RunAway Rollback!!! Almost Wrecked A Wrecker!!!

Feb 19, 2021
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More snowstorm craziness!!! Having to travel on icy roads with unit #15 our Peterbilt 337 with a Century LCG12 to recover a passenger vehicle that slid off the edge of the road and was on the edge of a 20' drop off. To make it even more challenging, the car was on an icy hill in the middle of nowhere and drop-offs on each side of the road. Oh, did I mention that this was at night, by myself, in an area that had no cell reception? And another thing, guess who forgot their tire chains and ice cleats? Yeah, not a great night. Please SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER!!! Thanks for watching and God bless!!! Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP) #ronpratt #guardianangeldevices #midwesttruck #millerindustries #halo #sdmo #illumagear #feniexofficial #toy #toytruck #dodge #hemi #yankum #traileze #tow #towlife #century #rotator #recovery #car #truck #fire #firetruck #apparatus #aerial #denver #colorado #pro #mufrti #scfd #scpd #peterbilt #crouchtowtrucks #code #thief #gehl #bobcat #skidsteer #pjtrailer #1

  • First, allow me to thank all those who were concerned for my safety in this video and those who gave constructive suggestions. Others may have missed part of the purpose of this video. In the video I pointed out the fact that there were things that I would have or should have done differently on this job. I also pointed out that I went on this job not completely prepared in the fact that I did not have my tire chains or my snow/ice cleats for the wheel lift to keep the truck from sliding. I also did not have salt on the truck. All of these things I normally carry on the truck during the winter months and they were put in the truck that same evening after I unloaded the car, before I left the shop. I was caught unprepared. I am not perfect. I am not always prepared. Nobody is perfect and nobody can be 100% prepared for any situation.... I persevered. I didn't give up. I recognized and overcame the obstacles before me. I learned from the experience and I took actions to correct the problems that I observed. To me, these were the things I hoped people would take from this video. We are all flawed and find ourselves unprepared, but we can overcome and learn from these experiences. Thanks for watching and God bless.

    Ron PrattRon Pratt5 days ago
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      Allen MartinAllen Martin3 days ago
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      Allen MartinAllen Martin3 days ago
    • You earn your money on this one Ron. I would think you would charge more on a job like this one, not that you were not prepared, but just the weather itself. God Bless

      FlyTech BassFlyTech Bass3 days ago
    • Polished that ugly scene to as good a sheen as it's going to get!

      R HR H3 days ago
    • Hi Ron, The view of the trip out with your new dash-cam was great. Look forward to seeing it used in the daytime. A long time ago I experienced road conditions that were that slick years ago when we got snow. I got stopped in traffic on a slightly banked curve and when all forward momentum stopped, my car started sliding sideways toward the road shoulder. Stay safe out there. May God bless and protect you.

      Jerry RobisonJerry Robison3 days ago
  • Should have brought a bag of rock salt and treated the area where you were working.

    Species1571Species1571Hour ago
  • Hey Ron you should have had one of your crew with you on that call Should never be by yourself in a situation like this and at night and in those weather conditions brutal. !!! Stay safe and warm

    Tina ButkusTina Butkus2 hours ago
  • Hey Ron ! Just a word of advice for future ! Studded snow tires and chains would have helped

    Tina ButkusTina Butkus2 hours ago
  • Best of luck with this ! God and the angels are with you be careful

    Tina ButkusTina Butkus2 hours ago
  • Ron love the videos I lived in Michigan for over 10 and had Avery close friend the drove a wrecker for 15 years and he used to take the regular chains and lay them in an elongated circle then put his tires on them worked every time you might keep that in mind next time you are in this situation stay warm and stay safe and god bless

    shaun foshaun fo2 hours ago
  • Darn that was a hairy moment as we say in the UK, great job though.

    Stephen RuffStephen Ruff6 hours ago
  • So glad that you are safe and things worked out for you.

    im dizzyim dizzy7 hours ago
  • Counter-intuitive, but where possible, park over the edge of the road, in the fresh deep snow. It won't be compacted into an ice rink.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith7 hours ago
  • Dealt with the same conditions down here in Texas of all places. We ain't use to snow and ice so keeping my wrecker on the road was a task. Good video Ron. Stay safe!

    Damian MartinezDamian Martinez7 hours ago
  • Jeez. Working with bad weather solo can br difficult.

    ben jordaanben jordaan10 hours ago
  • IM SO GLAD YOU was easy on that Alabama hayseeds car....they done really good to get that far down that street for sure.... you on the OTHER hand need to try and remember to carry everything with you AT ALL TIMES SIR you did make do with what you had .... thanks for the gravel on that side street ......... thats not always there tho SIR ,,,,,, thanks for a GREAT video and YES that dash cam is AWASOME ........ Dano in Bama

    Dan McDanielDan McDaniel18 hours ago
  • My worry was that if you had slipped and hurt yourself there was no one else there to get you assistance .

