Apr 1, 2021
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  • Your gossip seems fake

    Bo JangleBo Jangle7 minutes ago
  • Wow, I'm so sorry u have that type of toxicity in ur life in regards to ur step ppl. However, it is ur sister and this experience could bring u and her close if nothing else,,, so totally worth it. Good luck and just pray on it.

    Death ClapperDeath Clapper26 minutes ago
  • It looks like she pulls out ALOT of nail straight out of her cuticle, dosent it? Looks painful too.

    Barbara HeedBarbara Heed29 minutes ago
  • 90% sure she is getting all these stories from r/amitheasshole on reddit Edit: I looked at it and ya. I found this story worded almost the exact same way on there.

    ASMRSoundsASMRSounds30 minutes ago
  • No not at all if I didn’t know her I wouldn’t give her a kid and you I wouldn’t of used to do that now I wouldn’t expect you to do it either

    Abby 36Abby 3641 minute ago
  • No you not 😁😁😁😁😁

    Jess CainJess Cain42 minutes ago
  • Nah they have nothing to do with you, you're just a highly likely match. Only do it if you wanna donate. You might need it too your dad is definitely right.

    AndieAndie47 minutes ago
  • You are not the ass hole because if they just talk to you because you can help them then they are the ass holes

    Nelson DiazNelson Diaz51 minute ago
  • If they keep harassing you about it threaten them with legal action, and cut them out of your life.

    MurderousElmo69MurderousElmo6955 minutes ago
  • All they asses would’ve gotten slapped give who what ... idc find somebody else bye


    Bruh MomentBruh MomentHour ago
  • Pretty sure ive heard this exact story on reddit a few years ago. Nice to see people are still stealing storytimes🙄

    Queer ElisabethQueer ElisabethHour ago
  • If there is a kidney problem, that could mean it runs in the family, you should definitely not give your kidney infact get yourself checked for the condition your half sister has.

    Dr SassyDr SassyHour ago
  • So this is like your dog if you have something that would save it's life and you don't give it to the dog because it's not blood related to you. It's the same difference. I'm saying you would save a dog so why not your step sister? Don't be a bitch.

    Joe ThompsonJoe ThompsonHour ago
  • Even if it was your sister that doesn’t matter it’s your body and they were only using you and you choose what happens to your body

    lili arredondolili arredondoHour ago
  • OP. Not the asshole. Gotta say, if the only reason they contacted you was because of a kidney and nothing more then they don’t deserve anything they ask from you. Time, attention, a organ, ect.

    Pilo UnknownPilo Unknown2 hours ago
  • I didnt know that was going to happen

    Marco RinconMarco Rincon2 hours ago
  • Girl you’re no a** hole you made your decision and that’s f*cking final

    Charla MutchersonCharla Mutcherson2 hours ago
  • 1 kidney is enough.

    TronPlaysTronPlays2 hours ago
  • Such a heavy burden. I wish they gave her the same ability to just walk away that was afforded her mother. There's NO WAY that kidney has more value than a mother's presence in a young girl's life. How could her refusal to part with a whole God damned kidney compare to her mother's need for her freedom? If they were angry at you sweet girl, it's really your mother who's angry at herself.

    Love BubbleLove Bubble2 hours ago
  • Only thing you're mom did you wrong not you're step sister didn't do anything but i understand what your saying if maybe your step sister didn't need a kidney or being sick you're mom wouldn't have contacted you. I'm going to speak from my opinion sometime God or the creator have some mysterious way's of bringing people back together or sometime we discovered new things that we not going to like but maybe it's something to change our lives so please just think about your step sister life in this process that you're the only one can save her no one else 😊🙏

    Dinah sunshine foods LewisDinah sunshine foods Lewis3 hours ago
  • This is by far one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on the internet🤦‍♂️. Now don’t get me wrong your family seems like assholes leaving you behind like that and coming back to you only bc they want something is rude. BUT in this case your being straight up selfish this person is going to DIE without this kidney and your deciding to hold a grudge?!?! No matter how big an asshole a person is as long as they haven’t committed a serious crime of something like that they deserve to live a life. STOP BEING SELFISH AND ARROGANT BEFORE SOMEONE FUCKING DIES!!!

