She Was Left Alone in the Woods With Bigfoot. Marathon 132

Feb 21, 2021
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She Was Left Alone in the Woods With Bigfoot
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  • You talked me into it Cam I'm getting some soap!!

    Frank PilchFrank Pilch2 hours ago
  • Was this first story read by the actual person? She didn't sound believable... not that I don't believe Bigfoot exists.

    Gisele SchreyerGisele Schreyer8 hours ago
  • If anyone wants to see a really screwed up version of someone's interpretation of bigfoot they should watch the 2018 horror movie Primal Rage

    Shaun PoorShaun Poor11 hours ago
  • What a despicable thing for your husband to take off with the car keys!! 😲. The guy who knew the huge man who had no trouble lifting a log that was delivered to him probably met a Sasquatch hybrid who could speak English. Also ,loved the story about the guy from Swiss, MO... Amazing!!

    Vi EastmanVi Eastman13 hours ago
  • She was the bait so he could cash in on life insurance.

    TJ KaczynskiTJ Kaczynski13 hours ago
  • I'm glad you got to put out a long video. Would you care to mark the beginning of each story with a time stamp in case we've heard the story before. Thanks Cam. Peace bud.

    lubabe 99lubabe 9914 hours ago
  • On the very rare occasion my son has asked me about UFOS and aliens ,I explained to him that as far as I knew there were as many different types of aliens as there are different races of humans and probably many many more besides . I have from childhood-always assumed Bigfoot’s/yeti,ect existed . It Just seemed obvious despite never having seen or herd one . Naturally they have each their own personalities. Living in the hills even our huntsman spiders have different personalities .some will walk onto my hands so I can put it outside and others are grumpy and I’ll scoop them up in a sandwich container with a pice of cardboard.

    peach sncreampeach sncream14 hours ago
  • I've heard along the way that BF poop in the water. Perhaps she interrupted the deed?

    Idahowild1 AIdahowild1 A16 hours ago
  • Good to have ya back Sir Cam.

    Frikn WulfyFrikn Wulfy18 hours ago
  • Let's get some todd standish

    Derek JonesDerek Jones21 hour ago
  • You some kinda pipe welder?

    Derek JonesDerek Jones21 hour ago

    S SS SDay ago
  • Can: I love your voice, channel, stories and know your a man of integrity. Having said that I just wanted to say that I listen to your stories to “ listen to your stories” not to hear commercials! I will continue listening however, I sure wish you would stop promoting the “ yeti soap” it’s just annoying to have to be subjected to you becoming a “ pitch man” for this soap! I know others will say “ relax” or “ he’s got a right to help his channel by promoting this soap” but I come to your channel for good story telling, peace and quiet and for a break from telemarketers, advertisers and the hustle and bustle of the world not to hear a promotion for a soap. Relax people I’m not an uptight jerk I’m just speaking my mind, I have that right. Rock on Cam with your good stories, I appreciate you doing them.

    pete potaczekpete potaczekDay ago
  • Hey Cam well I'm not disrespecting your readers at all but nobody nobody can read a story like you you bring that the bumps upon my arms my hair standing up your bring a thrill to the stories just something about your voice can't replace it so I look forward to hearing you read again not disrespecting them they're good but you just bring it all just got back from surgery Cam was out for a couple weeks and I pray that you get everything done you need to get done to you can come back to us and read more so here we go

    Tracey LinnenbroggerTracey LinnenbroggerDay ago
  • Thanks cam My comment section has moved again its @ the bottom again what the heck

    Ryan MrowkaRyan MrowkaDay ago
  • wow I often wondered it there were bigfoot sightings in our area, now I know.

    boss grandmaboss grandmaDay ago
  • See David pladies son deid so sad rip Ben

    Brian WhelanBrian WhelanDay ago
  • Cam, besides loving the encounters on your channel, I just loved seeing the birds eating in the snow, especially the Cardinals , or Red Birds as we called them while living in Central Texas during the 1970's and Missouri in the late 60's, because they don't live in our home state here in Oregon. Great videos all!!!

    Don CDon CDay ago
  • Regarding next to the last story so that was story number three I think… Some possibilities came to mind check out the Nephilim. That is very possible. And then when you realize people have been kidnapped or taken how do we know that they have not mated with a Sasquatch=that’s why they look the way they do, etc. It’s all a mystery but it could be a mixture of Sasquatch/human....Unless it’s Nephilim.

    Lea CastoriLea CastoriDay ago
  • Update on the missing girl ..dont sound like a cryptid was involved..

