Selena: The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Oct 26, 2020
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Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice. Selena: The Series explores her journey from singing small gigs to becoming the most successful female Latin artist of all time - and the years of hard work and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together.
Starring Christian Serratos, Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí Gonzalez, and Seidy López. Part one of the two-part series premieres on Netflix on December 4, 2020.
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Selena: The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • No shade to the girl they casted, but she just looks nothing like Selena and the wigs are really off putting. How am I supposed to watch a whole series when the actress resembles nothing like Selena

    EvEv43 minutes ago
  • Selena was morena not light skin they always go for the lighter skin latinas

    Antonio CortezAntonio CortezHour ago
  • If you know Grupo Bronco, then you probably know Selena did a collab once with them and they have a show of them out too in which Selena made an appearance in episode 9. A lot of people don’t know this by the way

    KevinKevin2 hours ago
  • i cant wait for this

    BRIANNA Garcia SedaBRIANNA Garcia Seda3 hours ago
  • Selena was curvier not this damn breadstick.

    Marykate GZZMarykate GZZ3 hours ago

    Emma PerezEmma Perez3 hours ago
  • Actors look cheesy. Did Abraham finally get his picks?

    JaCab24JaCab244 hours ago
  • 1 day gang where you at?

    Selena ForeverSelena Forever5 hours ago
  • Nada que ver esta flacuchenta no se parece a selena en nada, hasta en tik Tok salen unas que se parecen más y con esta mujer más bien ofenden a celena

    Heyling RAMIREZ GomezHeyling RAMIREZ Gomez5 hours ago
  • She was before my time but I love her i made a trip to corpus to pay respect

    Markus RMarkus R5 hours ago
  • Me siento muy excited!

    DJ BodyRawKDJ BodyRawK6 hours ago
  • Nothing against the woman playing Selena but Selena was Mexican !!! Let’s keep it Authentic

    Eunice AlonsoEunice Alonso6 hours ago
  • who's here at dec 5 12 am hahaha can't waitttttttttttttttttttttt

    bastiva Giromelbastiva Giromel6 hours ago
  • You realize in 1997 everyone hated JLo as Selena before they saw the movie and then after loved her, right?

    Andrew ChristiansenAndrew Christiansen7 hours ago
  • Just wonder how Many lies are in this serie ... they made alot

    gray wolfgray wolf8 hours ago
  • Is that Liza koshy 💀💀

    Rich does roblox and moreRich does roblox and more8 hours ago
  • I’m so excited and scared and nervous for Friday! Ugh the anticipation

    Gabby AGabby A10 hours ago
  • I like Christian, she was awesome in The Walking Dead and she's a pretty talented actress...but just judging from the trailer, she neither looks like Selena or captures her personality. I've been a Selena fan the past 22, 23 years, have read and watched a massive amount on this incredible lady. Seen the '97 biopic more times than I can count. I truly don't connect to this project from what I've seen so far, there's something missing. However, maybe I'm judging too harshly. We'll see, I guess.

    Victoria GraceVictoria Grace11 hours ago
  • Been waiting for the damn series 😩❤️

    QueenNailahQueenNailah15 hours ago
  • Y'all are saying she is way too skinny so y'all didn't see the first scene of her walking

    Esba OyelekeEsba Oyeleke16 hours ago
  • Selen here we go again Selena ever since she died you don't let the girl rest in peace it's all about the money now you know you guys act like she's a God or something she was okay I mean for the people that liked her but I think the family over does it with her you know they made money with her alive now they're making more money since she's dead you go to her gravesite Big statue of her I mean she wasjust a human being but really where is she right now because from a Christians point of view the wages of sin is death she believes in God but does she accept him as a personal savior did she read her Bible was he the Lord and savior of her life I don't think so she was a worldly person so what does the bible say ?what good is it if a man inherits the Earth and wealth but loses his soul or her soul in the end I'm not judging but you know she wasn't I A God-fearing woman and look what happened she's gone where is she ? is she resting in peace or is she being tormented she died the first death which is a natural death put on Judgement Day Who knows where she'll go from there it's not just because she gave to Charities or she was a good person or she loved A lot of people that doesn't get you in heaven and for those of you reading this maybe you think I'm crazy or stupid or something I'm just going by what the Bible says she was a worldly person and I feel sorry for her if she didn't know the Lord the devil even knows the Lord on that day every knee shall bow even Satan's and everyone will give an account of what they did on the Earth like I say she might have helped people giving to charities show a lot of love to others but that's not going to get her into the Gates of Heaven so I have to say Edward FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE ALSO IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION Scripture reads on that day the rich the poor the free the people in prison the generals the leaders of the world will Run to the Hills and try to hide themselves from he who sits on the throne and you think Selena was big Jesus is bigger and I'm not preaching on the internet but if you ever wake up one morning and put the news on and the headlines read that millions of people have disappeared from the face of the Earth that's the Rature that came while you were asleep you didn't make it shortly after that the Antichrist will come into the picture and if you accept the Lord on that day you came one day too late God bless you for reading this .

