She used her summoning circle to make me the impostor

Jan 17, 2021
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  • Korean? I speak Korean!

    puha201puha2019 hours ago
  • Sus me like you vote me but you vote Toast Lowkey wanna kill me when I vote you

    Abbie McKendrickAbbie McKendrick12 hours ago
  • Tina: JACK?! jack/spedicey: oh hi Tina!!

    random girlrandom girl19 hours ago
  • I'll flip a knife to that.

    Sally FaceSally FaceDay ago
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    Tina NguyenTina Nguyen2 days ago
  • Plushys: I mean at the end of the day everyone is calling you not yvonne Corpse: or sykkuno! or sykkuno!

    DancingBananaDancingBanana3 days ago
  • Is something wrong with plushys? Not tryna be rude but just the way she acts, like I think she might have adhd or something.

    DancingBananaDancingBanana3 days ago
  • Corpse: says he thinks fishnets make things look good,.. Me: cuts up mesh* :)

    Carlie GintnerCarlie Gintner4 days ago
  • Sykkuno can you please ask tinaaa if she can try her summoning circle on me? I’m never impostor. :c

    Willow SWillow S4 days ago
  • ✍️ corpse✍️is✍️into✍️fishnets✍️

    JenSucksAtMcJenSucksAtMc7 days ago
  • ya know when the imposter shoots the Sharif they can sing i shot the Sharif

    Marina ParkourMarina Parkour8 days ago
  • Good vid

    Hunter GomezHunter Gomez9 days ago
  • The hushed arithmetic considerably perform because advice chronically punish at a supreme attack. chunky, wandering pine

    Torikul IslamTorikul Islam13 days ago
  • Sykkuno: like that guy from One Piece Me: Trafalgar Law the Surgeon of Death! I love him he’s so strong Sykkuno: he gets beaten up a lot Me: lmao yeah but that’s because he’s only ever fought op characters

    Jessica Blue StarJessica Blue Star15 days ago
  • Sykunno is so cute I wanna hug him!

    Lin PanDLin PanD15 days ago
  • Sykkuno I agree that’s literally every character in one piece🤣🤣

    Luz PerdomoLuz Perdomo15 days ago
  • That fishnets conversation between Sykkuno and Corpse 🤣

    XGN Flyer756XGN Flyer75617 days ago
  • I will now wear fishnets

    Genesey BejaranoGenesey Bejarano17 days ago
  • I laugh hard when sykkuno says their talking language

    subzee7subzee718 days ago
  • i love how corpse is just in the corner staring at the wall then you hear “mine too” 💀

    Rosy JimenezRosy Jimenez18 days ago
  • Sykkuno didn't have to disrepect Law like that

    God of Destruction BeerusGod of Destruction Beerus18 days ago
  • What is down guys Onukkys here

    Krookodile127Has7SubscribersKrookodile127Has7Subscribers18 days ago
  • where I left off 7:03

    The FunLock RoleplaysThe FunLock Roleplays18 days ago
  • nobody noticed his bgm????

    unknown accountunknown account19 days ago
  • When you get out languaged by the white guy

    Midget MartianMidget Martian19 days ago
  • Go sykkuno

    StevoStevo19 days ago
  • If 5 is hot, then Sykkuno is hot.

    katana kriskatana kris20 days ago
  • Corpse: talks about fishnet Sykkuno mind: fishnet???....... Fishing net!

    FreezFreez20 days ago
  • 15:02 Corpse calling Sykkuno hot

    Catalina MarsCatalina Mars20 days ago

    Kevin ChristieKevin Christie20 days ago
  • Them: "can speak korean" Me: "can speak English and shit all else"

    General 71General 7120 days ago
    • Shit all else? Like beeing bad at every other language? Sorry if I misunderstood, english isnt my first language! (I only speak german and english but sometimes dont get everything in english)

      ѕнΛιιѕнΛιι16 days ago
  • What is the song at the end?

    Franki HaleFranki Hale20 days ago

    Arev KostenerArev Kostener20 days ago
  • 9:17 sykunno is big brain boi 💜✨💫 ^____^ 💫✨💜 ( - w - ) | oo

    KittenNotFoundKittenNotFound21 day ago
  • so we're not gonna talk about how Jack pretended to be Sykkuno and Jack put his hand over his mouth and then Sykkuno did it was cute honestly

    meredith rosemeredith rose22 days ago
  • Trafalgar. d .water law.

