Stolen Valor PART 2 Phony Navy SEAL Outlaw Biker BUSTED. Clubber Lang Phony Navy SEAL of the Week.

Apr 3, 2021
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PLEASE don’t contact New Orleans Harley Davidson. CLUBBER was fired from there several years ago for this incident.
Make sure you see BOTH Parts. 1 and 2... Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley UNLOADS on a Phony Navy SEAL on Bourbon St in New Orleans.
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  • 😂 leave that man alone

    RoosterRooster6 hours ago
  • "Clubber" ...bwaaa haaa haaal

    SonofDaVinci4SonofDaVinci47 hours ago
  • if that bruce jenner huy can identify as a woman then im sure this dude can be a navy seal 🤣

    T ST S8 hours ago
  • He couldn't even swim across a steam

    T-Bird fix it allT-Bird fix it all12 hours ago
  • What a absolute phony..double secret ranger seal that checks it out all the time.

    T-Bird fix it allT-Bird fix it all12 hours ago
  • does he ever find any real SEALS?

    larry marshalllarry marshall13 hours ago
  • These clowns are shameless.

    Lee MatthewsLee Matthews16 hours ago
  • Fake people are the worst in the world. Pretending. Faking. Lying. Repulsive

    LeglessLexLeglessLex17 hours ago
  • Shit 2 years in the navy is better then not getting in at all

    Jacobo witnessJacobo witness17 hours ago
  • I've never seen a seal nor any other real military man stand on the street and bost about himself anyhow. 1st clue!!! lol

    derek jesterderek jester20 hours ago
  • Appreciate you Don. Stolen valor is disgusting and it happens way too often. This guy was really putting it out there too, even got it tattooed on his arm!!! Crazy!!!

    derek jesterderek jester20 hours ago
  • What Haley shop is that?

    Rainman LastRainman Last21 hour ago
  • Guys a liar. Fake.

    Rainman LastRainman Last21 hour ago
  • What a shame...why doesn't he just tell the truth...he should just say i love the NAVY so much i fantasize and wish i would've been one

    Rich EubanksRich Eubanks23 hours ago
  • Rumor has it he’s still checking

    juan martinezjuan martinezDay ago
  • Bro it’s bad but you shouldn’t of gone to his work

    XwolfX SavageXwolfX SavageDay ago
  • If you look it up, he was kicked out for Sexual misconduct

    Gabriel FoxGabriel FoxDay ago
  • Sometimes people call your bluff. Mike learned that the hard way. Hey Don check me out. US Navy Seal class 144 2005😂

    Kurd TurdKurd TurdDay ago
  • Yall better stop before yall have the BLM on yall talking shit about how yall just targeting him and shit Its a fucking joke he's a joke this dude needs to be taking out and slapped around

    One time for The one timeOne time for The one timeDay ago
  • 😍 Love this content

    SekoyyaSekoyyaDay ago
  • Clubber is a Navy Seal Captain alright,in his own delusional mind

    Araya BuchichiAraya BuchichiDay ago
  • 4:57 all due respect.. I would’ve told that woman to shut up !! She doesn’t need to speak in these types of Situations!!! And second of all I wouldn’t bring her ...

    Garrett GermanyGarrett GermanyDay ago
  • He's a peice of shit .Telling them men guys like them run .And he's the only one that dont run .

    Bobby AndrasBobby AndrasDay ago
  • I heard he killed himself after this. oooooooh rah

    Mike HuntstinxMike HuntstinxDay ago
  • Got fkn checked.......

    Mike HuntstinxMike HuntstinxDay ago
  • well I am a fat seal that is doing special ops on couch

    Todd SchultzTodd SchultzDay ago
  • I wonder how much longer this guy is going to be able to hold on to that job...

