Ricky Rudd regrets not fighting Harvick at Richmond in 2003 | Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie

Apr 7, 2021
7 697 Views

In this clip from "Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie," Ricky Rudd joins to talk how he got the nickname "Rooster" and not fighting Kevin Harvick at Richmond in 2003.
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  • Don’t forget that Ricky took Harvick to school at Richmond in 2001. Harvick bumped him and somehow Ricky made an incredible save. Rudd then came back and bumped Harvick out of the way for the win! Impressive as Hell!!!

    Jason BoneJason Bone4 days ago
  • Why y’all cut his answer of idk. Like I’m going to go looking for it haha.

    Ben MyattBen Myatt8 days ago
  • Ricky is the Brett Favre of NASCAR, tough as hell and never missed a race! Definitely the most under appreciated driver. He’s always been my favorite.

    Ben DoverBen Dover8 days ago
  • Kev would have whooped that Roosters ass 😂

    Michael DavisMichael Davis8 days ago
    • Kevin is a punk

      Ben DoverBen Dover8 days ago
  • Happy would’ve been out with one good punch from the Rooster!

    John Q.John Q.9 days ago
    • @Joshua Farmer never seen Harvic throw a single punch. But he's talked about it a lot, lmao.

      Blacksheep66Blacksheep665 days ago
    • Not a chance. Harvick slammed Edwards who had a lot more muscle than the Rooster, in the garage area at Charlotte. I was watching hoping to add to my autographs with Edwards. KH just learned to use his brain.

      Joshua FarmerJoshua Farmer9 days ago
  • Texaco 28 Has had some Bad @ss Legends.

    ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK9 days ago
  • Ricky Rudd was a beast

    Will Work 4 FoodWill Work 4 Food9 days ago
  • Ah yes, the Tide Man, Ricky Rudd.

    Mark MeadowsMark Meadows9 days ago
  • Clickbait crap.

    AKartesAKartes9 days ago
    • @NASCAR you've had to school a few clowns on that topic 👍 LOL

      Blacksheep66Blacksheep665 days ago
    • @NASCAR who's managing NASCAR's USworlds page lol

      O'Donnell BurnerO'Donnell Burner8 days ago
    • @NASCAR Thank you. I needed subtitles to discern that line.

      AKartesAKartes9 days ago
    • 😆 Damn Son ... you got clowned by NASCAR after trying to clown The BiG DAWGS.

      ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK9 days ago
    • 'I'd fight him just the size he is now. That's probably one of the biggest regrets I've got" -- time stamp is 2:30. You're welcome.

      NASCARNASCAR9 days ago
  • Ricky Rudd did NOT say he regrets not fighting. The title of this video is a flat out lie.

    Mister RobotoMister Roboto9 days ago
    • @Mister Roboto we still love you.

      NASCARNASCAR8 days ago
    • @NASCAR it's nice that you roasted this guy, but I think you have bigger issues you need to fix.

      O'Donnell BurnerO'Donnell Burner8 days ago
    • @Aryu Singhal I deserved it. I was incorrect, and I was being a dick. My bad.

      Mister RobotoMister Roboto9 days ago
    • @ThA MAN C MAcK I was man enough to admit I was wrong. Maybe its time you grow up too

      Mister RobotoMister Roboto9 days ago
    • 😆 They had to show you where he literally says exactly that. 😂 Hilarious. I love it when jerk offs play themselves

      ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK9 days ago
  • rickyyyyyy, underrated legend

    The TMGThe TMG9 days ago
  • He needs to go back on the Dale Jr Download

    Michael SiountresMichael Siountres9 days ago
  • What was his answer for bristol?

    MustangGT22MustangGT229 days ago
  • NASCAR media sucks.

    blacklisterdblacklisterd9 days ago
  • Who remembers when Harvick was with RCR?

    TurquøisëDøëżNightcørë20TurquøisëDøëżNightcørë209 days ago
    • @ThA MAN C MAcK They are both great drivers for sure. Harv has been doing it a lot longer than KB no doubt. However for 13 years Harv was driving average equipment in the Cup series. Every race KB has run he has sat in the very best equipment on the track...ESPECIALLY in the trucks and Xfinity. Harv won more races in 6 yrs at SHR then he did in 13 yrs at RCR. But yeah KB will almost definitely pass him for wins in Cup tho

      rcktshp 4rcktshp 48 days ago
    • @Joshua Farmer Lol You just said how do you compare and the compared them. 1st off , You can compare them because they both run all 3. 2nd, Harvick only has 1 more Cup Win and is 10 years older than Kyle. That’s how you can compare it Because currently Kevin has 58 & Kyle 57 as we speak, so then you compare the other 2 series they both run and often for both of them, so then Kyle blows Harvick’s doors off and still has 10 years to his credit in age, so really it’s not even close.

      ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK8 days ago
    • @ThA MAN C MAcK yeah but how do you compare three series to one? Harvick has like 15 truck wins, 40 Busch wins and more than KB in Cup and one less championship BUT 2 in Xfinity. KB has great car control but in the end, Harvick would tear him up.

      Joshua FarmerJoshua Farmer9 days ago
    • @javlikz39 😂

      ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK9 days ago
    • @Joshua Farmer Yea and Kyle’s 10years younger than Harvick, whom just barely took the W’s lead in The Cup but that won’t be for long and he’s nowhere near Kyle’s W’s in every other level of racing, including all the way down to gocarts.

      ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK9 days ago
  • It's like Ricky Rudd vanished after his racing career.

    Pahooven HoovenPahooven Hooven9 days ago
    • He wanted too.

      Joshua FarmerJoshua Farmer9 days ago
    • Exactly, I mean, you would see him in photos and stuff, but like, he just.....disappeared

      pitstop diecast reviewspitstop diecast reviews9 days ago
  • Wassup

    MysteryMystery9 days ago
  • Screw Rudd he is a d head

    MarcisAwesome04MarcisAwesome049 days ago