SOLVED 3-Day-Old Missing Person Case.. (Antonio Amaro-Lopez)

Feb 26, 2021
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We found 57-year-old Antonio Amaro-Lopez in his car underwater, solving a 3-day-old missing person case in Portland, Oregon after you, the viewers reached out and put us in touch with Antonio's family to help bring him home after he lost control of his car on February 14th, careening off the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge into the Columbia River.
Antonio had been missing for 3-days before we arrived on Feb 17th to offer our services to the family and the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office River Patrol.
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Doug and I met up at 8am, and up to the I-205 bridge shortly before 9am where we also met up with Scott.
After identifying an area of interest to search for Antonio and his missing car, the MCSO asked that we stay out of the area.
Waiting for them to pull back to search our area of interest, we slid into the area around 12:30pm and quickly identified a vehicle underwater, marking it with a grappling hook.
Notifying the Sheriff of the location of the vehicle, we were asked to remove the marker and move out of the area.
The MCSO Dive Team arrived on the scene a few hours later, and after unsuccessful attempts to locate the vehicle, asked if we could help with locating the vehicle a second time.
Within a few minutes, the vehicle was located and we placed the grappling hook back on the vehicle.
The MCSO Dive Team was then able to dive on the car underwater and confirm that there was a body inside.
Shortly after dark, Antonio Lopez was recovered and brought onboard the MCSO Dive Boat.
We are honored and humbled to have been there for the Lopez family, side by side on the water and witnessing their candlelight vigil onshore at the boat ramp upon our return at the end of the evening.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lopez family.
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    Adventures with PurposeAdventures with Purpose12 days ago
  • "Go away, we want to find it." Spends hours not finding it. "Can you find it for us?" Instantly finds it, AGAIN.

    Laura KingLaura King2 hours ago
  • How sad, I wish he would have listened to his family and stayed home that day

    Judy HeldingJudy Helding8 hours ago
  • How hard it must be to be told to go away... Everyone did a good job. Everyone.

    Sarah McConnellSarah McConnell9 hours ago
  • Such a horrible horrible situation

    Angela JAngela J11 hours ago
  • At least the cop did that.. some do not say sorry..

    DD Bears36DD Bears3613 hours ago
  • The design of the bridge is literally asking for those accidents to happen.

    MrOneWorld123MrOneWorld12317 hours ago
  • Awwwwww. That sucks hope he didn’t suffer

    EastCoast NukeEastCoast Nuke22 hours ago
  • If y’all got lakemaster maps you could mark it on a map and comeback to it

    Wheeler SmithWheeler Smith23 hours ago
  • They we're pretty rude you guys are amazing for what you do, thank you guy's for your time and everything you've and continue doing God bless you and your family's, you guys have gave so many families closure I wish nothing but the best for you and all your family and friends that help, thanks again for everything you've done for a lot of families. You'll be in my and my family's prayers God bless you guys from the bottom of my heart. Be safe my brothers and thanks for continuing what you do making these videos you got my support and thumbs up!!!

    Mike VickMike VickDay ago
  • Not impressed. They talk WAY too much and quite often no results.

    L ML MDay ago
  • Thank you, I live in Vancouver by I5, so I was praying and paying attention. Such a tragic incident. Glad he was found quickly. Thank you.

    Mary SotoMary SotoDay ago
  • Billions of tax payer dollars and a private company solves this 3 days

    john 45#1john 45#1Day ago
  • It’s always a power thing for pig cops even when they can’t do their job correctly and others can they still will push their power around they are all Aholes

    Jorge MiramontesJorge MiramontesDay ago
  • God bless 🙏

    Dianne ClemensDianne ClemensDay ago
  • As a diver and someone who loves water I have become addicted to your channel I can't stop watching. I grew up in Oregon and lived in the NW most of my life. The last 5 years I have lived in AZ and have become watersick (homesick for water). I am living vicariously through you guys thanks for sharing and thanks for the special and important work you guys do. I am incredibly jealous of the work and ability to dive like you guys do I wish I had gotten involved with something like this.

    War DuckWar DuckDay ago
  • I find it sad that the police dive team put the glory of them finding the vehicle or body over the need to find this man and vehicle fast.

    Anjie MarieAnjie MarieDay ago
  • Guys stop making excuses for the authorities they are there to protect their pay check not in finding anything .

    Michael E Jean- louisMichael E Jean- louisDay ago
  • They said that they know where it was so why did they go for lunch before marking it up?

    krille152krille152Day ago
  • Definitely worth a like, damn good youtuber.

