name i love your videos

    Nim8oNim8oDay ago
  • rider be like 'hello give attention'

    Amoy seniorAmoy seniorDay ago
  • omg she's so cute

    Amoy seniorAmoy seniorDay ago
  • 😍

    moo moomoo mooDay ago
  • I think it is mya

    Shianne LaRueShianne LaRueDay ago
  • I like zara

    pizza fryepizza fryeDay ago
  • why do you use a chock collar

    Alexa BejaranoAlexa BejaranoDay ago
  • My cats name is Zara 😆

    Rylie SealeRylie Seale2 days ago
  • i think she should have a grey or yellow collar, suits her eyes and personality. BUT SHE'S SOOO CUTE!!!!!

    Casey EdmundsonCasey Edmundson2 days ago
  • Her collar should be green!!!!

    Giada GlennanGiada Glennan2 days ago
  • Am I the only one thinking are they not sibling bc Jess said the rider was getting a girlfriend 😂

    Joy McGuiganJoy McGuigan2 days ago
  • Zara is sooo cute

    Milly FergusonMilly Ferguson2 days ago
  • Poppy

    Milly FergusonMilly Ferguson2 days ago
  • Great idea 😊

    Marine AsmrMarine Asmr2 days ago
  • ik what kind of puppy im getting now!

    gucciprincessgucciprincess2 days ago
  • I love your puppy!!!! :) I want it! can I talk her home?! haha.

    gucciprincessgucciprincess2 days ago
  • Awwww shes called zara i thought she was gonna be called riley or bella or belle

    Chloe BaxterChloe Baxter3 days ago
  • Red or pink collar and i think the name will be riley (rider and riley)

    Chloe BaxterChloe Baxter3 days ago
  • i think her name is sky marble or and maybe zara

    Haley PhillipsHaley Phillips3 days ago
  • Done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done

    david burdettedavid burdette3 days ago
  • Roses her name

    Matilda Beddis-MaurerMatilda Beddis-Maurer3 days ago
  • OMG I HAVE AN AUSSIE DOODLE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isabella IrvineIsabella Irvine3 days ago
  • I think it zare

    Kaylyn BecKaylyn Bec3 days ago
  • Aww that’s so cute 🥰

    Leah grace FecteauLeah grace Fecteau3 days ago
  • red collar!! edit: i was thinking you should name her Lola

    Maggie XMaggie X3 days ago
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺☹️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    TOMMY DeanTOMMY Dean3 days ago
  • The puppy is so cute awwwwwww 🥺🥺🥺

    TOMMY DeanTOMMY Dean3 days ago
  • OMG u should get Zara a PURPLE collar with a YELLOW bow please!

    peyton _mcinnispeyton _mcinnis3 days ago
  • you guys should do puppy picks my daily routine have 2 boxes and inside is one or the other thing to do and which ever one she goes to first is your answer. THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!

    Elizabeth HassonElizabeth Hasson3 days ago
  • I love the name Zara! My puppy’s name is Zaya!!!!!

    Katya KrishnanKatya Krishnan3 days ago
  • I think she need a blush pink collar bc that looks really cute with that brown!

    Alans.TAlans.T3 days ago
  • i think the dogs name is bell

    Natalie TapiaNatalie Tapia3 days ago
  • Purple because everyone does pink for a girl and I feel like people would look really good

    Chicklens ChicklensChicklens Chicklens4 days ago
  • I think that it’s going to match Rider so I think Rider and Cider!

    n a tn a t4 days ago
  • Lara or Zara I think

    Kelsey RrrKelsey Rrr4 days ago
  • Madeline

    Emmanuela EdouardEmmanuela Edouard4 days ago
  • Do pink cuz like yeah I feel like that would be cute so like they do pink so because my dog is actually a husky and her color her color color that gives something color it's color okay I don't know her color is purple and then maybe you guys can be pink and

    Emmanuela EdouardEmmanuela Edouard4 days ago
  • zara is adorable omg aww🥺💞

    CourtneyCourtney4 days ago
  • Me hoping it was repunzel because Ryder get it? Ok nvm..😂

    Anna GraceAnna Grace4 days ago
  • Husband?

    Fatima ZuberiFatima Zuberi4 days ago
  • Zara is too cute👑🥺

    Yanell puppyloverYanell puppylover4 days ago
  • Thank your name is Zalla and I have a puppy to and her name is Jesse and she is one years old and she is a chocolate lab

    savannah ellissavannah ellis4 days ago
  • I have a puppy to her name is Cecil and she’s a chocolate lab she’s one right now and I said your puppies name is Emily

    savannah ellissavannah ellis4 days ago
  • Lea

    Nikol DimitrovaNikol Dimitrova4 days ago
  • I think purple or a shade of teal or aqua

    Karis BumgardnerKaris Bumgardner4 days ago
  • tyler

    Pascal MeywaardPascal Meywaard4 days ago
  • SPOIL HER!!!!

