Stanford vs. Arizona - 2021 Women's NCAA Championship Extended Highlights

Apr 4, 2021
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No. 1 Stanford plays No. 3 Arizona in the National Championship Game of the 2021 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.
The Cardinal win its first national championship since 1992 after surviving a one-point win in the title game against the Wildcats, right after winning their Final Four game by one point as well. Sophomore Haley Jones led Stanford with 17 points, including what would become the game-winning basket and free throw in the final minute of the game.
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  • Why is women basketball so anti climactic

    AnthonyAnthony2 days ago
  • games are fun to watch..congrats to all the teams..this is truly a March madness..

    Rock girlRock girl3 days ago
  • 5 secs left and McDonald tries to ISO (a la Iverson) while the entire Stanford team swarms her. No screens or cuts whatsoever, bad coaching IMO

    D WD W4 days ago
  • As soon you think Stanford have the Momentum. Arizona came back. But they just can’t get over the Humps. Go Cardinals. You ladies Deserve to win.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon4 days ago
    • Nailbiter!

      Rock girlRock girl3 days ago
  • she had a wide open teammate under the basket, should've made the pass on that last possession

    kolim jonekolim jone5 days ago
    • love

      Rock girlRock girl2 days ago
  • Looked like McDonald really didn't have a chance to get off a pass, she did heave the ball towards the bucket best she could , I guess

    Ronald ZentRonald Zent5 days ago
    • like

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon4 days ago
  • Paige would have made that last shot

    McLovinMcLovin5 days ago
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      kolim jonekolim jone5 days ago
  • wow stanford dodged bullets two games in a row

    Random PersonRandom Person5 days ago
    • like

      Rock girlRock girl2 days ago

    MexicAmeRogue.MexicAmeRogue.6 days ago
  • Bra dey got luck again they not good

    Xaivion BradleyXaivion Bradley6 days ago
  • I can't tell you how many times I've played with somebody who refused to pass, took the shot, and missed. Only it was never for a national championship.

    Steven FosterSteven Foster7 days ago
  • 8:54 OH LoOK iM ABOut tO CrY

    Ceaz DaBallerCeaz DaBaller7 days ago
  • Both teams played very good

    Tina WilliamsTina Williams7 days ago
  • Great game!

    VilleVille7 days ago
  • Let this be a lesson you have other teammates to pass 2

    Words 2 live byWords 2 live by7 days ago
  • Teams players refs much better here than in the mens game.

    Tony CampbellTony Campbell7 days ago
  • Nailbiter!

    aklevinaklevin7 days ago
  • One heck of a game!

    redjalapenoredjalapeno7 days ago
  • ncaa

    Al ArloAl Arlo7 days ago
  • like

    Ain ArkwrightAin Arkwright7 days ago
  • love

    Aiken AricAiken Aric7 days ago
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    Paypal ServicesPaypal Services7 days ago
  • Up the Pac 12. the conference of champions

    Epeli PohahauEpeli Pohahau7 days ago
  • Horrible last shot attempt. Had plenty of time to try to get a better look or pass it off to someone else that wasn't practically triple teamed. I get they wanted the ball in her hands but once she couldn't drive she should of looked for a pass or taken a better shot somehow. Girl at the top of the key was wide open but it was too late cause she had too many defenders on her to do anything. Great game and great efforts by both teams but also great defensive scheme on that last series by Stanford.

    Niki YoungNiki Young8 days ago
  • Hey these girls need to all be in the WNBA they look so much better

    Okay BoomerOkay Boomer8 days ago
  • Just remember. A decent high school boys team world beat these woman 100-30.... It wouldn't even be close

    Tony PerkisTony Perkis8 days ago
  • Pac longer mediocre conference....i respect stanford womens team as a UCLA fan

    PrkwonPrkwon8 days ago
  • i had no idea they played already

    j cherryj cherry8 days ago
  • Watching that last play tells you all you need to know about why no one cares about women's basketball. Why would anyone want to watch people play who could be beat by any boys high school team?

    Bustyourmommasass StankysauceBustyourmommasass Stankysauce8 days ago
  • Women's basketball sucks! Always has always will. Dribbled out the clock on the final shot of the game practically by a woman who's wearing # 23...should be #00

    R-Mick-GR-Mick-G8 days ago
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    Aisha IsabellaAisha Isabella8 days ago
  • Congrats to Stanford... National Champions... the best team, the best players, the best athletes, and a great coach. Great game.

    Brian BrannanBrian Brannan8 days ago
  • I didn’t know the women had a National basketball tournament. No wonder my dinner’s🥘 not ready

    My WorldMy World8 days ago
  • Arizona STILL had a TIME-OUT LEFT!!!!! AZ BLEW it not NOT calling time-out and throwing up a shot while she was guarded by THREE players!!!!

    Kate KatzKate Katz8 days ago
  • HORRIBLE NON PASSING by Arizona!!!!!! Throws up a prayer while guarded by THREE???????