    Edward VerdugoEdward Verdugo17 hours ago

    Gabriela MendezGabriela Mendez17 hours ago
  • I was born 28 days before she passed

  • JLO has some competition. JLO aced the looks but this one aces the looks almost but she’s an even better actress meaning she will be able to convey more than what Jennifer was able to 23 years ago.

    Dare PowellDare Powell18 hours ago
  • Rosita from The Walking Dead is playing Selena? Definitely watching 😁

    DarksideDarkside18 hours ago
  • Do you know the name of this song 0.16

    Cynthia ByrneCynthia Byrne18 hours ago
  • She looks like a drug addict. WTF.

    Alfredo ArredondoAlfredo Arredondo18 hours ago
  • Here for this until Netflix cancels it like they do for good shows like The OA, the society, etc....

    Jenni LopezJenni Lopez19 hours ago
  • Fire whoever did hair for the actors

    Lilianna GuadagnoloLilianna Guadagnolo19 hours ago
  • Seems like all the new generation knows to do is complain, jesus, I like the girl they casted and I hope she shuts you all up little babies with her great acting, goddamn.

    mario bromario bro20 hours ago
  • She's a great actress but this role was not for her. They could've chosen someone who resembled Selena a lot more.

    Maricela Ramirez AguilarMaricela Ramirez Aguilar20 hours ago
  • I’m solely here for the comments

    Xandria BennettXandria Bennett20 hours ago
  • Not a fan of Selena with curly hair

    Caden LiberackiCaden Liberacki20 hours ago
  • I really hope there's a cameo of April the chicken!!

    Carlos VazquezCarlos Vazquez20 hours ago
  • They should have called this show como la flor which means like a flower in Spanish

    Alexander MartinezAlexander Martinez21 hour ago
  • As a lifetime Selena fan I can’t wait

    Alexander MartinezAlexander Martinez21 hour ago
  • what I want to know is... is this a miniseries or an actual show with several seasons?

    Joey ClemenzaJoey Clemenza21 hour ago

    Pilar PenarandaPilar Penaranda21 hour ago
  • I don't think we need a selena series There a movie already there just use her name for cash

    Sammy AntoineSammy Antoine21 hour ago

    ed paed pa21 hour ago
  • I was reading an article I would have rather watched a series from Chris perspective

    CatCat22 hours ago
  • Dejen esa mujer dormir en paz, le han sacao mas dinero al muerto que a una mina de oro

    Noel RoblesNoel Robles22 hours ago
  • But we already did this though...

    Mr. MyriadMr. Myriad22 hours ago
  • She does not resemble Selena, wtf Netflix. Selena was slim thicc not skinny, and the facial features don't match those of Selena. Still watching tho.

    Rubi RenteriaRubi RenteriaDay ago
  • I hate everything about this. Also to pick a skinny skeleton as Selena is a slap to the face to her actual memory

    Grace L.Grace L.Day ago
  • For a second I thought they had casted Liza Koshy as adult Selena and I had never been so scared in my life 😂

    Jose ReynosoJose ReynosoDay ago
    • +Jose Reynoso Ha ha ha! 😆

      cance7984cance7984Day ago
  • I remember watching the 1997 film in Spanish class. I'm looking forward to this series!

