She Did It! Myrtle Had Her Piglets!

Feb 20, 2021
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It has been a long day on the homestead! Our Idaho Pasture Pig Sow Myrtle had her piglets in the middle of the night on one of the coldest days of the year!
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  • It's normal for the sow to shiver for quite a while after giving birth. It's not because of the temperature. Last night it got down to 12 degrees outside and we left the babies having free range of the pen all night. We checked our camera every couple hours and the babies went back and forth between the lights and Myrtle. Myrtle has been up eating and drinking and this morning everyone is alive and doing well.

    Living Traditions HomesteadLiving Traditions Homestead13 days ago
    • @M&G Wood, yes, my sentiments exactly. I shivered uncontrollably after all three babies, I birthed. I don't think there is a single muscle in the body that doesn't get used during the birthing process. It's shear exhaustion and the body's way of calming back down

      Sarah JordanSarah Jordan6 days ago
    • Lol I was just about to ask that. Lol

      Petra RabbitPetra Rabbit6 days ago
    • Kevin and Sarah we are blessed to have your homestead to follow.....keep up the good work!

      Donald RosbozomDonald Rosbozom10 days ago
    • Congrats that's awesome. That brought me great memories, of when my grandpa had a farm and we had piglets and that's that's awesome🎊🎉 congratulations 🥰❤

      Carmen ReyesCarmen Reyes11 days ago
    • I have a question. Is there anything you regret about leaving the rat race behind.

      David McmillanDavid Mcmillan11 days ago
  • So cute it makes me cry. So adorable.

    Georgianna LeeGeorgianna Lee2 days ago
  • They are so cute specially the spotted one.

    comet969comet9692 days ago
  • How is the piglets doing👞

    Vernon VestVernon Vest2 days ago
  • I noticed you all used a torch to burn the ground cover. Can you tell me what kind it is?

    coboringcoboring3 days ago
  • Cute pigs! Catching up on some old videos! We're hoping to get Idaho pasture pigs soon!!

    Adventures with AnnabethAdventures with Annabeth3 days ago
  • God bless you in that super cold weather!!

    Penny DickinsonPenny Dickinson4 days ago
  • Congratulations 👏

    Demi SmithDemi Smith4 days ago
  • They are so adorable I love little pigs

    Melinda BrownMelinda Brown4 days ago
  • The little girl would call Matilda

    Melinda BrownMelinda Brown4 days ago
  • There is nothing like seeing those tiny little babies up next to there mother they are so beautiful so adoreable I so want some more babies ,my mother ,passed not to long ago she was so old .she just couldnt go on any longer ,she's a good moma we sold pigs and we had our meat for a long time and we still have meat .I just love to see you new babies they are so precious. CONGRATULATIONS.

    Melinda BrownMelinda Brown4 days ago
  • Yes she has dropped .we raise our own pigs I just love that it is a very good experience, to people that hasn't never been through this .but yes she is close.very close .

    Melinda BrownMelinda Brown4 days ago
  • They are so cute! It's hard to believe that they turn into the size of Myrtle!

    Melissa LuceroMelissa Lucero5 days ago
  • 5 little bacons yum yum

    Barry MicockinherBarry Micockinher5 days ago
  • Did you save the after birth. It makes great soup.

    Barry MicockinherBarry Micockinher5 days ago
  • Piglet watch! haha. My brother in law is in goatlet watch and is mood (as my Sis says) is partly cloudy to grumpy, he's been up every hour through the nigh, especially since it's been so cold here. :)

    AKiAKi5 days ago
  • Awe, what beautiful babies, lil' piglets are absolutely adorable. I'm so glad they came without any difficulties - congratulations, Myrtle!

    ImokbturnotImokbturnot6 days ago
  • Enjoying your videos, thanks.

    Janet BamfordJanet Bamford6 days ago
  • They are adorable ❤️ mom did great, thank you for the video, take care and God Bless

    Dorothy CulbertsonDorothy Culbertson6 days ago
  • Looks like mommy loves being warm to , just like the rest of us , they are so sweet .

    Donna corriereDonna corriere6 days ago
  • thank you how beautiful amazing video congrads,

    Deborah StorreyDeborah Storrey6 days ago
  • How adorable I LOVE piglets they grow up to be the cutest animals ever.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jonnette NielsenJonnette Nielsen7 days ago
  • My husband said he had a friend that raised pigs and the best way to get big litters is to keep them dry and warm from the time they come into heat. This friend kept his sows in a barn, changed the bedding daily to keep it clean, made sure they were plenty warm and basically babied them. He lived in Minnesota and always had the biggest litters around. Just thought I'd pass the info along. Love your videos!

    Cheryl MillsCheryl Mills7 days ago
  • Babies pigs awesome!!!!

    Heidi RenoufHeidi Renouf7 days ago
  • How cute!

