RV TOUR: Solitude Front Living & KYD Shenanigans

Apr 4, 2021
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We're loving this Florida between the season series, but this is the last stop before we travel home and kick off Season 10. We visit with Eric & Tami from Techno RV in Mobile, AL to tour their new office and catch the elusive mobile rive shrimp! But before leaving Camp Gulf in Destin, FL we share an RV Tour of a 2020 Grand Design Solitude 380FLR, which stands for the Forward Living Room and the half bath. But the shocking thing was the12' foot cargo bay in the back! And of course, there are plenty of KYD Shanangians as always :)
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  • Hey cool, you guy's were in my home town of Mobile, AL.

    Darin DeesDarin Dees17 hours ago
  • Lots of fun 😊

    MidLife TrailerLifeMidLife TrailerLifeDay ago
  • Mark & Trish, we invested in a travel Berkley (1 1/2)gallon, it saves on plastic bottles at the campsite. It was worth every penny.

    Tina RileyTina RileyDay ago
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching Caleb learn to back up. I love his humor!

    Kathy CarterbyKathy CarterbyDay ago
  • Gosh Caleb turning into a real handsome young man. Watched since episode one.

    Mandy HerringMandy HerringDay ago
  • Battle of Mobile Bay August 1864. Must have been towards the end of the civil war. FYI - the union won!!!

    Shirley DowsShirley Dows2 days ago
  • No one wearing masks down south anymore???

    Shirley DowsShirley Dows2 days ago
    • In the south: If you don't believe in it, it ain't real.

      M ModtomicM Modtomic15 hours ago
  • I absolutely love your son, what a hoot he is.

    Trudy MeyersTrudy Meyers2 days ago
  • Oh I enjoyed that so much. Always love the boat rides! Looked like an awesome day. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks to your friends for allowing ya'll to video them too. Thanks for what you do and share. Sonya.

    Less Hustle More CoffeeLess Hustle More Coffee2 days ago
  • What a fun fun video. Loved every second. Caleb is quite the entertainer. Now that he's learning to tow that camper, perhaps you should recruit him to be your full time chauffeur as a career. Because when he leaves your nest, there's gonna be a great big comic vacuum to fill. Why would any kid want to grow up and leave the life y'all are living??

    Benita CoffmanBenita Coffman2 days ago
  • What is the mattress zip thing you guys mentioned? That's an ingenious idea.

    Zach MaxwellZach Maxwell2 days ago
  • OMG, not even 30 seconds in with "get the net" Hilarious!

    David MasonDavid Mason3 days ago
  • Whats the PPP?

    Gregor MillerGregor Miller3 days ago
  • OMG he sounds like cousin Eddie?

    b hillb hill3 days ago
  • Mark my words that Dynamax Super C at the house is their next rig and that’s why they are there. That would totally make sense with the new subaru toad. Next season is a super C driving rig. Super excited to see since that’s what my family has currently.

    Dustin PettreyDustin Pettrey3 days ago
  • TechnoRV has the best customer service and immediate delivery! Will do all my business through this amazing company :)

    Ron MarquezRon Marquez3 days ago
  • Caleb, Caleb, Caleb....you are a true hoot & a handful! Love you all!

    AMY ZAMY Z3 days ago
  • Great to see y'all hanging out. ❤️ Tami & Eric. Roll Tide!

    We're the RussosWe're the Russos3 days ago
  • Caleb cracks me up 🤣

    Where Are You Going?Where Are You Going?3 days ago
  • Do you find it easier to steer the airstream, versus to the small teardrop you had before?

    lmunoz13lmunoz133 days ago
  • Good Job Caleb!!! Very funny video LOVED IT!!! Made me laugh!!! LOVES/HUGS to ALL!!!

    Regena GroenRegena Groen3 days ago
  • At 11:00 "They got a little center console boat". I was expecting a 15' Boston Whaler! I enjoy your videos, but we must live in two different worlds.

    lunges62lunges623 days ago
  • Next time you come through the panhandle stop by Pensacola!

    Loryn SmithLoryn Smith3 days ago
  • I so love that horn!! It just makes me happy!! 🤗 🙂

    Byron DavisByron Davis3 days ago
  • Wow.... not sure how I ended up on this but its made me so homesick... I think this is the 1st time I've ever seen Mobile on a channel.... Lived there up until I joined the military 26 years ago... lol

    Tom ClarkTom Clark3 days ago
    • Wow... The the island too.... man, it's been a long time...