    Dakota CraftonDakota CraftonDay ago
  • I just want to say you handled that scene with the sheriff telling you to get out in a very professional way. I am a retired paramedic of 25 yrs, a police and 911 dispatcher. I have seen a lot. I want to say that I respect your team in the way that you show the story but you leave out the actual showing of the body on the video. It shows you first and foremost have respect for the families. God Bless you all.

    Cindy BrannonCindy BrannonDay ago
  • I initially disliked the sheriff for how they reacted to you, but I can respect the officer that had it in him to apologize for it after they realised you were only trying to genuinely help. Good guy.

    GyrthezGyrthezDay ago
  • Ever notice when someone has something negative to say in the comments..then AWP replies and the hater suddenly kiss ass for 2 sentences and all the sudden have a great appreciation for being noticed.

    Andy WassonAndy WassonDay ago
  • Why does it matter who get the praise for finding him you guys would already had him out that the dirty way cops are don’t let a civilian find it n make us look bad freaking jerks for cops

    Gladys RomeroGladys RomeroDay ago
  • Cops don't want you around because of your arrogance. It's not a popularity contest...or is it?

    THE ForemanTHE ForemanDay ago
  • That’s where the police thought he was so “Technically “ they found him

    Mel TarinMel TarinDay ago
  • I think that tarp they found was used to dispose of a body.....100%

    Van CityVan CityDay ago
  • Why are the police so arrogant, they should praise this crew for helping to solve cold cases

    Jan Erik MellesdalJan Erik Mellesdal2 days ago
  • Scary bridge... No guard rail whatsoever.

    Party4KeepsParty4Keeps2 days ago
  • All you guys need is a C-5 galaxy, or a C-130 at that, transport you and your equipment everywhere on short notice

    CatWith ABatCatWith ABat2 days ago
  • Pretty stupid to refuse assistance when it's offered.. You guys rock !! The authorities are only interested in praise for themselves not in recovery of the missing.

    Linda WarrenLinda Warren2 days ago
  • If I ever go missing I would want u guys to help find me

    Lottie WerewolfLottie Werewolf2 days ago
  • I remember this story, I didn't know you guys were there in Portland, God Bless You..

    Thomas SmithThomas Smith2 days ago
  • I remember recommending your group at a Facebook group where the family asked for help. I’m you were awake to find him.

    sbcapifysbcapify2 days ago
  • When the government workers say “stay out, this is our scene, you have failed government. They should accept all help

    pamtnman pamtnmanpamtnman pamtnman2 days ago
  • Ineptitude

    TheBlackdog8TheBlackdog82 days ago
  • Good job guys 👊🏻

    Honest JohnHonest John2 days ago
  • why that bridge got no guardrails...that snow is probably like ice and acts like a ramp...i feel for his family and for his son.

    Rain ManRain Man2 days ago
  • Can not let go of their EGO'S

    David BDavid B3 days ago
  • Unusually, if local law enforcement kick AWP out of the location of the missing person case, they don't apologize for their meanness or harshness toward AWP. This is the first time where the authorities allow AWP place a marker for the divers of Mr. Lopez's car, plus the sheriff apologized to AWP for their harshness to them. Great work to AWP & the authorities there in Portland, Oregon to bring Antonio back home & give his family closure. After all, team work makes the dream work.

    SuperaltoSuperalto3 days ago
  • 6:48 that legit looks like a body floating oh my god...

    Chex StelarisChex Stelaris3 days ago
  • Been watching some videos since early this morning... you guys are absolutely amazing humans.. it’s absolutely amazing to me how some of these cars wind up under water out in the middle of no where. The Ethan video blew me away..... what wound up happening with that story?.

    Spike SharpSpike Sharp3 days ago
  • You guys were in my town......whatttt

    Kryzdal MediaKryzdal Media3 days ago
  • I am not trying to start a police/no police debate. However, how is it these guys can show up and immediately find multiple people throughout all of these scenes? And yet police don’t? I have heard some of them say their budget doesn’t provide for it. Well, this small inflatable and basic sonar setup are very inexpensive today, compared to large setups. If these departments can afford tank like vehicles, guns and gear that is military grade and level, THEY CAN SURE AS HELL AFFORD THE GEAR TO CONDUCT THESE SEARCHES! In this this case, they had the gear. But police let egos prevent them from helping. To me it comes down to police in many of the cases being inconsistent, not putting in the effort they could and some of them being lazy and flat out arrogant! Pisses me off honestly...

