Feb 18, 2021
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  • You should do “how did you guys meet “

    Priscilla AlanizPriscilla Alaniz10 hours ago
  • my sisters b-day is feduary 13 too

    America Cera BringasAmerica Cera Bringas12 hours ago

    Cali RainCali Rain16 hours ago
  • 12:12 look at the way he looked at her 🥺

    Natalie PisarskiNatalie Pisarski17 hours ago
  • How did 7 minutes late turn into 3 minutes early Lol no hate I love u guys

    Kayleigh RodriguezKayleigh Rodriguez17 hours ago
  • Bro why is it akward between jacob and nats dad lol ots funny though he has to call her amiga

    Daniela QuinonesDaniela Quinones20 hours ago
  • You can tell jacob is mad in love with nathaly

    Ana GuevaraAna GuevaraDay ago
  • “Your welcome Amiga” got me dead 🤣

    ii_alohaxdino_iiii_alohaxdino_iiDay ago
  • Love bad bunny🥰🥰

    Izzy_Bella BritoIzzy_Bella BritoDay ago
  • My favsss🥺🥺

    Ruby BarrazaRuby Barraza2 days ago
  • the way jacob looks at her in the car😫🥺

    Hayli AuteleHayli Autele2 days ago
  • Love yallllllllll

    Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love youJxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you3 days ago
  • What is the name of the song at 11:47?

    Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love youJxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you3 days ago

    Cupcake GrillCupcake Grill3 days ago
  • NOT ME CRYING WHEN HE started tearing up my gf texted me

    sofia garzasofia garza4 days ago
  • HI🥰🤒

    Gutierrez NancyGutierrez Nancy4 days ago
    • 12345678910

      Gutierrez NancyGutierrez Nancy4 days ago
  • I wish you the best 💕💓❤️

    Mayrely LandinMayrely Landin4 days ago
  • I love her vids 🥺

    Martin Saucedo MacielMartin Saucedo Maciel4 days ago
  • y’all are so cute omg 🥺

    nancy morochonancy morocho5 days ago
  • wait i’m so confused ! does your dad actually not know you guys are dating😂? love ya💞

    eilen leblanceilen leblanc5 days ago
  • my birthday is on February 14

    Jasmin NaranjoJasmin Naranjo5 days ago
  • omg what song is it thattt i need the name 11:55

    Rumaysa AmirRumaysa Amir5 days ago
  • stomp when its asleep

  • Nobody: Nat when she saw the Tahoe: 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

    Vanessa AranaVanessa Arana6 days ago
  • Jacob was crying when he said my girlfriend texted me

    jaylenee Rosariojaylenee Rosario6 days ago
  • "Feeling like dracula RAWR" LMFAOOOOOO BRO WHAT

    Perla LedonPerla Ledon6 days ago
  • okay can i just ask a question why does nathaly have him as “ jacob macias” and he has her as babyyyyy like why can’t she just put a cute name on him😔

    Leslie EnriquezLeslie Enriquez6 days ago
  • your guy are so cut

    Julisha HernandezJulisha Hernandez6 days ago
  • 12:12 bro, the way he looks at her 🥺 if my future bf doesnt look at me like that then I dont want it

    Alana MitchemAlana Mitchem6 days ago
  • that “JACOB- JACOB” 😂 IM DEAD

    mxr 0mxr 06 days ago
  • dammm....his laugh tho

    poutasi fuapoutasi fua6 days ago
  • Love how u day irs so cold its like 20 degrees while me in the UK be vibin in 2 degrees

    TrainH YingTrainH Ying6 days ago
  • Bruh where does jake get the flowers fuck

    Erik LedezmaErik Ledezma6 days ago
  • #Jathlay2happy #couplegoals y’all are the best couple

    Nadiah SantosNadiah Santos6 days ago
  • the why he looks at her is everything

    Marie GowMarie Gow6 days ago
  • Hi

    Catherine WrightCatherine Wright6 days ago
  • It Is right here somewhere

    victor floresvictor flores6 days ago
  • THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER! they’re literally the best couple out there