    Kenneth HumeKenneth Hume19 hours ago
  • Nice job Ron. Really not sure what all the hub-bub is about. You had a plan, tried it and it didn't work. You regrouped and came up with a second plan that did work. In the fire service we have a saying, "Adapt and overcome." That's what you did and what you always do. If this isn't a life lesson, I don't what is. Stay safe.

    Cosmo KramerCosmo Kramer21 hour ago
  • What about dropping the wheel life and using it to get a purchase on the asphalt?

    Rob OlsenRob Olsen22 hours ago
  • I wouldn't put my SLED out on roads like this

    leebyrd12leebyrd12Day ago
  • soooooo lucky the dirt road was across from the car !!!

    port starboardport starboardDay ago
  • hmmm @ 41:00 i dont know why even touching that car wouldnt begin its careening down the gorge with your truck if hooked up

    port starboardport starboardDay ago
  • I have to give you a new name Ron (Dangerman) One of the most exciting videos ,I was trying to slowdown without touching my brakes on. Hard earned dollar's on that job.

    F BF BDay ago
  • I know this is an odd thing to take away from this very long and unnerving video but I'm loving the dashcam! It shows so much more and has a much better picture inside the vehicle. Funny thing, I was just thinking on the last video I managed to catch, that I wish you would get a dashcam and stop using go-pros for inside the vehicles. Good choice.

  • Been watching you for some time, almost feel like I could do your job (don’t want to so no worries). Not a fan of the new camera location... like to see the cab so I can tell that truck you’re in and your point of view at as you pull it to the recovery, kind of makes it feel like we are there with you. Great content 👍👍

    Brian ElsnerBrian ElsnerDay ago
  • You absolutely have to love a Missouri ice storm mixed with snow.

    Tim McGinnisTim McGinnisDay ago
  • I'm always praying for you guys who are out there especially at night.

    Caleb MyersCaleb MyersDay ago
  • Dern Ron I thought you were a newbie

    michael haidenmichael haidenDay ago
  • Honestly for that one , I would have tilted the bed so the landing gear was on the ground also with the wheel lift just resting on the ground then put the snatch block at the end of the bed and pulled it from the side like that . I wonder if that would have been enough to keep the truck on the road . Stay safe Ron ! 👍 .. I always end up commenting before the end of videos lol . Glad you set up the truck the way you did at the end . Great stuff ! I have learned great things on how to be a better operator from watching you .!

    DeeKay617DeeKay617Day ago
  • Hope you are safe with all that Snow and Ice that we got from that Winter Storm last week. I seen a few Rotator Trucks working this past month and half because of the 18 Wheelers. I seen HJ Rotators working in Oct. 26 2020 thinking of your two Rotators that you own. Their really cool in person and watching them work. Stay safe Ron and may your job let you relax.

    Roxianna RosesRoxianna RosesDay ago
  • Considering what the car was in or on the side of it didn't look like there's much damage

    CarsTrucksWhateverCarsTrucksWhateverDay ago
  • The video quality, I mean the night vision of the new dashcam, is really, really good! The cab view, on the other hand, where you can even watch rear view mirrors and driver actions, gives more an impression of actually riding in that truck, despite some possible obstruction of view. So, what about a test fixing the new dash cam to the back of the cab?

    Andee KaydotAndee Kaydot2 days ago
  • Maybe just me, but I like watching the workings on the inside of the wrecker. I like the camera on the back window better.

    Joel VarneyJoel Varney2 days ago
  • Another job done! Glad you got it done and got back safe! 🤜🤛

    TowMan127TowMan1272 days ago
  • I admire how humble you are Ron, I can guarantee that most youtubers would never upload a video showing a mistake they made, and even if they did upload it, it surely would be edited out. The fact that you showcase your mistake like this has given me hope that there are still good-hearted, humble people out there. Stay safe out there my friend.

    TheHealthyDonutTheHealthyDonut2 days ago
  • Heu buddy I always watch your videos from beginniing to end. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair and I was talking to the big guy to take care of you and keep you safe

    Richard DriggersRichard Driggers2 days ago
  • Ron, you mentioned not having any help. You, being a man with a strong Christian faith, should recognize that you had plenty of help our there on that dark slick icy road. Who do you think kept any cars from coming throu when you had the tow cable about 15 inches off the ground pulling that car across the road. It's my firm conviction you had the best help in the world. God bless and stay safe Ron.

