Super Bowl LV Mic'd Up! | "This is What We Do, Two Tuddies!?" | Game Day All Access 2020

Feb 11, 2021
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  • Skip Bayless wants to kiss Brady the way Giselle does.

    L.L. CraftL.L. Craft33 minutes ago
  • I love the way Mr. White make the motivation speech for the team and how the BK team said at the same time "CHAMPIONS"

    Joseph VelasquezJoseph VelasquezHour ago

    CurtCurtHour ago
  • They should be arrested for manslaughter the way Shaq and Jpp wat doin the o line

    En DndjEn Dndj2 hours ago
  • Travis is right 3 wasn’t gone win it😂😂

    YoungBoy Never Broke Again☑️YoungBoy Never Broke Again☑️3 hours ago
  • I have never seen a man playing football with as much love and passion as Tom Brady... The beginning with him and Gronk was the best!

    Toni DeMaioToni DeMaio3 hours ago
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  • BUCS DEFENDE : Call the police cus we killed this team

    Victor SzaloVictor Szalo4 hours ago
  • LFG!!!!!

    Ben NguyenBen Nguyen5 hours ago
  • 30:36 “That’s Texas A&M, Ya dig”

    Jesús PalomoJesús Palomo5 hours ago
  • Brady’s son jack is gonna be taller than him watch!

    Tonyo XyoojTonyo Xyooj5 hours ago
  • Even though I’m a Chiefs fan and Patrick Mahomes fan almost no one can beat the goat

    SharkManSharkMan5 hours ago
  • Yeah, ACT!!

    AL JORDAN2AL JORDAN26 hours ago
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    Vincent PangVincent Pang6 hours ago
  • Mac Jones will be playing QB on an NFL team in the not too distant future. Remember the name. He plays Tom Brady style football. Some team will be damn lucky to get him

    clifford yawnclifford yawn6 hours ago
  • 3rd Q @ 11:26 and it's 21-9. Maholmes has less than 100yrs and the start of GARBAGE time that allows KC to run up stats and NOT SCORE again. Buck start playing loose and giving up short passes. This game was TOTAL DOMINATION by Bucks- so much for the KC "dynasty" I heard about 24/7 for 12 months.

    Kevin BlakeKevin Blake6 hours ago
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    Robert GuttkeRobert Guttke6 hours ago
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    Robert GuttkeRobert Guttke7 hours ago
  • LOL "Shaq Barret" almost sounds like one of those stupid names Madden makes for computer generated players after the first year. Where they just put together the first and last names of two existing players. You know the ones I mean like "Deshawn Urlacher" type name.

    Tom AndersonTom Anderson7 hours ago
  • Def made the GOAT look good so they couldn’t have that. Brady (best ever!) was rarely even in the sound bites 🤦‍♂️

    Eric KdawgEric Kdawg7 hours ago
  • Quick math at Texas A N M , YA DIG BY #13 said I agree bro mike if they come back am blame u n he says I got nutten to do with it . Chiefs number 32 says I already got a ring we will see ya next yr. true that Bucs will run it back if we can keep everyone here gonna b tuff to do. Great our Bucs here . Heah ya better da national guard they need some help . 4 mins to super bowl win . We get a turn over it’s over n well it ended that way wow in our home stadium wow historical game first ever win this way

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day7 hours ago
  • Just an all around beat down by our Buccaneers team here from coaches to all team players here wow win

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day8 hours ago
  • At 5:50 Brady has it all figured out. Look at the guys hanging on his every word. That’s leadership of the highest order.

    Sandy GanSandy Gan8 hours ago
  • I been a Bucs fan sine our 0/26 two loosing seasons when I first come to USA from Jamaica yeah usain bolt put us on map

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day8 hours ago
  • How cool is our long time radio announcer her calling this game in our home stadium on super bowl day wow I wish I could have been in this stadium game day I did when I came back from my overseas army tour on leave September 2010 Bucs play Pittsburgh Charlie batch pits QB HE BEATS US THAT BUT WE MADE HISTORY ON THIS SUPER BOWL 55 we beat da chiefs here. I picked our Bucs to beat da chiefs 31/28. But wow 31/9 who saw this coming but I knew our defense was that good to balance our offense, with that line n Brady leadership n wide outs n rb s n da #13,15,10, what a game . Ihope we can keep them all. Brady go get #81 n grunk out of retirement wow . Congrats to our Bucs win here . Chiefs did there best but gut beat up

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day8 hours ago
  • The 🐐 had the answers to the test!! Love itttt

    leroy jenkinsleroy jenkins8 hours ago
  • To save you about 40 minutes, The chiefs are motivating their team while Brady asks for Hand Sanitizer

