SOLVED AFTER 23 YEARS: The Case of Sherri Rasmussen

Mar 30, 2021
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The full interrogation of Stephanie Lazarus:
I would also recommend the book 'the lazarus files: a cold case investigation' by Matthew McGough if you want anymore info on the case, it was a really informative read!
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  • The interagation video link keeps freezing 🤔 I would of liked to have watched her squirm 😡

    Brigette TameBrigette Tame4 hours ago
  • The posed pictures of the detectives really threw me off

    Katherine OwenKatherine Owen5 hours ago
  • watch stephanies eyes around 45:19 when they ask for a DNA test. Sherri worked so hard her whole life, she was a beautiful woman who deserved way better than this.

    Violet GViolet G6 hours ago
  • I just saw this story on tiktok and then your video came up. So glad because I'd wanted more details. How creepy is this. Cops were really covering for her all these years.

    Dawn MelissaDawn Melissa6 hours ago
  • Loretta is a pretty cool name.

    Sebastian SmithSebastian Smith7 hours ago
  • Well done!!

    Tanya NapolitanoTanya Napolitano8 hours ago
  • Dog: "This chick sure talks to herself a lot."🤔

    Inez NylandInez Nyland11 hours ago
  • Solved after 23 years, 23k likes, Bella is 23 years old. Coincidence? I think not...

    MechanicBishopMechanicBishop12 hours ago
  • When your man acts like this and his ex-girlfriend acts like this - leave them for each other to have fun in this crazy relationship

    Ithlini Ellyan SenahIthlini Ellyan Senah12 hours ago
  • She’s such a terrible liar for a police officer

    Stan146Stan14612 hours ago

    Kimberly BKimberly B15 hours ago
  • Disgusting how they cover for these officers who murder people when they’re supposed to be protecting people

    Nina EdwardsNina Edwards17 hours ago
  • john is trash man

    Babymoon 93Babymoon 9319 hours ago
  • .

    الناز کیانیانالناز کیانیان20 hours ago
  • Please do the South African case of Daisy DeMelker

    Thys Hattingh - SweetMafiaThys Hattingh - SweetMafia21 hour ago
  • Please do the case of Daisy DeMelker from South Africa

    Thys Hattingh - SweetMafiaThys Hattingh - SweetMafia21 hour ago
  • i thought there was a panda on the bed hehe

    Taylah FiskTaylah FiskDay ago

    liasdiorliasdiorDay ago
  • I clicked because of the dog. Absolutely adorable lol

    Holly KendrickHolly KendrickDay ago
  • Can you please do the Russell Williams case next

    HoneyHoneyDay ago
  • Joh n is a fucking creep and hate how he never got punished in his role in this. Playing with hearts causes people to do crazy things.

    Wisdom KWisdom KDay ago
  • This case was so frustrating, listening to her act clueless just ughhhghgh. I feel like this case made me more upset than usual because I live in LA and wish the LAPD or any PD weren’t corrupt ... it’s honestly disgusting.

    Karen MartinezKaren MartinezDay ago
  • That detective photo though! Hahahahaha!!!

    shae-maree heathshae-maree heathDay ago
  • Cop."He was a pretty mellow guy, uh I was pretty mellow". Yeah, I guess you were pretty mellow...until that is you're murdering someone in cold blood.

    Slick ArmorSlick ArmorDay ago
  • John just acted like he may have still been having sex with her and he then goes on to dating her again after his wife died. He's an asshole too.

    Yomi GonzalezYomi GonzalezDay ago
  • imagine pushing on your daughter's case and being told "you have to stop watching so much tv"

    i want a sugar daddyi want a sugar daddyDay ago
  • stephanie has the creepiest crazy eyes

    Baby CeeBaby CeeDay ago
  • Hey Bella! What was the story you did on the boy who went missing and they made a lifesize replica and put it at the side of the road for cars driving by that might remember seeing him?? it was like something about it being near an underpass or something with a school bus? I can't remember! It was in hopes that the regular people that take that route could possibly remember something.