    Domenic CannyDomenic Canny3 hours ago
  • It’s not bad I mean there prob gonna just use her and just stop talking to her

    Avocados Lie toAvocados Lie to3 hours ago
  • Your not wrong it’s your kidney

    ExpiredExpired3 hours ago
  • You did the right thing girl don’t be sad

    Jacob WilliamsJacob Williams3 hours ago
  • I save my kidney for someone I care and everyone else needs to wait until I die.

    Avi LaAvi La3 hours ago
  • No fuck them there a bunch of losers

  • I mean, this was completely on the mom, I bet the sister didn’t even know she existed.

    Yemo101Yemo1013 hours ago
  • One word. Karma

    K ButlerK Butler3 hours ago
  • That’s a fucked up story it the nail is worse

    Noah NunezNoah Nunez3 hours ago
  • I'm more bothered by wtf you've done to your fingers. That's savage

    jimi williamsjimi williams4 hours ago
  • Damn... That you EVEN had second thoughts on it @ all, that you EVEN have to question an audience... Tells me: just how much alike you are to THEM. What you should have thought to do was: (Idk if you still have time to do the right thing before SOMEONE DIES)

    AudreyAudrey4 hours ago
  • Just know, there are no take backs in life, your mom abandoned you because it would have torn apart her marriage and her original family. You're abandoning your sister out of revenge. Sorry, but two wrongs don't make a right.

    Quadratic4mulaQuadratic4mula4 hours ago
  • No your not the asshole

    ACatNamedLuna [2018]ACatNamedLuna [2018]4 hours ago
  • Totally worth it!! WOW! You got the chance to brag about it to the internet! THE DRAMA! This story is actually false, or OP did decide to give the kidney, but gave it like this: (I'm giving you the kidney but please don't contact me ever again.)

    Quadratic4mulaQuadratic4mula4 hours ago
  • Uhmm.. you are NOT your step-sisters keeper. I'm so happy you made the decision you did. Wishing you the best in life ❤

    liliana Pruittliliana Pruitt4 hours ago
  • It’s her kidney not theirs let her be

    Nochu JamsNochu Jams4 hours ago
  • Idk bout everyone else but if someone thought that I would quickly and willingly give one of my organs over to the side of the family that wanted nothing to do with me for so long,, they were wrong.

    I know KarataeI know Karatae4 hours ago
  • "She's your sister" "just because she's my sister doesn't mean shit you didn't speak to me until now"

    The NexusThe Nexus4 hours ago
  • I would have sold it to them cash please up front.

    Lé ChéffLé Chéff4 hours ago
  • No you did nothing wrong they are just arse holes

    idontknow 1513idontknow 15135 hours ago
  • Ok I understand that they used u but it is for saving someone’s life and for every vid u day am I an ash hole but this time I wouldn’t say ash but that’s pretty selfish

    Olivia BerssOlivia Berss5 hours ago
  • Mom should have had a couple more affairs at the time. Then the step sister would be set.

    no nono no5 hours ago
  • Girl, you did the right thing. Don't let anybody use you!!!

    no nono no5 hours ago
  • I have a sister that I wouldn’t give a drop of blood to... so I’m all for this girls decision. Good on ya

    Louisville LadyLouisville Lady5 hours ago
  • I would of met her to only tell her that she's the women who gave birth to me but NOT my MOTHER, No take your ass and the kids you decided to keep somewhere else, I'm sorry for her because she's paying for what you did Lady. Toxic ppl out their

    Uvalle-Roblez4 Uvalle-RoblezUvalle-Roblez4 Uvalle-Roblez5 hours ago
  • I’m sure if you would’ve given the kidney they would’ve went back to ignoring you so yeah you made the right decision.

    Tasha YTasha Y5 hours ago
  • I think you should I feel we should treat each other with kindness and yes she is only 1/2but still if can save her life that's great because some day you may need her to do the same for you

    Joy JacksonJoy Jackson6 hours ago
  • No. If she wants a kidney she can tell you herself.

    M4ntisM4ntis6 hours ago
  • Your sister is not responsible for your mom’s actions. Don’t base whether or not you donate a kidney on your mom’s rejection . Only do it if you want to help your sister.