      Tom ClarkTom Clark3 days ago
  • Check out a level mate pro they are great

    94auwing94auwing3 days ago
    • @Keep Your Daydream nope just wondering why you were using a level 😀

      94auwing94auwing3 days ago
    • I think you're new here ;)

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream3 days ago
  • Hello! Love you guys so much...and Caleb is so adorable and funny! I have a question about the Solitude tour...he mentions the thing that helps with “chucking” as he tows. I know he said it came from GD like that but was wondering if you know the name of the piece by chance? We have a Reflection 337RLS and would love to add that if possible. Thanks and safe travels.

    Michelle BrownMichelle Brown3 days ago
  • The wonderful secret to eating mudbugs is red sauce - I guarantee it.

    Zack DeMundoZack DeMundo3 days ago
  • Is Trish a little tipsy in this one?

    Ho Lee PhukHo Lee Phuk4 days ago
  • Good job Caleb 🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻 getting so grown up. So handsome too

    Kristina GKristina G4 days ago
  • Please tell me I have two girls 2 and 5 how old did y’all wait to starti your adventure also love y’all my wife and I are about to buy a camper y’all are very helpful

    Lee KaneLee Kane4 days ago
  • I love watching the videos. Especially, getting to see Caleb interact more and not so much hanging out behind the filming. He is such an Awesome young man. This question is for Trish. The white top you had on touring the Solitude. Where did you purchase the top. Noticed you have many colors . When you RV Fulltime , how do know which clothes to pack and which ones to put in storage? In the process of putting our house on the market. I’m stressed trying to decide how much and which clothes to take. We start our Awesome Journey this July. Any suggestions would be Great.

    Judy HancockJudy Hancock4 days ago
  • Mark - I noticed a different GPS format other than stock on your F250. Would you mind sharing what you're using and instructions if requires downloading? Thanks - Michael

    Michael MarcumMichael Marcum4 days ago
  • What workout app were you all using in the opening?

    Christopher GrantChristopher Grant4 days ago
  • Thanks for the memories of Dauphin Island! Spent the month of December, 2019 at the camp ground on the east end of the island right behind Fort Gains. Fun time...lots of crawfish and shrimp. Met a great couple who retired to the island who treated us to a GIANT shrimp boil!

    John BaasJohn Baas4 days ago
  • So glad you were able to enjoy some of our Gulf Coast living! We’re in Pensacola and I got so excited to see these videos here this past week. Wish I had more room to accommodate y’all here on our little lake at the house but the new rig takes up the whole side yard.

    Joe GuilloryJoe Guillory4 days ago
  • So cool to see you all at Camp Gulf! We loved it there.

    Diana HolubDiana Holub4 days ago
  • Man! I so enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE! I genuinely look forward to each release and just soak up the insight & fun that you always provide. Thanks for being a bright spot in my week. (And, Caleb: nice job backing up the rig! I’m nervous every time!)

    Phil ChristiansenPhil Christiansen4 days ago
  • Interesting it had a door knob on the inside of the door for the pantry. Hmm

    bob elderbob elder4 days ago
  • Love TechnoRV. Had an issue with something we bought, so I emailed them. Very quick to respond. Love your videos. You guys have so much fun!

    Mary HulettMary Hulett4 days ago
  • You were in my town (Mobile) and my parents live on Dauphin Island!

    Tanner PercivalTanner Percival4 days ago
  • So good to see that Covid is over!

    Dave VorenkampDave Vorenkamp4 days ago
  • Over half the people I work with are allowed to work remotely and could travel/work in an RV. But not me... nooooo.... I'm essential to do my job in person. So jealous, is it too late for me to change jobs... LOL.

    Jay DogJay Dog4 days ago
  • I have a tube boating season is here.

    miles Hilesmiles Hiles4 days ago
  • What workout app are you using?

    Dubuc mDubuc m4 days ago
    • I was going to ask the same question! They have a great video on staying fit on the road and they mention an app/website in that one called "Street Parking," but I don't think it's the one you see in this particular episode.

      Hope and Feather TravelsHope and Feather Travels4 days ago
  • Wow Trish, a real Gavone, 6lbs of shrimp, too much

    V TV T4 days ago
  • WOW. The pandemic isnt over. But here you are Spreading the pandemic without any regard for the safety of others. Partying with all your friends all the time. You should be ashamed.