    Richard DriggersRichard Driggers2 days ago
  • Ron, another job well done brother. While mistakes were made, you did EXACTLY what every good tow operator worth his salt improvised and you overcame. You got the job done with what you had at hand and the only people that will bash you for your mistakes are the ones that don’t have a clue because they’ve never been there. During my tow career we found ways to make every job work and we never left any vehicle stuck. My boss was a bit of a pack rat and always had old scraps of carpet laying around the shop because “it’s better than laying on the concrete floor to work on the trucks” and we always had some in the truck as well. When I asked him why, his answer was importantly simple...”when you’re winching in 30 below and you’re on ice with no place to anchor and truck is you want to put on chains, or do you want to put that carpet under your wheels and get the job done?” I used my carpets a lot in the winter! Keep doing what you do Ron, stay safe brother!

    Dave BirchDave Birch2 days ago
  • Ron, You appear to be getting dazzled by oncoming traffic .... Are your headlights adjusted correctly?

    Brian ArundellBrian Arundell2 days ago
  • Ron, way too much driving time shown in this vid.

    Richard DriggersRichard Driggers2 days ago
  • Are we there yet??

    Thomas ReedThomas Reed2 days ago
  • HI nice dash cam . Be safe !

    Robert DuffyRobert Duffy2 days ago
  • Know how you feel dealing with that weather I'm a truck driver and I got stuck in Texas my 15 years driving a truck its worst I've ever seen it

    James WilkinsonJames Wilkinson2 days ago
  • I am again reminded of just how much work it is to do what you guys do, even on simple recoveries, and frequently under pretty rotten conditions. I am grateful that so many are willing to do what you do. We who have needed your services are very happy you all are there.

    macgvrsmacgvrs2 days ago
  • It was probably a LITTLE bit more calming, knowing there was a truck STOPPED at the Guardian Angel (in turn stopping others behind)

    Nemesis 851Nemesis 8512 days ago
  • Keep the rubber on the ground Ron!!! Some folks dont understand comitment to your customers like I do burning hot or freezing cold they need you. Is it safe? Mostly not but you do your best to minimise the risks I applaud you for it. However I dont have your issues on my channel its gaming .... If they ever do a towing game I'll feature you bro LOVE your work kepp it up and stay safe.

    Graywolf gamingGraywolf gaming2 days ago
  • Yup they will do it !

    Steve MclainSteve Mclain2 days ago
  • Wow!! This is unbelievable!

    Chemi CantuChemi Cantu2 days ago
  • If this was the last snow storm 02/15 I heard from Kendals towing that the sheriff was forbidding recovery of any vehicle that wasn't a threat to traffic. If the car wasn't in the path of traffic and off in a ditch they were told to leave it to daytime. Why in the heck did you risk your life and truck for a car? If people were trapped yes then go out in these conditions. For a car? You have a lot more dedication to your job than I would. I would have said call me after the sun comes up and the plows have gone thru. You know the idiots in 4x4 still are driving up and down A road doing 50 mph even in these conditions. That night I almost ping ponged my car coming over the Osage river bridge on 54 outside of Osage Beach and I have lots of experience in bad weather. Driving that night in -zero degree temp was just crazy.

    Michael WilkeningMichael Wilkening2 days ago
  • You are in the back roads

    Kevin ThorntonKevin Thornton2 days ago
  • nice dash cam keep it rolling love the long rides to wherever you go

    Peterbilt3794lifePeterbilt3794life2 days ago
  • yes I am 'that ditch' and damned proud of it.

    Jhon DitchJhon Ditch2 days ago
  • dash cam look good

    Jhon DitchJhon Ditch2 days ago
  • Saw it had an Alabama tag on it.

    Grant ManriqueGrant Manrique3 days ago
  • I’m surprised in your state you’re allowed to use red and blue lights.

