Surprised My Pregnant Wife With Dream Car!

Apr 4, 2021
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Surprising Rydel my pregnant wife with her dream mom car, a tesla model y
#FunkFamily #TheFunks @Capron Funk @Rydel Funk

  • Did you forget about ur cyber truck???? That’s coming

    Christopher PapachristouChristopher PapachristouHour ago
  • You can watch Netflix and play games.. while driving.. with a baby in the car.

    April TownsendApril Townsend9 hours ago
  • I love your videos

    Jason KwokJason Kwok11 hours ago
  • So my mom mom has a Tesla x so u can higher or r power the suspension. And the Simon mode is the best

    Jason KwokJason Kwok11 hours ago
  • What are you doing with your other white tesla

    Jimena CruzJimena Cruz12 hours ago
  • Model 3) model y) model s) model x) roaster)

    Ja ThojJa Thoj22 hours ago
  • "I guess i'm just gonna fall in" -Capron Funk 2021

    So HeSo HeDay ago
  • Such an awesome car. But am I the only one cringing about those white seats with babies and toddlers 😬 I know from having my two god children in my car with black seats it’s even cringe worthy to get the stains out. Toddlers are messy 😂 but each to their own I guess

    Allyson RoseAllyson RoseDay ago
  • I like Tesla’s

    Riley PatersonRiley PatersonDay ago
  • Also what about that cyber truck you apparently got in Ryder tells me what to do for 24 hrs

    TD DispatchTD Dispatch2 days ago
  • Damn 3 Tesla’s what next the cyber truck

    Bike mastersBike masters3 days ago
  • Didn't he buy her a cyber truck like a year ago?

    chuggle glugglechuggle gluggle4 days ago
  • Capron what are you guys going to do with the old Tesla?

    Cold PlayzCold Playz4 days ago
  • How is rydels mom with the stuff that happen we love her (:

    Dragon QueenDragon Queen4 days ago
  • Am I the only one who think Rydel and Kacey are like twins and spend A lot of time together. They both say holy shiz

    BaselIb007BaselIb0075 days ago
  • what day is the baby coming??????

    Davyn NorthDavyn North6 days ago
  • My mom is actually having a baby girl with Rydel at the same time as her

    Kamdynn WymanKamdynn Wyman7 days ago
  • Rydel is like my mom every car my mom got was white

    Andres CervantesAndres Cervantes7 days ago
  • Hi

    faze gregofaze grego7 days ago
  • This makes me so happy !!!!

    Ansara AliAnsara Ali7 days ago
  • Megan SelvaduraiMegan Selvadurai7 days ago
  • That car is awesome😱

    PoptarxPoptarx8 days ago
  • please be very careful posting the front of your house ❤️

    Grace McCurleyGrace McCurley8 days ago
  • Btw my brother gave capron to her wife a car true

    Kabel KingKabel King8 days ago
  • Hi Hi guys I love your videos I watch them all the time

    Bob JoBob Jo8 days ago
  • My heart awww I love how much you love her

    Laura DickinsonLaura Dickinson8 days ago
  • spell sexy

    Mandy BowenMandy Bowen8 days ago
  • did u know that all the models equal sexy

    Mandy BowenMandy Bowen8 days ago
  • So you bought a whole car for your pregnant wife who is four days from giving birth. You can't be that stupid. But you probably are that fake!

    Jimmy TerryJimmy Terry8 days ago
  • She needs to wrap it to say Epik mom car

    Cooper TaymanCooper Tayman8 days ago

    Colton CreswellColton Creswell8 days ago
  • my fav family ever

    Suhani KapurSuhani Kapur8 days ago
  • Make the other smal telsa an pikachu

    yt- justin-tristanyt- justin-tristan8 days ago
  • Are we not going to talk about th voice crack 3:22

    Kenneth SmithKenneth Smith8 days ago
  • And voice crack

    Devon WellsDevon Wells8 days ago
  • Nice car

    Devon WellsDevon Wells8 days ago
  • Love you guys your the best, keep it up and I hope you guys are ok and ready for BABY FUNK!!! Let's gooooooo

    Archie BriggsArchie Briggs8 days ago
  • when is the cyber truck coming @capron funk

    ScopeZScopeZ8 days ago
  • I can't wait for your son to be born. I wish you guys the best and he is going to be the most loved kid in the world!

    Chelsea IsabellaChelsea Isabella8 days ago
  • Love you guys

    Chelsea IsabellaChelsea Isabella8 days ago
  • Name it Sawyer

    Joni SirovatkaJoni Sirovatka8 days ago
  • When will you post again

    Brown FamilyBrown Family9 days ago
  • i cant believe that when im watching this tomorrows the due date

    Nate HowardNate Howard9 days ago
  • OMG! Rydels due date is tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh I’m so excited!!!!🤰

    Amy DavisonAmy Davison9 days ago
  • The next video will probably be the labor video 🥺❤️.... let that sink in

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood9 days ago
  • He had a x

    Kyle DishonKyle Dishon9 days ago
  • i love capron

  • My goal in life is to find a husband like Capron and just have a relationship like theirs!

    Isabella BustamanteIsabella Bustamante9 days ago
  • Capron is the best husband ever! That car is so awesome! The summon thing is a little creepy.

    juliem_1986juliem_19869 days ago
  • Is today the day?

    AbsowebAbsoweb9 days ago
  • Where's her cyber truck

    Alex RangelAlex Rangel9 days ago

    Evan FinkEvan Fink9 days ago
  • Your life is the best.