    Robert111Robert111Day ago
    • He got checked.....OUT

      Mike HuntstinxMike HuntstinxDay ago
  • I served proudly as a certified drifty shitbird... An excellent paintchipper and swab mechanic.. Then, they released me back into the world... I miss being a drifty shitbird.😭

    Philip CallicoatPhilip CallicoatDay ago
  • So he invited Don just to tell him "Not here." Cute.

    PublicWifiPublicWifiDay ago
  • He’s starting to believe his own lie. Kind of sad but it does happen

    Spence937Spence937Day ago
  • Check it out

    Charles PerfectCharles PerfectDay ago
  • Thank you for doing these videos!

    Joshua BurchJoshua BurchDay ago
  • Part 2. The checkening

    Diego MazuillaDiego Mazuilla2 days ago
  • Check it out

    Rey MarezRey Marez2 days ago
  • so much restraint to stay calm when he is in real seals' faces yelling "you guys run away" when we don't.

    OutdoorsfunOutdoorsfun2 days ago
  • He shouldn't have lied, for shure. Also, he shouldn't have invited them to his workplace. However, they shouldn't have showed up there. Just because someone tells wild stories, that's no reason to try and mess with their livelihood. Sure, its lame but, let him live with that knowledge. I don't see the reason to go out of your way to humiliate someone like this. I was in the Navy but if someone was going around saying that they were and I found out they were not. I'd just pity them and think they were really sad.

    Joshua LJoshua L2 days ago
    • shure...what am I talking about microphones..?

      Joshua LJoshua L2 days ago
  • Today he tells crowds that he was the third man to walk on the moon. NASA keeps it whitewashed, and he still keeps saying 'check me out'!

    Ranger JonesRanger Jones2 days ago
  • Dam he got fired? At least there's a homeless shelter on the corner , he should check em out!

    Seti RizokSeti Rizok2 days ago
  • I guess there is something up with some either pre-existing mental health, critical window/period of development, narcotics/sexual deviant irreversible brain damage and/or being totally not Christian or whatever Pro-Life and Pro-Truth Spirit to advocate blatant lies, alibies and false pretense claims. Sad actually, how that mentality is and has been eroding the Spirit, Intent and Letter of the Law application... now further propagandized by Bolshevik or whatever Marxist/Fundamentalist-UnAmerican insurgents infiltrating main stream media and other organization of U.S. Jurisdiction Government, Corporations and Churches. Definitely a lot of imminent threats that need to be focused on and to me the Special Warfare teams trained in authorized used of deadly force need to start focusing on those unlawful combatants that are now armed with Concealed Wireless Assault Weapons that are using Sound, Body and Mind Control Assaults and Battery to compound the narcotics issues that cause serious bodily harm of the mental faculties.

    jafinch78jafinch782 days ago
  • I've served with him in the KGB, with the space rangers and power rangers that guy is legit.

    Jorge LedesmaJorge Ledesma2 days ago
  • At least he was actually in the service, unlike the folks that claim military and haven't even stepped foot TOWARDS military or even the thought.

    Koenig DcoyKoenig Dcoy2 days ago
  • If I know anything about a seal, its that recon is second nature. The dude probably had his home address, ssn, mother's maiden name and what he had for dinner the night before...

    Sg260Sg2602 days ago
  • I bet the phone at the dealership still gets calls asking if Michael the fake seal still works there

    Captain JocasseeCaptain Jocassee2 days ago
  • I was a NAVY SEAL but you won't find my name because I was classified but I was the first ever SEAL DOOR GUNNER on a SUBMARINE..

  • I really don't understand these stolen valor hunters. I have been in the army for 15 years and have been on 4 tour of dutys. But i really don't give a shit about people who are pretending to be a veteran. What do i care about fake people? Don't get your hart pumped up because these fake ass people will always be around.

    VakP79VakP792 days ago
  • This guy is a real POS!! man up, apologize, quit pretending/impersonating, move on. SMH

    tigh etigh e2 days ago
  • I need help obtaining any records to get a VA card

    Marty BennettMarty Bennett2 days ago
  • Horrible horrible people

    Common SenseCommon Sense2 days ago
  • He wasn't even embarrassed about a woman half his size calling him out.