    Tia STia SDay ago
  • murder sentence should be for LIFE

    Allison VAllison VDay ago
  • the whole investigation made me so mad

    alyssa leialyssa leiDay ago
  • She can’t believe she got caught

    LynnLynnDay ago
  • I’m sorry, but the way she says “I’m trying to turn my memory back” with the hand motions during the interrogation made me laugh so hard.

    SlothySlothyDay ago
  • That law needs to change about suing because it’s not the families fault that they didn’t solve the case for 23 years smh!!!

    Yaya's PlayhouseYaya's PlayhouseDay ago
  • This case is the definition of “crazy ex-girlfriend”.

    SlothySlothyDay ago
  • i haven’t finished the video yet, i’m 16 minutes in and i kind of feel like it was the roommate.

    Jaleigha AngeliqueJaleigha AngeliqueDay ago
  • Watched this case so many times but your version is the absolute best, so descriptive and really shows who sherri was.

    Jade McQueenJade McQueenDay ago
  • I agree i would haunt them for sure

    Shayla MullinsShayla MullinsDay ago
  • She has Manson eyes for suuure

    Ambirdy123Ambirdy123Day ago
  • Everyone else doing murder mystery stories like this bleep out any slightly controversial word. And I love that she doesnt because of the way she says murder

    Elbert PierceElbert PierceDay ago
  • Please do kenny veach and the m cave I beg you

    Larissa FrankeLarissa FrankeDay ago
  • Hi, same surname

    Lee RasmussenLee RasmussenDay ago
  • Y she keep doing that with her expression ???it literally makes u look guilty 🤦

    Syprine OtienoSyprine OtienoDay ago
  • Another case about a man who wanted casual sex and ignored the feelings of the other person. A lesson for all for us: be honest with someone who loves you and whom you don't. Deceiving them and continuing having sex with them may end up badly. Sure, delusional people will convince themselves the object of their affection loves them despite not knowing them, but if you can prevent the drama, it's better to do it.

    Kot KotlecikKot KotlecikDay ago
  • This case is so infuriating!

    fanime1fanime12 days ago
  • ew the fact that stephanie and i have the same birthday 💀

    Melanie ChelisMelanie Chelis2 days ago
  • Sherries ex husband is a one of those guys who has some kind of life blank spot where he can’t determine moral no no’s . I think his you know what, rules his brain.

    JomfomawJomfomaw2 days ago
  • she’s so creepy.

    Cayley ShoemakerCayley Shoemaker2 days ago
  • I don’t know if you take requests, but I was hoping you could cover the case of my cousin Rori Hache, who was murdered in sept of 2017. The whole case is quite disturbing but I really hope you’ll look into it

    Mal RobMal Rob2 days ago
  • So she basically killed Sherri to not even end up with John poor sherri 😢

    Ely GarciaEly Garcia2 days ago
  • John’s a straight up coward ngl

    Priscila LizarragaPriscila Lizarraga2 days ago
  • The officers who interrogated her did so well

    Meghan SoloMeghan Solo2 days ago
  • Bella means beautiful in spanish's the perfect name for you bc your super beautiful..that's all I have to say..

    Roel ZavalaRoel Zavala2 days ago
  • When she was being interviewed you could tell, from just her body language, that she was lying and guilty. I feel gross even sharing my name (stephanie) with her.

    StephDIYStephDIY2 days ago
  • I loved seeing Stephanie in the interview so smug and then slowly like uh oh they asking for my DNA.. I'm screwed! Yay for justice better late then never! Thanks Bella for another awesome case you are an amazing story teller.