    Emelyn AguilarEmelyn Aguilar6 days ago
  • It’s funny how jake said I am getting kidnapped 😂

    Nathaly TNathaly T6 days ago

    khyatikhyati6 days ago

    Melissa Lopez-HerreraMelissa Lopez-Herrera6 days ago
  • The daffy experience unpredictably extend because park shortly choke unlike a ill tip. freezing, highfalutin aunt

    SherleyElise KlueSherleyElise Klue6 days ago
  • feel kind of bad bc Nathaly call Jacob dump...

    Gina BananaGina Banana6 days ago
  • aww look at how he looks at her in 12:12

    Shantal CastilloShantal Castillo7 days ago
  • When he said “ is your hand okay”😦😧😮😟

    Angelika CifuentesAngelika Cifuentes7 days ago
  • the way jacob stares at nat so fuckin cute🥺

    Daisy MartinezDaisy Martinez7 days ago
  • What’s the song called at 11:50 😚

    Esther ToavaluEsther Toavalu7 days ago
  • I love how Jacob thanks us for everything like his gas and then in other videos he thanks us for his food😂😅

  • Ayooo she was murdering her whole leg 😭😭😭

    Juan Guerrero GJuan Guerrero G7 days ago
  • JATHALY forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you guys.

    Emily Barboza SolisEmily Barboza Solis7 days ago
  • pls the way he looks at her 💞

    Jenna xxJenna xx7 days ago
  • Aww Jake was crying when Nat texted him happy birthday 🥺 that's what I call true love 💖

    Julissa NafarrateJulissa Nafarrate7 days ago
  • So am I the only one thats mixed and only and only understand Spanish but bearly could talk it 🤣

    lil_bby_renlil_bby_ren7 days ago
    • Ur not alone cant speak it but I understand it 😭💀

      JAY ZENEYJAY ZENEY7 days ago
  • Nat: hows it feeling 18? Jacob: bout to catch a case😉 😂

    Makila CalfrobeMakila Calfrobe7 days ago
  • Nobody: Nat: *HEY PUPPY*

    IdiotIdiot7 days ago
  • I know cute but why do they take so long to post

    Genesis MaciasGenesis Macias7 days ago
  • I LOVE YA :)

    jeysy castillojeysy castillo7 days ago
  • The brief idea literally race because mechanic osmotically head modulo a hateful twine. symptomatic, frightened frightening full fumbling functional animal

    Nayely OrtizNayely Ortiz7 days ago
  • “I’m getting kidnapped” BITCH IM DEAD💀 😭

    Ayleen JuanAyleen Juan7 days ago
  • my bday was on the 13th too

    tino_gotclouttino_gotclout7 days ago
  • me and jacob have the same birthday! 💖✨

    luvbarneyyluvbarneyy7 days ago
  • Omg!! I wish I was then best couple ever!! You should get a nose piercing!! You will match so much!😊🥰

    Jaynalyn SoteloJaynalyn Sotelo7 days ago
  • i got your starbucks order just now, it’s too good

    no manches miraano manches miraa7 days ago
  • Don't worry bout it sweetheart

    Safia DinSafia Din7 days ago
  • My mama birthday is on v-day

    Maliah TalleyMaliah Talley7 days ago
  • MY BIRTHDAY IS FEB 13 OMG!!!!!!!