    Pam WardPam WardDay ago
  • Nope. I used the soap for the first time yesterday and Cam was right It's great. This was my first order and I purchased 7 bars. I put away my other soap and will be using Yeti bars for the foreseeable future as I purchased several different scents. I plan to try them all. Go for it 'people' . You won't be disappointed!

    Narcisses FreemanNarcisses FreemanDay ago
    • Let us know which one you like best.

      Dixie CryptidDixie CryptidDay ago
  • That last story sounds like it could have been a Dogman. The gashing of the dog and it appearing to have trouble getting into the hen house. Dogmen have claws and a Bigfoot would have easily been able to get into the hen house. Plus a Bigfoot would likely have freaked the dog out before it even got out of the door.

    Here NowHere NowDay ago
  • That breaks my damn heart that the guy in the last story had to put his dog down after being attacked. God bless him.

    Nelson The GentlemanNelson The GentlemanDay ago
  • Mississippi is such a beautiful state. 😁

    Paige WebberPaige WebberDay ago
  • Love the birds! ❤️

    brenda odlebrenda odleDay ago
  • ❤️

    JaNine DeLaughderJaNine DeLaughderDay ago
  • TY Naomi, loved ur personal encounter..thanks for sharing. 😍 about the other encounter u read: what if they can assimilate into our world..that's thinking outside the box..👏👏 thanks for sharing ur thoughts....☮💞😷

    Linda PaolinoLinda PaolinoDay ago
  • Cam, so glad you're back n your job has gone well. It's totally amazing how the music you pick fits the stories so well. If Steve Lily ever becomes a movie (and it should) you need to do the musical score. Keep up the good work n you & yours stay safe. God bless

    Jolynne RutherfordJolynne RutherfordDay ago
  • TY all for great encounters..I believed in BF from the 1st time I saw the Gimblim film of Paddy when I was a teen. Always wanted to see one, still do but also scard😨 to see one. But being touched by one I would have a ❤ attack 😄.. TY Cam ,so glad ur back ..working stinks but retirement is boring☮💞😷

    Linda PaolinoLinda PaolinoDay ago
  • I have to say I found this channel a couple months back, and now I fall asleep listening to these every single night!!!! Thank you!!!! 👍❤️

    Ell pEll pDay ago
  • That’s second story was crazy I’m a truck driver and go over the bridge on I-280 every night!!!

    Alex PellmanAlex PellmanDay ago
  • All great stories Cam! The last one I’ve heard before...and I think it wa a Dogman. Keep em coming! 🥰

    Barbie D.Barbie D.Day ago
  • This is why when I go out and happen to be by myself these are what I know to look out for #1 don't be scared # 2 keep on doing what your doing and if you have protection keep it out of sight at all times Sasquatch might know what them little like sticks do or even know what they are Maybe who knows ? Always know your directions at all times pay attention to your surroundings learn to memorize anything that will stick in your memory and learn to memorize more than one the further you go out . and always know how to blend in with your surroundings sticking out isn't always a good idea unless your really lost or in trouble . and last but least always keep good clothing on clothes that won't get ripped or get wet . know that the more you can can learn out in the Deep woods just might save your life one day stay healthy strong and don't smoke to much that's a dead give away . And knowing how to fight is a good skill to know .

    Stats RednerStats Redner2 days ago
  • Some stories let me know that mine must be REALLY bad.

    Yort SemlohYort Semloh2 days ago
  • We missed you

    Drac22Drac222 days ago
  • Welcome back !

    Richard LongRichard Long2 days ago
  • Is nobody going to talk about the potential bigfoot pretending to be a human? Very large AND strong humans are so rare that you might as well say they are almost fictional. There are very few exceptions and those exceptions tend to literally always be working out to maintain their strength. If that story is true, it sparks my imagination. The questions pops in my mind: Can a bigfoot integrate into human society? Can they learn human vocabulary and speak it? Can they breed with humans? Have they bred with humans in the past leading to bigfoot/human hybrids that have then gone on to form a "human family" in human society? I mean, if they are closely enough related, they could breed with humans and the offspring would be a mix of human and bigfoot. After some generations breeding the hybrids with other humans, you probably wouldn't even recognize them as a bigfoot. If you look into the history of humans and how humans will breed with anything remotely human-looking (neanderthals come to mind), it's not a stretch to think some human would be willing to breed with a bigfoot. Most likely, it would have to be a male human and a female bigfoot as the other way around might kill the human female during pregnancy or birth. There are also other factors at play that may make such hybrids very difficult to actually do. It may also be possible that bigfoot isn't just one specific animal but maybe have many variations with some being more human-like and some being more ape-like. Maybe the human-like bigfoots came from distant past hybrids (Native Americans) that remained outside of society due to how different they looked, effectively remaining wild. These hybrids would likely prefer other hybrids due to similar appearances, so the human-like traits would have a chance at remaining over time. And, of course, such hybrids would likely be a bit smarter than the regular bigfoot and able to better survive. If a bigfoot from a hybrid line were to meet a human willing to breed with it, the resulting hybrid could potentially look human enough to pass as a "rather large hairy human".