    Stooping FalconStooping Falcon2 days ago
  • (5:26) Robbie working so hard to keep his hands to himself. And I can't help but feel sorry for how difficult that would be for him.

    Stooping FalconStooping Falcon2 days ago
  • American Heroes giving their last full measure to protect American citizens and coming home to having their valor makes me sick to my stomach... “Who weeps for these, weeps for corruption.” - The Crucible

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson2 days ago
  • He told them 10 times to come to his job. Lol. 🤡

    Jack WilsonJack Wilson2 days ago
  • Well done!

    Murf RirhkeMurf Rirhke2 days ago
  • These guys got too much time on their hands

    Uncle sams curse 94Uncle sams curse 942 days ago
  • Lol. OOG kc AirForce 1974. BUSTED. LOL

    OOG DarrylOOG Darryl2 days ago
  • Yes I get it that it offends men that were actually a seal. What I don’t get is grandstanding the person claiming to be a seal. Impersonating a Navy seal is disgusting. Humiliating someone trying to portray a Navy seal is just as disgusting.

    Steve EarleySteve Earley2 days ago
  • Why are you calling this guy an outlaw biker? Just because he wears a vest with colors doesn't mean he is part of our community.

    Greg MGreg M2 days ago
  • Keep up the good work guys 💯. Expose them all that is a disgrace to this awesome nation.

    Eliseo MataEliseo Mata2 days ago
  • What does it matter whether or not you "reveal" he's not a navy seal...? Get over yourself. It's not important.

    oldcaliguyoldcaliguy2 days ago
  • I am a 22yr Retired Army Aviation 1sg from the 82nd with Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan stuff like this drives me nutz I love what you're doing I stumbled across part 1 of this video you got me hooked and subscribed no slack people should be ashamed of this I wish there were more detailed laws against this stuff its disgusting Thanks for your service Brother.........

    kevin bironkevin biron2 days ago
  • Why do people do that? Complete lack of respect for the sacrifice that so many have made for this country! So sad

    alexandre mattosalexandre mattos2 days ago
  • Maybe it's not his fault, maybe he is just illiterate and he spelled DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (NAVY SEAL 🤷)

    Pat WatsonPat Watson3 days ago
  • He should be arrested Check ItOut

    Charles BakerCharles Baker3 days ago
    • Hopefully he gets fired.Period

      Charles BakerCharles Baker3 days ago
  • First video it was “check me out”. They did. Now it’s “keep searching” 😂

    19Blueslifer7019Blueslifer703 days ago
  • Poser!!

    rtv798506rtv7985063 days ago
  • Hell week

    Jacob QuickJacob Quick3 days ago
  • Motorcycle clubs were originally created by vets. I'm sure a lot of them today would still not look "kindly" at his B.S.

    Lib CensorshipLib Censorship3 days ago
  • Check it out dude

    Jacob QuickJacob Quick3 days ago
  • Part 2: still a muppet

    Karsten LundKarsten Lund3 days ago
  • Is the name made up too, didn't he beat Rocky??

    Vic ChavezVic Chavez3 days ago
  • Baby seal

    James Pellegrin IIIJames Pellegrin III3 days ago
  • Why is this being re-posted? This incident is a few years old.

    SnafuSnafu3 days ago
  • You should come to the Thunderbird in Florissant CO and check out all of the special forces Vietnam vets that are there. Man! Everybody is Rambo down there!

    christopherchristopher3 days ago
  • He said check it out about 50 times being cocky as hell. And Mike did not check out, keep playing make believe Buddy

    FugginRamboFugginRambo3 days ago
  • People that have been in the shit never talk about the shit they’ve been in unless it’s with a fellow brother.

