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Apr 5, 2021
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The true final frontier is time. The new season of "Star Trek: Picard" is coming 2022, exclusively on Paramount+.
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  • I knew it - season 1 of Star Trek: Picard was all a charade created by Q. Hopefully with season 2, the show can course correct and redeem itself from the massive failure that was season 1.

    Andrew TrentAndrew Trent2 hours ago
  • What does God need with a starship

    Xennieal SentinelXennieal Sentinel5 hours ago
  • I don't like whiny, low-testosterone Picard. Bring back old, tough as nails Picard from the TNG series.

    Adam CartwrightAdam Cartwright17 hours ago
  • I have the Star Trek compilation set which is all Q, on DVD. Every Q episode from 3 series, next generation, DS9 and voyager. It’s really fun. It would have been cool if they had added in trelain, though!

    Lucas VigorLucas Vigor20 hours ago
  • At long last! Make it so!

    M.K.M.M.K.M.20 hours ago
  • Maybe in season 2 they'll rip Icheb's other eye out.

    David TurnerDavid Turner22 hours ago
    • Or drink more booze

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne15 hours ago
  • Kurtzman, when the walls fell. CBS, their eyes closed.

    David TurnerDavid Turner23 hours ago
  • In season 2 does Picard join Cerebus and help the Illusive Man because the Federation doesn't listen about the Reaper threat? Will he find the Protheans?

    David TurnerDavid Turner23 hours ago
  • Q IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Stone's PhilosopherThe Stone's PhilosopherDay ago
  • how can we not like this!!!!! doesn't matter that Season 1 ended with a bit of a thud but its Picard and others... please Sisko ....!!!

    Kai TseKai TseDay ago
  • Discord! They are bringing Discord into Star Trek! >x^D (Yeah yeah I know just being rythmically sarcastic)

    ArkeenyArkeenyDay ago
  • Shit.... here we go again 🤡🤡 qcards where are we at

    Person PersonPerson PersonDay ago
  • I didn't care for season 1, but I can't help myself. I am gonna watch season 2. I love Q!

    khlkhjhlkkhlkhjhlkDay ago
  • First season was garbage. Hopefully this will be better

    The Big CBThe Big CBDay ago
  • Lets be honest, star trek discovery is way better...

    V IV I2 days ago
  • The only “Q” that matters is on Star Trek

    Rourke BarRourke Bar2 days ago
  • Q once hinted at higher levels of existence, that is even beyond the knowledge and power of the Q Continuum... what does lie beyond the universe? Beyond life and death? Beyond time? I wonder if Star Trek will ever try to tackle the reason why everything exists in the 1st place?

    Demarius HendersonDemarius Henderson2 days ago
  • “Trial never ends” *Flashes back to Farpoint*

    Space JesusSpace Jesus2 days ago
  • This is how ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper in an empty room.

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford2 days ago
  • Q is a queen. How appropriate.

    Kent KerrKent Kerr2 days ago
  • That's was a beautiful teaser! "The trial never ends" and that laugh at the end. 40 year old man here screaming like a excited school girl😂

    Michael DiazMichael Diaz2 days ago
  • Anyone notice the tablet of the emissary sitting on the table in the office looks like somebody put it back together

    Chris BrewerChris Brewer2 days ago
  • I was waiting for "Time is the fire in which we all burn..."

    Inspector 413Inspector 4132 days ago
  • Trash.

    Joe JoeJoe Joe2 days ago
  • The Borg, all we need is Captain Riker saying, "they're carving us up like a roast." ;)

    tymtym2 days ago
  • I can't wait!

    Clayton BouldinClayton Bouldin2 days ago
  • Q. Don't everyone else

    Data SecureData Secure3 days ago
  • Q? Yes please. I can’t wait, can we start watching next week? I want it now! Now now now now now!