    Jay DodgeJay Dodge3 days ago
  • You are correct in stating that you were in truly a dangerous position, being in the middle of a storm, alone, with no cell service, no help and at the bottom of a steep hill just after a blind curve. The operators of this vehicle also put themselves in a very dangerous position, probably out of ignorance. I noticed that the car was equipped with street performance tires, of absolutely no use in any sort of inclement weather much less snow and ice. However, I also noticed that the car was plated out of Alabama so they can be forgiven in that normally they don't deal with this sort of weather. GOD was riding with them though in that they did not drive off that embankment which all reasonable thought says they should have. The accident had all the earmarks of being much worse. I love your "home built side puller. Much better than what I designed for my rollback in that mine are permanently welded into my side rails, 2 to a side. I have also made portable "ice feet for the stinger wheel lift which just pin in place. I also have drop chins for the rear tires like the snow plows use around here. Flip a switch and instant tire chains. I will admit that they don't work quite as well in reverse though. We have snow and ice for up to six months of the year though which makes these sort of investment worth it. They also have collapsible rear tire chocks which I've seen used in Canada that seem to dig into the ice real well but I've yet to find out where to purchase them. As to the recovery, I would have done everything exactly as you did with the exception that I would have pulled the front of the car around instead of the rear. Doing it your way though probably made it easier to unload. All in all, another great recovery made under miserable conditions. Kudos to you for your side puller. May I use it? It might just be more versatile, certainly less welding and you can take it with you to your next truck.

    Randy PurttemanRandy Purtteman3 days ago
  • Without ice on the deck, W-D40 is king! ;-)

    David HereauxDavid Hereaux3 days ago
  • Wrap a chain around bottom of tires on ice to hold work's I've done that.

    Larry TLarry T3 days ago
  • sometimes you slay the dragon other times the dragon slays you. that looked like a job you walk away from and need a minute to regather yourself before the next job

    Matthew FenleyMatthew Fenley3 days ago
  • My best guess is that you've never been to Minnesota. Lol. You were talking about snow, I watched the whole video, and didn't see any snow. O_o

    David HereauxDavid Hereaux3 days ago
  • Instead beating yourself with should haves congrats yourself for facing a difficult situation and next time just use that knowledge

    MikeH's GamingMikeH's Gaming3 days ago
  • must say I admire your stick to doism. you were place in a difficult and frustratinv situation but you kept at it and completed the job. Others would say screw it its not worth it. Job done very well sir.

    MikeH's GamingMikeH's Gaming3 days ago
  • Loved the new camera, felt like I was in the truck with you! What a lousy evening weather wise! But you got the job done although you had some issues. Good Work !

    Donald BirtDonald Birt3 days ago
  • Hey Ron next time set your tire chains under your wheel's should be enough to hold you from sliding

    J KersJ Kers3 days ago
  • Granted, I'm a southern Californian, and I read what you rote in the top comment. I get it. But the whole time watching this I just wonder why a car in a ditch, out of traffic needs to be picked up now? Why not let it sit until daylight, after plowing, more people to help, etc. Seemed like a lot of risk taken, and I know that's not your style. We all have bad days/nights. Be safe!

    rondogwilrondogwil3 days ago
  • The dash cam looks nice. Very crisp and it seems to see well in the dark. But your narration seems to be all in the mid-range. Can you throw a little bass equalization at it in post production? I wouldn't complain about it if you hadn't asked.

    William DegnanWilliam Degnan3 days ago
  • I love how your headlamps are basically klieg lights! :)

    Thea DesertMinx ReadThea DesertMinx Read3 days ago
  • Scary ,I would of left till morning it was already off the road,, working at nite esp with these road conditions ,,at least 2 people one to watch your back , my best friend , was killed , in a similar type , what would be seemly a simple recovery , God bless you made it, try not to put yourself in jeopardy like that I constantly rethink the situation, no tow is worth the risk, I know you do to but, that was scary ,,stay safe and God speed

    Don WarnerDon Warner3 days ago
  • Major kudos Ron. I would have been inclined to leave it there til morning. This one was actually suspenseful. Wow.

    Ken in WisconsinKen in Wisconsin3 days ago
  • I like the new dashcam. Gives a great view of the road. I also like adding in the rear dashcam view as a sped up synopsis of the road.

    Greg CareyGreg Carey3 days ago
  • Love the dash cam. Surprised at the condition of the tool boxes. Not like Ron

    Bill StarrBill Starr3 days ago
  • So grateful that this scenario turned out for the better, let there be no doubt that our God All Mighty was certainly with you. God Bless!

    Lisa MyersLisa Myers3 days ago
  • The dash cam is wonderful thanks

    Mikayla WaldromMikayla Waldrom3 days ago
  • There's a word for that job but it my get you flagged on USworlds!

    James HansenJames Hansen3 days ago
  • So u came alone in freezeng and very very icy condition with no help.Umm yeah i may say not very wise thinkin. Always hope for the best but keep in mind worst that could happend. Btw its fairly obvious that u have guardian angel so god bless and tc.

    granjeVARIMgranjeVARIM3 days ago
  • Try pushing long wooden 4×4 post with the end of the bed and behind the tires rolling truck from under works too I had a 2015 Corvette with a low front end stuck in park .I used to jack stands under the front to get the rest of the bed safe from under. 50$ tip 2 trucks turned job down.