    Mark ReavesMark Reaves2 days ago
  • Just ordered my soap, Cam! To the lady left in the woods all night w children- Many of us find out too late we didn’t marry a real man, who is also incapable, no interest in being a father.

    Kathryn AKathryn A2 days ago
  • I loved the story from the lady ❤️✌️

    marsha hedgemanmarsha hedgeman2 days ago
  • Great stories Cam; really enjoyed them; man if my man left me alone in the woods; he wouldn't be my husband for long after that.

    Melinda RozasMelinda Rozas2 days ago
  • Sometimes I wish I could have a bigfoot encounter, but knowing me, I would probably shit myself literally and run away screaming like a little girl never to return to that area.

    Mark ReavesMark Reaves2 days ago
  • Just wanted to say,, I do enjoy your Stories ✌️...I turned my Grandson on to you as well,,an he listens,,His name is Xavion,,he turned 13 in October,,have you ever watched Mountain Monster,, Xavion an I bonded over that as well.....Thank you,,an God Bless ✝️you an Yours ✌️❤️...

    marsha hedgemanmarsha hedgeman2 days ago
  • Awesome...

    John LongoriaJohn Longoria2 days ago
  • Never ask or believe the DNR as to what animals are in an area.....ask a local farmer ...they are the ones who actually know.

    jimmyraythomason1jimmyraythomason12 days ago
  • Im so glad your back and i love these longer videos. Thank you

    Sam TaylorSam Taylor2 days ago
  • Always glad to see your videos Cam! I saw this title and gave my husband the what for - just in case!

    Penny JamesPenny James2 days ago
  • What an awesome treat!! Stories from Dixie Cryptid!! Yay!! Don’t work too hard Cam. God Bless

    cajn julescajn jules2 days ago
  • It's good to hear your voice. You are our favorite narrator! You have away of making any story interesting. My husband and I set on the edge of our seat, listening silently to your narration. Thank you very much we appreciate you!

    Roberta BesseyRoberta Bessey2 days ago
    • Thank you Roberta...

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
  • Im sorry but ya know what that " Havin more chilli than the bun" is don't cha...sick of bulshittin- just tell it. Youve tried 3 different ways . hmm enoughs ENOUGH! AND that husband ( now i aint no womans right activist call me spoiled!...but hell nah MISTER! Back UP! NO WAY!

    Farcsquatch PowellFarcsquatch Powell2 days ago
  • Sooooo needed this. We bout froze to death here in Fort Worth, so this is a welcomed distraction

    Kelli StoneKelli Stone2 days ago
  • Me too Nioma- i just have an interest, however things have changed for you! And zombies bore me im sure tho thats JUST the thing I will see as the world is going! Lol

    Farcsquatch PowellFarcsquatch Powell2 days ago
  • Wonder what the little birds are pecking off the snow?

    chipps1066chipps10662 days ago
  • It seems every story mentioning a spouse relegates them as “my then husband”or my “ex husband or wife! People have no values, it seems. A value is something you think about, talk about, and act upon.Judging a person against your values should be this initial indication if a person would be a good match. Having a strong faith life is a good start!

    Walter MajeskeWalter Majeske2 days ago
  • I am from rock island county Ill out by loudthunder forest preserve,would love to talk with her

    recon1964recon19642 days ago
  • That husband was no man! What a selfish punk!

    Bigfoot: Real EncountersBigfoot: Real Encounters2 days ago
  • Alright the Man the Myth the Legend is back. Thanks Cam great to hear you.

    rex goodrumrex goodrum2 days ago
  • Thank you so much Dixie crp love these story's thanks to all the people. That send them in love Oklahoma😍😍😍😍😍

    Janean JacobsJanean Jacobs2 days ago
  • My dear, have you ever seen the video of a female Bigfoot? My goodness--you looked like Marilyn Monroe driving that zero turn, and he just had to touch your face to see if you would give him the time of day! Don’t forget, these hybrid fallen angel Nephilim creatures took women to breed!

