rubi rose q&a ... kinda

Feb 17, 2021
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ill do better next time I was rushed :(

  • No respect for the maid

    Jordan MurdockJordan Murdock2 days ago
  • The itty bitty piggy part💀

    Onikas._.empireOnikas._.empire2 days ago
  • Please don’t get your body done. Continue showing the definition of self love❤️

    Misi VictoriaMisi Victoria2 days ago
  • Can I massage your feet with no hands? From entertainment magazine lol

    Nino FerrerasNino Ferreras3 days ago
  • I didn't really like you before this video but I'm so glad I watched it. You're such a nice person. God bless you and give you all the happiness and success you want

    HD 143HD 1433 days ago
  • You one of the few dimes on ig. Never change nothing on your body or face.

    Alex JonesAlex Jones3 days ago
  • why does she never claim half japanese anymore ? Lmaoo

    Hanan DessukyHanan Dessuky3 days ago
    • Cuz it’s corny when blasians make it their whole personality

      moonlightbaemoonlightbaeDay ago
  • I like her voice

    wiparat kwiparat k3 days ago
  • Keep your body it’s amazing😍, you give me the confidence I need👏🏽✨

    Taee NationTaee Nation4 days ago
  • Yaaaaay I’m a Libra too

    Love LoveLove Love4 days ago
  • What up

    Diego Perez Jr.Diego Perez Jr.4 days ago
  • girl..

    Cloey HouserCloey Houser4 days ago
  • U so cute rubi

    Samantha GraceSamantha Grace5 days ago

    Vassel SimonVassel Simon5 days ago
  • Please don’t get plastic surgery 💙

    ednaxoednaxo5 days ago
  • Real tacky filming with housekeeper working in the background.

    MEL MMEL M5 days ago
  • She is so sweet and pretty 🦋 I can't wait for the album 😍

    Morgan SimsMorgan Sims5 days ago
  • Ooo she smart ok

    Marion SandersMarion Sanders5 days ago
  • Your real 🥺

    Ana HasteyAna Hastey5 days ago
  • I would love myself too if I looked like Rubi Rose naturally.....just sayin! It's a lot harder to love yourself and have self esteem when you don't look absolutely perfect 🤷‍♀️ *LOVE YOU RUBI!!* 💙

    KlassyKateKlassyKate5 days ago
    • You are made by are his creation you should love yourself. Dont compare yourself to others dont hurt yourself like that, self love starts from within not from outside

      Sparkle EvaSparkle Eva5 days ago
  • Rubi u should forgive lala. I actually miss seeing y’all together & I don’t think she really was trying hurt u😞. & y’all probably could make a lot $$$ together ( I know money ain’t everything just saying tho might as well capitalize off that shit)

    SimeonSimeon6 days ago
  • I’m also East African 🥺.. but I’m Kenyan 🇰🇪!

    nessa thomasnessa thomas6 days ago
    • @moonlightbae ikrr ❤️...thx

      nessa thomasnessa thomasDay ago
    • @moonlightbae ikrrrr❤️!!! Thx

      nessa thomasnessa thomasDay ago
    • East Africans r so pretty !!

      moonlightbaemoonlightbaeDay ago
  • Love your voice.❤

    Black AstrologyBlack Astrology6 days ago
  • We love a cultured queen. No surgery please rubi! 🥺🥺🥺 you’re beautiful

    gmgmakeitrain06gmgmakeitrain066 days ago
  • Your amazing

    ImortaldollImortaldoll6 days ago
  • Ur dad should do an ancestry DNA test to know his other half

    Niaomi AstroNiaomi Astro6 days ago
  • Love her self confidence though

    Bosembo 10Bosembo 106 days ago
  • Why’s her voice like that my question

    Bosembo 10Bosembo 106 days ago
  • I love the Q & A I literally never done one for my channel yet 😫

    ExclusiveJazzieExclusiveJazzie6 days ago
  • Luv u rubi I'm also an upcoming USworldsr I would appreciate it if I can get a shout out 😭😭❤

    Enoch ReactsEnoch Reacts6 days ago
  • I want to know who makes the track suit ? and where can I get one ?

    Ronald StewartRonald Stewart6 days ago
  • Hey I’m new to your channel I think your dope and a real women I love hearing about your background because people will beat you down based of what they see and now actual hear from the person Please don’t get surgery keep doing it for us slim girls and it’s amazing how you have no tattoos hopefully you keep it that way !!! Push it heavy for #Natural It’s the best look Fuck that fake shit !!!