    Ben SandersBen SandersDay ago
  • y’all really did the girl dirty with the wigs bruh

    Brenda DubonBrenda DubonDay ago
  • Yeah I know now that this trailer is a little bit longer and it shows more I'm starting to begin to think that the movie was better 😐

    Jose GarciaJose GarciaDay ago
  • They could of use demi lovato

    Brando CastilloBrando CastilloDay ago
  • What type of dollar general series is dis I prefer the real selena and da movie

    Brando CastilloBrando CastilloDay ago
  • Jlo was as close as you can get . This Selena is like a great value brand .

    Mermaid LuMermaid LuDay ago
  • the new selena is a rip-off but selena was a legend❤️❤️❤️

    bakubearbakubearDay ago
  • Que mamadas es igual que la pelicula

    Luis RodriguezLuis RodriguezDay ago
  • Why are they trying to make her look black. She was Tejana, not black.

    Bach VivaldiBach VivaldiDay ago
  • Well damn, Susie Crapgrass

    Alexander MaxpowerAlexander MaxpowerDay ago
  • Jay low was a good selena

    Texen__ PandaTexen__ PandaDay ago
  • You know I grew up in south Texas literally around Selena she performed for my cousins 8th grade graduation in Crystal City, tx and I feel that this actor looks nothing like her she's small framed which Selena wasent I mean she wore a big size if shoe and was very big boned this actor dose not resemble her at all not very excited to see the series I feel jlo was a perfect fit....even at 51 jlo looks more like Selena....but that's Hollywood for you always pertaying thing the way they really aren't....smh disappointed fan.....

    Nyssa VegaNyssa VegaDay ago
  • Ready to be happy and sad because I know what it’s gonna happen 😔

    Hari ÁvilaHari ÁvilaDay ago
  • The casting is horrible ... the acting seems cheesy and campy. Hope it’s good 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    TheJustinlanTheJustinlanDay ago
  • The casting is throwing me off so much😔😪idk if i want to watch it

    TyTy 18TyTy 18Day ago
  • I hope she gain around 45 pounds after the first episode. She needs curves and a lot of junk on the trunk to play Selina.

    Lorena SannLorena SannDay ago
  • I love Selena but why does this feel whitewashed

    Derik EatsbrainsDerik EatsbrainsDay ago
    • And gentrified

      Derik EatsbrainsDerik EatsbrainsDay ago
  • She looks NOTHING like Selena. Not even close!

    Genesis AguileraGenesis AguileraDay ago
  • Horrible casting. Looks nothing like her

    ChrisKSfellowChrisKSfellowDay ago
  • Why do I keep thinking this actress looks more like JLo rather than Selena ☹️😣😖😫😓

    Angelica MonterrozaAngelica MonterrozaDay ago
  • And Yolanda has the nerve to wanna come out soon? GIRL

    QueeniQueeniDay ago
  • Long time no see this amazing actor!

    MelissaMelissaDay ago
  • I just saw the trailer for the first time and i was tearing up hearing her actual voice in the singing. :( we miss selena. Long Live The Queen Selena!

    Mayela Garcia SalazarMayela Garcia SalazarDay ago
  • Jennifer López looks more like Selena. This actress nada que ver.

    Raul BautistaRaul BautistaDay ago
  • I would have been just fine with them putting the OG Selena movie on Netflix. This ain't IT!

    Craig FurlowCraig FurlowDay ago
  • No no no.... no offense to the actress but HELLLLS no no ...TO skinny i don't think so ...

    Freyre MartinFreyre MartinDay ago
  • She was so Young.

    Shockwave TimShockwave TimDay ago
  • Where is the trailer "Anitta: Made in Honório"?

    Marcos VindsyMarcos VindsyDay ago
  • I have seen more people on TikTok look more like Selena than that girl playing a role😐😐🥺

    Maria LifeMaria LifeDay ago
  • Selena is lacking the fattie 🤦‍♂️

    97rayder97rayder2 days ago
  • Should have picked someone else to play Selena she don’t even look at all like her ?!? 🤯

    Lorean TLorean T2 days ago
  • I remember the first time i saw Selena...I was just a kid watching the show lente loco in univison in the 90s hosted by odalis she was in a music video with the barrio boys.. from that moment on she captured this gay boys heart ❤️

    Danni RuizDanni Ruiz2 days ago
  • Why does she look more like jlo than Selena? 😂

  • Selena❤

    SelenaSelena2 days ago
  • I totally appreciate they're using Selenas different hairstyles through the years. While I like this actress I personally think Francia Rasia would've made an amazing Selena. She dressed as her for an episode of Grown-ish. Great resemblance.