    Steve BigsySteve Bigsy3 days ago
  • “Check it out!”

    scstoughscstough3 days ago
  • This investigative guy needs to find a hobby. Why waste the time....nobody needs you to prove yourself homie. We know you were a seal.....why put yourself on camera to prove somebody else wrong. Time is short...shouldnt spend it trying to prove someone else wrong or yourself right. Juvenile

    travis masterstravis masters3 days ago
  • National defense I got that before I left boot camp 🤣! Check it out! You've been busted lmao

    Hank SchraderHank Schrader3 days ago
  • I'd pay to see a Goggins cameo

    ThisSiteDont LikeMeThisSiteDont LikeMe3 days ago
  • Well he axed you to keep checking. Get back to us if you find anything. Good job. Thank you for your service. Then and now.

    James HendersonJames Henderson3 days ago
  • He was drinking before now he is sober and realizes he screwed up just admit it and move on be proud you served at all most people can and don’t

    Jesse DavisJesse Davis3 days ago
  • I love when he finds people who say something along the lines of they were an SR71 pilot, U2 pilot, F14 pilot, Army Ranger and Navy SEAL.

    Steve NebesniSteve Nebesni3 days ago
  • I know the dude is a phony and all but DON trying to get him fired make him just as shitty dude, That don dude ain’t got nothing better to do, he should have seen this coming

    joefred Ramirezjoefred Ramirez3 days ago
  • No idea why these people fake military service. This was interesting to the point he lost his job. Enjoy your flight home.

    Dan CarlsonDan Carlson3 days ago
  • What did he do before the internet to catch these wannabes

    Brett HearyBrett Heary3 days ago
  • I was in the Army for 3 yrs I was a paratrooper 82nd. Man i didn’t see any combat. I was just proud to serve! I spent 29 yrs in law enforcement retired proud of that to. I don’t go around yaking about who i was or what i did!! Dude should watch more utube should have known you would have caught him dumb ass. but he seemed like a nice enough guy!

    Shawn YoungerShawn Younger3 days ago
  • Check him out hahah tool

    Savin NouSavin Nou3 days ago
  • Don shiplys a fraud

    John SmithJohn Smith3 days ago
  • The people he confronts are mentally ill......I don’t know why he stands there and asks the guy the same questions over and over expecting a different response. He’d be better off talking to a wall.

    Johnny BJohnny B3 days ago
  • This should realistically be very easy. 39 African Americans to date passed Bud/s 1 of em is David Goggins and this ain’t him.😅 That’s a shortass database. This ain’t no racist thing it’s just facts

    Jamie WalkerJamie Walker3 days ago
  • Both sides are pathetic, are you kidding me? Do you have a life?

    BuddymacBuddymac3 days ago
  • When he said I’m being nice! Don said so am I and took his heart! Straight got scared!

    Tanker TuffTanker Tuff3 days ago
  • Hi Don, keep up the good work. I served as a senior officer in the SANDF for 16 years (1991 - 2007), and am proud of being "just a normal infantry officer". We have a facebook group, SADF/SANDF and SAPS Wannabe's. Late last year someone, a real special forces officer, received a request from a family to have their father buried with some sort of military honors, as he was a Recce (Special Forces Operator). It was a tough one telling the family sorry, no, he wasn't an operator, he was a fake. Wish we could have the same legal repercussions in South Africa. Btw, this guy had fake written all over with his body language from the get go.

    Reinhardt RossouwReinhardt Rossouw3 days ago
  • Be careful what you say. There are real men left. Make bold claims and call real men cowards. Than don't be surprised when they pop up at your job, when you invited them. Guy in the white arms crossed just hoping this guy gets violent.

    Shawty FunkShawty Funk3 days ago
  • 136 stolen valor guys disliked this video lol

    Andy OmarAndy Omar3 days ago
  • We’re still checking Mike. We’re still checking.

    Rich HillRich Hill3 days ago
  • What a washout,second hand cringe!!

    kitten hotelkitten hotel3 days ago