SCP-2852 Sadistic Madman Party Crasher | Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation)

Feb 18, 2021
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SCP-2852 is a Keter Class anomaly also known as Cousin Johnny.
SCP-2852 are entities that have appearance of a middle-aged white male and are genetically identical to humans. SCP-2852 instances appear at various Catholic and Anglican religious functions where they are treated as being an established member of the family. Each family gathering that SCP 2852 attends result in different behavior from the subject and different effects but all all extremely violent and disturbing. When questioned after an event, all affected individuals report a feeling of fondness toward SCP2852, regardless of its actions during an event.
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SCP-2852 - Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-2852" by kinchtheknifeblade:
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  • Waitttt...I have 3 god parents

    Oliver BushOliver BushHour ago
  • I'd rather we'd have more SCP's that are interesting, tragic, maybe even comedic. It seems mostly we're just going towards "Who can make the most F'ed up SCP" Wish we had more SCP's like SCP 1762

    Dex TroDex Tro11 hours ago
  • Oh god I've had an ungodly tooth ache for weeks and I see this

    dem0nchild610dem0nchild61014 hours ago
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate the names of the mobile task forces

    ShirotamaShirotama15 hours ago
  • And I thought "when day breaks" was hardcore. I clearly was proved wrong

    brothaxgeniebrothaxgenie15 hours ago
  • Cousin Jhonny seems to be a good supplier of D-Clases

    Shirtless MyersShirtless Myers21 hour ago
  • And that is why im Christian

    Chase CroffordChase CroffordDay ago
  • How do I make it so this never shows up on my feed ever again.

    Sibwan SibwanSibwan SibwanDay ago
  • You have now met Cousin Johnny Now meet the twins Cousin Timmy and Cousin Jimmy

    It'sJustMochaIt'sJustMochaDay ago
  • Wtf is this wedding

    FIREFIREDay ago
  • I’m scared now I’m in Edmonton

    Mia gaming rblxMia gaming rblxDay ago
  • Very happy yall finally did my favorite SCP. Great content

    bear fluidbear fluidDay ago
  • im orthodox so i have no problem

    Adrian PopovAdrian PopovDay ago
  • Omg oof

    Kendrick KuanKendrick KuanDay ago
  • I had a night mare of this and I didn’t even know it existed like I had the night mare a year ago and I just found this today

    Sarah LyonsSarah LyonsDay ago
  • 0

    Shane SeymourShane Seymour2 days ago
  • Why Cicada??

    Sasha & ChampSasha & Champ2 days ago

    darknesswithindarknesswithin2 days ago
    • 👁👁

      BυɳɳყBυɳɳყ2 days ago
  • So this is what happened when Johnny couldn’t stop eating too much sugar?

    JackWProductionsJackWProductions3 days ago
  • Oil tanker for you cousin Johnny🤣😂😂

    Leoparte GamingLeoparte Gaming3 days ago
  • Is this what happened to me?

    Awol PeaceAwol Peace3 days ago
    • Ayo?

      BυɳɳყBυɳɳყ2 days ago
  • Let's be honest, who doesn't have a cousin that wants to do messed up things at a wedding?

    geardog24geardog243 days ago
  • Question could you be affected by cousin Johnny is you are in a different religion?

    Melissa GomezMelissa Gomez3 days ago
  • Random family memeber: You remember cousin Johnny, right? Me: No, we're asians.

    Yubi YuchiroYubi Yuchiro3 days ago
  • I really like the task forces name they are sooo coooooool......😎

    Mυԋαɱɱαԃ Hυȥαιϝα Bιɳ KԋαʅιԃMυԋαɱɱαԃ Hυȥαιϝα Bιɳ Kԋαʅιԃ3 days ago
  • johnny sins's cousin?

    Syazwan ShamsuddinSyazwan Shamsuddin4 days ago
  • Me:17 year old don't have any crush or GF well sht I'm going to die next year

    gerald 0986gerald 09864 days ago
  • Ha score 1 for atheists

    Ethan MossEthan Moss4 days ago
  • All I could think about is Teen Titans Go, when Raven beats the Tooth Fairy in a teeth eating contest for the teeth of the Titans, minus one or two that were a "tasty" snack...

