Rust - A GREAT RECOVERY to a HOPELESS Wipe (Movie)

Feb 22, 2021
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  • You guys reallllly thought I was going to do just ONE video for 1,000,000 subscribers didn't you? HAHAHA! You were so right!!! Yeah, one movie was the plan. This video ended up being longer than I anticipated but you can't complain about back to back movies can you? Hey, while you're reading this, maybe go check out my second channel? ❤️

    BlooprintBlooprint5 days ago
    • I was subscribed to your second channel before I even found your first one, but I'm glad I'm here! Keep up the great content.

      ron frederickron frederick2 hours ago
    • @Maddox Boyles

      Pontiac Man75Pontiac Man7513 hours ago
    • congrats, sorry you have to see 500 dislikes, i liked and will be watching the whole movie to help you

      Maddox BoylesMaddox Boyles13 hours ago
    • @Xxbeast Master

      Pontiac Man75Pontiac Man7513 hours ago
    • 7:08 we've all been there

      Hoek LocalHoek Local23 hours ago
  • Yo this game has black ice mp5😳

    Ligma PaulLigma Paul8 minutes ago
  • 11:25 y be nazi?

    gabe hillgabe hill10 minutes ago

    そーらそーら40 minutes ago
  • So... blooprint.... ummm what's that base design?

    David LevyDavid LevyHour ago
  • i love when rust players talk crap about people using db's and what not when they've used them many times in previous videos

    503 DEAD503 DEADHour ago
  • box of rockets -disfigured Sheeeesh

    HadesHadesHour ago
  • Blooprint is aimbotting, u can clearly see it at /watch?v=nQyJYzvnEBs 20:52 - 20:55 in the vid from frost, Spam spacebar to pauze, he is a hacker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sambal bijSambal bijHour ago
  • Very good video (My friend was trying to find you on the server blooprint, because it was wipe :D)

    Dominik DvořákDominik Dvořák2 hours ago
  • 1:16:38, blooprint was down bad😳

    Tristan DonigianTristan Donigian2 hours ago
  • Having over a 1,000,000 views on this video, and it only been out for 4 days crazy

    Darwin PixsDarwin Pixs2 hours ago
  • 44:03 look to the left you can see his gun that he lost

    Shitter ._.Shitter ._.2 hours ago
  • i have alot of bp's on my server lol

    TerapiinTerapiin2 hours ago
  • Linger the legend

    peter gwynpeter gwyn3 hours ago
  • 58:09 proof that blooprint is dream

    SynSyn3 hours ago
  • I llove you videos

    Silvijo TaritasSilvijo Taritas3 hours ago
  • That Tyme dude with the seeing through grass if u have low settings then the grass doesn’t appear so it can look like they r seeing through grass

    Nest BallNest Ball3 hours ago
  • He has become shrek

    Logan PriestLogan Priest3 hours ago
  • is it just me but does Blooprint kinda sound like Mordecai from Regular Show?

    ZastoZasto3 hours ago
  • 1M views in 4 days ? GG MY MAN

    AlakazouAlakazou4 hours ago
  • 11:26 I don’t think he knows who hes talking to LOL

    NotGoodJustAsianNotGoodJustAsian4 hours ago
  • 19:00 I went through all the description songs and couldn't find this one, what is it?

    DuckyBDuckyB4 hours ago
  • whis this much rockets you could have just destroyed the foundation to collapse the base honestly

    KorokKorok4 hours ago
  • Got my blooprint hoodie today!!!!

    Sean WalshSean Walsh4 hours ago
  • Who wants to form a clan

    YT IwulYT Iwul4 hours ago
  • 57:50 Well god damn

    Alton CaldwellAlton Caldwell4 hours ago
  • from 457k to 1.9M NOICE

    Chris Gonzalez GonzalezChris Gonzalez Gonzalez5 hours ago
  • “Guess what I caught this slimy piece of shit doing” caught me so off guard and I loved it

    Electric BathTubElectric BathTub5 hours ago
  • LOL as soon as I seen you type in the swamp I knew you were about to bait that man for loot LMAO

    Anthony WallaceAnthony Wallace5 hours ago
  • i love these kind of vids the comeback the the toxicity

    BTD Noob_BTD Noob_6 hours ago
  • 36:05

    KinglyBacon_KinglyBacon_6 hours ago
  • I always wondered what ''grubbing'' is. Its essentially camping at a monument with people on (such as Oil Rig) and waiting in a corner, until they have looted everything. Then you just Double Barrel them in the face and escape.