    Dee LeeDee Lee6 hours ago
  • No one care

    214thatone Guy214thatone Guy6 hours ago
  • I thought that was a actual finger when u pulled the nail out

    Shenej BdneheShenej Bdnehe6 hours ago
  • Giving a kidney is medically a huge deal! I don’t blame u at all

    Frank IFrank I6 hours ago
  • these fingernauls go in wayy too deep i dont knw why

    FlowFlow6 hours ago
  • My best friend is the result of a 1-night stand 🙃

    Dark SpaceDark Space6 hours ago
  • I hate these so much. Also, her mama straight up wanted to kill her.

    Andy WilliamsAndy Williams6 hours ago
  • It would be different if they were genuine. U deserve better.

    jessica linkjessica link6 hours ago
  • I agree with you. Just because you’re blood related don’t mean shit. Why would you give up a piece of your body to someone you don’t even talk to.. regardless wether you are related or not. Who tf are they to expect you to do that. I’m personally glad you didn’t give in to their manipulative toxic bullshit.

    WoodyWoody7 hours ago
  • Honestly, I would've done the exact same thing, a random woman that is a Karen and has a Karen child that needs a kidney and they just reach out to you for your kidney, not caring about you at all and supposingly wanting to get to know you better. I wouldn't care about the hate messages either. How about the haters go donate a kidney? Don't see that happening either.

    IsaacIsaac7 hours ago
  • No your not

    Shenieva NugentShenieva Nugent7 hours ago
  • You did the right thing

    Mina RezkMina Rezk7 hours ago
  • I'm sorry but that nail design is trash

    J BJ B7 hours ago
  • I Think RSlash Covered This Story A Long Time Ago

    kopan920kopan9208 hours ago
  • Jesus is coming soon! He loves you and he has a place for you reserved in Heaven all you have to do is accept it. He can give you strength and bless you 💞

    Sxpreme QueenSxpreme Queen8 hours ago

    A. BumA. Bum8 hours ago

    TheRealCloutChaserTheRealCloutChaser8 hours ago
  • I feel bad for the half sister but it's your body and u have the right to say no to donating I would probably say no so that's one bad side of the family

    TOP SMASTOP SMAS8 hours ago
  • This girl is literally an r/thathappened post

    NoobishToobNoobishToob8 hours ago
  • I mean I know that they have done nothing for u but mabye u should help a girl out

    Your Homie JesseYour Homie Jesse8 hours ago
  • Look I’m sorry I’m not getting life-threatening surgery and donating an organ to a random person I don’t know just because she’s my half-sister. Especially if said person didn’t want anything to do with me until they needed me.

    Nikki NelsonNikki Nelson9 hours ago
  • the last few seconds made my eyes hurt

    how was that not a headshothow was that not a headshot9 hours ago
  • Why do I feel like this is fake bc how many stories this person has

    _ OVERDOSE_ OVERDOSE9 hours ago
  • No, you are a good person

    Erica VovkErica Vovk9 hours ago
  • Why couldn't the family give her one of their kidney.

    Wolf GirlWolf Girl9 hours ago
  • I would help a stranger if I could and if I found they were related even better!! Never stop helping a life because of anger!! The mother could of aborted her no matter if she got money or not tons do it everyday save a life don’t help take a life!!

    Yaya's PlayhouseYaya's Playhouse9 hours ago
  • Its your choice, nothing wrong with choosing to say NO

    Jp SanJp San9 hours ago
  • That nail lookin like my shit after taco bell

  • That was the first time I hated a nail. That looked horrible.

    Fiona StrikerFiona Striker9 hours ago
  • Wtf didn't they give up a kidney their the parents

    Ichigo KurosakiIchigo Kurosaki9 hours ago
  • You made the right decision. Some families aren’t families unless they mean it. Like your dad said it was your choice so you did not have too. They were just using you.

    Gifted FlexGifted Flex9 hours ago
  • I'm sorry but the nail looks like chocolate has leaked on it xD

    Akinna_ DareiAkinna_ Darei9 hours ago
  • Dude I agree with your decision. That’s a really hard situation and I’m sorry you had to go through it. Your birth mother is a b**** and I can’t even believe she had the audacity to ask you that. And she didn’t just call your dad and tell him straight up what was going on. She lied to him and you. She acted like she cared about you. What was she gonna do after she got what she wanted and you saved her daughters life? Leave you all over again. F*** that dude. That would have caused you even more pain. Physically and emotionally. I’m glad you said no and I hope you don’t talk to her again unless she proves that she actually wants to be your mom. Again, what a b****. Prayers girl. Don’t worry, god will always defend you.