    Will TurnerWill Turner4 days ago
  • 1:14 bri' 'sh people be like

    Otto KOtto K4 days ago
  • *Him gives me pliers* *Me trying to pull out his teeth.*

    Deborah SheldonDeborah Sheldon4 days ago
  • I don't know why, but I really like this one "I went to a really weird wedding as a child, now I'm asexual."

    Isabella AndersonIsabella Anderson4 days ago
  • No

    mightyspirit0120 Gam3rmightyspirit0120 Gam3r5 days ago
  • it's epsilon, not upsilon

    justin nelsonjustin nelson5 days ago
  • Black level events are like the main quest in a video game no matter how hard you try to alter the story the game just skips over your attempts

    Walter WhiteWalter White5 days ago
  • Good god 0_o

    Anya GroulxAnya Groulx5 days ago
  • But wait...what happens to the body though? All of this and the dead doesn't ressurect?

    Giannis DravisGiannis Dravis5 days ago
  • Are these stories real bechose i want to know

    dareallogjakedareallogjake5 days ago

    SeanMichaelMPaynoSeanMichaelMPayno5 days ago
  • Odd choice to make a video about Cousin Johnny on this channel, considering that there are probably some very young kids watching

    Nolan PeetNolan Peet5 days ago
  • I feel like cousin Johnny was created because cicadas got tired of people getting mad at crashing weddings, when they only wanted to congratulate them.

    CraztCole 19CraztCole 195 days ago

    Furry HunterFurry Hunter5 days ago
  • Damn whoever is Cousin Johnny's barber needs to be fired. They really messed my mans up.

    dudarupaffududarupaffu6 days ago
  • welp. i never wanted to get married, its cheaper, and funeral? No no no. and those religions, nope.

    Tiki Cat StudiosTiki Cat Studios6 days ago
  • They got way to confusing on this scp.

    maximul snarlmaximul snarl6 days ago
  • At this moment i knew... Ik this animation its from that one somthing grafic show

    wolf beanswolf beans6 days ago
  • "Jonny is a keter class anomaly that has thus far proven impossible to contain." well than he is not keter is he?

    Carter GwynCarter Gwyn6 days ago
  • .dneirf tseb ruo si ynnhoJ nisuoC

    FalcoTheGreatFalcoTheGreat6 days ago
  • The SCP foundation is the Men In Black on pure crystal meth.

    FalcoTheGreatFalcoTheGreat6 days ago
  • me who lives in north america oh fuck

    blake seddonblake seddon6 days ago
  • Oh hey I had a third AND forth godparent... ...Wait...

    ScarabDScarabD6 days ago
  • 1/3 of all catholic D-Class are estimated to have earned their prison sentence through Cousin Johnny events?! That’s crazy!

    Cheek LoinsCheek Loins6 days ago
  • Omg....this has to be the worst one I've watched.... I almost couldn't finish it

    Aliece AlessandraAliece Alessandra6 days ago
  • Evil Mr. Poopybuthole.

    Renato Suekichi KutekenRenato Suekichi Kuteken6 days ago
  • i know this is not related to this video but what if cousin johnny looked at scp-096

    John MartinezJohn Martinez6 days ago
  • Cousin Johnny scp is one of those scp’s that the whole community never talks about.

    K CK C6 days ago
  • Never trust any man named Johnny... He could be anyone cousin.

    Andy FateAndy Fate6 days ago
  • I am lucky because I am in the uk

    Zack ZombieYTZack ZombieYT6 days ago
  • "All married individuals who attended the wedding will find that they are unable to conceive children, despite no biological indicators of infertility." Free birth control.