    Calamari ForUCalamari ForU2 days ago
  • She was a beautiful young lady, so tragic what happened to her. God bless her family!! 🙏🎶

    Jeanie LoweJeanie Lowe2 days ago
  • This looks jank. I'll wait for the reviews and if they say it's anything less than a must-see, I'm out.

    here2watch08here2watch082 days ago
  • For a second I thought the actress playing Selena was Liza Koshy lmao 😂

    Ruby WooRuby Woo2 days ago
  • ❤❤❤❤

    Christian GaspoChristian Gaspo2 days ago
  • 3 days left

    THE GEEkTHE GEEk2 days ago
  • The littel girls is tryong to hard to be the littel girl from the movie... And that chick looks nothing like Selena she looks like Jlo. So if that was yalls purpose. Koodohs. Susettes should make some music. Shes the next best thing. Suzette is a Star to me.. So i wanna hear her songs. Come on SUZETTES A STAR TOO LETS FOCUS ON HER FOR A CHANGE LOVE SEL. BUT WHAT ABOUT SUE

    PavementPavement2 days ago
  • This show is going to be amazing sadly we know how it ends some lame ass bich couldn't stand Selena was getting rich and popular and had to step in and destroy it

    Micah BellMicah Bell2 days ago
    • well well well, speaking of witch! You killed Arthur Morgan >:(

      Israel MendieIsrael MendieDay ago
  • The best thing about Jlo being casted as her for the movie is that she had the same rhythm and dance skills and most importantly, stage presence which Christian Serratos does not. Its not something you can act out. You have to feel the music in your soul and know what it's like to enjoy singing and performing.

    Beyond BellezaBeyond Belleza2 days ago
    • @Eddie G nope, thats my opinion but I bet you know what thats like 🙊

      Beyond BellezaBeyond Belleza20 hours ago
    • You smoking crack

      Eddie GEddie G20 hours ago
  • They could go to a Selena look a like contest in South Texas and find girls that look and sound more like Selena that this skinny light skinned girl they got. The cast isn't it. Also, those wigs... Oof.

    krazykittymattkrazykittymatt2 days ago
  • You guys are making her legacy look stupid she looks nothing like her

    JULIOJULIO2 days ago
  • I am so glad another generation gets to see just how wonderful and beautiful and kind that Selena is. A new generation knowing her name and songs...keeping her memory alive words.

    Anna EkmanAnna Ekman2 days ago
  • I am already crying 😭😭

    Anna EkmanAnna Ekman2 days ago
  • This Selena I don’t like sorry

    marelyn escobarmarelyn escobar2 days ago
  • This look like a Disney channel movie

    Juan DelgadoJuan Delgado2 days ago
  • Bro. I can’t stop laughing at the idea that Spooky from On my Block has long hair 😩😂

    Ed CervEd Cerv2 days ago
  • I just want to know what they were smoking when they cast this girl.

    Sheirynette VegaSheirynette Vega2 days ago
  • rip Selena! You are missed so much. 😭💜💜😪😪👏 & People need to stop hating & leave the Quintanilla family alone. It is their life, they always been creators, if y’all hate this so much/or them making money then don’t stream it(watch)... her family has every right to do as they wish because they ALL WORKED SO HARD/ENDURED SO MUCH PAIN to get to where they were until she sadly passed. & yet SOOO so many randoms online sell Selena merch.. WHO aren’t even family YET THEY STILL CAN PROFIT OFF HER ???!!

  • My mom named me after her 🥺❤️

    Salina Tovar RuizSalina Tovar Ruiz3 days ago
  • where is Selena’s iconic body!! so sad :( I’m pretty sure this actress will do a good job but I’m upset about the casting

    Zari DarienZari Darien3 days ago