    The gardenerThe gardener7 days ago
  • Oh! I love the little spotted one! I grinned through the whole video. The miracle of life always brings joy. 💜💛

    Klingon PrincessKlingon Princess7 days ago
  • I'm waiting to see how the piglets are doing and what's going on with you guys

    Cm JCm J8 days ago
  • Someone has their memory distorted about banding pigs....go study up😂

    Lester RiddleLester Riddle8 days ago
  • They are so cute

    Carolyn Qammaz PA.Carolyn Qammaz PA.8 days ago
  • Cool! But you need way more hay in there than what you have currently no?

    Blackk HeartBlackk Heart8 days ago
  • Congratulations 5 piggy's.. nice

    Dan DraperDan Draper8 days ago
  • If they knew the were going to be pork chops the probably wouldn’t want to be born.

    Jim DJim D8 days ago
  • Congratulations on healthy births.

    Susie ClarkSusie Clark8 days ago
  • Awesome watch. Ty for sharing

    danny Meinbergdanny Meinberg8 days ago
  • I love love love these piggies!! I hope you keep the little girl. Excited we get to watch them on your channel

    Kimberly SKimberly S8 days ago
  • Myrtle did an Amazing Job..Her Babies are all Cute as can be..😍

    Gina CalvelloGina Calvello8 days ago
  • They are so tiny compared to momma! Very adorable.

    Jamie Andrew-KromerJamie Andrew-Kromer9 days ago
  • Do you guys have sponsors for your videos? If not he should get some sponsors... there's a gal named "emmymade" she does videos & has sponsors maybe you could hook up with her sponsors

    Cm JCm J9 days ago
  • It amazes me how good on their feet they are.

    ohbuddyiliketowatchohbuddyiliketowatch9 days ago
  • I think the female is so cute. Actually all the babies are so cute. Have a great week 😀

  • Little Foss and Big Halsey!

    Kathie BogueKathie Bogue9 days ago
  • Gorgeous piglets! Blessings to all life!

    K8 OK8 O9 days ago
  • Awww Congratulations

    Raymond EscobarRaymond Escobar9 days ago
  • Aw.. you shouldn't ever give personal names to animals you intend to eat someday. Use names like BLT or Ham Samich to paint a clear picture in your head about what you're doing, and to keep feelings out of it. If this is just a breeding sow that you never intend to eat.. feel free to tell me to go jump in a hog wallow. ;) Cute piglets, by the way. A girl I went to elementary school with made up the name hoglets. I always thought that that was cute. :)

    James LongJames Long9 days ago
  • I really hate to say this but your stud boar needs to go if he can't bring in atlest 10 🐖 something wrong I raised pigs and my first 🐗 brought in 14 pigs per sow my second boar brought in ten 🐖 at 6 months old just saying

    Butt HeadButt Head9 days ago
  • What’s the lump on that spotted ones head by it ear? Was my eyes just seeing things?

    Pamela WebbPamela Webb9 days ago
  • I can’t wait to see the babies. 🤗

    Pamela WebbPamela Webb9 days ago
  • Love your channel! Please feel free to check out my homestead here in Ohio!

    Elizabeth DonnellyElizabeth Donnelly9 days ago
  • Beautiful babies...the Princess is gorgeous...Happy mama and babies are well!!

    Paula GardnerPaula Gardner9 days ago
  • Congratulations!

    Peggy O'ConnellPeggy O'Connell9 days ago
  • Just love having piglets. They're so cute and the snorting they make is so adorable. Glad they survived the cold!

    Tom & Laurie BellinoTom & Laurie Bellino9 days ago
  • Those are Kune Kune pigs aren´t they?

    davidhintz1davidhintz19 days ago
    • Just Googled, there is KuneKune material in them.

      davidhintz1davidhintz19 days ago
  • 5 means God's Grace, which is a good hope for your future hog raising

    Cassandra NipperCassandra Nipper9 days ago
  • Hello, wanted to know how your hoop chicken coop worked out in the snow and cold? I was impressed with the build and coverings.

    Wanda KaluzaWanda Kaluza9 days ago
  • Congratulations on the piglets...looks like great babies

    Tina YontsTina Yonts10 days ago
  • Aloha from Maui! Those piglets are so adorable. Stay warm and safe! Quick question. I have organic potatoes that are sprouting. Given our abundant rain and sunshine could I use them as seed potatoes? I don’t need a huge crop. Mahalo Nancy LOVE YOU GUYS❤️

    JohnJohn10 days ago
  • cute! My pig had 6 about 2 weeks ona very cold night and yep we stayed up to make sure everything was ok. All 6 are so cute and doing great!

    Eli CEli C10 days ago
  • Enjoy watching

  • 💖

    Raising RoneysRaising Roneys10 days ago
  • So beautiful!

    Rachelle DelageRachelle Delage10 days ago
  • Congrats!🎉

    Laurie TsitsivasLaurie Tsitsivas10 days ago
  • Congratulations!!