    Charles FosterCharles Foster2 days ago
  • Somethings ya just cannot explain. Love the great stories

    GusGus2 days ago
  • Welcome back, Cam. So sorry for the gentleman who had to put his dog down. Could the predator have been a lone dogman, rather than a Sasquatch? Glad it was scared off!

    kaydle50kaydle502 days ago
  • I wish they would have a sample packet for men and one for women. Just little packets of small bars like at a hotel. I would buy one of those to find out what I really like. Maybe you could suggest it.

    Carol CarterCarol Carter2 days ago
  • I didn’t like how he told her to shut up

    HandsUp ENT _HandsUp ENT _2 days ago
  • I was so happy to see you posted a video. Great stories and I liked your guest narrator. Thanks Cam, love ya!!👍💕😊

    Birdnest58Birdnest582 days ago
  • Its nice to see you are feeding the birds Cam, during the bad weather but for better viewing and to identify the breeds, Could you try feeding them closer to your camera as I am in the uk and we dont get the same birds over here in Andover, Hampshire,UK. And THAT less than a man husband, needs a lesson in trust, and beleiveing in his wife. You are too good for him Mrs Lady,!(sorry, I dont know your name)

    Sally GriffinSally Griffin2 days ago
  • Hey Cam, glad to have ya back. Just got my Yeti soap, thanks for the tip and discount code! Keep up the great work.

    Ace’s HighAce’s High2 days ago
  • I Read or was Told ? Forest People there world was Dieing.! God gave them Earth only if they keep to themselves. Then, God Made man in his image. God said, one day 1 of my sons will open a door & let all of your family live on earth. 2017 a Key To open the Door from earth & there earth. He let them in on earth 2017. (The truth was Just Told.) Father God has Mercy On All He has Created. People Be kind to Forest People. They are more pure to Gods Words then Humans are. Amen🙏

    Veronica LakeVeronica Lake2 days ago
  • Glad you back

    Quinisha HarleyQuinisha Harley2 days ago
  • Thank you for these great stories! I always enjoy them! Take care 😊

    Janet AllenJanet Allen2 days ago
  • Hey cam,, you hear about that woman from new Albany Mississippi that went missing jan1st? Her and her boyfriend was at the tallahatchie bridge..they found her coat in woods after dogs,,chopper,,and searchers looked 2 days. She got out the boat to go lock her car real quick..fella waited,,,,she never screaming or noise. 😬

    Pam WardPam Ward2 days ago
  • Hope job went well. Wow I had this wknd off too finally. Yay for us! Thanks for video

    Estee CreelEstee Creel2 days ago
  • Please DON'T tell people these thing's are benevolent... Even their best intentions are NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! Many have said withoutut explaining "These THING'S are in the Bible". Here it is... Genesis 6:4 There were Giants on the Earth in that Day Before and After The Flood ( Noah's).... Jesus explained in Matthew 24 what the Season's would be like when He Returns... He said several thing's and a couple of them pertains to this subject. He said it would be like in the time's of Noah and Lott... This is Very Revealing because these 2 Prophet's talked about the Nephilam creating Chimera of All Shapes and Sizes... Having said this it needs to be I understood these thing's where Not created by God so they are not created in God's Likeness or Image and are Not part of God Kingdom and never be... There may be some of them that seems benevolent but at some point they're not...

    TallhillbillyTallhillbilly2 days ago
  • I've yet to see anyone explain where these THING'S come from when they say IT'S IN

    TallhillbillyTallhillbilly2 days ago
  • In the first story I think it is quite likely that the deceased husband had probably been aware of the bigfoot in the area. To what degree I don't know, but maybe they noticed that he wasn't around anymore?

    Roman FieldsRoman Fields2 days ago
  • Who else cried over the dog?

    Fire StarterFire Starter2 days ago
  • What kind of man leaves a woman with a small child and baby by them self, takes the keys, and doesn't come back all night. Divorce lawyer would have a field day with that one.

    Flint McCulloughFlint McCullough2 days ago
  • I bought the. Hippie #1. Smells great.

