Apr 5, 2021
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  • join zooted school!

    The DDG FamilyThe DDG Family10 days ago
    • You too up for this

      Hennything IspossibleHennything Ispossible7 hours ago
    • Why a onlyfans

      H Mensen6H Mensen63 days ago
    • Why i feel like this was an elaborate plan to do a house tour?

      Rj SingsterRj Singster4 days ago
    • @nealneal nealneal 🔕🤌🏾

      🔔🔕🔕🔔🔕🔕5 days ago
    • Yah real youth like mi self just the chance we need to show the ones who haven't believed in our dream while they where around acting all in it but big from Jamaica dancehall Recording artist love fi fest r r mix with you good r sign to nuff love one love me fam

      Gwallaz SantanaVEVOGwallaz SantanaVEVO6 days ago
  • yo house need some fun stuff for guest

    TtsTtsHour ago
  • ddg mansion still tansforming,

    TtsTtsHour ago
  • smashhhh

    Uk drill WorldUk drill WorldHour ago
  • S.I.M.P

    TheSecretBallerTheSecretBaller4 hours ago
  • Pipe was laid

    Joel BlakeJoel Blake8 hours ago
  • Why riley is acting (shy) like somebody she met for the first time🙄

    Prìncė_CēdrìcdPrìncė_Cēdrìcd8 hours ago
  • Riley there to use Ddg to get her money stack up and views up once she has what she wants best believe she will be gone bitch even said “ tell them to give me 50k “ 💀 if y’all actually pay attention bitches are hella sneaky watch out 💯👌🤣🤣

    joscelin Birruetajoscelin Birrueta9 hours ago
  • I see Riley and Ddg end up in relationship in the future 🤣😂🤣💯👌

    joscelin Birruetajoscelin Birrueta9 hours ago
  • That court was not 10 ft 😭

    Mir MirMir Mir10 hours ago
  • No wonder him and flight just alike

    RekYhu -RekYhu -10 hours ago
  • Why she so fine tho

    Logic LifeLogic Life11 hours ago
  • Never thought I would see this day😭😭

  • Why do I feel like this is going to cause some drama between him and rubi🤦🏼‍♀️

    Mariah MartinezMariah Martinez15 hours ago
  • She needs money ddg stop that soft shit but then again that ass was looking good tho no kap

    Tony ThompsonTony Thompson16 hours ago
  • Yoo

    Deangelo DoverDeangelo Dover17 hours ago
  • DDG is a positive person so if she’s not on timing again, she gotta step respectfully.

    azuré aliazuré ali17 hours ago
  • i guess shes single......she a gold digger for real real

  • I have an iffy vibe about her idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

    J JJ J19 hours ago
  • she look like she holding on to say sum

    LucidGonViralLucidGonViral20 hours ago
  • This made me cough laugh

    What TheWhat The21 hour ago
  • Trizzy got u feeling more of a trapper ik it lolol

    SS22 hours ago
  • She better not fuck up again

    mrs. golden brownmrs. golden brown22 hours ago
  • Oh shit ..... here we go again

    SleezySleezy22 hours ago
  • I already seen this coming lol

    Katherine VegaKatherine Vega23 hours ago
  • I love yo house bro🤩🤩🤩, dream house type

    freemoneysquadfreemoneysquad23 hours ago
  • She miss that lifestyle and clout. You had the bag and you fumbled it shorty

    Ocarri CustomsOcarri CustomsDay ago
  • Bro ddg he’s nice guy humble I wish he will get good girlfriend he married

    Osman OsmanOsman OsmanDay ago
  • Another DDG new female arc

    Javah BowenJavah BowenDay ago
  • DDG just because there is a goal keeper dosent mean u cant score

    kwaku Tabirikwaku TabiriDay ago
  • Cmon DDT’s keep that same energy and win that boxing match

    AlexenAlexenDay ago
  • She sound like she faken just looking for more clout🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    Dylan PaceDylan PaceDay ago
  • For some reason that hug was still kinda heart warming. FUCK

    Easy T.Easy T.Day ago
  • Ddg does not know how to interact with girls bruh

    Chef c`le HachetChef c`le HachetDay ago
    • @Ozzee and dont talk about me like you know me bruh Cause you really dont

      Chef c`le HachetChef c`le Hachet2 hours ago
    • It’s cause he was roasting her a while ago

      ————————————————————————2 hours ago
    • You only say that because he doesn’t act like you. You’re the type who has to act a certain way around women because you’re too insecure to be yourself. You care more about perception than reality. Sad.