    Andrew DennisonAndrew Dennison9 days ago
  • I thought you got her a cover truck

  • Just saying your license plate shows! People might track you and stuff! Luv you guys!

    Kayla OostenbrinkKayla Oostenbrink9 days ago
  • when is that cyber truck coming?

    Destina SimpsonDestina Simpson9 days ago
  • Your baby birthday is the same birthday as mine I’m the 13

    DijadiDijadi9 days ago
  • What about her cybertryuck

    Caden WoutersCaden Wouters9 days ago
  • We all remember when he bought the cyber truck for her from a say yes video

    Drew KalinauskasDrew Kalinauskas9 days ago
    • So she will have three cars

      Drew KalinauskasDrew Kalinauskas9 days ago
  • Did you not remember you bought Her a Tesla cyber truck

    Drew KalinauskasDrew Kalinauskas9 days ago
  • Bruh I thought you bought her the cyber truck...

    Valpro 15Valpro 159 days ago
  • Imagine driving a Tesla, while getting surprised with a Tesla!

    Evelyn TerrazasEvelyn Terrazas9 days ago
  • Shes going give birth on my birthday April 12

    Ash_xx_emo :DAsh_xx_emo :D9 days ago
  • Can the baby just come

    Best RacingBest Racing9 days ago
  • If you guys got the add of hello fresh song get it it’s so bad

    Graham On 60 HzGraham On 60 Hz9 days ago
  • Rydel push present 🎁

    April PerezApril Perez9 days ago
  • name the car myles

    Myles OaksMyles Oaks9 days ago
  • Name it bobby

    The outdoors ChannelThe outdoors Channel9 days ago
  • Are you guys going to keep the model 3 or give it to a family member

    Zeb CZeb C9 days ago
  • name it yeti

    chris arenachris arena9 days ago
  • What happened to her cybertruck?

    Brendan ColbertBrendan Colbert9 days ago
  • Not gonna lie they are probably in labor right now so exciting I’m so excited to see baby funk

    Henry SevernHenry Severn9 days ago
  • She is so lucky to have someone like you

    Leia KatsnelsonLeia Katsnelson9 days ago
  • What about the old car

    Terri WatsonTerri Watson9 days ago
  • Wait baby Funk is coming so soon❤️❤️❤️

    Terri WatsonTerri Watson9 days ago
  • What are they going to do with the model e

    Celine HamkaCeline Hamka9 days ago
  • The baby boy funk will be born on the day we close on our new house . I’m so happy for both of you I’ve been following you on y’all’s joinery and I’m still going too I’m so glad nice people like you and rydel have a nice life.

    That cool FlipperThat cool Flipper9 days ago
  • April 4th was my birthday no joke

    Leah OrlandoLeah Orlando9 days ago
  • My Aunt is due April 30th

    Sharon StevensSharon Stevens9 days ago
  • tesla's security is 5 stars...... out of 10

    Henjo_SichgaardHenjo_Sichgaard9 days ago
  • Everyone: looking at the Tesla Me: looking at the bunny

    Ceci 05Ceci 059 days ago
  • Rydels outfits! Omg i am dying for itt

    Elsa JahnsenElsa Jahnsen10 days ago
  • You should call the tesla Rydely

    FroggyPlayz_ 200FroggyPlayz_ 20010 days ago
  • This is emotional🙏🏼 I just surprised my mum with a brand new car on my channel too. Making others happy is truly a blessing

    PxrsianXoPxrsianXo10 days ago
  • No way my birthday in 4 days thats so crazy your bby gonna be here in 9 days

    SlrryZsbigestfan _101SlrryZsbigestfan _10110 days ago
  • trust me i am so excited after 9 days my exams end, their baby will be born and also CALL OF DUTY MOBILE update is coming i am so excited !!!!!!!!

    07 gamespeakable07 gamespeakable10 days ago
  • Name the Tesla rawrlar

    AO ClanAO Clan10 days ago
  • your very mean to cory because its corys name to (funk) so i dont understand why its named the funks

    ZukafnZukafn10 days ago
  • When is baby funk coming you haven’t uploaded in a while

    Kylin ChanceKylin Chance10 days ago

    Māra SautiņaMāra Sautiņa10 days ago
  • I love y’all so much

    Vega PowellVega Powell10 days ago
  • That is a really great and beautiful car capron got you

    Marcie McCutchenMarcie McCutchen10 days ago
  • Sweet gift, you guys are awesome love ur videos ♥️♥️

    Josephine GiamporcaroJosephine Giamporcaro10 days ago
  • When is baby funk coming

    Colton SnellColton Snell10 days ago
  • I hope Rydel enjoys her new car with Caprons thought of 6 kids.

    Trash Man JakeTrash Man Jake10 days ago
  • Omg your baby’s birthday is going to be on my birthday we can share a birthday

    Erica BoydErica Boyd10 days ago
    • I have watched you for 4 years. Now

      Erica BoydErica Boyd10 days ago
  • My og USworldsr is growing his family 😭😤

    Jrthecoke 102Jrthecoke 10210 days ago
  • Bro I saw your charizard car at Starbucks looks so cool you passed by it btw

    Aidan WilhiteAidan Wilhite10 days ago
  • I look up to u guys we comment back

    Justin AdamsJustin Adams10 days ago
  • thank me for watching the videos? no, thank you for making them…thur lynches and the funks are my favorite people and the only ones who can make me truly happy🥰🥰

    Bella BruscoBella Brusco10 days ago