    Kate KKate K2 days ago
  • 23 years of contacting the police. Sherry's parents are so loving and caring. Im almost speechless

    Cindy AshleyCindy Ashley2 days ago
  • okay, don’t get me wrong, john messed up BAD. he was kinda an asshole. however, i don’t think he has anything to do with the murder. yeah, he got with stephanie after sherry was killed, but at that point he had no reason to suspect that stephanie, an LAPD officer, would have killed his wife. and, they had know each other for a long time and were very close. there was obviously something about her that attracted him to her initially and that’s why they became friends. and it would probably have been really awkward to have to tell his good friend to leave his house when she’d come there and made sherry uncomfortable. he was kind of a dick but i can understand why he did the things he did.

    amara tamara t2 days ago
  • The way her eyes grew wide when talking about DNA…she knew it was over.

    Millie AdamsMillie Adams2 days ago
  • Just like Ted Bundy, the bite got them guilty.

    Rafael :DRafael :D2 days ago
  • 28:57 After falling off the bed, Mia’s lookin at you like ಠ_ಠ

    Patrick StarPatrick Star2 days ago
  • Her reactions to every question is so sus , she’s acting so unbothered but she’s obviously panicking and stressing

    sophie bishopsophie bishop2 days ago
  • Unless Stephanie Lazarus was Seventh-day Adventist, it would have been very unlikely that John would have married her. I grew up in that church - 3rd generation. It was very "frowned upon" for anyone to marry "outside their church". Sherri Rasmussen was the only "innocent" in all of this. John is at least "half" responsible, as he is the one who KNEW HIS history with his Ex. He clearly sent Stephanie the message that she was worthy of "bedding" but "marrying"? Not likely....John is a creep and Sherri should have called off the engagement, but knowing how "the church" teachings were back in the 80's, a woman's purpose was to marry a good/successful Seventh-day Adventist and settle down. Sherri never stood a chance in this relationship as John was trying to "play house" and "playboy" both. HE knew how Stephanie felt about Sherri, what an ego! As for the LAPD?...

    Boo Boo BearBoo Boo Bear2 days ago
  • love that dog.

    Victoria GambardellaVictoria Gambardella2 days ago
  • the dog is hardly conscious on the bed.

    Victoria GambardellaVictoria Gambardella2 days ago
  • Could you do the Fritzl case please! X

    Lucy WeedonLucy Weedon2 days ago
  • Unfortunately citizens have blindly allowed police agencies and governments to make decisions. Theses decisions are simply in their best interests, why or how citizens believe these unions and institutions would do the right thing for the right reasons is mind boggling. With this much power with no accountability it breeds negligent,corrupt and lazy conduct. Fortunate I am on the way out, hopefully the younger generation having everything taken from them, money, rights, freedoms will take this broken,toxic country back. Stay safe🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

    BlueFMBlueFM2 days ago
  • “She WAS a nurse.” Bitch.

    kelly marie xokelly marie xo2 days ago
  • did her parents die before sshe got arrested

    oogh lmaooogh lmao2 days ago
  • this is why ppl do not support the police :)

    Hannah BellamyHannah Bellamy2 days ago
  • I wish Sherri had never met John. Or I wished John respected her enough to set boundaries with the cop

    jessi-ann wintjessi-ann wint2 days ago
  • Kishe banks-jones,arionna banks,2 siblings that went missing in east and west peninsula in Michigan at 2 different times the mom has a Facebook page for them that started before they went missing called the banks Foundation. Please help

    chrry bombchrry bomb2 days ago
  • I’m so happy I found your channel. 1) Your dog is so adorable 2) I love your voice and how you pronounce your “O’s” 3) I’d love to try that vitamin packet and 4) This is an interesting story. I’m tuned in 🌻

    Carli FrancesCarli Frances2 days ago
  • This case makes me SICK. They had all the information and evidence at their hands to solve the case right when it happened and it took over two decades for the poor family to get their closure. Not to mention the husband, disgrace of a human being

    Kennedy SchuchaskieKennedy Schuchaskie2 days ago
  • What a frustrating case!!!! From the beginning something was off with Stephanie, also her grin in the photos... creepy!

    Emma CEmma C2 days ago
    • Also why is there a limit to being able to sue the police Department? That makes zero sense... especially as it’s shown that years of misconduct take place... man I’m al fired up!

