Rhythm game veteran vs. Mid-Fight Masses, Miku, & BeatStreets Tricky (Friday Night Funkin Mods)

Apr 1, 2021
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Miku absolutely went OFF and I loved it! What should we try next everyone?
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All the mods I used -
Miku: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/17106
BeatStreets Tricky: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18201
Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/17646
Rechart for Sarvente's: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18438
The custom bf sprite in the thumbnail was drawn by my gf mofu! (twitter.com/mofufu_ch​)
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Outro Song ▶ hella sketchy - ghost
00:00 - Intro
03:59 - Hatsune Miku
13:48 - Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
36:40 - vs. BeatStreets Tricky
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  • IN SUMMARY: -Ronald mod was a meme, funny idea but high scroll speed doesn't work with base game inputs, really not fun to play as is. VERY high scroll speed/approach rate maps in most rhythm games are doable for the most part but generally rely on an input system that has forgiving timing windows (at least for sight-reads), AKA not FNF. -Miku was so hype, loved the charts and the remixes, and it even used a good game engine for better inputs :D -MFM was aesthetically pleasing and had great characters but the engine was as bad if not worse than base game. The charts utilized a lot of patterns that straight up can't be done with the input system causing a ton of fake misses (had to roll double notes to hit both notes otherwise one wouldn't register), real disappointing. Hope it gets updated cause I liked it still! -BeatStreets Tricky was actually super good, no complaints at all, solid af What mods should we try next?!

    woopswoops14 days ago
    • The VS Annie mod isn't hard in the slightest, but the songs are really good and I like the character they added in.

      KobuddyKobuddy13 days ago
    • Not sure if these ones have been done yet but cg5s mod and atsuovers mod are pretty fun edit: heads up forgot to mention the atsu mod has 4 songs but it's separated from the others and replaces winter horrorland

      Detective defaultDetective default13 days ago
    • X-event mod is a good mod has only 2 songs now but the 2 songs has like 3-4 minutes duration hope this helps

      Iago De MelloIago De Mello13 days ago
    • Can you do the b3 remixes

      Cracked JustinCracked Justin13 days ago
    • alt- alternate?...Maybe its the old patterns🤔🤔Yea...sooo😂😂

      James Klein Funny GuyJames Klein Funny Guy13 days ago
  • "Do it miku! BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM"

    SociumSocium22 minutes ago
  • No Offence but I think boat could have done more like literally no misses he is god at rhythm games he is more than a veteran ok.

    BapkinsBapkinsHour ago
  • i did this mod in hard mode i got clapped in the last song lol so i had to spam to beat the last one

    epicgamer74epicgamer742 hours ago
  • 21:28 all i can hered from the bf is "ah he gay"

    Raul RamosRaul Ramos2 hours ago
  • Beatstreets tricky is just someone trying to make it as hard as they possibly can. Change my mind

    Walmart_Kid64_Tw1tchWalmart_Kid64_Tw1tch3 hours ago
  • I saw the lemon demon

    UnknownUnknown8 hours ago
  • Do VS Matt It’s hard as hell

    SuperWA-HOOManSuperWA-HOOMan11 hours ago
  • the red thing on the backround on gospel is when u hit a note it wheel each side gives her turn or your turn POV: u didn't even understand what i said xd

    Lep epLep ep14 hours ago
  • Ok but why does that nuns face look like Neapolitan Ice cream?

    The Gamin brosThe Gamin bros14 hours ago
    • Lol

      ꧁BanzaiIzzie꧂꧁BanzaiIzzie꧂12 hours ago
  • try matt

    Wolf GamerWolf Gamer15 hours ago
  • 41:22 this woow is funny

    K MyVideoChanelK MyVideoChanel16 hours ago
  • Isnt Miku Bf's sister

    TheJKingGames 120TheJKingGames 12017 hours ago
  • Rhythm game veteran vs Matt

    Winged StardustWinged Stardust19 hours ago
  • Boyfriend’s voice fits in very well with the Miku mod, kind of makes me wonder what it would sound like with his vocals entirely...

