Russ & Jack Harlow Compete In A Basketball Game Hosted By Druski & 24K Goldn | The Crew League

Feb 19, 2021
747 554 Views

Team Diemon v. Team Private Garden
On the first episode of #TheCrewLeague, #JackHarlow and his good-natured day ones on Team Private Garden take the court against #Russ and Team Diemon.

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  • 12:33 thank me later

    miggymiggy31 minute ago
  • I bet Russ was spoiled as hell as a kid

    MoselyyMoselyy48 minutes ago
  • 6:30 looks mad weird tbh

    vishnuggvishnugg55 minutes ago
  • That air ball killed me “ mj “

    KarnageKarnageHour ago
  • Russ got real pressed when mentioned recruiting lmao

    Luke DuganLuke DuganHour ago
  • This shyt was staged

    sonic booomsonic booomHour ago
  • 😂😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    mike wayneTVmike wayneTV2 hours ago
  • Don't forget to like and comment. I'm not a USworldsr, so I didn't realize how important it is. But rest assured I won't forget again. This is the way.

    Divad SandersDivad Sanders2 hours ago
  • this why nobody like russ

    Jaxon LoyaJaxon Loya3 hours ago
    • This why the Russ hate Wack asl.

      Mr. NLRMr. NLR2 hours ago
  • Russ pulled up like a single mother lol

    Lord CookzLord Cookz3 hours ago
  • Who are these refs 😂🤣

    ojo54761ojo547613 hours ago
  • Lmaoooo the ref being honest is funny af

    13l00m13l00m3 hours ago
  • Damn Russ had college players on his team

    One up One downOne up One down4 hours ago
  • When the dude interviewed them at half time, I bet they thought the other person was saying that about each other

    Bryan AstoBryan Asto4 hours ago
  • Ya Russ hit 3 shots but I feel like he took more than 10

    Angus NeeleyAngus Neeley5 hours ago
  • Damn yall are haters lmao just because Russ homies are good a basketball and Druski made a joke about it, it's fuck Russ? LOL

    Genova KiloGenova Kilo5 hours ago
  • Russ getting hella hooper hoopers what the hell

    NxzeNxze5 hours ago
  • How tf y’all even put team Russ in this? Get this clown and his NBA team out of here. Also someone tell AJ the NBA is not watching

    Brody KramerBrody Kramer5 hours ago
  • Druski lookin like Jacks bus driver.

    Avid PureAvid Pure5 hours ago
  • Russ is a chunky lil man huh

    GrahamGraham6 hours ago
  • The refs are 100 percent Harold and Kumar

    Derick HerronDerick Herron6 hours ago
  • Diemon take the W like always.

    LIL LyrixsLIL Lyrixs6 hours ago
  • Man Russ moving look like a mafia 😭

    dpdp6 hours ago
  • 20:15

    OT PocketOT Pocket6 hours ago
  • i would’ve died laughing if jack pulled up with Herro 🤣

    Kal blehKal bleh7 hours ago
  • russ winning and still taking the L

    freeziezfreeziez7 hours ago
  • Anyone else feel like this was shot poorly?

    bicbic7 hours ago
  • Russ got the golden state warriors on his squad damn

    Sean SusonSean Suson7 hours ago
  • Who this buster dude he whack

    Abhi LehalAbhi Lehal8 hours ago
  • bro russ small asf wtf lol

    Willow JWillow J8 hours ago
  • Jack:Yeah I’ve brought a couple my friends and Associates. Russ: Ahhh....yes these are my Childhood Friends Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lebron James.

    zykeveyin malonezykeveyin malone8 hours ago
  • I seen dis live but this is way better

    Backwood RxBackwood Rx8 hours ago
  • The funny part yt is looking for 12:36

    Jonathan BenbowJonathan Benbow8 hours ago

    Steph Curry UnpaidSteph Curry Unpaid9 hours ago
  • Don’t be mad cause Russ being smart 😂😂😂

    Asad DarAsad Dar9 hours ago
  • Taylor was a D league player...