      Emma CEmma C2 days ago
  • It's good that you are beautiful, with your parents naming you Bella..

    Alex thedealAlex thedeal2 days ago
  • Hey Bella,i love alllllllll your videos,big fan here,love from Kenya❤

    Alimlim wilkistarAlimlim wilkistar2 days ago
  • Your voice is too nice,I immediately fall asleep lol

    A RockA Rock2 days ago
  • Eventhough it’s take justice Long time in the law of Human she Will never get away with god laws in heaven .

    Rose MeiselRose Meisel2 days ago
  • Damn Becky why?

    JoVans QuallsJoVans Qualls2 days ago
  • That dog has the same look I have right now. Like 💤😴💤😴💤😴💤

    JoVans QuallsJoVans Qualls2 days ago
  • Omg 33:03-33:05 literally look at Stephanie's smile she is scary as f

    Ayben YesilkanalAyben Yesilkanal2 days ago
  • holy crap- how did I not hear about this?! 15:02 I went to the elm school on that screenshot! omg-

    Liliana RobertsLiliana Roberts2 days ago
  • woah i used to live minutes away from van nuys

    Casey MaeCasey Mae2 days ago
  • Have you ever seen the movie or documentary Goodnight , sugar babe I came across it on Amazon prime video . The girls name is Vera jo reigle what happened to that poor girl is so sad anyways I haven’t seen anyone tell the story. Been binging your videos !

    Valerie GonzalezValerie Gonzalez3 days ago
  • “I’m no detective”, girl yes you areeee

    Kalila just kalilaKalila just kalila3 days ago
  • She was a smart cookie and she hid that stuff.

    Claudia RappClaudia Rapp3 days ago
  • Lol at least we know they weren't sexist......for all the woke viewer's 🤣 sad story nonetheless rip.

    Lin MacLin Mac3 days ago
  • Lmao Stephanie had 3 days off SAME DAY the murder took place 😔 SMDH

    LateNightLateNight3 days ago

    megansheameganshea3 days ago
  • She got less time Than the whole 23 years she got away with the crime. Ridiculous

    GlambyleidyGlambyleidy3 days ago
  • That woman STOLE someone else's life then proceeded to go along w/ hers cafe free, to the the fullest. 😡. How could she sleep @night?? She can rot! No mercy.

    ElizabethElizabeth3 days ago
  • i agree with u totally thus case was decently a craxy one. for sure. but also very sad what puzzles me how can u murder some one . our of jeliousy . then be a cop for so many years. only god knows the wrong she would have dun to people she would have apprehend that in it self is also sad. but in the end justice was served .forensics are truly a blessing. what would we do with out the use of science

    Ken RobinsonKen Robinson3 days ago
  • She's playing dumb. Wow. Sick.

    Isabelle MyzerIsabelle Myzer3 days ago
  • The faces Stephanie makes in her interview are the faces you make when u done fucked up

    Yashda DaveYashda Dave3 days ago
  • hi how u doing my name is ken love your program . u should come to barbados sone time

    Ken RobinsonKen Robinson3 days ago
  • Babe you’re shocked cuz you got caught

    Mia VoMia Vo3 days ago
  • Just found your channel and was so surprised to hear a Aussie voice lol 😂

    Antonia TuckwellAntonia Tuckwell3 days ago
  • I love the way you do these videos!

    Teiyana PattersonTeiyana Patterson3 days ago
  • in my opinion or the way i see it she only got 7 years and not 27 because she was "free" for 20 years after killing her and they just gave her 27... i know LAPD could have done a better job in handling this case

    Melanie DelgadoMelanie Delgado3 days ago
  • it's possible that Stephanie herself hid the evidence and removed the files

    Cabbage Patch SoapCabbage Patch Soap3 days ago
  • Stephanie legit had crazy eyes too. What a nutter.

    Space OnionSpace Onion3 days ago