    Acey Se7enAcey Se7en7 days ago
  • Rubi rich now she got people cleaning for her

    Views Boter subViews Boter sub7 days ago

    Grind SxmGrind Sxm7 days ago
  • Hey I love you bestie, bestie vibes only purrrrr

    Hope !!!!Hope !!!!7 days ago
  • 2:12 10/2 libraaaa ok air energy

    Life of AbundanceLife of Abundance7 days ago
  • Im 21 also Lemme take u out Rubi

    mm7 days ago
  • Wsp Sexy😍😍😍😍

    Xavier FlowsXavier Flows7 days ago

    IzIz7 days ago
  • Where can i find her The cleaning lady cleaning tf out her floorsss

    CubanmellyCubanmelly8 days ago
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Jada RamseyJada Ramsey8 days ago
  • Ruby telling her story, makes me so proud to hear that she was serious about school 🙌🏾💜✨

    TempestA FieldsTempestA Fields8 days ago
  • Girlll yo body is everything!!!!

    Dedrick CrossDedrick Cross8 days ago
  • We need more 😂😂😂😂

    Kat NoneyaKat Noneya8 days ago
  • Wow I never realized you have a hump on your but your beautiful 💖

    Mook MookMook Mook8 days ago
  • Excited about your new content Rubi , please stay the way you are you are literally so perfect 🤩

    Brooklyn KultureBrooklyn Kulture8 days ago
  • you should record your gym routine

    SimplyShardsSimplyShards8 days ago
  • I never knew she was eritrean omgggg

    Pretty Little SuksPretty Little Suks8 days ago
  • Don’t change nothing about yourself. Why fit in when you was born to stand out. You are beautiful and a baddie. I remember you from the bad and boojie video. If I had your physique you couldn’t tell me nothing.

    Kelsey BennettKelsey Bennett8 days ago
  • i actually love her nose. it fits her face so perfectly. and dont get me started on her bod 😍 perfect natural flat stomach w a good size butt purrrr

    Giana NicoleGiana Nicole8 days ago
  • Libra gang oct 4

    Life With KhaiLife With Khai8 days ago
  • Nawfside🗣

    Aye SmoothAye Smooth9 days ago
  • Do lose that baby weight please stomach yes keep it everywhere else ya body is amazing another 10 15 it b phenomenal and natural 💯💯 ask ree ree she had a hot girl summer forreal forreal that when she got cute smh that my love tho luv

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley9 days ago
  • Why you dont come see me so we can make it the real way luv

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley9 days ago
  • You make it look so much better 💯💯 luv

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley9 days ago
  • What up my queen sweat suit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 luv

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley9 days ago
  • Big gang okay luv

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley9 days ago
  • I don't care how much money you have or how big your house is... If you hire a maid to clean YOUR dirty ass house that makes you lazy asf and very trivalent. Ain't nobody that busy in life that you can't clean your own house.

    Velvet SowellVelvet Sowell9 days ago
  • Why can’t she get a new phone 😳😳..who broke it

    Napolian AlvaradoNapolian Alvarado9 days ago
  • Rubi, 😍😍😍you’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need any enhancements done to your body. You have a lot of great qualities to your personality. Besides a lot of girls are looking for someone that keeps it real especially with insecurities, and that’s you. Plus it’s best to be go through all of it and look back and say I did it and didn’t need anything more than what God gave me. God Bless ❤️

    UnknownTJ963UnknownTJ9639 days ago
  • Collect your COINSSSSSSSSS

    Loveable TìLoveable Tì9 days ago
  • Idc what nobody says she seems cool so I mess with her

    Keryl StanfordKeryl Stanford9 days ago
  • I like the fact you mentioned u like lil durk it made me smile😊

    SammSamm9 days ago
  • You’re literally so gorgeous

    Mabonkor JabatehMabonkor Jabateh9 days ago
  • You shoulda helped the cleaning lady clean

    TheBigManTheBigMan9 days ago
  • Alter ego , inspiration and potential (self) I looooovveeeee itttttt

    Ebony DurenEbony Duren9 days ago
  • Giirrll keep them hands still I'm trying to see your nails.

    Keisha LeeKeisha Lee9 days ago
  • Good afternoon pretty face you are very special person very humble.