    Kate KatzKate Katz8 days ago
  • Bihh must thought she was Kobe ? 🤣

    Juco Lyfe DailyJuco Lyfe Daily8 days ago
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    qing tianqing tian8 days ago
  • Did u see that slam dunk?! Ya me nether

    Joel BarkerJoel Barker8 days ago
  • sucks ig 🤷🏻‍♀️😭😂

    G WilliamsonG Williamson8 days ago
  • And vanilla wins

    Anton BarnettAnton Barnett8 days ago
  • 08:40 2.4secs left - triple teamed - wide open teammate - cut - pass = WIN.

    Bo AyalaBo Ayala8 days ago
  • Stanford knew who was going to shoot for the win, it looked liked she lost track of the shot clock, she should have passed it to the one's who were open.

    CynthiaCynthia8 days ago
  • McDonald was the reason Arizona lost!!! WTF. I was rooting for Stanford but that triple team and she still took the shot was the dumbest play when you got 5 seconds on the clock.

    Alex415Alex4158 days ago

    aber dunskyaber dunsky8 days ago
  • In the same year that Tara Vanderveer claims the top spot as the all time winningest coach in Women's college basketball, she also secures another National title. What a cap off. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    RedLightning17RedLightning178 days ago
  • Her teammate was wide open for the WIN in the corner 3 defenders on #2 🤐😵 8:38

    MJ23kidMJ23kid8 days ago
  • Imagine if #0 just screens for her on the last play lol

    Daking AwesomenessDaking Awesomeness8 days ago
  • Stop the hate on MacDonald. Triple teamed and nobody was really open and standing around. The Stanford defense was smothering and blocked her view, wasn't the center on her also? Hitting 3 big free throws in the biggest game of her life with one minute left? This girl was amazing.

    Wally SchroederWally Schroeder8 days ago
    • @Jon Anthony like you could do any better. She also took a underdog past UConn and lost the National Championship by one point. Stanford's defense was on point. Haters

      Wally SchroederWally Schroeder8 days ago
    • she missed 15 field goals and made countless bad decisions in my estimation.. I wouldn't call this particular performance amazing

      Jon AnthonyJon Anthony8 days ago
  • Why didn't she pass. 2 players open.

    Joshua OffordJoshua Offord8 days ago
  • she almost made that fade 3 👀

    JeanccoJeancco8 days ago
  • The last play was terrible

    Caleb WilsonCaleb Wilson8 days ago
  • I really wish female basketball players would learn how to create their own space

    Denzell DennyDenzell Denny8 days ago
  • Sorry but someone got to say it . That play at the end was one of the most selfish plays I’ve seen . Quadruple teamed and obviously don’t trust your teammates?

    back flipback flip8 days ago
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    Rive RobRive Rob8 days ago
  • I like the excitement of the male announcer. He should be doing the mens games too.

    lil budlil bud8 days ago
  • That Mcdonald chick keeps trying to be Russell Westbrook so bad

    Elijah MoronesElijah Morones8 days ago
  • Damn....Great game!

    Vega LessVega Less8 days ago
  • What a ball hog she had the girl wide open on the right

    Ike SwpIke Swp8 days ago

    Stanic DanielStanic Daniel8 days ago
  • No one was cutting on the last play for Arizona. Middle was wide open.

    Naim Al-AminNaim Al-Amin8 days ago
  • Stop revealing the winners on the thumbnail pics for the ppl who haven't saw the game yet

    Kelvin RymeKelvin Ryme8 days ago
  • Number 22 win the game

    Robert Mcgee jrRobert Mcgee jr8 days ago
  • 🌲

    ModestoGoGetta209ModestoGoGetta2098 days ago
  • The last shot that Arizona shot should have been a foul.

    Victorys4life #yetifanVictorys4life #yetifan8 days ago
  • Good job Stanford women 👏🏾👏🏾

    E. MollyE. Molly8 days ago
  • BANG!!!!!!!!!

    salindo shimadasalindo shimada8 days ago
  • All those comments about Aari not passing the ball... Come on guys, please rewatch the play. a) Cameron Brink was 100 % ready to intercept a pass attempt to Babtiste. b) None of McDonald's teammates cut or move to get the ball. They are standing there watching. c) Why are they so passive? Because Aari was supposed to take the shot and maybe they are used to Aari making those shots. If they could go back in time and come up with another plan they'd still want the ball in Aaris hands. I guess Aari is heartbroken after the loss. But there is no final, semi final, elite eight or sweet sixteen for Arizona without Aari McDonald. So I really hope she is proud of herself. And I hope she knows better than to read stupid comments by some expert couch potatoes ;)

    FAIRnunft KanalFAIRnunft Kanal8 days ago
  • Hey, my LadyCats! I couldn't have asked for more! I was in downtown San Antone for this nail biter! What a great game! This game was the limpidity of '....the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat...'......Tucson will still welcome you home with hugging arms wide open! Congrats to you also Stanford gals....I hope that your stay in the Alamo City was also a fun time! All you ladies rock!!!