    Mark BlackleyMark Blackley3 days ago
  • My idea for season Two. Picard returns home to earth, he walks into Starfleet Command. " Badeep " The door entry sensor goes off. Ensign on duty at the door: Sorry sir, you will have to go to the information desk and apply for a visitor Pass. Picard: You don't understand Ensign. I am Retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard. Ensign: That's not funny sir. Admiral Picard is dead. I attended his funeral. It was beautiful, I cried. Mr. Picard discovers that since his biological body has died he no longer exists. His will was executed and he no longer owns the Picard family vineyard. He has no ID, no Starfleet Pension. Yes, Starfleet accepts that he is a sentient android but they do not accept he is Retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard. Even his dog does not know him.

    Bill23799Bill237993 days ago
  • We should have known that All Good Things didn't come to an end.

    GM ChrisGM Chris3 days ago
  • YAAAAAAS!!! Don't want to wait until 2022 tho :((

  • This looks great

    Greg DoreGreg Dore3 days ago
  • I don't know how the main cast would fit in, but from what Picard says, it sounds like Q is giving him a second chance to fix past mistakes or a redo on bad outcomes.

    NickNick3 days ago
    • Oh.. so they're re-doing season 1 and firing Kurtzman?

      David TurnerDavid Turner23 hours ago
  • ... barf

    Games and NonsenseGames and Nonsense3 days ago
  • Well you've given me a reason to live another year

    LleoLleo3 days ago
  • "Oh, please. Like you didn't see you this coming." Said Q when Picard acted surprised at his appearance.

    bahamut0310bahamut03103 days ago
    • @Ben Wasserman Given their last meeting and all that transpired since, you'd think so. Picard's life is one long trial of humanity. I'd say Picard needs a break, and Q's bringing the party

      bahamut0310bahamut03103 days ago
    • Picard in Season 2: "Honestly Q, you aren't even the worst thing to befall me today."

      Ben WassermanBen Wasserman3 days ago

    DracoDraco3 days ago
  • If Q is omnipotent, can he see all the timelines like Kelvin timeline and discovery future? He says the same thing in the episode “all good things”

    SiliconDrifterSiliconDrifter3 days ago
  • Will Q give Picard a second chance during nemesis? Or when Romulus got smoked? Alter the timeline?

    SiliconDrifterSiliconDrifter3 days ago
  • I can't wait for this to come out!

    King LamKing Lam3 days ago
  • Love Star Trek, never gonna watch any of this new shit.

    Chris topherChris topher3 days ago
  • Pretty sure Qs gunna give a big fascinated chuckle when he learns of how Picard became part Andriod and shares a few parts in common with his old pal who once strived to be so human himself 😁

    Stuart ChampionStuart Champion3 days ago
  • I only wish the core TNG crew would come back to Picard - Love them! Miss them!

    Le Petit BLe Petit B3 days ago
  • Is it just me, or are there a BUNCH of Days of Our Lives references here?? The hourglass, all that talk about time...? Remember he was on that soap through the 80s.

    Jodi LeonforteJodi Leonforte3 days ago
  • Q!!! I can't wait!!

    Jamie NordmeyerJamie Nordmeyer3 days ago
  • "Aren't you beginning to feel time gaining on you? It's like a predator. It's stalking you. Oh, you can try and outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies, but in the end, time is going to hunt you down and make the kill."

    Bonkers McGeeBonkers McGee3 days ago
  • This is way too long of a time to have to look forward to something.

    Dan LoweDan Lowe3 days ago

    Franz HaasFranz Haas4 days ago
  • Time war time war time war get ready for a TIIIIIIIIIIIIME WAAAAAAAAAR!

    thefenrir777thefenrir7774 days ago
  • "The trial never ends" is a FANTASTIC line.

    Ezra ColdEzra Cold4 days ago
  • We now know the leader of QAnon. It's Q.

    dstmars1dstmars14 days ago

    Nathan CrossenNathan Crossen4 days ago
  • “I am ageless, Picard. You are not.”

    aperson22222aperson222224 days ago
  • Seeing the actor's latest interviews, I hope they all make it thru production. Stewart is showing the age and the pain of losing most of his friends.

    vaylon1701vaylon17014 days ago
  • Problem, why would Q still be putting humanity on trial, by Voyager Q was perfectly fine with humanity, Q even considered Picard and Janeway as types of friends, so if Q is all of a sudden back to his old ways there has to be a very good reason...