    Dr. GreenDr. Green4 days ago
  • I love the new cam for the ride . Well done. STAY SAFE

    david hawleydavid hawley4 days ago
  • One thing in your favor, there was no traffic on that road!

  • What is safe operating speed .35 to 40

    Dr. GreenDr. Green4 days ago
  • Dash cam looks much better for the travel portion. Thank you

    Vern LemastersVern Lemasters4 days ago
  • Please omit the repetitions parts.

    Douglas BranhamDouglas Branham4 days ago
  • Just preference, but If I am going to watch you drive, I would like to see you pushing the buttons and shifting the gears. Here's a vote for the Rear Window Cam.

    Sf GallagherSf Gallagher4 days ago
  • Really liked the new dash cam. Your night videos make me think about my nights on the side of the super slab taking care of crippled big rigs. Stay safe it is dangerous out there. Always remember any time you leave your lot, you have entered the most dangerous place in the world, Americas highways.

    GaryGary4 days ago
  • I like the new dashcam. I bet it looks awesome in daylight. But I miss Tator

    Mark AdamsMark Adams4 days ago
  • hope & pray that you are ok after this night of trying not to freeze to death & hope & pray that who ever was in this suv was ok & not hurt

    Karen LingefeltKaren Lingefelt4 days ago
  • Well well. Your message about not being 100% prepared is so well written and about fact it gave me chills. You explained every persons journey through life. As far as the dash cam goes, very nice quality. In the video you showed what a deep breath and using your experience to get yourself out of that mess. Well done indeed.

    Seastar92025Seastar920254 days ago
  • Put back the camera behind you it’s more nice 👍 pleas

    Jon and Mel Bushcraft SwedenJon and Mel Bushcraft Sweden4 days ago
  • Thank the Good Lord it all ended well. I always thank God for His protection. Sometimes I actually apologize to my guardian angels for making things difficult for them. 😇👼

    Lois RickmanLois Rickman4 days ago
  • Was that the worst weather job you had keep warm and safe

    Gary BoudreauxGary Boudreaux4 days ago
  • Both me and my dad watch your videos, and we absolutely love what u you and you have inspired me to hopefully one day buy my own tow truck.

    devon rogerdevon roger4 days ago
  • Rule of thumb that I was taught by my elders driving truck open the window just a touch and if you hear slush then you will have traction. I know most ice and snow storms can be unpredictable

    Ragin'CajunRagin'Cajun4 days ago
  • Hi Ron. I know a lot of people like the driving parts, but for the rest of us could you give time stamps so we can skip those parts? I really like your videos and enjoy the more technical parts. You do a wonderful job with the videography and the recovery work. keep up the excellent job!

    mark inkstermark inkster4 days ago
    • Some early watchers do it check the coment section

      Jarrod DraperJarrod Draper3 days ago
  • Wow Ron has expanded all the way down to Montgomery Alabama. Lol

    Brent JacksonBrent Jackson4 days ago
  • What song is used for the intro?

    Peyton McGuirePeyton McGuire4 days ago
  • I think it is still cool the dashcam, but I think I like to see what you do and what you see, I also like the inside of the truck.

    iCoroxiCorox4 days ago
  • It’s dark out there where in the world are you at keep safe out there and yes everyone slow down or move over.

    William ClayWilliam Clay4 days ago
  • Yet another Example of why i hold and so should the country, our TTO as high as FF and LEO!!! Not everyone is cut out to do these kinds of jobs!! Thank you Ron!! been a minute since I spoke on here!!! Stay safe Brother!!

    Cam HookCam Hook4 days ago
  • cat litter.....a winter drivers should always carry some in the winter time......

    Barry S TaylorBarry S Taylor4 days ago
  • Need some snow/ice cleat attachments for the rear edge of the rollback.

    Jerrell StrawnJerrell Strawn4 days ago
  • I am praising God for your safety during this job. Whew, you would wear a mom out worrying for your safety.

    Jeanene HeadleeJeanene Headlee4 days ago
  • I like the new dash camera.

    Jeanene HeadleeJeanene Headlee4 days ago
  • Are you sure you want to be a tow truck driver? gonna be 80 degrees today in Tucson Az... lol

    IvansgarageIvansgarage4 days ago
  • The main thing is your okay.

    Kenneth BakerKenneth Baker4 days ago
  • New dash cam I think is great! Glad you learned from this experience as we all do when faced with not being prepared. Ice and cold weather are not any fun if you are working in it. If you are playing then a whole different topic! Be safe!

    Robert McBeeRobert McBee4 days ago