Running Off A Vehicle Backwards At The Same Speed That It Is Driving Forward!

Feb 24, 2021
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In this video I show you what it looks like to run and jump off a trailer going the same speed as it moving forward. Will you just stand still on the ground? I also show you what it looks like to jump on a moving vehicle. Do you fall off or stay with it?
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  • Well, i've tried this in gta san andreas, in back of a cargo train

    ErsciiErsciiHour ago
  • Another way to get of a moving trailer, land head first.

    lowiq91lowiq913 hours ago
  • I did this with a golf cart on gravel

    IanIan7 hours ago
  • Can you imagine someone doing this on a bicycle or even a motorcycle at higher speeds and longer platform? 🤔

    mrbear143mrbear1439 hours ago
  • It's mind blowing sir !! That's amazed me however i know about as a theory but in practical it's quite amazing

    Uday SikarwarUday Sikarwar11 hours ago
  • Why you were not my physics teacher 😓

    KrishnaKrishna11 hours ago
  • We can not do this at home. Because I can do it outside😅

    Elmeddin HuseynliElmeddin Huseynli15 hours ago
  • 6:24 can you do this in real time, that would be awesome

    Máthew ManalangMáthew Manalang19 hours ago
  • What traveled at the speed of light and then shined a light behind you?!

    seancrowrealtorseancrowrealtor19 hours ago
  • Based on perspective

    Hl_scientistHl_scientist20 hours ago
  • So the earth IS flat....

    Speak Life Garden Homestead & PermacultureSpeak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture23 hours ago
  • This is hilarious.

    Ed FosEd FosDay ago
  • ATTENTION and WARNING Kids!!! 6:21 The VIDEO is going backwards. He did NOT run backwards and jump ONTO the trailer. IF his wife was going backwards, the trailer would have jack knifed to the left or right. (Been there, done that). Thanks for Thinking!

    Mr BrownMr BrownDay ago
  • 5:30 *NPC character*

    The Aviation ChannelThe Aviation ChannelDay ago
  • Next, how can a fly stay suspended in a fast moving vehicle without touching anything in the car, just kind of hovering there while you are moving at really high velocities?

    Adel AzeemAdel AzeemDay ago
  • When you really want to feel physics👍

    Vikash KumarVikash KumarDay ago
  • You don't need more length to accelerate at higher speeds. You just need more acceleration!

    AirbladerAirbladerDay ago
  • Hello, that's super cool, and i love your videos ,but, it's not the same that with a electric running machine? I mean the band is moving backwards but you run to the front and always stay in the same spot. Keep doing this videos they are super cool

    Raziel Airy Montor ArriagaRaziel Airy Montor ArriagaDay ago
  • I don’t know why but I thought that first nerf drive-by was hilarious

    ThatGuyyyyyyyThatGuyyyyyyyDay ago
  • what if u fly a small drone in a train saloon?! does it move like when u jumped?

    Ali NazariAli Nazari2 days ago
  • I didn't know a car could drive that slow

    I like my own commentsI like my own comments2 days ago
  • Me: The video: 100 feet blah blah stand still jggwkg hw stay? Me: WhAt ThE hEcK!?!?

    SsoouullSsoouull2 days ago
  • The wheels on the back are from a middle school gym storage room

    《PlayMyTromboner》《PlayMyTromboner》2 days ago
  • I did this when I was a kid. And all i remember is that i ended with a bunch of bruises. Maybe the good thing is that it was a dirt road. But that was a stupid decision.

    SomeoneSomeone2 days ago
  • this is so fun! I've done it when I was in the army and I fell a few times on my butt

    Rodrigo LRodrigo L2 days ago
  • Parabolic path has not effect

    Agri Sri lankaAgri Sri lanka2 days ago
  • We did this as a pert of military training. - it is a cool feeling.

    Keith LurieKeith Lurie2 days ago
  • He is clarifying all my childhood doubts , thanks 👍

    hara vardhan reddy naruhara vardhan reddy naru2 days ago
  • “Do not try this at home” Me who lives on a farm and has basically done this my whole life: right right I’ll never do that ag* -proceeds to do said movement

    Colden HansesColden Hanses2 days ago
  • You should try this with a semi truck/trailer and a atv or side by side.

    Jesse WattsJesse Watts2 days ago
  • And you still have all the teeth?