    TerzettoTerzetto6 days ago
  • O

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz6 days ago

  • Why is this the infographics show animation characters

    The GamerThe Gamer6 days ago
  • That moment when you actually have a cousin named johnny: o.o

    Citrus WeirdoCitrus Weirdo6 days ago
  • Never needed to see cousin johnny be animated, but imagine making a movie out of this

    Bobi MilevBobi Milev6 days ago
  • Don't read the comments if you don't like spoilers, that's why if it's something I'm interested in I don't read the comments I just post and move on 👍🏿

    Baby ABaby A6 days ago
  • Gross

    Lovemanga!! 1Lovemanga!! 16 days ago
  • Is That not how weddings normally go?

    DanThePersonDanThePerson6 days ago
  • Infographics: SCP Edition

    Cringe LordCringe Lord7 days ago
  • when cousin johnny exist but ur not in america B)

    ABU_ABSIABU_ABSI7 days ago
  • if Johnnys coming to my funeral, I'm not coming

    RiaanRiaan7 days ago
  • i watch all your vids, but i didnt like the thumbnail for this. i only watched it to get it off my main page.

    Zahler BazaarZahler Bazaar7 days ago

    SamSam7 days ago
  • man this scp really B U G S me

    peter burczykpeter burczyk7 days ago
  • This is next level weird shit

    yeetis deletusyeetis deletus7 days ago
  • Scp: we have to keep this secret Scp explained-story and animation: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

    CappGamingCappGaming7 days ago
  • Atheist: poggers

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach7 days ago
  • You *really* need new sound effects. It's getting ridiculous.

    Viking TeddyViking Teddy7 days ago
  • I knew I never let my cousins play with my legos for good reason.

    LamdaLamda7 days ago
  • Me going to a blue level as birth controll

    ZeliriousZelirious7 days ago
  • celebrity weddings huh ? DAMN YOU COUSIN JOHNNY !!!

    hobby gamerhobby gamer7 days ago
  • Now this is fuckin creepy.

    Hold My beer!Hold My beer!7 days ago
  • So what you're saying is... I could meet someone I like, even if it is a trick?

    OreagleOreagle7 days ago
  • I am a new scp and my name is hmmmmm is the only thing I say hmmmmmmm

    Hernesto oscar cvHernesto oscar cv7 days ago
  • The bus

    Hernesto oscar cvHernesto oscar cv7 days ago
  • and this is why converting to the church of the flying spaghetti monster is a good thing, as Cousin Johnny is repelled by his Noodliness from such events.

    fireblast133fireblast1337 days ago
  • This Scp made its cameo in Rick and Morty 😄😄

    Eric GhaleEric Ghale7 days ago
  • *sighs* this sounds to fake just shut up with this channel u r making a lot of pll scared whats wrong with you? go to jail

    Willeke van der VlistWilleke van der Vlist7 days ago
  • They couldn't even get a cicada soundtrack to replace the man screams

    Nerdlin GeekslyNerdlin Geeksly7 days ago
  • new rick and morty episode hella wierd

    VinxxVinxx7 days ago
  • I'm going to Mars after this vid.

    Kakashi Hatake fanKakashi Hatake fan7 days ago
  • Sucks to be a Christian, eh?

    Happily IgnorantHappily Ignorant7 days ago
  • didnt they prenounce epsilon wrong?

    BeetlessBeetless7 days ago
  • What a douchbag scp

    redfox4561redfox45617 days ago
  • Is scp like this generations version of creepy pasta?

    Nathan -Nathan -7 days ago

    Curtis EvansCurtis Evans7 days ago
  • Johnny johnny yes pa pa

    Loc LeLoc Le7 days ago
  • It'a simple folks... just give up on your social lifes, grab WoW or any kind of MMO with a long time investment and isolate yourselfs... start to protect your virginity! This equals no marriage a.k.a. no Cousin Johnny~

    MeysonMeyson7 days ago
  • I remember my cousin Johnny. Great guy.

    snottyspoonsnottyspoon8 days ago
  • Here’s Johnny

    Francis BellFrancis Bell8 days ago
  • *When your cousin is named Johnny*

    Codykun27Codykun278 days ago