    Ka BKa B4 days ago
  • L

    Randy DossRandy Doss4 days ago
  • Very funny

    Jackie GJackie G5 days ago
  • I look forward to your video every Sunday! You guys are the best family and get to explore so many great places. Thank you C for the great content! - Seattle

    Judson SametJudson Samet5 days ago
  • Disappointed nothing really here to learn about any locations or attractions to see or do. Little to offer to an RV’er. You did not even really delve in to what Techno does. This was a home movie, a weak one at that.

    Mark BradenMark Braden5 days ago
  • I’m not sure when this was filmed, but I am blown away with the lack of masks and 6 feet distance. Sorry, but hard to finish watching. Stay safe!

    Jody MooneyJody Mooney5 days ago
    • It's the south...where as long as you don't believe in it, it doesn't really exist.

      M ModtomicM Modtomic15 hours ago
  • did anyone notice the commercial for the new ford bronco??? Isn't that what Mark wanted??? LOL at least on my youtube...

    billyted123billyted1235 days ago
    • Lol. The ads chance based on you user... someone has been to the Ford website! ;)

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream5 days ago
  • Your friends set up ...... $300K. Insanity. Timmy C

    Johnny CramerJohnny Cramer5 days ago
  • I believe the beautiful beach and coast line of Alabama is one of the best keep secrets in America!

    Classic Car TravelerClassic Car Traveler5 days ago
  • I think that Caleb is going to be a star in the future does he need an agent?! Thomyt

    Thomas TheysThomas Theys5 days ago
  • Thay have a. Fred Flintstone camper made in bedrock

    Bruce DeleskeyBruce Deleskey5 days ago
  • Awesome video! I happened to buy ton of stuff from TechnoRV today before watching the video.

    Glenn CamusGlenn Camus5 days ago
  • Love the backing skills Caleb.

    Ken MyersKen Myers5 days ago
  • Good job on backing up Caleb!!! I had to learn how to back up a 6ft generator trailer on the job for more then 400ft. Talking about chasing a trailer. I did get the hang of it and now I love backing up trailers.

    Rr PorterRr Porter5 days ago
  • Caleb looked like Tom Cruise in Risky Business with the Ray Ban Wayfarers!!! LOL!!

    Alex MoralesAlex Morales5 days ago
  • What great young man he’s a class act great job Mom and Dad......

    Boris Velasco jrBoris Velasco jr5 days ago
  • They may have a nice Solitude but I bet they don't have an air horn in their blue/black truck!

    Gregg JarviesGregg Jarvies5 days ago
  • The Solitude is nice on the inside. I'm not a tower though so I still love my motorhome. Fun to see how you hang out at the RV park. And I need to get one of those cameras or set up my go pros in the RV. Cool to see the driving in and out and not be holding a camera! Enjoyed! -XO BlogginBrandi

    RVersityRVersity5 days ago
  • The Caleb channel

    MWJMWJ5 days ago
  • I hate watching yr video not y’all’s fault you r the best I just can’t get enough money to buy one but y’all r the greatest do u no a bad credit Rv place my dream to have one I just can’t get there keep up the good wrk I’ve tried so hard

    David CocanougherDavid Cocanougher5 days ago
  • It is always good to see the love between a father and son, like the father teaching the son right of passage things like backing up the trailer. I like to share with my son similar things. It is always good to see the love and care you have for Trish that is what real men do. That is so masculine I'm glad to see this in social media. Positive things are so encouraging amongst the negative things that so prevalent. Thanks for showing that men are not as bad as what media portrays them as.

    Yanqiu KeYanqiu Ke5 days ago
  • another great video, keep them coming

    Lloyd RobinsonLloyd Robinson5 days ago
  • 28:49 a happy boy!

    Kathy MitchellKathy Mitchell5 days ago
  • OH, MY I miss my boiled CRAWFISH living in Georgia I don't get much chance to have crawfish but when I am back home in Louisiana I do indulge. Thanks for another fun episode .

    Frank BrocatoFrank Brocato5 days ago
  • Love your videos

    james holmesjames holmes5 days ago
  • I grew up in Mobile county and this is probably my favorite episode so far!

    Dawn RhodesDawn Rhodes5 days ago
  • Christ the lord has risen, he died on the cross for your sins. Salvation is a free gift given by grace once you believe.