    The EnforcerThe Enforcer3 days ago
  • 5:30 Hurry up and do the thing

    idunlikeyouidunlikeyou3 days ago
  • 6:23 now pleas do that in your next video,

    jack sparrowjack sparrow3 days ago
  • if only you downloaded the superjump mod :|

    PaynPayn3 days ago
  • Best video ever

    Pedro SoaresPedro Soares3 days ago
  • AKA Inertia-first law of newton

  • Hyperloop secrets revealed

    N. P.N. P.4 days ago
  • Well, he said not to try this at home. So I went to a friend's home.

    D BXD BX4 days ago
  • This guy is unbelievable

    Sian ACSian AC4 days ago
  • So funny

    classic wears U-3classic wears U-34 days ago
  • This guy is awesome. These are like all of life's deepest questions that I ponder at night.

    hobsdigree2hobsdigree24 days ago
    • It's all answered by inertia

      Aarya JainAarya Jain4 days ago
  • Did you get legal allowance from the police?

    Blaze KingBlaze King4 days ago
  • 0:55 everybody gangsta until the ball starts flying towards the sky

    epiccgamerepiccgamer5 days ago
  • See ya later Eee E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E R R R R R R R R alligator

    Dead devil CrewDead devil Crew5 days ago
  • Could a TV show and call it Mythbusters

    OZ OutdorzOZ Outdorz5 days ago
  • So if you shot a nerf gun would the ball just go back in the gun?🤔

    Sizwe NdhlovuSizwe Ndhlovu5 days ago
  • This would be cool... Constant moving train... and as the Stop comes people can be on boarded and de boarded without actually stopping the train.... Possible?

    N U Nithin KrishnanN U Nithin Krishnan5 days ago
    • Nope. Not unless the platform moves at the same speed as the train

      Aarya JainAarya Jain4 days ago
  • Literally everyone is killing him by saying jump from this etc

    Prikshit KanwarPrikshit Kanwar5 days ago
  • Bro do a back flip in a moving car of speed above 60

    Prikshit KanwarPrikshit Kanwar5 days ago
  • The faster it go you will hit your knee

    kola moonkola moon5 days ago
  • doode! I thought she was your sister! You two have the same smile!

    Daft RebelDaft Rebel5 days ago
  • We did that as kids

    Vic JudarVic Judar5 days ago
  • flat earthers disliked this video

    Kyle MouttetKyle Mouttet5 days ago
  • This was way more fun than I thought it was going to be. The sudden acceleration needed to leave a moving train within a realistic launching space would probably give you whiplash.

    JayJay5 days ago
  • Hahahahahhaahah this looks so dumb yet cool, great channel!

    Марко ЈовановићМарко Јовановић6 days ago
  • Sana sumakay ka na lang sa jeepney sa Divisoria.

    Roy JavierRoy Javier6 days ago
  • Very good

    Jorge MonteiroJorge Monteiro6 days ago
  • Coolest thing ever i found on u tube #physics lover😍

    Dr safiya loneDr safiya lone6 days ago
  • You should checkout how Indians get down from running train. Probably they use same physics

    Venkataraman thyagarajanVenkataraman thyagarajan6 days ago
  • Simple classical relativity. Your speed is subtracted from the vehicle as you are not moving relative to the vehicle when not moving relative to the vehicle. If the vehicle is going 5mph and you run against the direction of the vehicle at 5mph, your speed will be 0mph relative to the ground. Quite simple. The closer we get to light speed however... a very different story.

    Osmium SoulOsmium Soul6 days ago
  • This how question made for jee aspirants

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki6 days ago
  • Hey try it with a drone because last time you did it was kind of hard to figure out what was happening but now that you have the facility to do pls do it again we are waiting for your videos

  • the earth rotates in 24 hours, what if the helicopter flies on the spot for more than 2 hours?

    Bimo Yanuar PrakosoBimo Yanuar Prakoso6 days ago
    • Nope. Everything on earth is moving with it. We too. Hence for us the helicopter won't move. But for a person from space it will.

      Aarya JainAarya Jain4 days ago
  • I did this once while being towed on a car hood behind a snowmobile, except I was 12 and jumped straight up in the air and expected to land standing on my feet and was immediately catapulted forward

    Steven LangSteven Lang6 days ago
  • Do you cover your license plate up in public too? What do you think anyone will be able to do with it?

    Tim O'BrienTim O'Brien7 days ago
  • “After all I’ve done for you!”

