She Took Over and Vlogged For Me .... creators live VLOG | Julian Barboza , Desiree montoya

Feb 19, 2021
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what city should we go to next ??
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  • When diego picked up deziii 😳

    Eduardo RodriguezEduardo RodriguezDay ago
  • Yo the way Diego carried Des I shipp

    Delisa GargedaDelisa Gargeda3 days ago
  • Desi did that little facial expression that Lina does a lot at 6:01 😂😂😂😂 I’m deaddd 🤣🤣🤣

    Destiny RamirezDestiny Ramirez4 days ago
  • She is soooo annoying asf! She was cute at first but damn she was dragging it. Please never let her take over the vlog & she just wants Jerzy to get on cus she brought the views 😂

    Marci_720Marci_7204 days ago
  • You’re a child

    jenna kerrjenna kerr5 days ago
  • She said she was break the law .. but i’s scared of security 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    YarelballsYarelballs5 days ago
  • nobody knew who you were before Jerzi brought you into her socials so respectfully don’t be ignorant Julian and second Desi is “very much” annoying and disrespectful .. JERZI WAS NEVER THE PROBLEM OBVIOUSLY

    Kathy EspinosaKathy Espinosa6 days ago
  • They way diego walked Into the door 😂😂

    Andreina SalazarAndreina Salazar6 days ago
  • When deigo hit him self on the door 😭😂

    itz_valerie 1278itz_valerie 12787 days ago
  • Julian knew what he was doing. He wanted her to bring up jerz. Don’t forget Julian a lot of ppl didn’t know who you were I know I’m one of them who had no idea who you were if it wasn’t for jerz 🤷‍♀️

    Layla RodriguezLayla Rodriguez7 days ago
  • Lmao when she went out and nobody hyped her up lmaoooo

    Luz De la torreLuz De la torre7 days ago
  • bro anne is so cute

    Emely CarranzasEmely Carranzas7 days ago
  • The whole jerz Thang WAS SHADY ASF

    Pearl JeanPearl Jean9 days ago
  • Fun fact: The person who’s first doesn’t always comment

    Kwarlicorn TVKwarlicorn TV9 days ago
  • Weird vibes

    Anajisha EuzerbeAnajisha Euzerbe10 days ago
  • Is Diego and desi together??

    Natalie MiltimoreNatalie Miltimore10 days ago
  • i love desi LMAOAOAO

    Arianna DesouzaArianna Desouza10 days ago
  • LMAO! Desi so silly I very much like her vibes! lol

    Marie Your_LoverMarie Your_Lover12 days ago
  • Damn that girl desi shady asf i hope jerzi sees this so she knows she’s fake asf fuck fake people

    Bridget KatBridget Kat12 days ago
  • desi is so wrong for mentioning jerz and knowing what happend between them but i still love her though

    Teaion YorkTeaion York12 days ago
  • the amount of times desi said ‘very much’ HAHAHA

    aaliyah sosaaaliyah sosa12 days ago
  • God bless Dr Alaho Olu on USworlds for curing me and my girlfriend from Herpes Simplex Virus. I’m very grateful to you sir...

    smith yogismith yogi12 days ago
  • i know im not the only one who heard jerz at the start:0

    Ayusha _TAyusha _T12 days ago
  • Desi pretty much cheated on her boyfriend....

    Ariana CoveyAriana Covey13 days ago
  • + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

    Yadira ArnoldYadira Arnold13 days ago
  • You fr just going to act like you don’t know jerzi that’s faul

    Clinton WylieClinton Wylie13 days ago
  • Funny how he said if i were to put any other girl in my video i would get views and that he wasnt using her..... des has way more followers then jerzi and still this video has way less views than the videos he did with jerzi. Embarrassing

    Tahnasha HarmerTahnasha Harmer13 days ago
  • Ima need her to get the camera out of her actual mouth and stop smackin the gum very much thank you very much very much

    Amanda H.Amanda H.14 days ago
  • She is so loud and annoying

    cice0143cice014314 days ago
  • Didn’t he call her a hoe before 😂😂😂 she looks stupid hanging with him

    Amanda RamirezAmanda Ramirez14 days ago
  • 2:35 aw, they are so cute.

