Oct 21, 2020
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Thank you Borat for coming over!! I like you
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Miss ya'll !!

  • Sacha looks like he is trying not to laugh, but him breaking character is something I don’t think we will ever see.

    Luke CliftonLuke Clifton23 minutes ago
  • This vlog sucked... NOT.

    NCR TrooperNCR Trooper31 minute ago
  • Omg I watched this a month ago wow it’s been sooo long

    stellastellaHour ago
  • Sasha worth about a billion so he probably just bought him another tesla

    Mulholland’s DriveMulholland’s Drive3 hours ago
  • The fanatical smell histochemically peep because switch concretely trouble following a mundane teller. old, hospitable kangaroo

    Joel EruluJoel Erulu3 hours ago
  • Jordi Alba??

    Diego MartinezDiego Martinez4 hours ago
  • nobody call him sasha cohan !!!

    Pauli MankerPauli Manker5 hours ago
  • "It's a bat, i brought it from Wuhan" HAHAH

    HBTiziHBTizi6 hours ago
  • Very nice !!! Very sucCeSS!!!🤣

    Human BeingHuman Being8 hours ago
  • 0:11 xx

    Gan VanGan Van9 hours ago

    ShadyShady10 hours ago
  • Im the man in holla men

    Awing JowenceAwing Jowence12 hours ago
  • Oh! I didn't know Jim Halpert had a youtube channel!

    butter weebbutter weeb15 hours ago
  • This segment was funnier than the entire second movie! Borat..Why you no make second movie like this?

    M CM C15 hours ago
  • my favorite video of all time. I fucking love borat

    Ysr AksYsr Aks17 hours ago
  • David dobrik and all his friends : who can have the loudest fake laugh

    Carli GoebelCarli Goebel18 hours ago
  • I scratch my crumb while i watching this. VERY NIICE!

    Dj JestaDj Jesta18 hours ago
  • This video is bullshit...NOT!!!! Hahahha

    Borja brBorja br19 hours ago
  • If you are seeing this than thanks for making people so happy that they start crying,,,,Hope to see your new video soon

    Hemal RahmanHemal Rahman20 hours ago
  • Lol, he probably broke more than it cost for them to have him come

    Platinum ForcePlatinum Force20 hours ago
  • The only person you are still happy to see after he mows down the door of you Tesla

    skodbolleskodbolle22 hours ago
  • So funny 😂 I

    C0nN05C0nN0523 hours ago
  • The brawny authority analogously end because asterisk reilly embarrass above a like chimpanzee. funny, new chicken

    Schroeter LablancSchroeter Lablanc23 hours ago
  • Borat: literally destroys gumball machine Borat 5 seconds later: it'll take me a minute

  • Da way he took out dat door 😂

    BigChiefBigChiefDay ago
  • im very exite on this movie

    diabuns Faderadiabuns FaderaDay ago
  • You guys should watch the David scary vid by meatcanyon it was about Tesla’s of course

    VX Alex vlogs CisnerosVX Alex vlogs CisnerosDay ago
  • She's possessed.

    Long SothearyLong SothearyDay ago
  • 0:39 is thid jets dad? Lmao

    Maddie's LandMaddie's LandDay ago
  • what is sonida doing here

    • kARI N PIDH

  • The man is getting old

    Paulbenedict costeloPaulbenedict costeloDay ago
  • Now imagine Borat spending a few days on tour with Steel Panther.

    TVBalkanTVBalkanDay ago
  • He’s in the movie hugo

    Rebecca GiulianiRebecca GiulianiDay ago
  • 😭🤣🤣🤣

    Chriss WillmakeitChriss WillmakeitDay ago
  • David: its 150,000 dollars Borat: That cost more than all of Kazakhstan

    Kermit The FrogKermit The FrogDay ago
  • hytale

    Amanda WilsonAmanda WilsonDay ago
  • "she is possessed" HAHAHHAAHAHA

    Regiel ManaongsongRegiel ManaongsongDay ago
  • What happened to Alex

    Bestbook19zzBestbook19zzDay ago
  • Just watched the movie, funny as hell omg

    Mitchel JohnsonMitchel JohnsonDay ago
  • this is literally meat canyons video in the first minute

    Finn HalewoodFinn HalewoodDay ago
  • Wonder how that Tesla service appointment went. Borat drove through my door, lmao.

    Jay PatelJay PatelDay ago
  • Anyone from wildcast?

    Nick H.JamesNick H.JamesDay ago
  • HE LOST $10,000 AND HIS ROLEX !!

    FabianoOfficiallFabianoOfficiallDay ago
  • As if buying a Natalie a soccer team didn’t warrant a fucking vlog

    JakeJakeDay ago
  • Why is borat such an anti Semite and apparently @daviddobrik u r too, cause U laughed out of humor when borat said u disinfected the car from Jews, it’s disgusting that u let this go on ur channel

    Yhonatan GoldbergYhonatan GoldbergDay ago
  • 2:35 funniest part 😂😂

    Robiul MiahRobiul MiahDay ago
  • I laughed way to hard

    Reece CantrellReece Cantrell2 days ago
  • David, you and your squad are seriously my favorite!!!

    Gab RodriguezGab Rodriguez2 days ago
  • OMG ! U gotta make more videos with him !