      OzzeeOzzee7 hours ago
  • DDG. If you’re reading this.. do want you want. You know your strength and you’re power and you know what you’re capable of. But also stay safe and do what makes you happy

    RonniephantomRonniephantomDay ago
  • Riley to 50k guys

    i Jelly IRLi Jelly IRLDay ago
  • Her boyfriend mad

    Jacob TraccJacob TraccDay ago
  • alrighty **puts key in ignition**

    The Faded FamilyThe Faded FamilyDay ago
  • Riley's Using You DDG!

    Alrighty Then!Alrighty Then!Day ago
  • Riley and DDG would look good together tbh

    Jensly OctaveJensly OctaveDay ago
  • DDG literally roasted shawty to the breach of existence, got her completely CANCELLED before she even started, now here we are.... hm. 😂

    Barbara LoraBarbara LoraDay ago
  • She a Scorpio I don’t know why ppl fw them they’re snakes like leave them where they at

    Jaebabe WJaebabe WDay ago
  • Smh

    O'brian BarnettO'brian BarnettDay ago
  • Wtf is this

    RDM _RDM _Day ago
  • HMU for a mural in yo crib bro💯🙏🏾

    BeeTheArtist _BeeTheArtist _Day ago
  • This chick really crawled back to you. I mean we all knew she couldn’t do it without you anyway but Watch she gon pull the same stunt again 😂 people forgive too easy smh

    Mpeezy P.Mpeezy P.Day ago
  • Riley a b , he helped this girl and she acts cocky

    yvette the queenieyvette the queenieDay ago
  • His door needs w-40

    yvette the queenieyvette the queenieDay ago
  • Matching signs never work out

    Raheemborns -Raheemborns -Day ago

    CGM.1011 EDWARDCGM.1011 EDWARDDay ago
  • Take yo cars to RDBLA 👌🏾

    Tye CoxTye Cox2 days ago
  • I’m not a USworlds now, ima rapper/trapper😂

    iSauce CammiSauce Camm2 days ago
  • havent seen a ddg vid in mooonths and now this the first thing i see. wtf is going on lmaooo

    Blake CarrBlake Carr2 days ago
  • First flight gets back with his girl and now you and her are cool again wtf is happening to our goats😭😭

    Francisco GuzmanFrancisco Guzman2 days ago
  • It doesn’t matter about the height difference Riley Remember Michael B Jordan versus the world

    Spirit _ytSpirit _yt2 days ago
  • 😂👌👍❤️🔥

    Vivian HernandezVivian Hernandez2 days ago
  • I don't like this girl

    King TVKing TV2 days ago
  • They fell out longer than a year. It had to be like 2018 or 19 fr

    Playboi.MeechiePlayboi.Meechie2 days ago
  • I think riley's brother played a part in her downfall ...she was doing great until he came in the picture

    gaza nivagaza niva2 days ago
  • libra so am I... less goo

    stingers armystingers army2 days ago
  • Love to see that you two have sorted it out, its all a part of growth respect for this❤️🙏🏽

    Yung SpYung Sp2 days ago
  • Broh dont trust her u know she just lukin for help

    Eladio MesianEladio Mesian2 days ago
  • This the Pontiac DDG I fw way back in 2015/2016 I’m happy to see the more genuine you n I enjoy the music bro keep yo shit up 💯💪🏼 stay blessed