    Scott MassingScott Massing5 days ago
  • KYD your channel is fun and informative. My family doesn't own a RV but I still love watching your videos. We're hoping to buy one in the near future. Like many people during the pandemic I became interested in camping and being outdoors. All of us were cooped up due to the pandemic and this helped to fuel mine and many others wanderlust. I lost my job due to the pandemic and I started following You Tube channels. KYD is one of my favorites. There are so many different types of campers and RV's..bunkhouses, fifth wheels, toy haulers, teardrop etc. I have been doing research to learn what would be best for my family. I like the airstream Bambi. It's educational when you visit RV shows . Is a fifth wheel the same as a toy hauler ? I still have a lot to learn !

    Donna GeitzDonna Geitz5 days ago
  • So nice to see you working with Caleb on driving and backing up a trailer! Awesome skills for anyone of any age to have! Loved Eric's sense of humor. He could easily have his own channel. Thanks for sharing!

    Linda DLinda D5 days ago
  • Trish and I will just motor boat while you wild guys race out into the deep to search for the big one. I got seasick just watching !

    J Elkhorn camperJ Elkhorn camper5 days ago
  • My husband always kisses the fish before releasing it.

    J Elkhorn camperJ Elkhorn camper5 days ago
  • When did he get big enough to be backing a trailer?!?!?!?!?

    ADapperGiraffeADapperGiraffe5 days ago
  • That was fun. I day I would enjoy!

    Jill HenryJill Henry5 days ago
  • Just occurred to me that they must be in Florida... No masks. Love that state for getting real about shutdowns and how useless they are.

    JimJim5 days ago
    • Natural selection at work.

      M ModtomicM Modtomic15 hours ago
  • After touring the RV and truck I am surprised that Marc did not bring up a Cat Scale. 😐 or was it edited out? 🤔

    John CJohn C5 days ago
  • Caleb is a mini Jason Bateman and I'm here for it 🤣

    Tiffany McFarlandTiffany McFarland5 days ago
  • Good times!

    Micki MurdochMicki Murdoch5 days ago
  • You the man Caleb.

    Randall SaundersRandall Saunders5 days ago
  • Really enjoy Caleb's humor. He is a natural on camera. Has been from the get go! 😂

    Bob CampbellBob Campbell5 days ago
  • After that walk through, how long until you go back to a non-Airstream trailer??

    Rich RidenourRich Ridenour5 days ago
  • That RV is just a tad too big for me - but that boat, all mine!!!

    Lis KLis K5 days ago
  • I feel like I’m not alone thinking that when Caleb is old enough to move on and do his own thing, we will be missing so much humor 🥲

    Corey SturgisCorey Sturgis5 days ago
  • This young man is a hoot!

    Vicki HoganVicki Hogan5 days ago
  • Great videos. I have really enjoyed all of the seasons. Lots of fun to follow along.

    jack lornerdjack lornerd5 days ago
  • The rituals of the crawfish boil trace their roots to the Atchafalaya swamp in western Louisiana and the people who settled there: the Acadians, or Cajuns, who migrated from French Canada and the French-speaking African-Caribbeans, or Creoles, from Haiti and other islands.

    Michael BarrasMichael Barras5 days ago
  • We have that same Beddy! Love it!

    You Only Get OneYou Only Get One5 days ago
  • Can you speak to all the travel, groups of people no masks. I find myself uncomfortable watching

    E LE L5 days ago
  • ~Thank you for sharing your travel Adventures full of History tid bits, people, places & things that many of us have not experienced!

    Karen OsterKaren Oster5 days ago
  • My best friend lives on the island! Next time stop at the bakery! Hottest buns on the beach!!

    JannaJanna5 days ago
  • The crawfish looked delicious. Just had our first boil on Good Friday. Wow, that’s a huge fifth wheel. Couldn’t fit it half of the state park campgrounds we frequent. All that room is nice but if you’re not full timing it kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying the outdoors. Prefer campfire light to disco ball. And yes we have teenagers. Love that F450 thought.

    NOLAKirkNOLAKirk5 days ago
  • Goal...get out and look...how many times does it take to back a trailer....as many times as it takes...

    mike wilbermike wilber5 days ago
  • Caleb is awesome hahahaha

    Iwona RogersIwona Rogers5 days ago
  • Caleb is such a hoot! Quite the comedian. 😂

    David HuffDavid Huff5 days ago
  • Eric and mark could pass for brothers!

    Joan RobersonJoan Roberson5 days ago