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Apr 5, 2021
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President Biden's new $4 trillion spending bill explained. It will be a two prong bill with $2.3 trillion in the first half for bridges, roads, manufacturing, internet and clean water. IRS officially says they will handle the $10,200 of tax free unemployment. Chuck Schumer tries to use an old rules go squeeze more stimulus money into stimulus checks. Former President Trump's voice is banned from Facebook. Facebook data breach. McCarthy tells Pelosi its time to start running the house the right way | 21 senators want stimulus in the Biden build back better plan | Daily News 4/5
SSI, SSDI, VA and SSA say big stimulus money drops today, April 7th and April 15th. Should Biden focus on taxing profitable large corporations, helping small businesses become bigger or heavily taxing stretched thin American citizens? Are we in a real estate bubble similar to the great recession? 16 Winners for Hats and Cash
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On this channel I cover stimulus check updates, stimulus package updates and any new developments regarding the next stimulus relief package.
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So far the Cares Act has been signed into law by President Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress proposed the stimulus checks and stimulus packages in March.
We are now waiting on the Hero’s Act to pass so we will know whether stimulus money will be paid to the American people. We are waiting to see if essential workers will be paid hero’s pay or essential workers pay. We are waiting to hear on federal unemployment, back to work bonuses and PUA weekly income for unemployed people.
This channel also covers the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program, the EIDL Grant and EIDL loan program through the SBA or Small Business Administration.
This channel also educates people on Smart Money Tips, Personal Development and Words of Encouragement.
Stephen Gardner is a best-selling financial author with 8 books. He is also does financial coaching to show clients how to build wealth and quickly eliminate all their debt using his FOCUS method. His most popular book is Taming Wall Street.
The two strategies taught in Taming Wall Street did NOT lose money during the coronavirus market drop or the great recession.
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Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time.
Make sure to stay up to date on the next stimulus check, stimulus package, PPP, EIDL Grant and EIDL loan so you don’t miss out on your money. Also, Stephen makes sure to do research on unemployment, rent and mortgage assistance, food assistance programs, SBA Loans, IRS, President Trump, Steve Mnuchin of the Treasury Department, The Senate, Congress and the House of Representatives.
I appreciate your trust in regards to the IRS Stimulus Check information. I believe a second stimulus check and second stimulus package will happen and updates on the second stimulus check 2 will be coming soon.
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  • Check out the new GIVEAWAY with over $2000 in prizes. Did you SEE THIS? -----> Did you see Facebook trying to cover up their data breach?

    Stephen GardnerStephen Gardner5 days ago

      Malva ScurryMalva ScurryDay ago

      Malva ScurryMalva ScurryDay ago
    • Yes I am.... still want to know about the lil green alien!

      Kim FarleyKim Farley2 days ago
    • What is ssi getting every month y'all can't hear old

      Bobby HurleyBobby Hurley3 days ago

      hassan mohamedhassan mohamed3 days ago
  • What is the SBA website for the 10k application?

    Noreen TurnerNoreen Turner28 minutes ago
  • We senior citizens need money to

    valencia burneyvalencia burney51 minute ago
  • What will happen if you haven't filed taxes by the time July comes will you still get your monthly money ....or do you have to wait

    Jessica BrownJessica BrownHour ago
  • The mask don't work and I ain't spending money on mask until I find one that works so I just don't wear one

    Derrick BaggettDerrick BaggettHour ago
  • Ssdi received third stimulus

    Braiding DollBraiding Doll9 hours ago
  • The mask isn't the problem. It's the hands and gloves touching steering wheels, faces, and children.

    DJ PittmanDJ Pittman12 hours ago
  • Yup, I finally received my stimulus check. Thanks to God!

    Carmen CruzCarmen Cruz12 hours ago
  • What makes you think I'm looking around your office? Lol 😆

    Els LeePriceEls LeePrice15 hours ago
  • Yes I got mine last week 😊

    4tamy44tamy417 hours ago
  • Yes got it 👍

    John BabcockJohn Babcock18 hours ago
  • They should be concerned about these bills being pushed in an untimely manner. Con artists are known for this maneuver. That's why years ago they made it where a person had 3 days to change their mind after signing up for something. Shouldn't this apply to our law makers

    Pam WheatPam Wheat20 hours ago
  • About the "mask" contest... I appreciate the questions you ask. Very refreshing and great food for thought. I don't believe them. And the answer could be both. Fishy. Does one get a copyright first to protect your new and improved mask? Hmm

    Pam WheatPam Wheat20 hours ago
  • I received my stimulus money

    Savannah LanierSavannah Lanier21 hour ago
  • I have received my stimulus, I'm on ssi

    Bonnie RodriguezBonnie Rodriguez21 hour ago
  • Love President Trump! He's hilarious. Biden is so boring...Boring Biden!