    Jason RodriguezJason Rodriguez9 hours ago
  • Bro Jack supposed to be makin what’s poppin #10 but he over here playin in the playground

    D ****nD ****n9 hours ago
  • The refs the funniest part

    J DoritoHeadJ DoritoHead9 hours ago
  • not tripping....they already had this league in 2020 right????

    Cisco C.Cisco C.9 hours ago
  • Everybody mad at Russ because he’s obsessed with winning. I could never hate.

    Gabrielle MariaGabrielle Maria10 hours ago
  • It already seem clear... but thumbs up if they ain't russ's homies

    the woahthe woah10 hours ago
  • Why 24k chewing that gum so aggressive

    Ethan WilsonEthan Wilson10 hours ago
  • jack harlow deadass the goat.

    finesse.finesse.10 hours ago
  • Imagine if Mario Judah pulled up....

    crazzzcrazzz10 hours ago
  • Lmao even winning in basketball, Russ still loses at life wtf 😂

    Brandon H.Brandon H.10 hours ago
  • Russ look like the lesbian softball coach

    Bryson BergenBryson Bergen10 hours ago
  • Jack shoulda brought Tyler herro fr 😂

    AK-JAK-J10 hours ago
  • Proof that Russ is the douchebag everyone says he is.

    brent chaffinbrent chaffin10 hours ago
  • Russ always gotta bring his ego and insecurities in anything he's in 😂

    MADD MANXMADD MANX10 hours ago
  • Most ppl not working rn idc i would’ve done it for the money too and yall bout russ like he care dude has all that money and yall dont

    Jake RobertsJake Roberts11 hours ago
  • Yea y’all can’t ball for shit lmao I hate playin wit ppl like that this ain’t football calm down

    travitravi11 hours ago
  • Russ puss he trash

    Blue the berry 44Blue the berry 4411 hours ago
  • bro is chewin that gum so hard my god

    joshsteele53joshsteele5311 hours ago
  • Russ`s big boy lookin like stitch! My name, Stitch headazz!

    Chaz YoChaz Yo11 hours ago
  • Jack playing too much

    Frank YousifFrank Yousif11 hours ago
  • Man fuck Russ. Druski is the only thing that made this watchable lmao

    Aboutreika91Aboutreika9111 hours ago
  • Russ got fat holy shit

    Bobby BacalaBobby Bacala11 hours ago
  • @5:02 that was your first problem there jack....picking up the homies.....everyone of my guys would say "yea i can ball bro" pffffffffffffffffffff haha he still young lol

    Shawnonsens3Shawnonsens311 hours ago
  • Russ wasn’t playing fair mans was 6’8

    The One And OnlyThe One And Only11 hours ago
  • Jack Harlow: Oh cool a low key basketball game with the homies we gonna see whatsup. Russ: Oh cool a low key basketball game with the homies let me recruit some top players and act like they my homies.

    Solo CasperSolo Casper12 hours ago
  • My man jack really saw Russ recruiting a whole ass college hoop team and still gave one of the greatest half time interviews of all time. Gotta respect my man. #fuckRuss

    Alexander ReichardAlexander Reichard12 hours ago
  • The interviews of the refs was the best part 😂😂

    Brent CoxBrent Cox12 hours ago
  • This league has a ton of potential but they’re doing way too much. Keep the announcers, put it on a regular court, get rid of the shitty sideline fire graphics and and all the unnecessary camera angles and filters, and for fucks sake stop slowing the video down and speeding it up. This is a great idea but this video is borderline unwatchable because they shot it like a music video.

    ProSports365ProSports36512 hours ago
  • Russ is sensitive as fuck ....a whole weirdo

    Talking MoneyTalking Money12 hours ago
  • Russ looks like my 4’11 cousin

    Storm NegeleStorm Negele12 hours ago
    • lol!

      Sega GenesisSega Genesis12 hours ago
  • Where did they get these refs 😂

    Nick SmithNick Smith12 hours ago
  • Jesus loves yall, He died on that cross to take our punishment:)💕

    Noel SeguraNoel Segura12 hours ago
  • Russ finished the game like a champ 💪

    amir sheikholeslamiamir sheikholeslami12 hours ago
  • That Guy Besides Myself Is The Only Other Person I Physically Seen Wearing That Kid Super Puma Jacket.