    ItzWilldog11ItzWilldog118 hours ago
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    Thirsty As hellThirsty As hell8 hours ago
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    OddKicksOddKicks9 hours ago
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    Natasha WilsonNatasha Wilson9 hours ago
  • Mathieu deleted his tweet after finding out his and Brady's talk was recorded...garbage human being.

    saba baratashvilisaba baratashvili9 hours ago
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Find a?way find a?way get me one stop D just one lmfao How's it feel chiefs Fake ass nine Dynasty

    Shawn ClapperShawn Clapper9 hours ago
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    Kamran KhanKamran Khan10 hours ago
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    Do Cong TuanDo Cong Tuan11 hours ago
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    Joyce JoyceJoyce Joyce11 hours ago
  • The players on the field are scrapping, full contact, grabbing each other, helmets smashing, snot flying, blood dripping, QB is screams out plays, mouth wide open, trash talking.. And after all that.. they go back, sit on the bench, and put on their masks..?.. We've gone full Idiocracy... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    N3STRoN3STRo14 hours ago
    • NFL doesn’t let u play if u have covid so worth

      MouseRatMouseRat13 hours ago
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    Ronald WadeRonald Wade15 hours ago
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    BAOQIANG LiBAOQIANG Li15 hours ago
  • Kelce needs to stop acting black.

    DP DutcherDP Dutcher16 hours ago
  • Arians' wife's pure excitement and joy..... "damn, I wish you weren't so soggy...." The best!!!!

    seqouiaflameseqouiaflame17 hours ago
  • I'm Mike Evans watching the super bowl. I love how they keep checking in on his commentary throughout the game.

    Avi PinckneyAvi Pinckney17 hours ago
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    RYan ThomasRYan Thomas17 hours ago
  • 1.5k thumbs down? Why?

    SAVAGE & ISAVAGE & I21 hour ago
  • "This reminds me of back in the day" Gronk, we wish you were still doing this in NE.

    SAVAGE & ISAVAGE & I21 hour ago
  • Chiefs D Hugging more than Mayweather

    chris sainzchris sainz21 hour ago
  • "This reminds me of back in the day" Gronk, we wish those days were still in NE.

    SAVAGE & ISAVAGE & I21 hour ago
  • Best plug ever for hand sanitizer Tom Brady

    Ian SB16Ian SB1621 hour ago
  • Amazing performances!

    SAVAGE & ISAVAGE & I21 hour ago
  • Who will Brady ask to induct him into Canton? I’m thinking his dad or Montana

    usaf 93usaf 9322 hours ago
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    Raymond GrinerRaymond Griner22 hours ago
  • I figured it out Tom Brady wants a whole regular Season worth of games in the super bowl with a 13-3 record 👍 got it now

    William MckinneyWilliam Mckinney23 hours ago
  • I'm happy for Brady and Tampa Bay fans they get to see the quarterback Patriot fans seen all these years. Maybe even Ben Brady haters turn to Brady lovers 😜✌️🐐 I love me some Brady

    Meanjoe GreenMeanjoe Green23 hours ago
  • Fairytale story

    TomTom23 hours ago
  • Remember thIs name...MAC JONES

    clifford yawnclifford yawn23 hours ago
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    Nick BarnesNick Barnes23 hours ago
  • just wanted to hear the Brady / Honey Badger interaction

    Joe LathropJoe Lathrop23 hours ago
  • HOT DIGGTY DOG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Fortnite_ God_YTFortnite_ God_YTDay ago
  • This Bucs team has to be the most talented roster ever put together on a football field.

    R.H.R.H.Day ago
  • The moment between the Coach & Brady was magical.😭😭❤️

    Arnold RonoArnold RonoDay ago
  • 0:37 LOL, overrated

    Brandon CantrellBrandon CantrellDay ago
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    Vo Viet HuongVo Viet HuongDay ago
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    Danny NoyesDanny NoyesDay ago
  • Mike Evans the whole game: They still down 3 scores

    The New 0ne O17The New 0ne O17Day ago
  • The chills I got watching the last 3 minutes is insane!

    Cuca LucaCuca LucaDay ago
  • Jesus christ, I don't even watch football and I watched the whole video. This edit format with these close up camera angles made this super interesting. Fantastic video. Whoever is getting paid to do this needs to continue to do so. You might reach more audiences with this kind of content. 10/10 video, well done. As an aside, this Patrick guy is a wild man. If his receivers, both of whom who got headshot by the football, had been able to secure those and if he wasn't running for his life the entire time, they might easily have won.

    Matthew FreemanMatthew FreemanDay ago
  • Editing is top notch! BA and his wife made me cry.

    MarschMarschDay ago
  • 35:20 "Champions of the world". This isn't an international competiton, the title is "NFL champions".