    Tabitha LanuzaTabitha Lanuza23 hours ago
  • Yeah shove your mask. We should not be wearing them. It's another distraction to the People. Pure B/S

    LynneLynneDay ago
  • I’m on disability and got my $1400 back in March. I believe March 16th. No other income just the disability

    hurslahurslaDay ago
    • stockverified3 @Gmail

      Stephen GardnerStephen Gardner22 hours ago
  • No i have not recieved my stimulus check yet

    Brittany ClarkBrittany ClarkDay ago
  • Funny but not unusual. Does no one see the trappings? I know the liberals dont...

    reptiles fear Yeshuareptiles fear YeshuaDay ago
  • The masks are proven not to stop the spread of covid or any other disease. Covid is a strand of the flu. this is why no one hears of influenza. I know people who got it, but have no contact with people. I have been around enough people to know I should have got it. This is just a method proving they have control over the majority people lol. In the past it didn't work well with the swine flu, bird flu, etc

    Justin CuvelierJustin CuvelierDay ago
  • My son is still waiting for his tax return and his stimulus check how much longer does he have to wait

    Debby JohnsonDebby JohnsonDay ago
  • Yes, Received stimulus

    Shannon Hoback-JamesShannon Hoback-JamesDay ago
  • The GOP were doing nothing while the House was waiting for the bills to reach the traitor GOP

    carmen perezcarmen perezDay ago
  • I like your office, Stephen.

    Beverly PratherBeverly PratherDay ago
  • I received my SS $1,400.00 check. I got it direct deposit March 29.

    Melinda MonascoMelinda MonascoDay ago
  • I'm not being mean or racist at all by this comment..but I live in cali and I see the families with several children and the more kids u have the more food stamps u their children are all walking around obese munching on Takis and Pepsi.. low income children are being fed ...Im just saying it like I see it.

    Raquel NhyRaquel NhyDay ago
  • To bad leave trump alone what you all afraid of white house people you all got big bussiness in your pocket shame on you all

    Mary AlleyMary AlleyDay ago
  • I received mine as soon as they were sent 💯

    Louis GeeLouis GeeDay ago

    Malva ScurryMalva ScurryDay ago
  • We should not have to wear masks to be our choice guitar body

    Charlie BushCharlie BushDay ago
  • We have received our $1,400. Live in Tenaha,Texas

    Mary ColbeyMary ColbeyDay ago
  • Yes I have got mine

    Shelia WhitleyShelia WhitleyDay ago
  • How is this govt affording all that money when they are working under a bankrupt and defunct Corporation?? Did the Easter Bunny find extra money to give to the people? While the money help sounds great, it is also scary when they don't say where the money is coming from! Or, is it the forefront to a higher, expensive tax on us later? What's the catch?

    Maria GregoryMaria GregoryDay ago
  • We received ours this wensday

    Patricia StandridgePatricia StandridgeDay ago
  • My brother got his

    lee ericksonlee ericksonDay ago
  • Thanks for all your help and advice

    Molly ChaviraMolly ChaviraDay ago
  • I am on SSDI, And I have not received the 3rd stimulus check and have no info on the Irs web site.

    Traveling with the GramkrackerTraveling with the GramkrackerDay ago
  • Ughhh chuck Nancy drew

    Daniel MillerDaniel MillerDay ago
  • Got it paid off bills

    Michelle MataMichelle MataDay ago
    • Still apply for 10,200$ relief grant I have gotten my I got some bills paid off

      Joyce JoeJoyce JoeDay ago
  • Have mine

    Joyce HoffmanJoyce HoffmanDay ago
  • No

    Laura SalvatoreLaura SalvatoreDay ago
    • Hello Laura. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
    • I on society

      Laura SalvatoreLaura SalvatoreDay ago
  • How would you determine if you will receive more tax refund from the unemployment 10k deductible

    LaTanza LashayLaTanza LashayDay ago
    • Hello LaTanza. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • have not received $1400 and no pending date

    Diann DeFrankDiann DeFrankDay ago
    • Hello Dianna. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • Is there any way to know if I’ll get this money for my child if he was just born last month?

    Liam QuinnLiam QuinnDay ago
    • @Joyce Joe no, I haven’t. I hadn’t heard of this actually. With a new baby I haven’t been able to follow politics as closely as I had been. How can I access this?