    SdS MotionSdS Motion2 days ago
  • 1:35 I would of treat her like the Jehovah Witnesses

    Entanglement AugustEntanglement August2 days ago
  • Hell nah i ain sub to her

    Entanglement AugustEntanglement August2 days ago
  • Hell naaaah

    Entanglement AugustEntanglement August2 days ago
  • Not talking to someone cause they cross you ain’t holding a grudge that’s just moving on u don’t associate wit niggas

    GoldenBoi ManiGoldenBoi Mani2 days ago
  • Yoo ddg don’t trust her she’s got a plan bro just watch you won the first round she coming back to destroy u kid 🤣🤣

    GoldenBoi ManiGoldenBoi Mani2 days ago
  • Know he just got to get back wit Lala and seven

    Daniel MaidenDaniel Maiden2 days ago
  • Smh

    Ashley CarterAshley Carter2 days ago
  • She just went to a average of 10k views to almost 300k views ddg putting her on once again 😂😂😂😂😂

    Thatboy. DevThatboy. Dev2 days ago
  • Oh shit here we go again lol she back I hope there isn't problems anymore

    Azzan HenryAzzan Henry2 days ago
  • My bro Cranyberry

    Nickolas SuarezNickolas Suarez3 days ago
  • She 100% wants the clout

    Ace1upAce1up3 days ago
  • cringy.

    Tanisha LacourTanisha Lacour3 days ago
  • The girls he knows or be into , always act and look so uncomfortable like they just met their fan

    Chiedza MurahwaChiedza Murahwa3 days ago
  • Wow

    NBASHAD215NBASHAD2153 days ago
  • yesterday i was broke, today im a bitch wanna come back

    Mr InsomniacMr Insomniac3 days ago
  • he hit.

  • Nahh

    WulfricDSGWulfricDSG3 days ago
  • the classic youtuber music gets me everytime 3:51

    perfectluvtapeperfectluvtape3 days ago
  • Is it me or it hurts when he says he no longer a USworldsr he a rapper

    Alberto LandaverdeAlberto Landaverde3 days ago
  • Oops Riley is back

  • this is the most awkward video i’ve ever watched 💀

    Taylor MartinezTaylor Martinez3 days ago
  • Oh we go again

    CjCj3 days ago
  • What happened to the wraith

    BigbosssauceBigbosssauce3 days ago
  • "Ya done, ya done, ya done. Get Riley to 50K."

    AllGoodAllGood3 days ago
  • I like the fact that he held no grudges and that he trying to squash what beef they did have

    Dre FieldsDre Fields3 days ago
  • 🇯🇲🇯🇲❤️❤️

    Natasha MillsNatasha Mills3 days ago
  • « YA DONE ☝️ YA DONE ☝️ YA DONE ☝️.. 😭 » (finish the sentence)

    safaree__safaree__3 days ago
  • This is CRINGE

    Nasir SmithNasir Smith3 days ago
  • Get Riley to 50k

    Essa HassanEssa Hassan3 days ago
  • she his cameraman

    B RindiB Rindi3 days ago
  • Get Riley to 50 k 😂😂😂😂

    T. Jezzy 310 to 773T. Jezzy 310 to 7733 days ago
  • @11:33 why don’t you bring those yellow n blue shoes out you needa wear em once I haven’t seen a pic with them yet what’s going on ddg

    Auxy ZayyAuxy Zayy3 days ago
  • Stay humble. He got up on USworlds now he don’t wanna do vids for his fans. Stay humble

    C BoyC Boy3 days ago
  • Lmao this girl want this man and not for good reasons

    druggedflowersdruggedflowers3 days ago
  • If they get mad at each other again ima laugh so hard😂

    Jaden GreeneJaden Greene3 days ago

    Help ME Reach 3k With 0 VideosHelp ME Reach 3k With 0 Videos3 days ago
  • Damn DDG you’re inviting a serpent back into your dwelling again. Smh

    Zai ZaiZai Zai3 days ago