    Hornox The KingslayerHornox The Kingslayer4 days ago
  • I'm excited. I KNEW they had to bring Q back eventually!

    Adam NixAdam Nix4 days ago
  • Looking forward to Q in his TNG pilot episode (and series finale!) judge robes and floating chair again, as hinted at in Lower Decks

    Ben ClarkBen Clark4 days ago
  • "Welcome to the afterlife, Jean-Luc. YOU'RE DEAD! Oops, you're not! Sorry, my bad!"

    PlasmaCoolantLeakPlasmaCoolantLeak4 days ago
  • Garbage. Our only hope is for Star Trek to escape from the clutches of Klutzman and his hack cronnies.

    George HollandGeorge Holland4 days ago
  • I can't help but think that Q is going to be there when Picard finally dies (properly), not the cause of his death, but as a mark of respect.

    MrPeachUKMrPeachUK4 days ago
  • Anyone up there I hate this century

    Voyager TimeMachine1Voyager TimeMachine14 days ago
  • I don't know if any caught on but Bajoran Tablet was seen there and possibly we may see a one Benjamin Sisko....

    Charlie CummquatCharlie Cummquat4 days ago
  • The real question is how many black women and how much lesbianism will they shoehorn into this season for no reason. That seems to be all Millennials focus on when creating new programs.

    Jack DJack D4 days ago
  • Q. The biggest prick of the series. Let's see how was he like Picard as a golem.

    lumberluclumberluc4 days ago
  • Who cares, season 1 was hot garbage. Now you're going to ruin Q as well!? Either do Star Trek right or just let it go.

    Jeff JJeff J4 days ago
  • Hopefully Q will snap his fingers and restore the timeline.

    Scott PrazakScott Prazak4 days ago
  • I have read about the easter egg that's in this and i can not see "the Bajoran Reckoning Tablet, an artifact from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that could hint at the return of another beloved character". The words in the parenthesis are not mine. so people help me out here. Where is it?

    kilroy294kilroy2944 days ago
  • I hope it's better than the first season. That was the worst Trek since Voyager.

    Jeremy AlexanderJeremy Alexander4 days ago
  • make Picard's robot Gay, might as well. Heck make him Trans, who cares because this isn't Star Trek

    El MartilloEl Martillo4 days ago
  • Maybe Q can snap his fingers and make Season 1 of Picard cease to exist.

    Max RockatanskyMax Rockatansky4 days ago
  • So many possibilities floating around in my head for Season 2. They'll probably have Q be a super SJW that judges Picard every time he used a gender pronoun in his lifetime. Also a beloved character will be gruesomely tortured on screen and murdered for no reason (again). At least it'll be inclusive and politically correct though.

    JimmyGJimmyG4 days ago
  • This series is terrible even for those that havent seen the originals. For those that have seen them.... well

    Roger MelchorRoger Melchor4 days ago
  • Pure Goosebumps! I can't wait! I love the Time-based Star Treks!

    Jon SmartJon Smart4 days ago
  • Maybe Q can fix this dumpster fire of a mess, I want my Star Trek to be about storytelling of the heart and mind of what we could be, what we should strive to be, not to be used for political purposes that are as thin and weak as 1 ply tissue paper

    Timothy O'NeillTimothy O'Neill4 days ago
  • i almost can see is. q: you got old mon capitaine i however have aged like a fine wine and shows himself to match picard but looking as good as he does now :)

    joey fermanjoey ferman4 days ago
  • Okay, fine, I'll give Picard one more chance.

    StalkholmStalkholm4 days ago
  • When I saw the queen card turn into just a Q I was like, "Oh God no not him!" I can not stand Q in Enterprise, DS9, or Voyager. Omg thinking about that SOB, even though I have not watched any old Star Trek in a very long time, just gets me all worked up.