    SusanSusan14 days ago
  • She is " very much" annoying.... wow the future in the hands of these up coming generations is a scary thought.

    Kirsty McraeKirsty Mcrae14 days ago
  • Nobody got excited for Desiree 🤣

    Mya HarjoMya Harjo14 days ago
  • i love how jazlyn and danni r chilling

    abt jessicaa .abt jessicaa .14 days ago
    • Right

      Dayanara GonzálezDayanara González9 days ago
  • I live in Indianapolis!!!

  • Julian: So what you gon do lay in ur bed? Desire: Yes Also Julian: With Diego? Desire: 😳

    Lesielli JohnsonLesielli Johnson14 days ago
  • Let's act like he didn't say "who is that" The girl you spent a lot of money on the girl you drove all the way to Arizona to see The girl you very much called your bestfriend😑 Is it that you're sad She moved on and now doing well as she was bro😯 You edit the video you could've cut that part out since you don't knw who is it

    seon richardsseon richards14 days ago
    • Time stamp?

      Jeniah RojasJeniah Rojas4 days ago
    • right like at a point he was fw and thankful for having her in his life so why disrespect her like that

      Adventures With JoannaAdventures With Joanna14 days ago
  • Gurl ur beautiful but dont throw shade like that. The way she brought up jerz knowing Julian was gonna be immature about it. Then say i love you jerz wtf.

    Ashley NadineAshley Nadine14 days ago
  • I want to move to an Diego

    Tayshun SmithTayshun Smith14 days ago
  • She’s weird for bringing up jerzi like bro wtf .

    Delayza MoralesDelayza Morales14 days ago
  • Lame

    Jehnifer RuizJehnifer Ruiz14 days ago

    x.des_tini.xx.des_tini.x14 days ago
  • Okay but like, why call jerzi out like that, for no absolute reason And why have such a rude response to the question? You could of easily cut it out if you were mature.

    Alanise DiazAlanise Diaz14 days ago
  • She said it cuz that the only thing people got on him oh jerzi oh jerzi. Get over it

    Karen 27Karen 2714 days ago
  • It was on her cuz she mention her in what time he was gonna say oh mention her mention her, ain’t no one gonna do that.

    Karen 27Karen 2714 days ago
  • Pray for Texas

    Karen 27Karen 2714 days ago
  • I love you Julian❤️❤️

    leanne Galanleanne Galan14 days ago
  • very much very much very much

    シ Jannahシ Jannah14 days ago
  • At the end of the day you guys were good friends. she never disrespected you. so why be petty and be disrespectful.

    Dayanara GonzálezDayanara González15 days ago
    • perrrriodd

      julissa floresjulissa flores12 days ago
  • why the fuck did she ask about jerz?

    Jordan CruzJordan Cruz15 days ago
  • “very much” ewww 🤮stop

    Leilani RubioLeilani Rubio15 days ago
  • Desi and Diego are meant for each other you can tell

    Sam DentonSam Denton15 days ago
    • @Ariana Covey when???

      Scarlett FavilaScarlett Favila11 days ago
    • @Ariana Covey yeah she did you do that

      Sam DentonSam Denton13 days ago
    • Yup she cheated on her boyfriend Renee with diego bc she kissed Diego

      Ariana CoveyAriana Covey13 days ago
  • She knows there’s still such an uncomfortable vibe between them and she brings Jerz up on Julians video it’s dumb fr .. but duhh she’s 15

    Brenda RodriguezBrenda Rodriguez15 days ago
    • I’m actually thankful she shared that information I’m a fan of both

      D E P R E S S I O ND E P R E S S I O N2 days ago
  • you guys talk the most shit.. let her live her life the way she wants to at the end of the day its HER life lol.

    alexis santellanalexis santellan15 days ago
  • Don't be a vlogger

    MV FamilyMV Family15 days ago
  • No one: Desi every 5 seconds: "Very much"