    LeeLee2 days ago
  • Need more Steve Lilly

    Scott LawsonScott Lawson2 days ago
  • Bruh I thoroughly love these stories on your channel. I work nights as a truck driver and I pull your channel up and just let the playlist go! Although I’ve never had an experience, I so want one. Not to kill it or even bother it but just the inner child in me that wants to believe that magic still exists in the world. If I had one living close to me I’d probably feed it lol!!

    scryla2000scryla20002 days ago
  • So glad you are back Cam!! Made my night and I said out loud Ahh I missed youre husband just looked at me funny hahaha

    Jeff MellenJeff Mellen2 days ago
  • Hallo Cameron! It‘s good to hear You again! Greetings from an Austrian🇦🇹🏔⛷fan of You from the island of Tenerife/Spain 🇪🇸. 🐺

    Wolfgang GugelweithWolfgang Gugelweith2 days ago
  • We will think of you freezing, If you think of us try to sleep in this awful heat, hopefully some benefit to us both!

    John OutbackJohn Outback2 days ago
    • I'll take the heat any day mate. I am not made for cold weather.

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
  • Ok I’m gonna buy my man some of that yeti soap! You’ve convinced me😄

    Kelley AbitbolKelley Abitbol2 days ago
    • Buy a couple bars for yourself too Kelley. The bar lasts a long time and you both will smell nice all day. Thank you!

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
  • Yipee Yipee Yipee, thanks for the time Cam.

    John OutbackJohn Outback2 days ago
  • Soo happy to hear ya again ! 🐝😄😘 yous the bees knees darlin. 😍

    Kelley AbitbolKelley Abitbol2 days ago
  • Those were some great stories as always. I hear ya about that cold weather. Us Texan's are not used to that blizzard that blew through here. So many of us without power.....some for days. Some without was crazy. I really loved the snow though, considering we hardly ever have snow,, but the rest of it was kinda hard to handle. I hope from now on, if we get any kind of bad winter weather, that it will only be snow. Glad that you're've been missed.

    Ava RodenAva Roden2 days ago
  • Luv the Biggies 👍

    Tree ClimberTree Climber2 days ago
  • I’m not the best person in the world, Cam. But I do want to get some of that soap

    Benjamin McVayBenjamin McVay2 days ago
    • You ARE the best person in the world...LOL

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
  • Thank you sooo much for a new one Cam!! I was starting to run out of video/ podcasts WELL THAT BITES ITS THAT LADY 😡😭 mostly

    Alica JamesAlica James2 days ago
  • entertaining

    Fox Outdoor SuppliesFox Outdoor Supplies2 days ago
  • Great to hear Your voice again !!! 💪🏻🔥👂🏻

    Nancy JohnsonNancy Johnson2 days ago
  • Thanks for your videos buddy....

    Tommy WootenTommy Wooten2 days ago
  • LOL... The reportedly most vile smelling cryptid is now the title of a 'smell good soap'?!?

    Noni NoniNoni Noni2 days ago
  • I appreciated you showing what your job is... That takes a lot of concentation!! Now I know why you can't concentrate on trying to use your left brain the same time using your right brain in the same day... or week, or THREE!! Thanks for letting your RIGHT BRAIN take over for a few days!

    Noni NoniNoni Noni2 days ago
  • These are all amazing encounters. Thank you Cam!!

    Sue RichardsonSue Richardson3 days ago
  • ♥️🌈⚡️⚡️👽

    j freyj frey3 days ago
  • Well you could have told me and i would have believed you. .id be so hurt if i told someone something and they didnt believe me. Im well know to be a truthful if i tell you i went for a ride on the back of a unicorn id expect you to believe me!

    Louise WilliamsLouise Williams3 days ago
  • Hey Cam. I haven't been around for a bit because I had surgery.

    Journeys AlkebulanJourneys Alkebulan3 days ago
    • @Dixie Cryptid lol it's ok. I understand. The youtube name I use doesn't help identify I'm female.

      Journeys AlkebulanJourneys Alkebulan2 days ago
    • @Journeys Alkebulan LOL....this is maybe the 49th time I have done this. All these months and I assumed you are a man. My apologies Ursula. Won't happen again. :-()

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
    • @Dixie Cryptid yes I'm recovering well. I'm a sister though my name is Ursula. ☺

      Journeys AlkebulanJourneys Alkebulan2 days ago
    • I hope you're recovering well brother.

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago
  • Hey Cam, you might watch who you let read. She might steal your people... Lol Great show Cam, as always... Don't know if she is your family... But she does a great job. Another great show... Thanks Camron.💖

    Kelly BKelly B3 days ago
  • Your new backup is great!

    gary richardsongary richardson3 days ago
  • The lady’s voice doesn’t do it for me

    Tyrion ParrieTyrion Parrie3 days ago
    • Thanks for letting us know.

      Dixie CryptidDixie Cryptid2 days ago