    CODACODA6 hours ago
  • lesson learned.. never play Rust solo

    dancidanciidancidancii6 hours ago
  • bloo really said "XD"

    RuskyRusky7 hours ago
  • 0:08 this is me...always

    asdiiigodiiiasdiiigodiii7 hours ago
  • whats the base design blooprint???????

    AlanAlan8 hours ago
  • Just sayin I bought ur wipe pass this latest wipe on bloolagoon 1.5x solo duo trio my team rockin it g tier 3 already

    PhysixPhysix8 hours ago
  • DUDE your video title is "RECOVERY to a HOPELESS Wipe" you typed it wrong it needs to be "A GREAT RECOVERY from a HOPELESS WIPE" blooprint so Pepega

    skraipskraip8 hours ago
  • 22:25

    New SheedNew Sheed9 hours ago
  • Could i get the ip of the server

    drykst btwdrykst btw9 hours ago
  • Bloo you still eatingp?

    danieldaniel9 hours ago
  • Sheesh. I learned a valuable lesson today.

    A Bottle of WaterA Bottle of Water10 hours ago
  • Shrekprint

    ShaxArcShaxArc10 hours ago
  • 22:07 that sword guy tho🤣🤣🤣

    ConfusedTuberConfusedTuber11 hours ago
  • Why tf are u so good I got the game and quit the first day 😂 I need friends to play with and help out

    Rickyy817 GalvanRickyy817 Galvan12 hours ago
  • Blooprint please make a AU/NZ Bloo Lagoon server.

    EzhdadEzhdad12 hours ago
  • I'd like to have a Thai sub.

    Tawatchai InjeenTawatchai Injeen12 hours ago
  • Ahhabdbdhdhd-every rust player

    Nolan ConnorsNolan Connors12 hours ago
  • I didint know that blooprint can die in rust 😳😅

    HölzelHölzel12 hours ago
  • I still think about how when you use a med syringe basically you're injecting low grade into your veins but it heals you lmao

    YadasaYadasa12 hours ago
  • Ling was the donkey to your shrek

    booty banditbooty bandit13 hours ago
  • @motion you got clapped 😂😂😂💯💯💯🗿

    KremeKreme13 hours ago
  • someone look at exactally 6:59 why is there red lines to the right of his bow ??????

    TyLuna1TyLuna114 hours ago
  • 45:40 down bad brother 😞

    Akagi _Akagi _14 hours ago
  • IMA sub to other channel.

    moze marshmallowmoze marshmallow14 hours ago
  • This guy is such a poor loser

    aww TVaww TV15 hours ago
  • Sheeesh

    betoMoraisbetoMorais15 hours ago
  • 33:27

    Rimuru TempestRimuru Tempest15 hours ago
  • 49:51 That's What She Said

    KolyKoly15 hours ago
  • We not gonna talk about how he randomly killed motion?

    PirateWorldPirateWorld16 hours ago
  • Now you gotta start making videos with ling

    FarAwaXyFarAwaXy16 hours ago
  • wwhy is the semi pistol called p2?

    SteelCamperSteelCamper16 hours ago
  • It’s the. Ahhhhh welcome. To rust for me

    jack harrisonjack harrison16 hours ago
  • 26:30

    KinglyBacon_KinglyBacon_16 hours ago
  • you gotta talk to these people in calls man i feel bad for them

    Nicholas WesterhoffNicholas Westerhoff16 hours ago
  • starts whining about a DB, he's already got his back to them because he was about to get rekt :l sometimes it just comes across as whiney, after immediately starts DB roaming

    jojolikescocoajojolikescocoa16 hours ago
  • At 27:06 i literally...just screaming out loud,like... Oh F off,come on...and my parents had this really weird look on me ;D

    Jakieee MeowJakieee Meow16 hours ago
  • I'm not trying to be a dick but its crazy how many times you lined up a shot on someone then missed it when they weren't watching : ) Love the vids tho

    CharlieCharlie16 hours ago
  • Blooprint is shrek he has a swamp

    Desiree AlanisDesiree Alanis16 hours ago
  • Your videos are amazing and subscribers are growing in an unbelievable way, I wish you this so much.