    LilBugLilBug20 hours ago
  • Wait so I'm not shit at the game and it's the engine not registering the double notes??? Thank god

    anxious duckanxious duck21 hour ago
  • I don’t think we appreciate how much of a BEAST this guy is at this game

    KirboKirbo22 hours ago
  • twitch:i love her too youtube: SIMP SIMP SIMP ALERT SIMP ALERT SIMP HERE SIMP

    CJEmpleoYTCJEmpleoYTDay ago
  • Why the fuck miku sounds like a cellphone Also the third is a meme

    Julyan TaylorJulyan TaylorDay ago
  • Hey whoops you should do upside tricky, it's around the difficulty if not harder than beatstreats and has some nice beats as well. Edit: if it's actually easier than I guess I'm an idiot then.

  • Weird nova backwards tricky: *proceeds to make machine gun sounds as music*

    David WatkinsDavid WatkinsDay ago
  • You gotta do the sky mod, it’s the cutest thing

    Maxwe11Maxwe11Day ago
  • Sarv and Ruv look like they're from My Life as a Teenage Robot

    ✪Marshmallow/Aivur✪✪Marshmallow/Aivur✪Day ago
  • In Zavodila gf was sinking into The ground and The speaker

    TristianAndChaseTristianAndChaseDay ago
  • Ay woops play the VsMatt mod bro is the hardest mod

    cute kitty channel afnancute kitty channel afnanDay ago
  • Friday night funkin try to beat matt wii mod on hard

    pandy girlpandy girlDay ago
  • Gotta appreciate that Ronald is doing JoJo poses

    AidxnAidxnDay ago
  • Man when I tried mid fight masses I couldn't even enjoy playing it cause of how broken the engine was. And the creators had the gall to tell ppl that the mod wouldn't work on ANY OTHER ENGINE. Like if you're gonna make your game unplayable why'd ya have to make it impossible to fix too lol. It felt like it was made by people who've never played a rhythm game but they really liked fnf and wanted to make a mod with good art and songs. They just completely skipped out on gameplay. There's an fnf parody on roblox that lets you go against other people in 1v1s in place of the npc, and these songs are so much fun to play there cause the engine actually functions lol. All in all it was like when video game companies pour everything they have into improving graphics before remembering that it's a video game and not a movie and they need gameplay to be good too.

    PyNspirePyNspireDay ago
  • So tricky isn't hardyou first try it whith 0 miss but miku yes

    Maël LesueurMaël LesueurDay ago
  • This is good.

    Jeanet PachecoJeanet PachecoDay ago

    Jeanet PachecoJeanet PachecoDay ago
  • hey what keys do you use on keyboard? I’ve been trying to see if i can play with a different keybind and none are really working for me

    Yellow PepperonYellow PepperonDay ago
  • *Hey woops could you do X Event or Flexy mod?*

    UnknownComputerUnknownComputerDay ago
  • I just realized that there’s text appearing on Tricky, I can read some of it, but not all

    ꧁BanzaiIzzie꧂꧁BanzaiIzzie꧂Day ago
  • He said she’s so cute (SIMP)

    Sean BandalesSean BandalesDay ago
  • Bf is just a male miku. Change my mind

    FumpFumpDay ago
  • am i the only one that thinks that hatsune miku is bf brother?

    Hickello 2008Hickello 2008Day ago
  • If you wanted a harder challenge then you should play robeats

    Ayan TeoAyan TeoDay ago
  • Hmmm did you know that miku is bfs sis

    Billytron5000Billytron5000Day ago
  • Do Vs matt rn😃👍

    Margueritte KayumbiMargueritte KayumbiDay ago
  • Now you gotta do vsmatt

    Adam's ChannelAdam's Channel2 days ago

    SukiiaqwqSukiiaqwq2 days ago
  • MFM reminds me of a flash game called "First Day at School" where you have to go to the bathroom to take a piss, after solving a _lot_ of puzzles on your way. MFM does the same, except you're in a church and instead of solving puzzles, you rap battle a nun and a Russian loud guy.

    normal personnormal person2 days ago
  • Imma be completely honest, the Miku mod was the only one I liked out of all shown.