      Liam QuinnLiam Quinn23 hours ago
    • Have you gotten your 10,200$ relief grant I got some bills paid off with that

      Joyce JoeJoyce JoeDay ago

    Ruby Ahlo-ruizRuby Ahlo-ruizDay ago
  • I haven't received mine yet

    MaryAnn BallockMaryAnn BallockDay ago
    • Hello Mary. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • Got it !

    terrie morristerrie morrisDay ago
  • My deposit finally showed up Yesterday morning.

    Anita ChibittyAnita Chibitty2 days ago
    • Hello Anita. How are you doing?

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • We need our money to pay our bills are behind please god help us........ We need our money to come they said it was sent out April 2 2021

    christie horsleychristie horsley2 days ago
    • Still apply for 10,200$ relief grant am sure you will get yours

      Joyce JoeJoyce JoeDay ago
  • I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m wondering if you’ve heard whether or not Pandemic unemployment counts towards income which effects your SNAP ability? For example, the $ given for unemployment keeps you from getting SNAP Benefits?

    Vonny BrooksVonny Brooks2 days ago
  • Received it how about a hat to go with it

    Topcat 129Topcat 1292 days ago
  • That’s crappy. What about those of us with kids over 17 at home still. My oldest is still in school.

    Alissa BeeAlissa Bee2 days ago
    • @Anderson Roberts ew no thanks

      Alissa BeeAlissa BeeDay ago
    • Hello Alissa. How are you doing?

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • I got my check in march

    Robert L Connelly JrRobert L Connelly Jr2 days ago
  • Got and ran through that 14hun like nothin

    Stephen InglettStephen Inglett2 days ago
  • Will we get a stimulus check if we are apart of the 10200 unemployment problem.

    Msry PilleraMsry Pillera2 days ago
    • Still apply for 10,200 relief grant I have gotten my I hope you will get yours too to clear off some bills 🤗

      Joyce JoeJoyce JoeDay ago
    • We had gotten the money before.

      Msry PilleraMsry Pillera2 days ago
  • We have not gotten our stimulus money. Yet. is still unemployed and our tax person filed a revised

    Msry PilleraMsry Pillera2 days ago
  • I got my 3rd stimulus check

    Danny WashingtonDanny Washington2 days ago
  • I waited along time for stimulas check now. I need help to finding out about 1,200.00 stimulas?

    Glenn BakkeGlenn Bakke2 days ago
    • I am disabled ---

      Glenn BakkeGlenn Bakke2 days ago
  • My name is Glenn Brown . I live in California am I able to send in for any give aways?

    Glenn BakkeGlenn Bakke2 days ago
  • I am only a watcher of yours . Does this

    Glenn BakkeGlenn Bakke2 days ago
  • Your a super man with this new information today!!! You have the best of smiles. I hope your family is great and this is my first time responding~~~~~~~

    Glenn BakkeGlenn Bakke2 days ago
  • My son is an 18 yr old senior in high school because of a cut off for early birthday due to over crowded schools. Does that mean I won't get the money for him?

    Janine GiordanoJanine Giordano2 days ago
  • I got my check

    Terry CloydTerry Cloyd2 days ago
  • For the new child stimulus is it same standards of working parents??

    sassyvtmom2009sassyvtmom20092 days ago
    • Hello Sassyvtmom2009. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • No i get ssi/dis im allowed to gross 1200 from my job.i pay taxes.i had to file my 2020 taxes early so that the irs could have my new address and bank info.on mar 26th i got on the check my stimulus app a message stating im eligible for the 1400 and when they get a date they would deposite it in my acct.on march 29 the message stated they will mail my check on april of today april 8th i havent gotten it.this is bs they should have put it in my acct.

    thickthighsandnolie fergusonthickthighsandnolie ferguson2 days ago
  • Still waiting on P-ebt for remote students

    sassyvtmom2009sassyvtmom20092 days ago
  • Alot families whom claim child on ssi as dependent get the 1400. And then the child gets it's own 1400. So was paid double! ...also families claiming teen dependant child who works are seeing payment to parent and payment to teen ... confusing ..

    sassyvtmom2009sassyvtmom20092 days ago
  • My fiance & I got ours on Wednesday the 7th. Thank you White House for sending out the money that we need.

    Susan ClarkSusan Clark2 days ago
    • Hello Susan. How are you doing

      Anderson RobertsAnderson RobertsDay ago
  • they are ALL BULL SHITTERS!!!!! you really do not need any masks!

    Jackie PresleyJackie Presley2 days ago
  • not in any of those groups and no check and when i check irs payment it says error. then i call and they route me back to the app.