    Dangerous Devil OfficialDangerous Devil Official3 days ago
  • The actually yogurt intialy prevent because humidity methodologically glue along a flaky employee. wooden, lively cake

    supra angelsupra angel3 days ago
  • The teeny-tiny scorpion yearly milk because detective oceanographically peck barring a coordinated parentheses. loving, fascinated psychology

    Christian GallagherChristian Gallagher3 days ago
  • In fairness, Portland Law Enforcement has been through hell the past couple years. Not having you help them was ridiculous, but I can see how an upper-level bureaucrat would pressure them to be the ones to get results, get some good publicity. Not saying wrong or right, fair or no. Just a thought. They’re under pressure, too

    Caldeau WolfCaldeau Wolf3 days ago
  • Almost triggered my ptsd on the tarp. Recovered a 3 year old from a slimy swimming pool. Glad it was inantimate object No matter where you go its always there. The rescurers/ recoverers cross to bear. Be well.

    safety first in texassafety first in texas3 days ago
  • 😢Descansé en paz.

    Florindo CaraballoFlorindo Caraballo3 days ago
  • What a bunch of inept fools!

    Rules1138Rules11383 days ago
  • Those cops didn't know shit!

    Rules1138Rules11383 days ago
  • I love how yall found it before the cops who were looking for 2 days lol

    Natalia StallingsNatalia Stallings3 days ago
  • All things considered face coverings within the cabin of the boat with the family should have been worn by everyone in the middle of a pandemic

    John GrayJohn Gray3 days ago
  • New friend here today of the channel. Absotively awesome work you ALL do helping others selflessly. Many accolades to the whole crew. Thank you for ALL you do. HUGS and GOD bless us everyone. 🤗👍

    Skywatcher SandraSkywatcher Sandra4 days ago
  • They said they didn't want your help....Those guys are assholes. You are way better than their dive team, they just wanted the credit for your hard work

    Scott AndersonScott Anderson4 days ago
  • Shame too proud to accept any help when this man could have been found sooner. You guys are awesome

    Tamm HullTamm Hull4 days ago
  • fish finder more like car finder

    Th3AlienmanTh3Alienman4 days ago
  • Adventures with Purpose are Human Angels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Maga love 💗☮✝💗

    Michelle GMichelle G4 days ago
  • why on earth would the city leave snow on a bridge that acts as a ramp to allow vehicles to drive off the bridge, it's the city's responsibility to clear that snow maybe they should be held accountable for this tragic accident, so this doesn't happen ever again, My Condolences to the family and everyone affected by this very preventable accident.

    Charley TankCharley Tank4 days ago
  • issues i have with common police. egos

    Male DarvisMale Darvis4 days ago
  • the guy probably said my city is ran by corrupt people homeless everywhere to expensive to live here it probably easier to drive off that bridge its sad but probably what happened

    John ForbesJohn Forbes4 days ago
  • “Do you know it’s here” “Yeah” They definitely had no clue, lol.

    J CJ C4 days ago
  • You guys are doing amazing and very important work. You bring closure to families who need to put loved ones to rest correctly. You answer questions that are hanging open. Thank you for doing this.

    Joe Ott SoulbikesJoe Ott Soulbikes4 days ago
  • thats sad when you got a whole team of specialized "divers" and SAR teams hired by the sheriffs office that cant even do their job... then 2 guys come along with a little blue zodiac and find it.

    Ding ChavezDing Chavez4 days ago
  • Let’s the experts handle this stuff. This is no place for you tubers find something else to do. No one asked for your help

    Andrew SiarkiewiczAndrew Siarkiewicz4 days ago
  • Yeah great dive team portland has , cant even mark the car properly. Then to top If off their total incompetent dicks. Good jb Jared you guys know your stuff & maybe some of these recovery teams need schooling & think you could add to your revenue with lessons .

    Mike's Bike's Adventures.Mike's Bike's Adventures.4 days ago
  • I love you showed them up in their fancy boat in a kanoe! You found it twice because they ran you off of it the first time and then couldn't find it. It is hard to believe how stubborn people can be just because they don't like being outdone.

    Erick HartErick Hart4 days ago
  • Sad no one in charge can shut up and accept help for a family.

    cynthia bollingercynthia bollinger4 days ago
  • Sad....😢

    Noomwa LisNoomwa Lis4 days ago
  • Great job guys!

    AYAAYA4 days ago
  • Maybe you guys can find flight MH370 ✈️

    Justin LyonsJustin Lyons4 days ago
  • Was trying to figure out what happened to your channel. I check your page and I was unsubscribed for some reason. Glad to be back!

    Keith CraigKeith Craig4 days ago
  • earning the hate in every possible way. they kill us then want to take credit for finding us. bravo

    Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller5 days ago
  • Why didn’t they want help?

    L,SalinasL,Salinas5 days ago
  • Pride cometh before the fall! Foolish!