    Jessica NavarreteJessica Navarrete15 days ago
    • fr like wtf that even mean 😂😂😭

      Reese RomeroReese Romero12 days ago
    • Ya she’s mad annoying

      Kayla SotoKayla Soto13 days ago
  • lol vid sucked

    flipper flopflipper flop15 days ago
  • All my fav USworldsrs damm😳Julian,Dani,Desi,Diego,Jr,Matthew-I swear diego and desi are soo cute together🙈😂❤Jerzi and Julian tho

    ItsBree eItsBree e15 days ago
  • Y’all would be cute together

  • Was anyone else looking for kbreeezo in the video or was it just me ?😭

    Kobes xgucciKobes xgucci15 days ago
  • We very much don’t give a fuck

    CrashCrash15 days ago
  • Hii

    It’s itzel CortezIt’s itzel Cortez15 days ago
  • Julian you act like jerz was never nice to you😡u saying who's that🤨

    Reshme KhiemrajReshme Khiemraj15 days ago
  • She missed jeriz 😢All of us miss her😌❤💔

    Reshme KhiemrajReshme Khiemraj15 days ago
    • Jerz❤

      Reshme KhiemrajReshme Khiemraj15 days ago
  • Diego carried Desi awww their cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Alexa OchoaAlexa Ochoa15 days ago
  • I’m just going to have to point it out let’s be 💯. Julian if you are so over Jerzi stop putting her name in your video’s. Once again you and others painted Jerzi as the child during your problematic situation that apparently occurred..I think people should reconsider that theory..

    Jennifer TerryJennifer Terry15 days ago
    • Period

      Fanniee EMFanniee EM2 days ago
    • Yess thank you 👏🏼

      Maxx Don RosaMaxx Don Rosa13 days ago
    • Agree

      Bronte Sitting EagleBronte Sitting Eagle15 days ago
    • I’m proud to be the first to like this

      DestinyMaldonado _DestinyMaldonado _15 days ago
  • God I love Diego and desi 🥺🤍.

    Narendra AvilaNarendra Avila15 days ago
  • This girl must’ve been drunk or something lol

    CrystalCrystal15 days ago
  • I’m here from Diego’s story ngl 💀

    Sponge BobSponge Bob15 days ago
    • Same

      Nuggets LylahNuggets Lylah14 days ago
    • Same

      Rosemary KwartengRosemary Kwarteng15 days ago
  • Y’all love to hate maybe he didn’t wanna start nun that’s why he said “who”.. maybe he wanted to change the subject

    Rose BabyRose Baby15 days ago
    • Maxx Don Rosa he prolly did edit things out that’s why the clip ended 😂

      Rose BabyRose Baby13 days ago
    • @Rose Baby he even added the “OHHHHHH” clip. So yes that’s being petty. He could of just edited out if he didn’t want to talk about Jerz nomore.

      Maxx Don RosaMaxx Don Rosa13 days ago
    • @Rose BabyHow is that doing the most? he’s the one Pretending he doesn’t know who she is after making multiple videos with her and about her he could of cut that part out but he chose to be petty and throw shade

      On Us VlogsOn Us Vlogs15 days ago
    • On Us Vlogs how is tht being petty tho? He didn’t say nothing wrong lmao y’all just wanna do the most😂

      Rose BabyRose Baby15 days ago
    • Could of edited out that part and no one would of even known but he chose to be petty and leave it in 🥴

      On Us VlogsOn Us Vlogs15 days ago
  • Crazy thing is I was there and when Desi was talking to people when she waved before she was going back she was waving at me cause she gave me direct eye contact and I have a vid of it and I meet all those people there and they are super nice and yeah. If Julian ever sees this comment you might not remember me but I was the one in the rugrats shirt and ripped jeans lol🤪😭But anyway that was rlly fun and I miss the place🥺🧡