    Tentacle DoodTentacle Dood2 days ago
  • Sarv Engine to Woops: *Sorry the trouble, Woops... but seems like you have to see me like this*

    ArnArn2 days ago

    ArnArn2 days ago
  • 41:48Kamehameha

    InkyDrawingzInkyDrawingz2 days ago

    Ifudare2Ifudare22 days ago
    • @Bluthner jk

      Ifudare2Ifudare2Day ago
    • ???

      BluthnerBluthnerDay ago
  • im watching this in the middle of a zoom class lol

    Anime GuyAnime Guy2 days ago
  • Those mods are too easy, try VSMatt...

    DC PlaysDC Plays2 days ago
  • Thanos tricky?!?

    ThingThing2 days ago
  • Bro when he did aishite I saw someone in chat say furry song

    kspyxkspyx2 days ago
  • Everyone Gangsta until they either transform or drop the mic or Both

    Timothy _Gamer28Timothy _Gamer282 days ago

    Luis ArellanoLuis Arellano2 days ago
  • That one kid: Gospel is overrated this song is so easy *proceeds to get perfect in gospel ALT*

    Andrew Chen-nguAndrew Chen-ngu2 days ago
  • Lol I wonder if there's ever gonna be a Let's Say the P Names in any vocaloid mod for fnf... most people call it the actual fastest vocaloid song, faster than The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku, The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, etc

    ★aculakuluL★★aculakuluL★2 days ago
  • Woops why don't you put ronald on easy for a "true challenge"

    Mathew AlejandroMathew Alejandro2 days ago

    :p :p:p :p3 days ago
    • vs matt target practice is unplayable and really stupid chart tbh

      Dogethedoge25Dogethedoge252 days ago
    • vs matt mod isn't hard, it's just mindless spamming

      bruh bruhbruh bruh3 days ago
  • When you got pissed and started saying glitches

    call me bcall me b3 days ago
    • The sarvente's mod engine doesn't work properly even Flippy can't FC it because of how bad the engine is

      UsrnmOfficialUsrnmOfficial9 hours ago
  • Why would they let a man with that level of vocal power just why.. im talking about ruv

    CoolStudiosCoolStudios3 days ago

    Collin CoxCollin Cox3 days ago
  • 19:40 why are people putting ranboo in chat

    commando frogcommando frog3 days ago
  • Oh damm your character has a gun??!!!!!

    KidChaos10KidChaos103 days ago
  • There was a guy at 31:24 that was saying both of then are causing them bi panic and yeah, i feel them.

    Cheesey CheeseCheesey Cheese3 days ago
  • there's actually the fixed version of servante mod with the double input

    Kevyn AndykoKevyn Andyko3 days ago
  • Hahaj trucky tricky funni clon

    The EggThe Egg3 days ago
  • Try the SKY MOD

    A Random YouTube SeacherA Random YouTube Seacher3 days ago
  • I bet those hands can do a lot of things 🍆🍆 Get eggplants from the store of course!

    LinLin3 days ago
    • please dont say that joke, it will trigger any rhythm game players

      Dogethedoge25Dogethedoge252 days ago
  • SIMP

    TwistedShadowTwistedShadow3 days ago
  • woops: she so f***ing loud... woops 5 seconds later: shes SO CUTE!!

    C78ZYC78ZY3 days ago
  • Your gay

    Hex AlejoHex Alejo3 days ago
    • Why?