    DinoDinoDay ago
  • Gronk and Kelce, gronk is already but 2 of the 3 greatest TEs ever

    Ryan LovelandRyan LovelandDay ago
  • All I hear is Kermit the frog talking

    Thunder King18Thunder King18Day ago
  • I can already hear the Bad Lip Reading

    Asher OgleAsher OgleDay ago
  • Mahomes is the greatest QB ever no question or argument and so young. Truly blessed to watch him compete! Go dolphins 😂

    Josh LovelyJosh LovelyDay ago

    MJ KingMJ KingDay ago
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    Alexis FarringtonAlexis FarringtonDay ago
  • USAA

    Zac RubalZac RubalDay ago
  • Pattrick we waited for this all year then they lose

    Pierce ThompsonPierce ThompsonDay ago
  • Mike Evans really loves saying "touchdown" lol

    Anthony PenseroAnthony PenseroDay ago
  • yeah we beat up on bad teams! like wtf! dude yall was 1-5 vs teams with a winning record so 16 games only 6 of them teams had a winning record! and you lost to 5 of them! and lets be real tom brady had the Lux of playing in one of the shitest divisions in the nfl who had a combined record of 505-605 and the fact every season 38% of ur games is vs ur own division! not to mention 19 years of ur career u had a top10 defense for 16 of them 19 years! and this year they was ranked 7th or 8th! see tom brady the reason i pick mohames over u is well bc while ur a good qb u have never went anywhere without a top 10 defense mohames on the other hand has!

    geton mylevelgeton mylevelDay ago
  • This game was fixed.

    Andre NobleAndre NobleDay ago
  • The Buccaneers won by capitalizing on the Chiefs mistakes Cheating Bastard Tom Brady purposely targeted Drunken Gronk to score the Loser Buccaneers would never made it to the Super Bowl with Jameis Winston the Chiefs will learn from their mistakes and win their next Super Bowl.

    novato torneronovato torneroDay ago
  • Mad respect to both qb but both sound gay asf

    The PhantomThe PhantomDay ago

    James HubacherJames HubacherDay ago
  • So glad the Chiefs lost. What a beautiful sight.

    Victor ThirosVictor ThirosDay ago

    James HubacherJames HubacherDay ago
  • Mahomes legit hit two receivers in the face in the end zone while scrambling falling down off balance throws lmmfao he nice... Smh

    gisity17gisity17Day ago
    • He should deff have had at least those 2 tds

      gisity17gisity17Day ago
  • I'm not the biggest fan of Tom Brady or a Buccaneers fan but I was very happy for them this year. When I heard that they got Brady, I thought I hope it works out for them. I feel like we got to see a different side to Brady this season and I approve (even the SB parade.. nice to see him relax). Congratulations Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

    callmelyn73callmelyn73Day ago
  • He was using that hand sanitizer to cheat somehow

    ptpvideogamingptpvideogamingDay ago
  • I don’t even know the rules of the game we play cricket and soccer. But this is good stuff . White have great defence and red are overly aggressive. I love it every moment of it .

    Aditya ChauhanAditya ChauhanDay ago
  • The masks rules are ridiculous and unscientific...

    N. W. DoodN. W. DoodDay ago
  • I can see Tom as a winner for the rest of his life. He loves football soooo much, he is a cornerstone that empires are built on. Would he be a good coach? could he get the best of his players? he does when on the field. Seems like he is already picking his plays with the players he chooses, he is being groomed to also be the next great coach, general manager of all time in football. BTW Bill Russell NBA 11 Championships, Henri Richard 11 Championship rings as player NHL. And last but certainly not least Jean Beliveau Montreal Canadians NHL 18 Championship rings as p!ayer and management. This is where Tom is going towards.....Cheers!

    Michel DagenaisMichel DagenaisDay ago
  • 1 on 1 against ab in the red zone? just cuz bruh missed some time you don't do that

    illpistolwhipillpistolwhipDay ago
  • Every flag was on the chiefs lol

    KneekKneekDay ago
  • That halftime show sucked ..

    Mark FulwoodMark FulwoodDay ago
  • that DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!

    jen lewisjen lewisDay ago
  • The respect the bucs have for mahomes is awesome true sportsmanship

    Sports Co.Sports Co.Day ago
  • Literally the only sound bite I’ve been waiting for left out. Dammit

    Kyle NKyle NDay ago
  • Yikes. You don’t realize how bad The Chiefs got smacked until it’s broken down like this 😂

    adw4891adw4891Day ago
    • The looks of surprise and sudden realization on their faces at the end, said it all. Winning had become so routine. Now, they're questioning, whether they could have played better. And the weight of losing any given Sunday finally set in.

      thedarkemissarythedarkemissary13 hours ago
  • Legendary Footage.

    lilindianboi 1lilindianboi 1Day ago
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    Chris GeorgeChris GeorgeDay ago
  • Staying in Tampa Bay? He confused them with the Chiefs lol

    Johnny EnglishJohnny EnglishDay ago
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    Melinda FitzgeraldMelinda FitzgeraldDay ago