Feb 21, 2021
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There seems to a lot of concern about making reservations in 2021. Yet, the way we travel (and make reservations) still hasn't changed. To learn our approach to resv. and how we seem to get into the most popular places at the best times, read the blog here: keepyourdaydream.com/rsvp
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In this episode, we finally make it to the Florida Keys. We stayed at tow very popular RV campgrounds both on last-minute reservations. North Beach Campground in St. Augustine and Long Point Campground State Park in Melbourne Beach, FL. Key West was our "Key" destination so we made those reservations about 1 month out, but everything else this "season" has been made on the way. Our strategy for reservations, and lack thereof, is outlined in the article - link above.
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  • There seems to be a lot of concern this year about RV parks and campgrounds being booked solid and having no place to go. Yet, the way we travel by RV (and make reservations) hasn’t changed. In this article, we want to dispel some of the hype around campground reservations and provide you with some actionable advice to get out there and make your adventure happen. But first, it’s important to acknowledge that the conclusions we make are almost always aligned with our beliefs. What does that have to do with campground reservations? Let’s say someone buys into the idea that “everything is booked,” and their summer plans are doomed. He or she makes one phone call to a state park to learn that they are booked solid. Do they make a second phone call? Doubtful. The first phone call proved their point. It’s over. Pack it up and sell the RV! Meanwhile, another RVer who does not have the idea that “everything is booked” calls a second campground, maybe a third, or even changes their exact destination or travel dates. They trade the adjustments for the memory of a lifetime. Certainly, there are more RVers today due to borders being closed and limited international travel. We have the distinct advantage of having RV’d semi full-time for the past 5 years and being able to compare 2021 to 2020 and 2016. Candidly, we can’t tell the difference. There has never been a time during our 5 years of travel that a reservation was not required at a highly popular place during a popular time of year. The only difference between 2016 and 2021 is what or who we blame. Click the button to continue reading and learn the approach we take when making reservations and what you can do this year to help you get out there even more! keepyourdaydream.com/rsvp

    Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream13 days ago
    • Y6u yy6 guy uuh7 7y77u I77

      Gary SharpGary Sharp6 days ago
    • Any info. On new tshirt & poster agenda for summer 2021 ?

      Daughter Of GodDaughter Of God9 days ago
    • The thing about reservations, at popular state and national parks, they really are a must. The Florida state park in the Keys books up immediately 13 months in advance.

      thifty billthifty bill10 days ago
    • We are getting back on the road after 4 years and in the past week I've booked 30 nights with no more difficultly than I remember. AL/GA/TN/IL/MI/NE/CO/UT

      Debra ScottDebra Scott11 days ago
    • Oh and my rig is called "Sunseeker". My pull behind of course, "Sunseeker II" which is a camper minivan. lol Please say aloha! if you happen to see us. Peace be your journeys!

      Danny BDanny B11 days ago
  • That was an absolutely gorgeous rig!!!

    No Lies AllowedNo Lies Allowed2 hours ago
  • Amazing class A, land yacht

    M&M TravelsM&M Travels3 hours ago
  • Ok I love ya'll and that music did it. I was almost there with the badass burn-ring and the Miami PJs! The clincher was 'we are going to the Keys, they have squeaky sand!' hahahah!!

  • Firewood stocked in St. Aug. Fla. I guess ‘Global Warming’ started long before the Industrial Age!🤣

    CLdriver1960CLdriver196016 hours ago
  • That motor home was amazing. I love boats. Love your channel. You guys are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Choose The Red PillChoose The Red Pill18 hours ago
  • That looks so nice! Still winter where I am. Cant wait to see my RV again

    Shawn SyversonShawn SyversonDay ago
  • I've looked at a lot of videos of this type and this is the first of yours I've seen, but I gotta say yours appeal to me the most. I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe because you don't have segments that have no purpose, like 5 minutes of just driving down some highway. I didn't fast forward at all like I usually need to do. You always seem to be having fun and you all play off each other so well. I would like to know what the campgrounds cost though.

    Trust MeTrust Me2 days ago
  • Your child seems like an amazing human being. Good vibes.