    Lee McCoyLee McCoy8 days ago
  • If she would’ve pass it to the corner it would have been stolen the defender was anticipating the pass the last 5 seconds of the game. Plus, that defender was 6’5 soooo.

    KingOwens 3KingOwens 38 days ago
  • The girls games are much more entertaining than the boys

    Freddy JeffersonFreddy Jefferson8 days ago
  • Mcdonalds trash

    Nitro Jr.Nitro Jr.8 days ago
  • Stanford 👏👏👏

    planetzitoplanetzito8 days ago
  • wtf was the last possesion

    EnErGetYx ArtsEnErGetYx Arts8 days ago
  • If McDonald would’ve passed the ball. That could’ve been an Arizona championship

    Joseph SweeneyJoseph Sweeney8 days ago
  • She got file on that last play but nobody saw that

    chill willchill will8 days ago
  • Arizona got a bad call that could of decided the game. Stanford was out of gas. Arizona won that game. They never stop fighting #2 Arizona, IS THE HARDEST!!!!

    Teray PerryTeray Perry8 days ago
  • The victors were required to drop trow to ensure there were no shlongs on the court.

    Bongo FuryBongo Fury8 days ago
  • 8:41 Wouldn't this be three free throws? No landing space 🤷‍♂️

    Rolling RocksRolling Rocks8 days ago
  • I was disappointed when Aari MacDonald and her Arizona teammates took out my team in the semis, but was heartbroken for her when her all out effort came up short against Stanford. Though I loved watching the amazing Outstanding Player Haley Jones, I think the Outstanding Player for the Tournament has to be the overachieving MacDonald. But Congratulations to all the women who make Women’s Athletics the thing to watch for me.

    FohponoFohpono8 days ago
  • McDonald would of made that? I would've stopped watching for the rest of my life.

    Talent PageTalent Page8 days ago
  • She panicked big time on that last possession. She opened up her defender completely on the first crossover and had an opportunity to take a shot, drive to the hole or draw in the help and kick out to the right corner. Instead she crossed over again into the double team, then crossed over again and had another chance to get a good shot off instead she dribbled into the help, didn't make the correct pass (anybody worth their basketball shoes could've made that bounce pass to the corner) and chucked the worse possible shot in that scenario. Too bad cuz she was amazing but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

    Trxppy Edits21Trxppy Edits218 days ago

      小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦8 days ago
  • Pac-12Conference : TheyTheChamps

    Kwok Pun ChanKwok Pun Chan8 days ago
  • Mcdonald stay double standard 🤫

    小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦8 days ago

    • She was terrible and nearly cost them the championship.

      I said what I saidI said what I said7 days ago
  • Tough to watch. Sloppy basketball. It wasn’t a matter of the best team winning. It was a matter of the least suckiest team winning.

    Heiney MachoHeiney Macho8 days ago
  • Just here to show women’s basketball some love lol

    SolaceSolace8 days ago
  • 3 on 1 and she throws it away instead of passing it to the 2 open people this is why we don’t watch girls basketball

    DeandreFrmAZ !!!DeandreFrmAZ !!!8 days ago
  • " We can't be stopped " - Brittney Griner " Nobody can guard me" Aari Mcdonald Both resulted in championship losses. Teams/Players pay attention to all the talk prior, let your game do the talking.

    Marley BMarley B8 days ago
    • Aari forgot. Team sport. Not a one girl dance Better team still won

      robert tuzonrobert tuzon8 days ago
  • Last 7 minutes only 20 points were scored!!

    Boy BawangBoy Bawang8 days ago
  • Congratulations Stanford

    Geovanni CamposGeovanni Campos8 days ago
  • McDonald pullled a SHAMGOD move on that last inbounds play! Too bad she got caught up & missed the shot. AZ had many opportunities to get the win. Tuff loss but GREAT GAME

    1 21 28 days ago
  • Bro wow! What a game

    Aniket BagaleAniket Bagale8 days ago
  • I think number 0 should have cut towards the basket instead of standing there while her defender went to double team 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Howard LinHoward Lin8 days ago
  • Crush ko si hull!💕💕💕

    buboy PARMAbuboy PARMA8 days ago
  • Congrats!💐💐💐💐

    buboy PARMAbuboy PARMA8 days ago
  • 👏

    TevsTevs8 days ago
  • Missed crucial free throw and she could've passed it in the paint on the last play.. player was wide open there cuz everyone expected her to shoot

    Durga DharmadhikariDurga Dharmadhikari8 days ago
  • McDonald should have passed on that last possession. She wasn’t going to score on that triple team.

    BLBGBLBG8 days ago
    • Right but 0 should have cut before. She’s too short to pass or see over a triple team. 0 waited to cut for no reason. She just watched McDonald

      Detroit VS EverybodyDetroit VS Everybody5 days ago
  • This was my first time fully watching a women's basketball game.

    Cameron HolmesCameron Holmes8 days ago
  • Very bad coaching job University of Arizona.3 players guarding shooter with 5 seconds to go,2 players of Arizona open and they could of score easily.Bad,bad coach.

    mike bamburmike bambur8 days ago