    Stars33dHeart LuvzStars33dHeart Luvz2 days ago
  • My husband did not receive his stimulus checks, until now. The $600 and the $1400

    2 days ago
  • me

    Lea Ann UptonLea Ann Upton2 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing 😊

    Flo WestFlo West2 days ago
  • I think it’s a very bad idea to give these family’s money. Do you honestly think parents that use drugs are going to give their kids a dime. Wake up, its a very big mistake. Wrong. Wrong wrong

    Renee RosenthalRenee Rosenthal2 days ago
  • I get My check Wednesday

  • I got my 1st shot and had no real side effects. However I got my 2nd shot the 10th and it was awful time 10. Nausea and a fever of 102.5 and aching all over

    Jean CarterJean Carter2 days ago
  • I already got the check; I'm on SSDI!

    Sandra KirtleySandra Kirtley2 days ago
  • My husband and I just received our stimulus check on Wednesday the 7th. We are on social security and social security disability.

    Robbin CampbellRobbin Campbell2 days ago
  • Got mine Yesterday

    william lanpharwilliam lanphar2 days ago
  • My retired mom and disabled brother both got their deposits on the 7th.

    Elizabeth BurnsElizabeth Burns2 days ago
  • If you have children you know the expenses that go with being a parent. Im not sure why someone without children would want extra money for a "child tax credit" when they don't have children. Extra stimulus i understand for people without children, but not extra child tax credit for people without children.

    Matthew McCainMatthew McCain2 days ago
  • Mother of my children received 2 $1400 deposits today for ssi

    Donald SteeleDonald Steele2 days ago
  • Hi Stephen... I'm on ssdi... I got my stimulus deposit around March 26th!!

    Benjamin FleehartBenjamin Fleehart2 days ago
  • I am on Social security benefits they deposited my 1.400.00 yesterday.

    marie sicardmarie sicard2 days ago
  • Have gotten my $1400 on SSI..THSNKS GOR ALL YOUR INFO

    Suzanne BennettSuzanne Bennett2 days ago
  • I got screwed again - always people of color getting the short end of the stick

    RickRick2 days ago
  • I got my $1400 on ssi

    Michael CroffordMichael Crofford2 days ago
  • As usual the DEMONCRATS throw money around to advance their political TYRRANY. What they are saying is wear a mask to show your compliance to their control. Whether they know it or not, they are admitting the ineffectiveness of any mask in the market today. Why was Fauci deceiving the masses and empowering the local governments to devastate small businesses? Same goes to Healthcare Passport. Nothing but government TYRRANY. I do have a idea for a workable for mask for any virus but I will not be bought over by a TYRRANICAL government.

    Livyn OkorochaLivyn Okorocha2 days ago
  • Thank you Stephen

    Patricia SnowPatricia Snow2 days ago
  • Still have not recieved any money this time. I am on social security a d got the last two just fine.

    beth norringtonbeth norrington2 days ago
  • If you want the COVID shot just go to your pharmacy Walmart pharmacy and Walgreens pharmacy are giving out . Oh plus CVS TOO

    Angel RodAngel Rod2 days ago
  • Canada did to their Citizens 2000 a month

    Angel RodAngel Rod2 days ago
  • Why get the shots if we still have to use the MASK ??? 😷 WHY ? My opinion alot of people are immune to it by now why get the shot ?

    Angel RodAngel Rod2 days ago
  • I got it Tuesday by Direct deposit 🤪 SSDI

    Angel RodAngel Rod2 days ago
  • My Check was deposited on the 7th. Thank You for keeping us updated

    MrLimplungsMrLimplungs2 days ago
  • Hi Stephen I’ve watched you and your wife since you started your channel’s. I appreciate you guys so much you’ve helped me and so many others so much your amazing people. I have a question my aunt is on ssi and my uncle is on Ssdi they have still not received their check and are literally struggling so bad idk what to do to help them as I’m struggling myself with two children and one on the way if you have any advice on anything we can do I would sincerely appreciate it a lot thank you so much for everything you do your amazing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Kendra ReedKendra Reed2 days ago
    • Thanks.. I'll refer you to my trade analyst and accountant to make good income, go more on digital assets, I'm not a fan of blowing my own trumpet but I assure you in goods hands in making it huge

      Stephen GardnerStephen Gardner2 days ago
  • I love you you are such an awesome guy!

    peggy delozierpeggy delozier2 days ago
  • I received my SSDI yesterday. My husband is a retired veteran and still hasn’t got his first check yet’ we haven’t filed taxes Since 2017 but with the first one that wasn’t a stipulation! I have been sick and haven’t been able to get my stuff together. Stephen Gardnier please Advise. Thank you In advance

    Joann PhillipsJoann Phillips2 days ago
  • Got my stimulus check mid-March. I had filed tax return and received the 600.00 check at the end of February.

    Darleene AdamsDarleene Adams2 days ago