    N NoochN Nooch2 days ago
  • Trying to plan our trip. Was it Bluewater RV Resort where you stayed ? Thanks in advance

    Jim WaltonJim Walton2 days ago
  • It is THE oldest city in the USA...geeze. Lousy info.

    Expressive PetsExpressive Pets3 days ago
    • @Keep Your Daydream you don't know the names of the campgrounds...you don't rven know that st Aug is the oldest f-ing city in this country? Idiot! Stupid waste of USworlds.

      Expressive PetsExpressive Pets3 days ago
    • Lousy comment.

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream3 days ago
  • Tim's Newell coach is produced about 15 minutes away from me! They are beautiful coaches! Love the journey you all share with us!

    T. Shaw knuckleheadT. Shaw knucklehead4 days ago
  • Another great video! Been watching since the original Ginger. Two questions: 1. How big is the tank in your truck? Noticed you were almost 47 gallons and still pumping. 2. That was an amazing campground with the cabana. Can you tell us what that one cost?

    Lynd CasonLynd Cason4 days ago
  • Florida: heavenly land of no masks?

    statusstatus4 days ago
  • The Class A no normal person could ever afford.

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson4 days ago
  • "Keep Your Daydream but Change Your Weather" --KYD 2021

    netposernetposer4 days ago
  • Garbo Airstream restaurant is located in the back part of Hanks Hair of the dog Bar and live music.

    Tobe TobeTobe Tobe4 days ago
  • I love your videos! I've been binge watching them since I discovered them a couple of days ago!

    De ADe A5 days ago
    • Welcome! The playlists are the best way to watch in order.

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream5 days ago
  • thank you for all informations ,i have a question ,you have a nice watch guy what is the brand thank

    Yves ClavetYves Clavet5 days ago
  • FYI from a native Floridian... do not stop in St Augustine in the summer time. Just sayin'

    Dee BaxleyDee Baxley5 days ago
  • We have been watching you from the beginning & you have been a huge inspiration. We finally picked up of first rig after years of renting a couple weeks ago. Last week was our first weekend out and ironically we were are long point park! So exciting to watch you at long point while we were there!!!

    Elizabeth PozsonyiElizabeth Pozsonyi6 days ago
  • Something always bothered me about Trish. Now I know what it is. Is it me or does Trish look like John Candy's wife in the John Hughes movie The Great Outdoors?

    yougear100yougear1006 days ago
  • How can I find the music that you guys choose for each episode? It’s always so perfect! Thanks.

    Rhonda RakesRhonda Rakes6 days ago
  • Mark, don’t where you find your music from, but you crush it every week. Josh Garrels 👍

    Tom HayesTom Hayes6 days ago
  • Kudos to your channel. :-) I've been researching airstreams and sailboats for quite some time now. As an author it doesn't matter where I live. I'm a total nerd as well so I'm all in on solar and a huge battery bank for some boondocking though I'm aware there are other considerations. It isn't likely that expense will be a consideration but want to do it right the first time. In a rather surreal way you could say Benjamin Franklin will be covering my expenses. He was an extremely clever wordsmith. Your nation was his singular invention but he was in a catch 22 situation. The sub-cultures of slavery were in his way and yet HE and SOME of the other framers found a way to get around it. Good Trouble is coming.

    The MessengerThe Messenger6 days ago
  • Tha paddleboard run on was epic!

    BryTunesBryTunes6 days ago
  • Looks like paradise!! Save me a spot in your cabana...😂😆

    Erin JohnsonErin Johnson7 days ago
  • Cool story of the logs lol however the flag is a st augustine cross is what I've been told it's so good to see yall traveling cool airstream do yall miss the 5th whl as far as room I'm sure however is it easier to get into parks with close calls to enter the camp site I personally really enjoy yall's channel and yall's travels . Well at least have fun 4 me too lol . Yall make it as if I'm with yall in ur travels and videos cool cool . Sending up prayers 4 yall and bless great healthy peaceful safe journeys travels and happy camping yall definitely living the dream always be aware of ur surroundings and be safe as the turtle has taught us slow and steady wins the race wow such beauty of ur travels fl definitely calling lol 🚐🏕🌌👍👍💪🤠👍👍 .