    Onur SAHİNOnur SAHİN2 days ago
  • wait isn't this the guy who almost went to jail for interrupting mike pences speech i would put the skull emoji but im on pc smh

    dior odior o2 days ago
  • Nobody : Me waiting for the next movie promo so that i get to watch another vlog...

    Adithyan SAdithyan S2 days ago
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    Marcin HibnerMarcin Hibner2 days ago
  • Borat in a Tesla

    Will C.Will C.2 days ago

    Montage TvMontage Tv2 days ago
  • Man SBC is a fucking treasure for doing this

    Acc PetAcc Pet2 days ago
  • Pls start blogging again

    Ultra BlubbyUltra Blubby2 days ago
  • Hello from KAZAKHSTAN 😁

    Unstoppable todayUnstoppable today2 days ago
  • You want bats... Borat: why are you running

    Cherry gacha BerryCherry gacha Berry2 days ago
  • borat really reminds me of roman bellic from gta4 for some reason

    KrippledKrispyKrippledKrispy2 days ago
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    Zyrus GamingZyrus Gaming2 days ago
  • Just watched the movie, funny as hell omg

    Jay TatJay Tat2 days ago
  • it takes real skills to excute every joke without over doing it.

    Mike CoughlinMike Coughlin2 days ago
  • Why do USworldsrs do videos on their second channel

    StrikerYTStrikerYT2 days ago
  • Yeah a HUGE FANNY😂😂

    bruhh asffddbruhh asffdd2 days ago
  • I hate Borat! Don't ask me why

    Black moonBlack moon2 days ago
  • Burat...

    Meme ParalysisMeme Paralysis2 days ago
  • David Dubrovnik hhahahahahahhahahahahhahahha

    Damir MešićDamir Mešić2 days ago
  • So I just found out I Have the same birthday as David

    TwigZzTwigZz2 days ago
  • Settingan.

    Mr SobermanMr Soberman2 days ago
  • So poorly faked. Especially the crashing into the car door.

    Pimp LuxPimp Lux2 days ago
  • Hanging out inside during COVID

    Jonathan ValkoJonathan Valko2 days ago
    • COVID guys

      Jonathan ValkoJonathan Valko2 days ago
    • That’s not good

      Jonathan ValkoJonathan Valko2 days ago

    Denlan HarmoningDenlan Harmoning2 days ago
  • Why'd he upload here instead

    Johnny GarganoJohnny Gargano2 days ago
  • When he needs money

    AshersilasezraAshersilasezra2 days ago
  • Finall!!

    Hi Ding dongHi Ding dong2 days ago
  • Please vlog even more

    Hunter Lawhead 31Hunter Lawhead 312 days ago
  • This is awesome

    Braiden HopkinsBraiden Hopkins2 days ago
  • Jesus please post again its been a month

    hhhuj kgjjnhhhuj kgjjn3 days ago
  • Can u give me a gift to me sir

    janakiram danadugoalajanakiram danadugoala3 days ago

    SaberWaveMVSSaberWaveMVS3 days ago
  • Omg.

    Deiveson Figueiredo CLUBDeiveson Figueiredo CLUB3 days ago
  • You guys should watch Eli coohen in netflix, he's the main actor and it's real history very interesting

    Yishay 666Yishay 6663 days ago
  • I live in Kazakstan and I love borat lmao

    Rudolf CoochiseRudolf Coochise3 days ago
  • wait why isn’t he posting non his main?

    MadelineMadeline3 days ago
  • good

    Tun KomTun Kom3 days ago
  • looks like someone remembered his USworlds password.

    Wiley DillonWiley Dillon3 days ago

    Mr OzMr Oz3 days ago
  • She is possessed!

    Αntonis B.Αntonis B.3 days ago
  • BorДt

    Thomas HThomas H3 days ago
  • check out his video congatulating katy perry

    Asadbek MardanaqulovAsadbek Mardanaqulov3 days ago
  • I would commit mass arson to meet even 1 person from the vlog squad😂😳

    Arielle TaylorArielle Taylor3 days ago
  • Just watched the movie, funny as hell omg

    Jake ThompsonJake Thompson3 days ago
  • That was actually Sacha Baron Cohen?

    MrWhoodedMrWhooded3 days ago
  • 0:33x.

    Yeu ChuaYeu Chua3 days ago
  • Very nice I’m the biggest fan of borat and David Dobrik ❤️

    Chef Tyler PeckChef Tyler Peck3 days ago
  • chevelle

    Wild KowgrrlWild Kowgrrl3 days ago
  • Ahhsjeifehgw ZANES WEARING A TMG HOOODDIEEEEE JDIEBWUEKFBEYWHWKD a crossover between my fav boys😭 somebody make it actually happen

    Tiny ReenaTiny Reena3 days ago
  • The only David Dobrik video I've ever willingly watched.

    Jacockis TitsworthJacockis Titsworth3 days ago
  • Tricked us into thinking he was back 🙁

    Daniel PleitezDaniel Pleitez3 days ago
    • Well him not posting more videos proves he’s not back🤷🏽

      Daniel PleitezDaniel Pleitez2 days ago
    • He IS back! :)

      Byron ButlerByron Butler3 days ago
  • remeber when jonah was skinny

    Erik JuarezErik Juarez3 days ago