    PeRiOd PoOPeRiOd PoO15 days ago
  • Deedee : do u really like jerz Julian: who Deedee: jerz Julian: who that Julian u don’t need to to do that like wtf it been a year let it go

    makayla bamfordmakayla bamford15 days ago
    • Not a year already only a couple months

      daisy sdaisy s12 days ago
    • @makayla bamford i was literally just saying its desiree not deedee no need for an attitude lol

      Valerie PeñaValerie Peña14 days ago
    • @Valerie Peña ok who asked for your opinion

      makayla bamfordmakayla bamford14 days ago
    • who is deedee? its desiree

      Valerie PeñaValerie Peña14 days ago
  • Desire is like such a pick me girl

    Arlin HernandezArlin Hernandez15 days ago
    • @rubyy exactly

      Khea NicolKhea Nicol14 days ago
    • she’s just not shy💀

      rubyyrubyy15 days ago
  • Bro why you so loud shut up you’re annoying if she’s going to be in the blog I’m out shits annoying

    hailey peñahailey peña15 days ago
  • Desiree pisses me off

    Alexa GarciaAlexa Garcia15 days ago
    • then don’t watch?

      rubyyrubyy15 days ago
  • Desire: very much.............

    Pang XiongPang Xiong15 days ago
  • That gum chewing 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Lor LorLor Lor15 days ago
  • Yesirrr keep being you Julian 💕

    Evelyn .RangelEvelyn .Rangel15 days ago
  • who is this desi girl?

    domi Delldomi Dell15 days ago
  • dessi wants all the curly heads...thats sad asf

    Justice LopezJustice Lopez15 days ago
    • and what about it

      Rubi SantosRubi Santos7 days ago
    • Perm heads

      BrandonBrandon12 days ago
  • Did y’all see how Diego carried desi? But yet she says their just friends. 🙄 but in that moment wasn’t she still with Rene?🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Dolly Cardenas-ManjarrezDolly Cardenas-Manjarrez15 days ago
    • @Jessika Hernandez ok kid since when are you a dictionary.😬

      Dolly Cardenas-ManjarrezDolly Cardenas-Manjarrez14 days ago
    • No she wasnt

      Gia AngelyceGia Angelyce14 days ago
    • @Dolly Cardenas-Manjarrez you guys will saying anything about anyone LMAO. You kids don’t understand the definition of a hoe, the TRUE definition

      Jessika HernandezJessika Hernandez14 days ago
    • You a kid fosho its like saying if ur dad carries you ur dating him stupid

      Yani ramosYani ramos14 days ago
    • @bianne louise ikr😒 but you know what’s more funny that y’all support a girl that is like a drive thru😂💀

      Dolly Cardenas-ManjarrezDolly Cardenas-Manjarrez15 days ago
  • Get away from me I’m clogging😭😭

    Shyra BarbozaShyra Barboza15 days ago
  • It’s a no from me . That girl is for EVERYBODY & she threw hella shade at jerzi 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would not be cool w my “friends” old thing knowing he doesn’t fw my friend anymore, it’s just disrespectful to jerzi . Also I love how Julian STILL throws shade at jerzi ... like seems as if you are the problem kid not her

    Cam BrookeCam Brooke15 days ago
    • Fr hella childish

      Kelly MoranKelly Moran12 days ago
    • @Narendra Avila were you there to witness the rest of the conversation? Or are YOU assuming that no one said anything disrespectful just because it didn’t show it? You do realize he edited the rest of it out right? Either way, she asked him if he “really likes” someone he isn’t even on good terms with. Not really sure how that is considered respectful in your eyes but whatever floats your boat

      Kayla FKayla F15 days ago
    • @Narendra Avila but the rest of the conversation was edited out so you don’t know that... LMAO. Not really sure what your point is 😂

      Kayla FKayla F15 days ago
    • @Kayla F kid okay. Des didn’t say anything disrespect towards her tho get that in ur head bye 😭💀

      Narendra AvilaNarendra Avila15 days ago
    • @Kayla F and how do u know if she said anything else huh? Lmao stop saying shit that didn’t even happen and stop assuming🤡😭💀

      Narendra AvilaNarendra Avila15 days ago
  • Not Her Saying "Vlogler", Instead Of Vlogger 🤣🤣🤣

    Vanessa SVanessa S15 days ago
  • 7:32 did she say babe 😳👀🤣?