    Ruth UmphreyRuth Umphrey10 days ago
  • Babies!

    Stephen ShorbStephen Shorb10 days ago
  • Hospitals n Texas need Blood. Please Donate

    Nono BadNono Bad10 days ago
  • Hospitals are low in BLOOD. PLEASE DONATE

    Nono BadNono Bad10 days ago
  • So stinking cute! So happy for you.

    Vitality Home in steadVitality Home in stead10 days ago
  • You have got to go to USworlds DIY Alaska Lifestyle and look for their PSI homemade canner!!! Man oh man!

    Linda LockhartLinda Lockhart10 days ago
  • Is the pigs 🐖 keeping you busy.

    Vernon VestVernon Vest10 days ago
  • I Want The Girl Please? What will she coast me??? I breathed in her nose virtually!!!!

    Sugarplum FairySugarplum Fairy10 days ago
  • What is your best tomatoes that you grow

    Sharon ButrumSharon Butrum10 days ago
  • The piglets are adorable!!

    Jan ReynoldsJan Reynolds10 days ago
  • So cute, wish I could hold one!!

    Laurie GarciaLaurie Garcia10 days ago
  • Is that myrtle snoring? She is the most chill pig! 🐷

    chris malzahnchris malzahn10 days ago
  • Not saying you’d want to... but since you have 4 of 5 male piglets would there be any advantage to neuter the male piglets? Maybe have them more manageable? Maybe better (tender) meat?

    bjlemmon Lemmonbjlemmon Lemmon10 days ago
  • Congratulations to you all xxx

    Karen RouthKaren Routh10 days ago
  • They are so cute!

    Sandra MoodySandra Moody10 days ago

    Vintage VibesVintage Vibes10 days ago
  • She has good farmer parents congratulations

    gwen reedgwen reed10 days ago
  • Congratulations!!

    Heather PlummerHeather Plummer10 days ago
  • YAAAAY Myrtle

    Candido MatiasCandido Matias10 days ago
  • ******************CONGRATULATIONS,PIGLETS ,,,WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************************* I see y'all still have snow too! A foot and a half is a little too much I think,I am glad our is finally starting to melt!****************************

    lisa reaumelisa reaume10 days ago
  • The process of motherhood is amazing no matter what the species

    Jeffrey BurkettJeffrey Burkett10 days ago
  • How long were the cattle panels younuse on your hoop coop?? Please and thanks!

    Levi WilsonLevi Wilson10 days ago
  • I do not know what I am talking about, but I would put the heat lamp over mama and her baby's. They are going to want to stay with her.😊 I m so happy they are so healthy😙

    tweety birdtweety bird10 days ago
  • I can't wait to see more of these adorable little piglets!!! I was in trucking school out of state and the highlight of my day was checking to see if Myrtle had her babies. I felt your anticipation. Congratulations!

    Robin BRobin B10 days ago
  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to be a homesteader!!!

  • Glad all the Piglets are ok they are so cute

    PatriciaTess & Lonnie & This SpotPatriciaTess & Lonnie & This Spot10 days ago
  • Aaawww...look at the snout...they're so darn cute...Stay safe Stay warm

    Bonnie Dunkin-BradyBonnie Dunkin-Brady10 days ago
  • Give mama a blanket

    Linanne BiceLinanne Bice10 days ago
  • Congratulation on another accomplishment for your Homestead. If I could, I would probably try to talk you out of the sweet baby girl.

    Virginia ReidVirginia Reid10 days ago
  • Never, never, ever bother a sow when she is having piglets. You make her upset and SHE CAN BECOME VICIOUS!

    A BestA Best11 days ago
  • how are hope and hudson doing?

    K's KornerK's Korner11 days ago
  • They are very cute - nice job Myrtle!

    Small WondaSmall Wonda11 days ago
  • Yay‼️🎉 Congrats 💕

    joann szuhayjoann szuhay11 days ago
  • Perhaps consider fabricating a 'watch enclosure' for you two for the times birthing happens in the cold, and holds your attention for hours; you could have your 'own' heat lamps and comfortable counter stools, with some sort of back support, and maybe arms, to make the watch more easy on your skeleton. 'People chambers.' : )

    J JoJ Jo11 days ago
  • Happy birthday little 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

    Kimiye Mendonca-LopezKimiye Mendonca-Lopez11 days ago
  • Congratulations mama! They are just cute as all get out !

    Eileen RobbinsEileen Robbins11 days ago
  • First time litters can be a bit small. Next year should give more bacon seedlings.

    Joy EnglishJoy English11 days ago
  • Congratulations on the piglets! So glad they’re healthy and mama is too.

    Cyndi FooreCyndi Foore11 days ago
  • The mommy pig kinda cold eh because her legs kinda shakes.

    Cacai TolentinoCacai Tolentino11 days ago