    Fanda LinkeFanda Linke18 hours ago
  • man im addicted to your video lmao

    killord2511killord251118 hours ago
  • Me to I’m garbage (Aye dimshit whatcha doin there)

    A MartinezA Martinez19 hours ago
  • Banger of an intro good stuff

    Keegan FoleyKeegan Foley19 hours ago
  • What is ur game graphics?

    MeltedMelted19 hours ago
  • 22:30 blooprint raging lokey gave me chills Edit: Timeframe

    SORA32101SORA3210119 hours ago
  • When me and my brother hear "Im gonna be playing solo" We just get the biggest smile

    NotAydenNotAyden20 hours ago
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    ThatsNiceHuhThatsNiceHuh21 hour ago
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    ThatsNiceHuhThatsNiceHuh21 hour ago
  • 43:40 for cow bell

    PotsAndPans XDPotsAndPans XD21 hour ago
  • The lucky chance mostly practise because offence complimentarily scrape through a known deodorant. oceanic, parched bull

    GenjutsudGenjutsud21 hour ago
  • The longer Shrek has his swamp, the stronger he will become

    IsgarothIsgaroth21 hour ago
  • The Karen of rust

    Aber ZahraAber Zahra22 hours ago
  • Where’s linger

    Tyler ManessTyler Maness22 hours ago
  • The imaginary snowplow sicily own because scraper methodically note regarding a busy quarter. scrawny, noisy daniel

    Francis TurnerFrancis Turner22 hours ago
  • i hate when they spoil the video in the title and in the video, like there was no surprise now when everything happned

    RunicRunic22 hours ago
  • Yo my 1 million merch just arrived it looks awesome thank you!!

    Tripp LustigTripp Lustig22 hours ago
  • Hey bloo. Just a random idea for you. What if you and Stevie each made a team, one team are raiders the other are builders. Take a wipe to gather supplies, then the raiders try to raid the builders with all the prep they did across the wipe.

    DarkSouls GamingDarkSouls Gaming22 hours ago
  • Enjoyed the content. As well as learned a new raid tactic out of your final 40 rocket raid attempt. 4k Hr Grub... Thanks

    Jon UberiskJon Uberisk23 hours ago
  • Fighting a dude with a bow using a pistol. Homie whips out a db and blue gets one tapped. Blue: "NO SKILL OMFG"

    SicklyDripHDSicklyDripHD23 hours ago
  • The poor naked buying from the shop at 58:22

    ExumerExumer23 hours ago
  • ,,These guys have nothing to loot nothing worth it :/''

    Doctor Badass DennisDoctor Badass Dennis23 hours ago
  • getting Fd like this is basically my rust experience all the time tbh

    B GriB Gri23 hours ago
  • 2:50 nice edit/timing

    BWTricksterBWTricksterDay ago
  • I've played Rust for nearly six years; whats up with all the neo nazi players? lol

    AdamAdamDay ago
  • bro ling was a funny ally lmaoi

    hugh mungushugh mungusDay ago
  • If u don’t wanna get fucked like this,try to go on ukn sometime and live in like open areas, so u can outspray/out aim them, never live in fresh spawn that’s like a brain dead move

    Martias LolMartias LolDay ago
    • U know what I mean? So no retrds can camp u or like so annoying shit u know? I live in wide open every. Single wipe, hot 3.5k hours and can out spray everyone in wide open

      Martias LolMartias LolDay ago
  • Time Wizard was 100% cheating

    BAY35BAY35Day ago
  • This was hard to watch, you are such a whiner. Gets killed a couple of times "HOPELESS WIPE" You act like you've never played rust before.

    Carson W234Carson W234Day ago
  • I find it weird you have to contact an admin on your own server and they werent able to do anything cause the guy signed off lol

    DrummerJacobDrummerJacobDay ago

    TicktokbombTicktokbombDay ago