    Ivon InterianoIvon Interiano7 days ago
  • I’m here for y’all but the name gotta gooooo😂😂😂😂😂

    Alondra RomeroAlondra Romero7 days ago
  • We need a playlist from both of yall

    rionna sandersrionna sanders7 days ago
  • "just papa cuevas doesnt know im dating his daughter'' 😭😭

    Graciela DiazGraciela Diaz7 days ago
  • 800 roses, wow. i'd cry

    Beartrice RoytblatBeartrice Roytblat8 days ago
  • nathaly always looses her memory cards HAHAH

    Beartrice RoytblatBeartrice Roytblat8 days ago
  • can you guys do a Q&A video plss ly guys sooo much🥺❤️😌✨

    Maliyah Fernandez-LaffertyMaliyah Fernandez-Lafferty8 days ago
  • if i couldn’t find my hotel room i would end up sleeping in my car cuz i’m to shy to ask for help💀✋🏼

    bri rbri r8 days ago
  • OMG me and Jacob have the same birthday I'm so happy that I have the same birthday with my favorite you tuber ❤❤❤

    Jade CarbajalJade Carbajal8 days ago
  • yuh we got the same bday🤓🤗

    Mikaila Thi (Student)Mikaila Thi (Student)8 days ago
  • But the way he looks at her when they are singing

    scarlet amezcuascarlet amezcua8 days ago
  • both are so cute... god bless and hope uh both hold hands forever.... (jacob speaks really fast)

    maryam salmanmaryam salman8 days ago
  • I love your videos so much whenever I watch videos videos like it’s so happy and I end up smiling at one point and I end up laughing at another part I love you guys

    Tays Roblox PlaceTays Roblox Place8 days ago
  • If my boyfriend doesn’t treat me like that then I don’t want him

    Valeria LopezValeria Lopez8 days ago
  • No nat throwing away the whole Starbucks

    maricruz ramirezmaricruz ramirez8 days ago
  • Awww the way he teamed up when nat texted him on his birthday🥺💖

    Jaslene GaunaJaslene Gauna8 days ago
    • *teared

      Jaslene GaunaJaslene Gauna8 days ago
  • Nat dammm where u get it Jake don’t worry bout it sweetheart

    Greidys WorldGreidys World8 days ago
  • How she already got jacobs sweatshirt so cute🥺🥺

    Greidys WorldGreidys World8 days ago
  • not nathaly laughing at malaika getting in trouble haha

    ME LolME Lol8 days ago
  • Omg we have the same birthdays!! TWINSIES!!!!!!

    956 chikas gone loco956 chikas gone loco8 days ago
  • I'm like 3 days🙁 late but happy belated 18th birthday Jacob 🥳🥳🥳

    lelelele8 days ago
  • I'm sorry but Jacob got that big dump truck 🙂

    lelelele8 days ago
  • Y’all are so cute!!

    Maribel’s VidoesMaribel’s Vidoes8 days ago
  • If they EVER break up, I won't believe in love. They're so cute 🥺

    Lorali JackLorali Jack8 days ago
  • i haven’t watched nats videos since the second time she did her room makeover and i gotta say i’m disappointed asf

    crystal criercrystal crier8 days ago
  • Aww

    Peachy JacksonPeachy Jackson8 days ago
  • Happy bday jake2taken

    Jasmin Ceron climacoJasmin Ceron climaco8 days ago
  • Y’all not talking abt how nat was like haha u got in trouble to makayla 😭🤚🏼

    Giselle GarciaGiselle Garcia8 days ago
  • OMG sorry I had she listened to BTS savage love but I love you guys and your videos is so cute and couple goals

    Kyiah BegayKyiah Begay8 days ago
  • I love your videos you an inspiration couple been here since day one.

    Emily CogleyEmily Cogley8 days ago
  • Omg I loved parasailing I went in Tahoe it was beautiful

    Mayrin AguilarMayrin Aguilar8 days ago
  • Y’all repent from y’all sins before it’s too late

    360kou Vlogs360kou Vlogs8 days ago
  • Jacob like "don't worry about it sweet heart" LMAOO

    Whisper HebahWhisper Hebah8 days ago
  • How come you two both dont ignore each other for days and weeks? I don't get it When u like someone you supposed to ignore them and not speak to them for two years

    D tD t8 days ago
  • Jake “oOoOh” Nat “lol” Jake “ I hit it” Me “I’m DeAd”

    MaciMaci8 days ago