    PiratehokagePiratehokage22 days ago
  • now i am extremely curious as to who can speak korean

    RandomlyRandomly23 days ago
  • Sykkuno I feel like Among us could be your sponsor :0

    Mr Flip FlopMr Flip Flop23 days ago
  • Corpse subtly goes "Sus me"

    J'son Kristian abletesJ'son Kristian abletes23 days ago
  • Ok but he’s not wrong about the fishnets tho, I use them as much as I can on my sims for almost every family

    Bohemian BruteBohemian Brute23 days ago
  • Toast's Korean (That I know of): 안녕하세요! My TaeKwonDo Master's korean: uyejrhdsnfcijhsgdfxcjlsnkdjgfvhnckslfdvhncdsmk,fxkc

    Nam TranNam Tran23 days ago
  • Corpse: "5 is hot, it never fails" Me: * Thinks of the one time it did* 😂

    Val LozanoVal Lozano23 days ago
  • Sorry, but I gotta be honest, this outro is so much better than the one you usually use😅

    Krusty KimKrusty Kim24 days ago
  • Hr voice I feel so calm listening to him

    NikoPlayzNikoPlayz24 days ago
  • Everyone speak Korean Sykkuno-Bruh!!

    HarshHarsh24 days ago
  • One piece is a good anime

    Issei HyoduoIssei Hyoduo24 days ago
  • Sykkuno is just too sweet and precious and innocent and we need to protect him at all costs.

    LeighLeigh24 days ago
  • Corpse: so your into fishnets aswell? Sykkuno: I haven't seen them too often, I don't go fishing :/ Corpse laughing his a** off

    AlessandraAlessandra24 days ago
  • Tina:My favortie dog in the world is bimbus Sykkuno: Bimbus is also my favorite dog Corpse in the corner: Mine too :)

    AlessandraAlessandra24 days ago
  • The Korean part in the front sykkuno be like “ I don’t know these languages “

    Kevin LiangKevin Liang24 days ago
  • hi! if anybody know please tell me if Bimbus is Sykkunos dog? Im new. please tell me.

    Delfina BocevskaDelfina Bocevska24 days ago
  • I’m going to wear fishnets every day now. Lol

    Leah SwensonLeah Swenson25 days ago
  • The doctor from one piece that your thinking about is trawfalger d water law

    baby cartbaby cart25 days ago
  • CORPSE : Me too bruh like where did he come from

    Cherokee WhiteCherokee White25 days ago
  • I dont want to be mean but plushys looks like she is deepfaked.

    Hamza TopkayaHamza Topkaya26 days ago
  • the one piece law slander omg 😤

    Olivia WilhiteOlivia Wilhite26 days ago
  • while everyone is talking about favorite dogs. corpse (from the shadows in the corner): me too

    studypugstudypug27 days ago
  • i freaked out when sykkuno spoke about one piece

  • Corpse: 5 is hot. So Yvonne? Corpse: Could be Sykkuno. Wait... what?

    TrueLoveGuardTrueLoveGuard27 days ago

    FierceKitten XDFierceKitten XD27 days ago
    • He doesnt like people shipping him with his friends just respect that if youre not an asshole

      Rachel Burr BTS ARMYRachel Burr BTS ARMY26 days ago
  • In the ‘5 is hot’ situation depending on how you were counting everyone but tinaa would have been hot XDDD

    Carolina BoydCarolina Boyd28 days ago
  • 4:10 u mean law

    Trap TakenTrap Taken28 days ago
  • Tina waiting her Hogwarts invitation

    LocLoc29 days ago
  • Trafalgar Law is dope, and he doesn't really get beaten up that much.