    Simply HappySimply Happy9 hours ago
  • Yes you are the asshole

    Elliot TrogdonElliot Trogdon9 hours ago
  • As a person who's actually been estranged from half of their family, I wouldn't give my kidney to any of them. They should consider themselves lucky if I agreed to even give them my blood.

    Water LilyWater Lily10 hours ago
  • I need a kidney & i still dont blame you one bit.

    Dame On A QuestDame On A Quest10 hours ago
  • Not the asshole bodily anatomy is a right we all have if they don't like it they can take it up with the government

    Ssenunni JSsenunni J10 hours ago
  • No! You're not an asshole, they are

    WytherWyther10 hours ago
  • You have two separate issues to consider. One is any kind of relationship with your mom & her family. The other is donating a kidney. You are pretty clear on the "mom" part. On the kidney, would you donate your kidney to help a perfect stranger possibly survive a deadly illness? If you would help a stranger, help this one. If you wouldn't, then let it go. Emotions are high because it is possibly a life a death situation. You don't owe anybody anything & a kidney donation is a BIG thing. Take the "family" bit entirely out of the equation. Make sure your conscience is clear. Good luck.

    Jennifer RoweJennifer Rowe10 hours ago
  • side note when she pulled out the nail i felt sick lmfao i thought it was her real finger

    angelhaerimangelhaerim10 hours ago
  • You did the right thing

    Glossyshae LoveGlossyshae Love10 hours ago
  • i can relate to this story. So on my bday a while ago my father called me on my bday. He said at the end "well I'll see you soon!". he then procided to send a bailiff to come collect money because i didn't go. i left him a few months ago because he's very narcissitic and abused me. He only wanted to see me again so he has control over me and my mother again. We recently had a court case against him, but we still are waiting for the results

    Bridget BBridget B11 hours ago
  • Your not the asshole trust me

    Sharon YerianSharon Yerian11 hours ago
  • Just because of theperson i am i would have said yes. But contacting skme one you had nothing to do with and saying it was only for a kidney. Thats bull crap

    ITZ_cookie-chan !ITZ_cookie-chan !11 hours ago

    EvelynEvelyn11 hours ago
  • 0/10 not the asshole. It is 100% your decision and they only contacted you FOR THAT FAVOR, and not to get to no you.

    The Spooky KingThe Spooky King11 hours ago
  • Personally, I didn't not like the design for this nail. But the story was interesting, and you made the right decision. If you're going to donate anything, do it because YOU want to, NOT because someone else wants you to. Especially an organ, your body your choice! It was very selfish of them to ask you after deciding to not be part of your life for so long, that gives them no right to take advantage of someone's kindness

    EnigmaOfTheEchidnaEnigmaOfTheEchidna11 hours ago
  • If this had happened to me I would have been like “not you abandoning me and then asking for a kidney from me for ur daughter, not me, WRONG BITCH”

    Bro My ShoeBro My Shoe11 hours ago
  • The person that I am, I probably would have given the young lady a kidney. However, you don’t owe her ANYTHING, especially if they were trying to use you. You are a person too and should not feel guilted into giving a piece of you when they haven’t decided to come around in all the times and opportunities until that situation arouse. So, NO!!! 🙂❤️🇹🇹🇺🇸

    SidniOrchidsSidniOrchids11 hours ago
  • Why not give the kidney, you can work with just 1

    Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box Bfdi11 hours ago
    • @Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi Yeah that too. If she did decide to go through with it and it would be denied then all the harassment was completely pointless.

      SpaghettiNettieSpaghettiNettie10 hours ago
    • @SpaghettiNettie and the possibility It will be rejected

      Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box Bfdi10 hours ago
    • It’s a huge sacrifice. If it’s your body, it’s your choice. Even if it’s a blood donation of one droplet that will only take a few minutes and will have zero affect you can still say no.

      SpaghettiNettieSpaghettiNettie10 hours ago