    Melissa SmithMelissa Smith4 days ago
    • he wasnt in enterprise

      Bbay personBbay person4 days ago
  • Damn it I have to wait 'til next year.

    hdjksa52hdjksa524 days ago
  • "Are you asking me for something, Jean Luc?"

    jsldjjsldj4 days ago
  • Jeez, they're truly desperate. Not a single new idea for android Picard.

    Thomas RavenThomas Raven4 days ago
  • So now Picard wants to go back in time and screw up history?? These writers dont understand this character at all. What happened for his love for the Prime Directive?

    Luke MLuke M4 days ago
  • So...Q was Picard's dog in season 1? Hmmm....

    Bill LincicomeBill Lincicome4 days ago
  • Between 0:35 and 0:43 -- between the hourglass and the playing card -- am I the only one who hears the four note motif "da-da-da-da" -- the heartbeat of a Time Lord?

    Steven PikeSteven Pike4 days ago
  • I wonder if Q will make Picard human again

    Gary Go Round 1701Gary Go Round 17014 days ago
    • probably

      Bbay personBbay person4 days ago
  • Ya, no thanks kurtzman you hack!!! Shaka when the walls fell

    Robert GriffithsRobert Griffiths4 days ago
    • @David Turner Zeta His face black, his eyes wet

      Robert GriffithsRobert Griffiths23 hours ago
    • Kurtzman, when the walls fell. CBS, their eyes closed.

      David TurnerDavid Turner23 hours ago
  • Time is what I don’t care to waste any more of on Secret Hideout’s Faux Trek series.

    Tim WaldenTim Walden4 days ago
  • Maybe we’ll get lucky and the QAnon crazies will think that John DeLancie is *their* Q, and we’ll only need to worry about them at ComicCon conventions...

    cmconley33cmconley334 days ago
  • If Q says "au contraire mon capitaine," I will dye a happy man.

    W. C. L. CookeW. C. L. Cooke4 days ago
  • I bet the playing cards represent a follow up to the unresolved question raised in Season 2, Episode 12...The Royale.

    John ChapmanJohn Chapman4 days ago
  • This is starting to turn into STNG. Not interested.

    dark knightdark knight4 days ago
  • I am dreading woke horsesh@t. If they turn one more normal char into some tran deviant ridicular, star trek is done

    UGH ughUGH ugh4 days ago
  • Is anybody gonna care by then?

    Mortar MoppMortar Mopp4 days ago
  • Q is going to make Picard human again. Capt. Sisko or Kira returns. Guinan comes along for the ride and I'll be feeding on trailers for another year. May the force be with me to wait that long.

    SapienrexSapienrex4 days ago
    • @Bbay person holy crap Garak would be awesome, he became my favorite DS9 character.

      SapienrexSapienrex4 days ago
    • Andrew Robinson has been seen on set filming....GARAK!

      Bbay personBbay person4 days ago
  • I have to wonder if these people even watched the movies because the painting of the Enterprise-D was left in his ready room after the saucer crashed in Generations and I would think the Stargazer model was crushed when the ready room wall fell on top of it! Also we never saw any of these things in the next three movies.

    JamesJames5 days ago
  • Yea and watch them screw q up just like they did Picard. I’m gonna watch the season and cringe the entire time just like the first season

    FTG HaloFreekFTG HaloFreek5 days ago
  • 2022. They'll be dead by then

    Armando SotolongoArmando Sotolongo5 days ago
  • Hard pass. Season one sucked.

    Bryce LittonBryce Litton5 days ago
  • “...but I feel like celebrating!” “I DON’T!”

    Henry MyersHenry Myers5 days ago
  • I hope that card means both Q and the Borg Queen returns in season 2

    Chayne GarmaChayne Garma5 days ago
  • Not good but still better than the STD season 4 trailer.

    Noor ElahiNoor Elahi5 days ago