    MayrelMayrel15 days ago
    • that’s what i said 😭

      Alie FloresAlie Flores7 days ago
  • I only came to this video because I saw Desiree 🥰

    Liliana SanchezLiliana Sanchez15 days ago
  • i feel like desi is a very much pick me girl 😭

    tatiana Chavarriatatiana Chavarria15 days ago
    • "Very much"

      Teena DJ.Teena DJ.7 days ago
    • yesss like irl i wouldn’t b able to standddd her

      julissa floresjulissa flores12 days ago
    • Very much agree😭

      Kelly MoranKelly Moran12 days ago
    • And?

      Nylani SaundersNylani Saunders14 days ago
    • bc she’s not shy lmao

      rubyyrubyy15 days ago
  • Y’all pathetic 🤣 talkin about jerz

    emily dejesusemily dejesus15 days ago
    • They really are. They’re messy

      Maxx Don RosaMaxx Don Rosa13 days ago
    • @ms.makeitlookeasy he couldn’t of edited out 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

      Maxx Don RosaMaxx Don Rosa13 days ago
    • Its not his fault Desi brought her up.

      ms.makeitlookeasyms.makeitlookeasy15 days ago
  • Who’s that? The girl you spend a lot of money on. Acting so damn petty 😒

    Simone GouveiaSimone Gouveia15 days ago
    • Desiree Montoya

      Alisson MaldonadoAlisson Maldonado15 days ago
  • fuck julian he is fake

    briana torresbriana torres15 days ago
  • when diego picked up desi thooo

    amanda garzaamanda garza15 days ago
    • They are so so cute 🥰

      Alexa OchoaAlexa Ochoa13 days ago
    • @Dahliza Morga frrr

      amanda garzaamanda garza14 days ago
    • they are so cute

      Dahliza MorgaDahliza Morga14 days ago
    • Exactlyyy!

      Lesielli JohnsonLesielli Johnson14 days ago
    • Yes thoooo

      BD_quervoBD_quervo15 days ago
  • very much

    Sreymey MenSreymey Men15 days ago
  • Very much annoying. Give the camera back. Ugh

    Theresa MarquardtTheresa Marquardt15 days ago
    • @rubyy I did unfortunately. I also clicked out of the video faster than ever before.

      Theresa MarquardtTheresa Marquardt15 days ago
    • lmao u read the caption and u still clicked tho😭

      rubyyrubyy15 days ago
  • Where did you buy the purple puffer jacket

    linodablinodab15 days ago
  • still being disrespectful dang...

    Kaylee AnayaKaylee Anaya15 days ago
  • Julian should prank Jr cause Jr is always pranking people.

    Alexis AragonAlexis Aragon15 days ago
  • i wanna be an influencer 🥺🥺🥺like how do they do this how do they get up there :(

    Fallen ReplaysシFallen Replaysシ15 days ago
    • same i try but nothing good comes out of it 😩🥺

      Jayleigh EvansJayleigh Evans8 days ago
    • Be fake asff. I have a friend who I did not know who was an “influencer” and I hung out with his “influencer” friends. They all seem cool on camera but off cam there lame as hell 💀💀

      James Not BoringJames Not Boring15 days ago

    Fallen ReplaysシFallen Replaysシ15 days ago
  • Hi Julian

    James DohertyJames Doherty15 days ago
  • That girl shady af saying she loves jerz yet brings up her name knowing Julian wouldn’t have anything nice to say about her

    On Us VlogsOn Us Vlogs15 days ago
    • @liljerz

      michelle vmichelle v5 days ago
    • @Isabel Avila 6:55

      Danisha CejaDanisha Ceja12 days ago
    • “You like jerz” “jerz imy” 😂😂😂💀

      Reese RomeroReese Romero12 days ago
    • What minute?

      Isabel AvilaIsabel Avila13 days ago
    • Fr

      alexa Gomezalexa Gomez14 days ago