    Thunder RodeThunder Rode7 days ago
  • I just left Longpoint! I was there a week. It is amazing!

    Kathryn BKathryn B7 days ago
  • Key West is a "tad bit too touristy" - hysterical! You are a TOURIST!

    Paige NunnPaige Nunn7 days ago
  • next go to west palm beach or jupiter. then next summer you need need need to go to wesley island state park in NY. we go there every year and it is the best. you would need to rent a boat tho because you can not go there and not go on the river

    Chizzles playzChizzles playz7 days ago
  • Love the positivity you guys share. Really beneficial.

    Bolt BucklerBolt Buckler7 days ago
  • We just left Sunshine Key RV park. It was great!

    Lisa BannerLisa Banner7 days ago
  • Hey Guys.. what episode were you in Tallahassee? Trying to find the park you stayed at. Our 4th and final having a graduation ceremony at FSU. Thanks much. Den ‘n Flo

    Dennis RowleyDennis Rowley7 days ago
  • Thank You for wearing a mask in public areas!

    Carrie BCarrie B7 days ago
  • I would love to know how the Newell drives compared to their old Tiffin. That was a beautiful coach.

    Adrian NurseAdrian Nurse7 days ago
  • big fan of the channel. thanks for sharing

    Allen BrunetteAllen Brunette7 days ago
  • Wonder if Newell Coach would let you guys borrow one for a couple of months? Never hurts to make a call anyway.

    Chris RuefChris Ruef7 days ago
  • Just wondered if you have ever tried the inflatable RV skirts.

    Jeff MartinJeff Martin7 days ago
  • You made a awesome family video

    Browns RV LifeBrowns RV Life8 days ago
  • My God, that Newell coach is magnificent. I looked up the price and it is a 2 million dollar RV!

    Rodney LacyRodney Lacy8 days ago
  • Seat belt. I know I know.

    Thomas FitzgeraldThomas Fitzgerald8 days ago
  • Saint Augustine is my town! Moved from Fort Myers, another nice place. North Beach Campground, is nice. Try Anastasia State Park too. Trish said it when she commented about following the weather.

    rodneylw10rodneylw108 days ago
  • 🚨Longpoint is my jam!!! Stay there 10 plus times a year! TIE EVERYTHING DOWN DOUBLE in the summer!!! Winds are hurricane force at a moments notice!!! Been warned

    HorseHead MikeHorseHead Mike8 days ago
    • Definitely sharks,alligators and dolphins! Have seen them all many many times

      HorseHead MikeHorseHead Mike8 days ago
  • Miami pajamas, I can't believe your recording me! Love it!😎👍

  • Awesome video! I love y'all showing how we all can struggle at times getting into a site. Thank you!!

    Wa GWa G8 days ago
  • u should shave the beard bro. makes u look bout +35 years.

    Pong PhooPong Phoo8 days ago
  • Notice no masks - nice!

    Julie ThompsonJulie Thompson8 days ago
  • What is that fire pit?

    Jim SimpsonJim Simpson8 days ago
  • Are you making another video about the the BlueWater Resort? I’ve seen it online and always wanted to stay there.

    WheelTek Of MemphisWheelTek Of Memphis8 days ago
  • Did we just see you heading north on 589 Suncoast Highway? North of Tampa?

    CarnuchCarnuch8 days ago
  • Did I miss it somewhere but any link to the blow-up paddleboard / surf board?

    Tony LTony L8 days ago
  • Happy safe Travels 💜

    Lisa Lisa Artscape AdventuresLisa Lisa Artscape Adventures8 days ago
  • Please continue respect your parents they want the best for you.... I have three daughters, sorry they’re married , don’t get stupid!!!

    Hugh HomsherHugh Homsher9 days ago
  • I live in Tallahassee and you did not call me! Literally live 8 miles from the campground you stayed at. I could have taken you out for a night around the college town. I was hoping to meet up with you guys maybe next time on your way out of Florida stop by

    Mia RosarioMia Rosario9 days ago
  • Just bought our first Travel Trailer and afterwards starting searching the internet intensively as I am a newbie. I somehow found your Channel and I absolutely love the vibe you and your wife give off. So raw and genuine. I started with your informational videos and quickly went to all the other ones because I loved them so much. Thank you for your channel and all the recommendations! Your South Dakotan fan!