    Kyra NylarkKyra Nylark4 days ago
  • Omg that name is sooo cute!!

    Victoria JoyVictoria Joy5 days ago
  • Rapunzel because of rider like Flynn rider in Tangled Done🥰

    Victoria JoyVictoria Joy5 days ago
  • Zara is such a cute puppy.

    Mahi DengraMahi Dengra5 days ago
  • Brooo its so cute, you sure its not a teddy bear 🤗

    CythhCythh5 days ago
  • I think the puppies name is Gracie

    Mia ableMia able5 days ago
  • She should have a purple collar and she looks like a chloe. And she's SOOOOOOO cute

    kym brennerkym brenner5 days ago
  • awwwwwwwwwwww so cute !!!!!

    Emma SmithEmma Smith5 days ago
  • i think you should give her a pink or purple collar with a bow

    Kay NevadaKay Nevada5 days ago
  • Yellow coller

    Rayna wolfyRayna wolfy5 days ago
  • her coler could be purple

    Alanis CabralAlanis Cabral5 days ago
  • I think her name is Lila

    Claire McgrawClaire Mcgraw5 days ago
    • I ❤️baby zara

      Claire McgrawClaire Mcgraw5 days ago
  • Maybe Riley or rosy or roxy

    XAshx_blossom GriffinXAshx_blossom Griffin5 days ago
  • I have 3 poodles 3 golden doodles and 2 Aussie doodles! I’m breeding my puppies very soon and they are some of the best dogs!!

    Brooklyn DavisBrooklyn Davis5 days ago
  • Everyone; waiting for the end to know the name Me: check the comments

    alysha dayaalysha daya5 days ago
  • Your puppy is so cute, I like it❤️❤️

    Abir VauziahAbir Vauziah5 days ago
  • Pink collar!!!!!! With a purple bow on it! And I think her name is.... hmm, Cali! And I think you should teach her how to do some tricks like sit and dance with her like you dance with rider!

    NaomiPlaysRobloxNaomiPlaysRoblox5 days ago
  • what type of aussie is Zara? love you guys!

    SunxhaloSunxhalo5 days ago
  • She looks like a Sara☺️

    Elli MarieElli Marie5 days ago
  • Soo cuteeeee 🥺

    HONNEYHONNEY5 days ago
  • Bella

    nourhishamahmednourhishamahmed5 days ago
  • Riley???? I think you should name her riley

    Sabrin ShakirSabrin Shakir5 days ago
  • Take. I’m your biggest fan

    Erika StroumErika Stroum6 days ago
  • I think it’s Zara

    Erika StroumErika Stroum6 days ago
  • Color purple leash pink or purple I think her name will be either Bella Layla also are they related or going to mate

    Malia BaskinMalia Baskin6 days ago
  • awwwwwww zara is super cute :)

    clareboyes1976clareboyes19766 days ago
  • my guess of her name is bella

    clareboyes1976clareboyes19766 days ago
  • A babyblue/crystal collar would really suit her eyes!

    lillylilly6 days ago
  • she looks like a darla or a lily

    BuckTeefGaming _BuckTeefGaming _6 days ago
  • Josie

    Natalie DaveyNatalie Davey6 days ago
  • THEY HAVE AN ONLY FANS] interesting...

    Sarah GraceSarah Grace6 days ago

    TinyCuteFrogTinyCuteFrog6 days ago
  • Sam is gonna get married to Zara😂🤚

    TinyCuteFrogTinyCuteFrog6 days ago
  • Awe, the color of her fur is so cute and perfect

    TinyCuteFrogTinyCuteFrog6 days ago
  • I think the little puppys name is Rose or Rosie 😁💗 I can't get over how cute they both are

    Noelle LightNoelle Light6 days ago
  • Rose

    Cassandra RydbergCassandra Rydberg6 days ago
  • Lucy

    Ella WalkerElla Walker6 days ago
  • Her collar could be purple

    Kaylee ShavorKaylee Shavor6 days ago
  • 8:22 I'm literally dead she crossed her paws that's the cutest thing ever😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I thought a cute name for her would be Luna but Zara is cute to😊😊😊😊😊

    Chloe HenryChloe Henry6 days ago