    Ricardo LesterRicardo Lester13 hours ago
  • Idk about anyone but I also wanted to throw AJ rompza or whatever the fuck it is to the ground. Shoutout Jack man, the guy is goated

    Gabriel MartoranoGabriel Martorano13 hours ago
  • 12:26 you’re welcome

    HEN RYHEN RY13 hours ago
  • These refs are the worst. Hilariously bad. Like Corey and Trevor type shit.

    Wrocwilliam CWrocwilliam C13 hours ago
  • The guy chewing the gum so wildly and putting it in his hand and 🤮. Omgosh. They couldn’t tell him to not do that. Geez.

    candi millercandi miller13 hours ago
  • They played in the ufc? 😭😭

    Jacob SpencerJacob Spencer13 hours ago
  • russ' team thinking they playing nba finals or sum 😭😭😭

    Taco FranchiseTaco Franchise14 hours ago
  • I f*i*n*g**** love jack harlow

    YoungGhostYTYoungGhostYT14 hours ago
  • jack is sus as fuck on the court

    XephyrXephyr14 hours ago
  • Russ is a chode

    Christian PrimmChristian Primm14 hours ago
  • Russ is strangely chubby

    Pierre JohnsonPierre Johnson14 hours ago
  • Bruh Russ got a whole nba team tf

  • This shit lit 🔥🔥🔥

    GunslingaGunslinga14 hours ago
  • watching this game was jus cringe bro all the fouls in the world and russ happened to friends with ex college basketball players like wtf lmao

    juuntjuunt14 hours ago
  • the refs are like fresh outta college normal dudes they not tryna break up celebrity fights lmaoo

    FXFX14 hours ago
  • This is going to be a slaughter

    Alex HendershotAlex Hendershot14 hours ago
  • Damn yo I think Russ wants to play football he’s throwing like a quarterback lmao he ain’t Tom Brady

    KChrisKChris14 hours ago
  • Russ ain’t got no friends lol

    Akiva CampbellAkiva Campbell14 hours ago
    • he has a whole DIEMON team which includes 5-6 of his day ones. Goofy.

      Mr. NLRMr. NLR12 hours ago
  • Jack’s team thought they were the Bad Boy Pistons🤣

    Lukej 0227Lukej 022715 hours ago
  • Russ got a bunch a ballers. Harlow balling with his boys.

    619onmine619onmine15 hours ago
  • Russ like 4’5😭

    KinggTomTom HMFOEKinggTomTom HMFOE15 hours ago
  • Russ shoots like the girls 5-6th grade player 😂

    Atrosityii YtAtrosityii Yt15 hours ago
  • Jack thought he was finna make some music and a video, bruh brought the whole studio

    JChanceJChance15 hours ago
  • 19:50 big bruh

    Никита ВаласенкоНикита Валасенко15 hours ago
  • AJ mad annoying

    Enzo TestaEnzo Testa15 hours ago
  • is it just me or does the white guy commentating sound like the dude from hot ones?? lmao

    MalzovMalzov15 hours ago
  • Russ built like a cafetaria lady "No you can't have a lil more" headass😂😂

    SilverSilver15 hours ago
  • I would just give Russ’s team the trophy 🏆 now lol

    Dubem E.Dubem E.15 hours ago
  • This is the funny thing I’ve watched in awhile 😂😂😂

    J A Z Z IJ A Z Z I15 hours ago
  • they got Escalade checkin in🤣🤣🤣

    ᴘʜᴀʀᴀᴏʜ 333ᴘʜᴀʀᴀᴏʜ 33315 hours ago
  • world where men doin that fruit shit seen as hilarious.

    ᴘʜᴀʀᴀᴏʜ 333ᴘʜᴀʀᴀᴏʜ 33315 hours ago
  • bruh this camera work is unwatchable lol

    I - need - DisI - need - Dis15 hours ago