studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

Apr 6, 2021
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positions out now:

  • Since ariana is my heart and so is Oscar.. I want her to make Oscar song... That can make me die in peace

    DIYhobbyDIYhobby13 minutes ago
  • Wow! You’re amazing! Incredible!

    Edhymally AquinoEdhymally Aquino24 minutes ago
  • 2:14 I don't mind autotune but it sounds fun when she talks :D

    Mastig LootMastig LootHour ago
  • She’s so cute asking please and if I could and all that although it’s still her song

    Tigerish LionTigerish LionHour ago
  • Netflix shd make a doc for Ariana

    MyeishaMyeishaHour ago
  • To all those that think she uses autotune.. this proof that she uses 2-3 notes looped together

    MyeishaMyeishaHour ago
  • She has the most beautiful voice and she speaks so nicely to her crew

    MyeishaMyeishaHour ago
  • My eyes = reading comment My ears = listening song My hand = scrolling down My mouth = singing song I am very busy person ✌😂

    M InZiM InZiHour ago
  • Working with Ari must be such a amazing and lovely experience

    Jeverson Heflash VicensottiJeverson Heflash VicensottiHour ago
  • Algum português aqui? Vim pela Cat

    Flaviana Silva SilvaFlaviana Silva SilvaHour ago
  • 💗

    Clint aldred perezClint aldred perezHour ago
  • Y the heck are people disliking this Ariana is so talented

    dona twumdona twum2 hours ago
    • @dona twum lol 😆 I make ariana content 😀

      Love4arianaLove4arianaHour ago
    • @Love4ariana lol I am obbsesed with this anytime she makes new songs I just keep replaying it also addicted to tiktok

      dona twumdona twumHour ago
    • Agreee 🥺

      Love4arianaLove4ariana2 hours ago
  • Vocal layer: 💯

    alfonsalfons2 hours ago

    TOM PIPPSTOM PIPPS2 hours ago
  • She puts so much work in her music I love her

    Oliwia ŁopalewskaOliwia Łopalewska2 hours ago
  • her lower pitch vocals ooof I felt the holy Ghost on that one

    Yolo VeeYolo Vee2 hours ago
  • i literally cannot stop watching this video. she’s so unbelievably talented omg

    ButeraMoonButeraMoon2 hours ago
  • Brilliant! 👏🏾

    Oluwaseyi YusufOluwaseyi Yusuf2 hours ago
  • Oh wow❤❤❤❤❤

    Jyoti PandeyJyoti Pandey2 hours ago
  • I'm so happy I saw this video. She's inspirational 💓

    L LiminateL Liminate2 hours ago
  • More please

    Charlee CorneliusCharlee Cornelius2 hours ago

    Mirza BasalamahMirza Basalamah2 hours ago
  • "I am sad for people who can't hear"

    om Prakashom Prakash2 hours ago
  • love it love the yuh

    beautiful0bettybeautiful0betty2 hours ago
  • A huge shout out to that guy with the laptop, he's doin alottttttt❤️❤️

    Limile MelaneLimile Melane3 hours ago
  • need more videos like this

    Kidleader09Kidleader093 hours ago
  • y love you

    Alice DocaAlice Doca3 hours ago
  • ugh

    Emmanuel Almacin AbañoEmmanuel Almacin Abaño3 hours ago
  • can u post more of these pls sis

    Yasmin OttermannYasmin Ottermann3 hours ago
  • lmao yall still questioning her talent?

    blehblehblehblehblehbleh3 hours ago
  • perfect! but why can I hear the auto tune ahhhhhh lol

    Misha DOSHIMisha DOSHI3 hours ago
  • she really is a angel

    Leah FjällbrantLeah Fjällbrant4 hours ago
  • Love the way how the guy says “okay” after ariana’s request. Like its no pressure putting up these stack of notes and not confusing them 😂

    Hazy StarLightHazy StarLight4 hours ago
  • It’s so funny when she talks with autotune on Props to her though she’s great

    Nikolas AnastaselosNikolas Anastaselos4 hours ago
  • Incredible voice!! And the ELAM just bringing out every detail!