      UsrnmOfficialUsrnmOfficial4 hours ago
  • I bet you will die in the "Matt" mod that just came out and its the Hardest song. What Dificulty i rate the songs: 1st (Hard) 2nd (Very Hard) 3rd (Semi-Impossible) Pls i want to see you play this mod! 👍

    Vaggelis GeorgiouVaggelis Georgiou3 days ago
    • Hardest Mod*

      Vaggelis GeorgiouVaggelis Georgiou3 days ago
  • Miku かあたやにやたなあさてさたやたしたさをはなめはまさまやさた(はまゆちさをきさたや(さ、まこあしたやまさりまてさたらたさあききらたさめなかちやたさてはやみさまさゆくこはえをさまやまそなきたしなすむをらまさらますめわたまやまさますめまさまならまさやみはさまかやさま(まひやまししなまかまやさまに

    how much wo hthow much wo ht3 days ago
  • let me suggest you the roblox version of this. that way the game's engine can register double notes correctly. it's much more fun trust me

    Eperke HegyiEperke Hegyi3 days ago
  • Zavodila is big BASS

    Wicked TyrantWicked Tyrant3 days ago
  • There exists a recharted version of midfight masses

    Pichu ManPichu Man3 days ago
  • bruh i beat ronald on hard and it wasnt even that hard and it was fun and im way worse then you noob you just lazy

    Hotangrycheetos play video games EHotangrycheetos play video games E3 days ago
  • remapped MFM on hard is way more fun to play then base ism would highly recommend it

    Logan DavisLogan Davis3 days ago
    • hard specifically

      Logan DavisLogan Davis3 days ago
  • "Its hatsune miku the next president of the united states" Hol on, what?

    SSSnakeNinjaSSSnakeNinja3 days ago
  • You should try the VS MATT mod, I think it could be a challenge for you

    TheRealC YTTheRealC YT3 days ago
  • Woop’s fingers are from another dimension

    Delancey HsuDelancey Hsu4 days ago
  • p l a y . m a t t .

    Tygo GroenTygo Groen4 days ago
  • queetion whats yalls opinionsnon jack stairs

    flyingAerodynamicsflyingAerodynamics4 days ago
  • ok now matt

    misterplan 123misterplan 1234 days ago
  • are you a man

    Dragon GamerDragon Gamer4 days ago
  • I don’t even know how you are able to do gospel

    Sneaky BoiSneaky Boi4 days ago
  • 40:40

    DXLB- LokiBlasterDXLB- LokiBlaster4 days ago
  • Wait till somebody gets him to play Vs Sky the fan girl, I’m not genius in difficulty but damn... all I can say is she’s not harder than Whitty or tricky 😃✋

    Rose SkullRose Skull4 days ago

    [AE] Dragon[AE] Dragon4 days ago
  • What are your keybinds?

    Andy SofranAndy Sofran4 days ago
  • On old input do Matt mod that stuff is real hard

    best gamerbest gamer4 days ago
  • Please do Matt mod

    best gamerbest gamer4 days ago
  • Hey you should try the Sky mod

    Z3r0Z3r04 days ago
  • siu be godded doe

    PbliccoPblicco4 days ago
  • in the chat a lot of people were saying bad mod when you were talking about doing the miku mod in my opinion i think its an amazing mod

    PbliccoPblicco4 days ago
  • I'd love to see him demolish the matt mod.

    HeAl ThYsElFHeAl ThYsElF4 days ago
  • And here I was thinking all Miku songs were just a ton of fast paced verbal nonsense. Where the fuck has Sega been hiding this Miku-

    QuoteQuote4 days ago
  • Ok, like, a dozen mods came out in the past week, here are a few: -Vs. Matt: If it doesn’t defeat you, it will give you a run for your money! -Vs. Sky: Cool and funny. Not really hard (for you). -Vs. SAVANT: This one is more of a battle of attrition, since the songs are both decently hard AND range to 3-4 minutes, rather than the standard 1-2. Plus amazing sprite art! -Vs. Annie: Cool songs, not really a challenge. -NEON: Best one out of the bunch. Great art, great songs, great challenge, great everything. If you pick only on the play from this list, pick this one! If you want a mod for the full game, play Salty’s Sunday Night. From what little I’ve seen, it’s amazing!

    General GreninjaGeneral Greninja4 days ago
  • Woops there’s a new mod call the wii matt mod I think. It’s something along that but its really hard and I think you might even die once. But only once, there’s also another mod called sour night sunday. It’s literally a mod with 6 weeks including the tutorial (yes the tutorial is a full song) 6 and a third

    Maple Syrup cuz why notMaple Syrup cuz why not4 days ago