    Ronnie MillerRonnie Miller5 days ago
  • Awesome doesnt matter what raze it is " the purpose is one and only one to bring some closure and peace to their families.and autorities should not be so harsh on you guys.but instead to cooperate together for the same purpose.. I am a new viewer...thanks

    Eduardo DEduardo D5 days ago
  • Police.

    Clyde HamiltonClyde Hamilton5 days ago
  • I think the moral of this story is that if something could risk your life, don’t take the risk.

    The 8-Bit NerdThe 8-Bit Nerd5 days ago
  • Hi

    lll-BASE-lll BASElll-BASE-lll BASE5 days ago
  • Cop ego. Fucking awful!

    Jaybird WedbetterJaybird Wedbetter5 days ago
  • If the authorities woukd try to get along with the public more things would be much better off in this country!

    Autigers 2010Autigers 20105 days ago
  • Why do they always find these missing people, but the Local Police Dont???? Glad there are people like them to help all these families

    Opie **Opie **5 days ago
  • Cops don’t know them. The last thing they need is a bunch of amateurs getting in the way of their search, possibly having an accident and requiring rescue themselves. Try looking at it from the police point of view. This group is making USworlds videos. For all they know, they could be like Logan Paul and just doing what they can do for views. It isn’t about pride. Once the police realized Adventure was a serious and professional, they changed their tune.

    JP BaleyJP Baley5 days ago
  • Don't be so hard on these officers. They don't have to know you or believe you who you are. You would be surprised how many crazy people running out there hitting their nose into stuff they shouldn't. And lets give credit where it's due, they swallowed their pride, went back for asking help and at the end their boss even apologized. They are not bad people, they just work in a job where usually assuming the worst is the best way to save your ass.

    Neretil DeremNeretil Derem5 days ago
  • police have extremely delicate egos

    dirtdudedirtdude5 days ago
  • How tf can the cops look for 2 days straight and you guys find the car in 10 minutes while there on lunch lol

    Midwest GrowerMidwest Grower5 days ago
  • Great job! Guys. You are awesome ppl doing what you do bringing closure to families. GB. 😇🌹

    Roberta HillRoberta Hill5 days ago
  • Rest in peace, Mr. Lopez. So very sorry for your loss Lopez family.

    Amy DaughertyAmy Daugherty5 days ago
  • Rest in peace Mr. Lopez, a man hard at work providing for his family becomes one of the most unfortunate people in the world. From my family to the Lopez family, I am sorry for your loss.

    Ben O’DonovanBen O’Donovan5 days ago
  • I found your channel a day before a man went missing at Wright Patman Lake in Texarkana, Tx a couple of days ago. He has still not been found.

    Lauryn ForkinsLauryn Forkins5 days ago
  • It is pretty sad at the level of ego that the police have when it comes to S&R. Just one more reason not to trust the police.

    John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
  • why arent there any barriers wth

    NoahNoah6 days ago
  • So sad 💔

    Ke NnyKe Nny6 days ago
  • They don't want your help? They do want your help! Unreal how you guys are better at their jobs! FFS they can't help but give directives because, ya know, they run the show? Well work together because it's not about who runs the show, it's about a Man & his Family & a tragedy that shattered them!

    MibsMibs6 days ago
  • You guys are incredible. Great job gentlemen.

    Juan A. CanoJuan A. Cano6 days ago
  • Ayo Adam Sandler pulled up 13:10

    Teeenteee BlastoiseTeeenteee Blastoise6 days ago
  • my question is, if the witnesses saw this car go off the road and fall into the water. Why did they then not call the police.

    JayyyyyyyyxxJayyyyyyyyxx6 days ago
    • They probably did call the police. But it was during a snow storm with icy conditions. Even if they came right away they are essentially racing the clock. In cold water like that where you’re not trapped in a car and just floating at the surface you’d have maybe 30mins before you’re dead. And with where this incident took place they’d need specialized equipment just to get to him. By the time they get that special equipment it’s well past the 30min mark and the victim is dead. So there’s no point in sending in more ppl during a bad snow storm. That’s just potentially going to create more victims and as we know police/fire departments won’t send any of their ppl out into dangerous weather related situations if they don’t have to. Recovery of a body in those conditions falls under that unfortunately. 😕

      JJ4 days ago
  • Prayers sent

    Ruth LarkinsRuth Larkins6 days ago
  • Those “authorities” should be ashamed of their behavior. Selfish pride

    BackruborbustBackruborbust6 days ago
  • Jesus these guy are so patient and skip lunch while the “authorities” rather “do it their way” these guys are angels and have my respect 😔🙏

    Fitter KruegerFitter Krueger6 days ago