    NeloNelo4 hours ago
  • She's really good in music for now on a fun.❤️❤️❤️

    heloves meheloves me5 hours ago
  • kto polska \\

    julcix mspjulcix msp5 hours ago

    6E19陳智慧6E19陳智慧5 hours ago
  • Hope this clips make us and people out there appreciate her songs more.

    klaudia usun senenklaudia usun senen5 hours ago
  • I put Ari's poster on my room, and it's so shiny that I can't sleep at night...😭(´°̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥`)

    연우연우5 hours ago
  • not only the song is a masterpiece, Ariana Grande herself IS the masterpiece

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu6 hours ago
  • Goes to show you to what extent song production has deprived these days. Nothing natural, no flaws, no soul. Back in the days MJ would sing a whole song in one take. Now artists record the same syllable 500 times.

    Allan CurtisAllan Curtis6 hours ago
    • literally every artist does this, particularly brandy who is known for her stellar production. stop whining.

      you're a're a VICTIM.5 hours ago
    • Just goes to show you know nothing about Music or about music producing. Shut up and leave it to the experts. Also she’s literally adding harmonies.

      It's alexiaIt's alexia5 hours ago
    • pretty sure mj did the same thing as every other artist..

      K. B. TたぱっらK. B. Tたぱっら5 hours ago
  • George ZiotasGeorge Ziotas6 hours ago
  • Cool !

    Lavanya RajputLavanya Rajput6 hours ago
  • You are awesome! Big fan :)

    LCF III ANGELIVII We are all CHAOSS!!LCF III ANGELIVII We are all CHAOSS!!6 hours ago
  • so whenever we hear the bridge, remember this video, aaaaaack love u ari

    Joy GonzalesJoy Gonzales6 hours ago
  • that's passion right there

    Joy GonzalesJoy Gonzales6 hours ago
  • Ari: do this Editor: ok :)

    RaveN jfRaveN jf6 hours ago
  • Can't ignore the power of her vocals to let any song to live.....

    Aelvina Mary PrinceAelvina Mary Prince6 hours ago
  • I fucking love her 😍

    Diana WilsonDiana Wilson6 hours ago
  • She puts so much in her yeah 🥰 Love a dedicated queen

    Kim DaoKim Dao7 hours ago
  • watching genius at work... 🤩

    Gee DGee D7 hours ago
  • I love how the way that Ariana sing this SONG

    CandyBombCandyBomb7 hours ago
  • ariana you are a genius!

    meninghermemeningherme7 hours ago
  • i'd love to get another note on the HEEYEUH, i'm gonna add a YUH

    zevtheworldzevtheworld7 hours ago
  • U realize she is always recording with autotune. Autotune today is not freaking kesha & t-pain type shit. Autotune now will just *actually* correct your notes without creating the technical/shifting sound that we identify autotune by. AKA, you can sing regularly and 'autotune' will correct your notes without making it noticable in anyway whatsoever,, makes it completely and utterly undetectable. Ariana is *the* best vocalist of the past 15 years and I absolutely adore her/her music/her vocal skills; this isn't to bag on Ari at all. Ari could do this quality of vocal work if given enough takes. Obviously time management/stylistic choice overrides the needs for completely organic vocal material here. I just think it's fair that everyone should know what's 'autotune'/whats not because well - that's only fair love u ariana

    Kiera SankeyKiera Sankey7 hours ago
  • Maindblow music

    Kamala NenavathKamala Nenavath7 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who appreciates a song more after seeing its behind the scenes? 😍

    Marbles GrandeMarbles Grande8 hours ago
  • Imagine getting heart ❤️ by Ariana grande , I will die by over happiness😂🤣

    Mayur K memesMayur K memes8 hours ago
  • omg i could never T-T that's so much work

    马琪儿Mathilde马琪儿Mathilde8 hours ago

    IngridIngrid9 hours ago
  • even her voice while normally speaking is sooo nice to the ears asghsskls luv u ariana

    Chloe CorderoChloe Cordero9 hours ago
  • Omg she Is next level 👏

    Art_by _Adrian2Art_by _Adrian29 hours ago
  • 1:30 to 1:33 her face and the ‘I LOVE THAT^•^

    Bella TMBella TM9 hours ago
  • I think this a good inside to what is actually like to make a song. It’s not easy yall

    Max BathersbyMax Bathersby9 hours ago
  • 2:02 my favorite part!