    Adam szczesnyAdam szczesny9 days ago
  • Your guys channel is awesome. Keep up the great work!!

    Chad BarkerChad Barker9 days ago
  • So its my first time adding a comment on your channel which I really look forward to Sunday evenings here in Chicago. Your friends coach is REDICULOSLY AMAZING.....Not sure what he does for a living but WOW.....after serving 3 weeks in single digit temps and 36” + of snow key west looks mighty nice. 👍

    Tony STony S9 days ago
  • Love seeing you guys enjoying the warm weather, 20 degrees in CO. We're all dreaming of summer. That Newell is beautiful, a luxurious rv. Some how I can't wrap my head around spending 2 million for a rv, but if you have the money, why not. :)

    Ms MtnsunnyMs Mtnsunny9 days ago
  • Wish we could have seen you when you came thru. North Beach is a great getaway. We love going to st Augustine. This is our part of Florida. Live just south of Jacksonville. Enjoy Florida

    Rodger McAloonRodger McAloon9 days ago
  • Long point is 20 minutes from my house. This is the place I go for a quick getaway solo. It is really nice and lots of good fishing. Love that a lot of the sites are waterfront. Sebastian Inlet is 5 minutes down the road.

    Goofy GuyGoofy Guy9 days ago
  • I wonder how much that custom Class A RV was...

    RM Camping, Trails & AdventuresRM Camping, Trails & Adventures9 days ago
  • That was the epitome of "Keep Your Daydream"

    No Grip NCNo Grip NC9 days ago
  • Holy crap that Newell P50 is amazing! What do they do for a living? That thing had to cost over $2mil!

    KristinaKristina9 days ago
  • What did I learn by watching this? That is one hot mama 🔥🔥😍!! Damn girl!!

  • That State Park looked awesome 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾

    Gregory carsonGregory carson10 days ago
  • Love your vlogs !!!!

    jdselby1jdselby110 days ago
  • I remembered St. Augstine FL ....We briefly visited the town and we visited a nature preserve out towards the Atlantic Coast. Spectacular !!!! Love to visit the area more and with our friends that live nearby there.

    jdselby1jdselby110 days ago
  • Trish and Mark I was starting to watch your channel late last year. I watch all 9 season from the start and just finished season 9. First I was happy that you went to Canada like Toronto and Montreal also to BC and Calgary Alberta which I lived. Glad that you went to Banff and Jasper that is what every one should go in their lifetime. To bad that last season you couldn't go to Nova Scotia due to Covid 19. Hopefully you can go next year. If you do you will loved it. Nice videos and keep it on.

    Andrew SickAndrew Sick10 days ago
  • Another excellent video.

    Kenneth GossKenneth Goss10 days ago
  • Just returned from ( what was supposed to be a relaxing trip to Florida, Mississippi, Texas. What a surprise . Going from Florida west on I-10 was crazy with all that weather. I’m a newbie to rv’ing but was impressed to visit with other RV’ers at gas stations along the route , comparing stories and making friends . What was really cool is how everyone talked about the “ Keep your Daydream” videos . Thanks for your videos

    YtruckerYtrucker10 days ago
  • Still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing that obviously million dollar rig. Wow...someone has WAY more money than I. It was gorgeous!

    Tracy AdamsTracy Adams10 days ago
  • That Newall!!!! I have NEVER been so jealous of something in my entire life! JUST WOW!!!

    srok62srok6210 days ago
  • Love the josh garrels

    Adam LuckeyAdam Luckey10 days ago
  • The keys are on our short list! Will likely make it that way next year. Saw those levelers for the first time and had to snag a set! Thanks for sharing the link!

    Roaming CraftsmanRoaming Craftsman10 days ago
  • Caleb is getting so tall.

    Jackie LoweJackie Lowe10 days ago
  • ❤️ I Love what you are doing, and how you are doing it.

    Ro Ce GaRo Ce Ga10 days ago
  • Nice video. When are you guys getting one of those Coaches 🤣.