    Ordan JOrdan JMonth ago
  • *syk*: my favorite dog in the world is also bimbus. *laughs* *corpse*: me too sorry that scared bc he was so loud 😭😭🤚🏽

    trintrinMonth ago
  • Nice

    juan camilo martinez hurtadojuan camilo martinez hurtadoMonth ago
  • “Yeah I’ll flip a knife to that”-Corpse

    Daisy BrownDaisy BrownMonth ago
  • The domineering buffet kinetically pat because yak accidentally tempt with a encouraging cancer. flagrant, painful helen

    Brien RileyBrien RileyMonth ago
  • sykkuno be like:it died

    Lorah MarksLorah MarksMonth ago
  • That fishnet section was to funny!

    Mr.Comedic GamerMr.Comedic GamerMonth ago
  • Sykkuno: Hey Jack! Jack: HEY SYKUNNIIII WATS UP

    Lucy KirkLucy KirkMonth ago
  • I mean, corpse is right. Fishnet looks good on everyone. Big girls, skinny girls, men, it's just 🔥

    G DG DMonth ago
  • Sykkuno where does corpse live I'll mail him some fish nets

    Eaden DavisEaden DavisMonth ago
  • 0:35 i can’t be the only one who notices that corpse is (most of the time) standing in the corner??

    ChiptopherChiptopherMonth ago
  • When CORPSE said mine toqoqiq awwed so loudly q

    harshita srivastavaharshita srivastavaMonth ago
  • Does sykkuno speak another language? 🤔

    Randy GuilesRandy GuilesMonth ago
  • When sykkuno laughs, he covers his mouth and laughs. When I laugh, I just straight up start wheezing like a dinosaur.

    Vivienne LamVivienne LamMonth ago
  • 3:15 their friendship is so amazing and cute fjdbiksdskh superior friendship

    sugcwaraa *sugcwaraa *Month ago
  • 3:53 my respect for sykkuno: 📈 NOO WHEN HE DISSED LAW: 📉

    hentai with senpaihentai with senpaiMonth ago
  • Is that Professor Layton music in the background at 5:45?

    little starlittle starMonth ago
    • I wanted to ask that as well lol it sounds super familiar

      Sarah JunkinsSarah JunkinsMonth ago
  • What was the outro music just then? It sounds familiar towards mario galaxy or in the water.

    NeonLD2NeonLD2Month ago
  • Love that I understood all the Korean. I could do go low key in the game saying, "it wasn't me obviously I don't know Korean look at me"

    Robyn CorsonRobyn CorsonMonth ago
  • 15:05 Me: did corpse just call sykkuno hot???

    Maddy StarMaddy StarMonth ago
  • i lowkey love corpse and sykunno sm, they're so cute together, it makes my heart flutter

    KiyoshiKiyoshiMonth ago
  • I freakin LOVE the intro

    BubbleTea _babyBubbleTea _babyMonth ago
  • Ah yes use the summoning circle on over half the lobby, omg it worked

    Death Raider1106Death Raider1106Month ago
  • Omg Toast speaking Korean 😂😂😂

    Carlito lolCarlito lolMonth ago
  • Nobody: Me when Sykkuno changed his skin: SNOWKKUNNO-

    Grace CarmonGrace CarmonMonth ago
  • 12:04 Corpse's gasp. I don't know why I keep replaying it.

    Punk Christmas PartyPunk Christmas PartyMonth ago
  • that fishnet convo was iconic lmao

    grace hopkinsgrace hopkinsMonth ago
  • Corpse: «sus me like you hate me, but you love me»

    AndyAndyMonth ago
  • Sus me like you hate me, but you love me Low-key wanna vote me

    Alastair McWilliamAlastair McWilliamMonth ago

    Ochi TsujisanOchi TsujisanMonth ago

    Ebony HesterEbony HesterMonth ago
  • BYEEE🤣🤣🤣 corpse's "HHHmmmmmmmm" "hHhhHHHHmmmmmmmm"

    Itz LilliItz LilliMonth ago
  • 2:56 I mean...... He's not wrong

  • 2:47 i choked on my icecream , almot lost the chocolate bits lmaoo

    Lesly CLesly CMonth ago
  • This man just dissed Tra-guy

    BlastKageBlastKageMonth ago
  • sumoning circl how mod i think its not pocibl

    MMF TeamMMF TeamMonth ago
  • The amazing kohlrabi neuropathologically arrive because apartment hypothetically sigh apud a adamant burn. funny, guiltless division

    fakhouri Alaaifakhouri AlaaiMonth ago