    Obsessed With TeaObsessed With Tea9 hours ago
  • This engineer is a pro tools ninja, sheesh!

    JCJC10 hours ago
  • the way she says please tho like shes so respectful

    Zhoey TamangZhoey Tamang10 hours ago
  • now , this is what we shud call " hardworking " . Iykyk

    iiwaarafiiwaaraf10 hours ago

    iiwaarafiiwaaraf10 hours ago
  • i could hear her just say “yeah” for the rest of my life how could one work be sung so beautifully

    kit bo bitkit bo bit10 hours ago
  • Just Wow , she is the real deal , soo talented

    alex steinbachalex steinbach10 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    romeo villanuevaromeo villanueva10 hours ago
  • Period I love studio bts's

    Angel HxzeAngel Hxze10 hours ago
  • MUITO BOM 👍👍👍

  • These low notes are melting my soul omg

    Enjoli Rose WilletEnjoli Rose Willet11 hours ago
  • is pov mv coming

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez11 hours ago
  • 3:02

    Sydney FuentezSydney Fuentez12 hours ago
  • We are at the end. Jesus Christ is coming. Please avoid the vaccine. Anyone who recieves the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

    Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoul12 hours ago
  • She’s such a perfectionist I love her so much 💅🏼❤️💕

    Abril Salas RedmondAbril Salas Redmond12 hours ago
  • she think it, she like it, she want it, she got it

    AbbyAbby12 hours ago
  • “I’ll just stack the “me”

    Essie MerolaEssie Merola12 hours ago
  • She is my idol forever ❤️

    larissa vlogslarissa vlogs13 hours ago
  • if i had her voice i would literally never shut up

    Hannah Cheng MusicHannah Cheng Music13 hours ago
  • I'm very impressed by her professionalism and talent 👏

    Sam SamSam Sam13 hours ago
  • Not exactly sure how this woman is literally everything but she definitely is.

    tawny halltawny hall13 hours ago
  • Many people think their songs are harmless! Very sad

    Gerson tecladoGerson teclado13 hours ago
  • Hello Ariana! after i found out who was ariana grande i was very happy to know yours is exciting! ok until all right! but without offending, why are your songs chigging? many people think

    Gerson tecladoGerson teclado13 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

    Juacenta WillisJuacenta Willis13 hours ago
  • i could watch this all day

    RaynaRayna13 hours ago
  • so polite

    RaynaRayna13 hours ago
  • Ariana: We. Need. More. YUH'S yuh

    Gacha MarieGacha Marie14 hours ago
  • yUh

    Ariane GranjiAriane Granji14 hours ago
  • I love you soo soo much. Thank you a million for the amazing music. ILV

    Freeman LeonFreeman Leon14 hours ago
  • Finding out these vocals are achieved in the booth and not in post is amazing.

    Meg LeaMeg Lea14 hours ago
  • This girl knows her shit! Vocal genius!❤️❤️❤️

    Melody SteeleyMelody Steeley14 hours ago
  • y is the black ending so scary i thought i was gonna get jumpscared

    RohinRohin14 hours ago
  • perfection is the key❤

    Tin CoronelTin Coronel14 hours ago
  • Wow. Omg, I hear so much Imogen in this. I LOVE IT.

    C. N. CielC. N. Ciel14 hours ago
  • whaa next time im gon pay attention to this part

    ecem t.ecem t.14 hours ago