    Bob PursBob Purs10 days ago
  • I am the only one that thinks its funny that Marc has Tricia save on his phone with her full name instead of nickname.

    Hugo HernandezHugo Hernandez10 days ago
  • Mark, You should have an aluminum rod with a loop handle on one end and a "hook" on the other end. I could stand flat-footed and use the hook to turn the awning securement knobs then grab the awning lanyard with the hook and pull it out. I hope my explaination makes sense.

    Steve HeywoodSteve Heywood10 days ago
  • The Parks are amazing! That Newell is even more amazing, I guess in Season 12 maybe? LOL!

    Droning HarryDroning Harry10 days ago
  • That's twice! Once in New York and I was just in St Augustine!!! Would love to meet, you guys are why we know so much about rving, THANK YOU!

    P ConP Con10 days ago
  • How did I miss you guys???? I was in St. Augustine!!! Are we doing a KYD Florida meet up??

    realjessewolferealjessewolfe10 days ago
  • WHERE IS THE $28/night park that you displayed? Is this just clickbait??

    Nancy ChapinNancy Chapin10 days ago
  • Were can you put a gaming system like an xbox or play station? I'm a single woman in my 20,s were could you put an xbox or play station. I'm going to be in one spot.

    sarah movie reviewersarah movie reviewer10 days ago
  • I try to be as patient with my husband as Marc and Trish are when giving directions or arriving to the campground. Love their dynamic. Hope to learn your ways soon enough. 💕

    Kelly BurtonKelly Burton10 days ago
  • Great show, we are big fans! The moment has come. I was offered early retirement (March 19)and to my surprise a generous buyout. We were gonna start out in our Classic 1978 GMC motorhome. Now we will upgrade and are shopping for a Class A Tiffen! So, I'm hoping that by Mid April we start our full time RV'ing. You guys have been a great inspiration. Hopefully, we will see you on the road. Oh, and it's even more sweet because I'm a survivor of a month long Covid 19 infection. Didn't think I'd live and didn't think I would be able to Keep this Daydream, but I made it through and I have immunity! We will start a channel also. I am retiring from being a morning radio show host. :) Bryan and Mary Green

    Bryan O'NealBryan O'Neal10 days ago
  • Have you tried making an "upside-down fire" with the Solo Stove? Because of the increased airflow, you can put put your logs on the bottom, kindling on top, and the fire will burn its way down.

    Nils DevineNils Devine10 days ago
  • Sigh. You folks are just inspiring. Thanks!!

    Punacat101Punacat10110 days ago
  • We home base in Florida, and definitely enjoy the state parks. ~ Brad and Diana

    It's About Time NowIt's About Time Now10 days ago
  • That class a was amazing!

    Tripping Out TogetherTripping Out Together10 days ago
  • I love Caleb's personality and attitude. I can imagine it would be contagious! and the Newell.....wow! Thanks for all the videos!

    Matt SmithMatt Smith10 days ago
  • Greetings, we love Garbo’s Grill, the owners were awesome, throw out the 3ft level, get the Level mate pro,

    Michael JornMichael Jorn10 days ago
  • 11:24 hahaha reason 3 of 10 why I love this channel

    Cody BurtonCody Burton10 days ago
  • What a great video! Thanks for posting.

    sean hayessean hayes11 days ago
  • No masks in Florida?

    A GMA GM11 days ago
  • We are heading to saint Augustine in a couple of weeks. Since you've been there twice, which campground did you like best?

    SkyBoss AerialsSkyBoss Aerials11 days ago
  • Long Point is actually a county park. We camp there often! Looks like you had a good time.

    Danielle RDanielle R11 days ago
  • Glad you got to experience Long Point. I have quite a few nights of camping there in the grounds, and on Boy Scout Island, if that's even still there. It has been many years since I have been back after moving away. Grew up just up North A1A in the town limits of Melbourne Beach. Great to hear the good reviews! Wife and I have been following for many seasons now, thanks for bringing the fantastic footage!

    SaturnDriver31SaturnDriver3111 days ago
  • It would have been nice to get an idea how much Florida campsites in winter cost per night.

    Jeffrey AllenJeffrey Allen11 days ago