    Tyson CrabbTyson Crabb7 days ago
  • 5:31 try doing this running backwards😉

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek Singh7 days ago
  • if myth was false then it would look like you're on a video game

    migjaypogi324migjaypogi3247 days ago
  • He cleared life long question of my mind, thanxxx brother

    deepak kumardeepak kumar7 days ago
  • Im Johnny Knoxville and this is jackass

    Dank PizzaDank Pizza8 days ago
  • God of physics

    manikanta saiganeshmanikanta saiganesh8 days ago
  • What happens if you fire a gun (up, down and sideways) when you are falling from the sky?

    Sanjeet GhimireSanjeet Ghimire8 days ago
  • Man, this was great!

    RJ BrownRJ Brown8 days ago
  • Science

    Edit lifeEdit life8 days ago
  • Don't try this at home

    Inder KhalsaInder Khalsa8 days ago
  • Looks like he's never ran before 😂

    Joseph CollinsJoseph Collins8 days ago
  • This reminds me of a perplexing thought I had as a child. What would happen if a pitcher threw a 100mph fastball off the back of a speeding train. Would it just drop? I just couldn't get my head around a major league pitcher throwing a ball with all his might to just... drop. Silly stuff that crosses our minds as kids. Nice video. That last clip of you jumping onto the trailer running backward must've taken a few tries to pull off.

    Paul WestonPaul Weston8 days ago
  • Didn’t work out so well for Beavis and Butthead

    cody passmorecody passmore8 days ago
  • Tenet at 6:22

    typhoon320ityphoon320i8 days ago
  • I really want to see someone do this but with a football

    Man The DanMan The Dan8 days ago
  • I have fun ideas and challenge you to try: 1. Do it with pogo stick / bouncer 2. Experiment with a spinning top (a spintop) that moves naturally down from the tilt, or with a little push to go to the opposite way. The idea is: Is a small point of contact with a moving object that will reduce the forward force due to the speed of the car (Newton's law test), and also if the object is spinning fast?

    steveingodsteveingod8 days ago
  • He could've asked a farmer. I used to walk or run off the hay wagon in the hay field way back when I was a teenager in rural Missouri putting up square bales with my Grandfather. Dumb Engineers! My deisel mechanic Dad used to complain about guys like this all day long....

    Robert LuechtefeldRobert Luechtefeld9 days ago

    Skipboso4Skipboso49 days ago
  • Your balance and the friction with the ground is canceling what little momentum you still have. Doing this while on wheels would be better like rollerblades or a skateboard maybe even a bike. But that would be more dangerous. Now that i think of it that would be an epic entrance move for some flatland tricks. It would be cool to see a pro do that. I remember steve-o tried something similar but he wanted the ramp to move while the person on the bike was stationary.

    gabe fimbresgabe fimbres9 days ago
  • elon musk takes notes

    ignilcignilc10 days ago
  • as a professional hobo, i can attest to the fact that when disembarking a moving freight train, its necessary to hang from the side and "whirlwind" your legs at a speed matching that of the boxcar...its a trick i learned from a whiley coyote...

    risky bidnessrisky bidness10 days ago
  • You gained a sub

    saravanan dilipsaravanan dilip10 days ago
  • You covered the license plate of the car with some paper sheets but didn't do it with the trailer's plate. What's the point?

    muggzzzzzmuggzzzzz10 days ago
  • Good experiment

    Sonam ShetSonam Shet10 days ago
  • I thought he would leap out of and high speed car 🚗

    Sonam ShetSonam Shet10 days ago
  • He runs like he talks

    GabiN64GabiN6410 days ago
  • Video hasnt started yet but I just wanna say... rest in peace bro.

    adnan ahmedadnan ahmed11 days ago
  • Pointless shite

    Alan JaneAlan Jane11 days ago
    • Yeah... ok ‘alan’ 😬

      BopBop7 days ago
  • “Okay, stay at this speed.”

    Lovely MongaLovely Monga11 days ago
  • Myth busters did this they shot a ball and it didn't move equal and opposite forces cancel out

    rjac001rjac00111 days ago
  • You came for 5:25 sir

    AfanixAfanix11 days ago
  • So if your on top of a train facing the tail end and you do a long jump will you jump further or the same?

    cannibistalkscannibistalks11 days ago
  • Good information

    lakshmisai Enterpriselakshmisai Enterprise12 days ago
  • Ing-aniun dapat ang pagnaog sa jeep!

    Aj CatarinaAj Catarina12 days ago
  • This could be the first step to without inertia cars🤔

    Johann RamírezJohann Ramírez12 days ago