    Sean MayersSean Mayers9 days ago
  • Big mouth still my shit 🔥

    GretaGreta9 days ago
    • Her best song idc

      Sparkle EvaSparkle Eva5 days ago
  • Remember to Pray today everyone Repent and Seek The LORD Before it's too late have a Blessed day. GOD Bless you all🤍🙏🏽

    TikTok Videos & MoreTikTok Videos & More9 days ago
    • pray to allah

      moonlightbaemoonlightbae9 days ago
  • Charlie Baltimore was your size when she first came out and she's fine as hell with her small breast and skinny physique and infamous red hair

    SWEETSs InternationalSWEETSs International9 days ago
  • She seems so sad she is beautiful though ❤️

  • You have a nice slender body, but let's see your face without makeup. It seems like you're hiding the ugly truth.

    Jeff JonesJeff Jones10 days ago
  • Lemme just....*skip skip* 😭😭

    Miya MedusaMiya Medusa10 days ago
  • she’s so real i love herrr

    co0lgirlco0lgirl10 days ago
  • bentley tv next to u

    lost is horrible some dayslost is horrible some days10 days ago
  • It is officially 2-3 days without a day in the life of rubi ... y’all encourage her to entertain us while she snatched the bagggggggg 🥳

    YANABOOYANABOO10 days ago
  • Sign me please

    Alexia StandiferAlexia Standifer10 days ago
  • U really got to talk to xxxtentacion babys mom at rolling loud second biggest flex

    Deyon WiggensDeyon Wiggens10 days ago
  • 👒🎶🎶

    Kennith SearsKennith Sears10 days ago

    Ne'Ira SmithNe'Ira Smith10 days ago
  • 👍🏾❣️

    Kennith SearsKennith Sears10 days ago
  • Your body is so cute and natural that’s beautiful please keep it that way

    Summer RainSummer Rain10 days ago
    • Agree like she dont need to compare herself to girls on instagram half of them dont even love themselves

      Sparkle EvaSparkle Eva5 days ago
  • Nooo rubi some artist need to be different Like jhene people look up to her small body & it’s her style People look up to your body it’s literally slim thick No boobs but the ass is there regardless people need the diversity & I love you just how you are soo don’t do it but If you do I’ll still love youuu ❤️ofc

    April LongApril Long10 days ago
  • So it sounds like you would talk to a regular guy but what's your age cap?

    Alexander NevermindAlexander Nevermind10 days ago
  • i really related to the nose thing bc i also am east african and i also have a bump on my nose and it’s really nice to see someone so known embracing their ethnic features and it kinda makes me more proud of my nose so thank you rubi

    frank ocean junkiefrank ocean junkie10 days ago
  • I love her voice

    Love MuffinLove Muffin10 days ago
  • Um okay collab with lil durk then 😍😍😍😍

    Waad AhmedWaad Ahmed10 days ago
  • Jesus loves you

    Mikayla HibbertMikayla Hibbert10 days ago
  • Rubi plsss never get plastic surgery!!!! You’re so perfect and unique looking

    Giselle LinaGiselle Lina10 days ago
    • Are you short and white in complexion

      MxKd Dor_ianMxKd Dor_ian10 days ago
  • Wow your background is so interesting!! Never knew!! New subbie 😍 love yourself, your so right!! I’m glad somebody promoting that msg💯

    Amber ThaisAmber Thais10 days ago
  • Please please please never alter your nose! I have the same hump and I love you for it ❤️

    Briauna WilsonBriauna Wilson10 days ago
  • She is such a baddie 😍

    HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-AchimHASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim10 days ago
  • You’re one of the few artist that’s natural please don’t get anything done

    Isabela ParisIsabela Paris10 days ago
  • Hey beautiful

    Ashion BassAshion Bass10 days ago
  • Greetings from Kentucky 💕💕

    ListeningtoJasListeningtoJas10 days ago
  • I hope you don’t ever get surgery on your body.

    Flo BeeFlo Bee10 days ago
  • got maids in the backround and shii LMAOO u get it girl

    AsianxBaddyyAsianxBaddyy10 days ago

    ZuRiMeZuRiMe10 days ago
  • WIFEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Now you single me and my sis are asking if we have a chance ahahah And WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR BODYYYY honestly would just drool in your IG page ignore all others whenever we see you have a new post

    Isabelle HoIsabelle Ho10 days ago