RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic - VALORANT

Jan 9, 2021
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The game has changed. Now’s your chance to play VALORANT:
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  • so, are they introducing team kill?

    Mohammad Furkan MirMohammad Furkan Mir2 hours ago
  • Damn that 0.1 diffuse

    RinRin3 hours ago
  • they lost to an eco round

    febrfebr4 hours ago
  • Phoenix it's funny 😂

    Andrei CosminAndrei Cosmin5 hours ago
  • I swear I thought it was breach phoenix was talkin to XD

    Benji LesageBenji Lesage5 hours ago
  • No one going to say anything about Jett using Phoenix's Vandal from the last cinematic.

    Jesst3rJesst3r5 hours ago
  • I just realised that in Valorant holes aren't see through...

    LimeLime6 hours ago
  • votre jeux il pue sa mère problème de connexion toutes les deux minutes sa commence a faire lourd , après une perte de co inattendu j'essaye de me reconnecter avec mon compte google et sa me met erreur 504 il pue sa mère du jamais vu même roblox fait mieux niveau connexion donc j'essaye de me reco et sa me connecte avec un compte qui date de 2018 géniale j'adore riot games

    SlaiseSlaise7 hours ago
  • Two edgy boy's

    RIN FebrianRIN Febrian7 hours ago
  • I really love this trailer, i wanna see more soooo goood nice job

    Amarillisz BurdaAmarillisz Burda7 hours ago
  • RIP Jett and Viper

    CSDragonCSDragon8 hours ago
  • Everyone's confused about jett being alive after getting shot at. I don't see the problem here, she just rebibed herself.

    Niwedita SharmaNiwedita Sharma8 hours ago
  • I'll be still watching this video in 2031

    Nasif RahmanNasif Rahman8 hours ago
  • 0:58 why didn't he aim directly at her head? hmmmm

    LostneruLostneru9 hours ago
  • one of your party members is restricted

    Explos!veExplos!ve9 hours ago
  • why isn't this one in 4K

    AD RCAD RC10 hours ago
  • Oh wait did yoru really hit phx or is it jett I kinda smell something like friendly fire coming in the next patches

    S h r I M PS h r I M P10 hours ago
    • 2:13 💔

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose9 hours ago
  • This game looking like Overwatch

    Gamersj100Gamersj10010 hours ago
  • Sure would be nice if I could play this lol. Jeez they do great cinematics.

    Merch BoiMerch Boi11 hours ago

    Nico FernandoNico Fernando11 hours ago
  • dang id watch a valorant anime

    KingxBlue7 TTVKingxBlue7 TTV11 hours ago
  • Damn DANIAL

    Sid ali OuguenouneSid ali Ouguenoune11 hours ago

    Piotr GrabinskiPiotr Grabinski12 hours ago
  • bronze elo be like :

    Bot HenryBot Henry12 hours ago

    Kenshin TuibuenKenshin Tuibuen12 hours ago
  • Jett rip aim XD

    Ultra ViolenceUltra Violence12 hours ago
  • I need this ending song

    Ronney MatlooRonney Matloo12 hours ago
  • Phoenix: ults for like 1 minute and 32 seconds Me: *Wait thats illegal*

    FriicktzFriicktz13 hours ago
  • poor jett.. she looks so desperate. kinda have to like her

    Dragon Of destenyDragon Of desteny13 hours ago
  • i like valorant🔥🔥

    Derrick BurceDerrick Burce13 hours ago
  • who is watching this for the 4th + time?

    xetuxetu13 hours ago
  • 1:03 jett look like olivia hye from loona

    derek khorderek khor13 hours ago
  • 2:13 💔

    JPHJPH13 hours ago
  • Jett was Cutee

    JPHJPH13 hours ago
  • Phoenix ultimate last for long time tho

    Ally ModeAlly Mode14 hours ago
  • Why is their no Movie of Valorant Like they have a mission

    GAMING_BFGGAMING_BFG14 hours ago
  • Jett is kawaiii

    Firhan Husein BalweelFirhan Husein Balweel14 hours ago
  • why is no one mentioning that on the boxes it says keep distance

    Dakzy_15Dakzy_1515 hours ago
  • Lota lost of love

    Sai RamSai Ram15 hours ago
  • COOL

    Chace MendozaChace Mendoza15 hours ago
  • Where the hell is raze again?? She's one of the best agents but isn't here... miss her so much (A Razemain said that)

    Bálint HorváthBálint Horváth15 hours ago
  • 0:49 What do the letters mean ?

    19 year old19 year old15 hours ago
  • i wish csgo was to do this, but those characters have barely and personality

    MINIXTMINIXT16 hours ago
  • Lol

    MrFourtyThreeeMrFourtyThreee16 hours ago
  • cypher:yırmağa gideyrum

    Davut KahramanDavut Kahraman16 hours ago
  • Phoenix really likes sniffing? Or scrunching his nose, looks like a habit.

    MJMJ16 hours ago
  • This is only a trailer for yoru

    YeP aYeP a16 hours ago
  • punk gang XD

    Danish IrfanDanish Irfan16 hours ago
  • Why does Yoru sound Scottish on the comms?

    HdyMac22 GamingHdyMac22 Gaming16 hours ago
  • Valorant can i download valorant in ps4?

    Yoxek TVYoxek TV17 hours ago
  • pst!! we need arena 1vs1 as a game mode pls thx

    MasterKill743MasterKill74317 hours ago
  • Last player standing : PHOENIX : "JOKES OVER YOU'RE DEAD !!"

    Webby HWebby H17 hours ago
  • Can someone explain to me how at the end phoenix looked like jet

    Anthony TwintoAnthony Twinto17 hours ago
  • This is so cool when i play the game its boring

    MusicYTMusicYT17 hours ago
  • "Male characters are the best" is what I got from this trailer.

    Martin ParisMartin Paris17 hours ago
  • 🔥

    DH RU BODH RU BO17 hours ago

    Tetoh Nepohan rejeanTetoh Nepohan rejean17 hours ago
  • Tracer:Ah a worthy oponent! Our battle will be legendary

    The tablet UserThe tablet User18 hours ago
  • Dude they should make a movie

    bi hanbi han18 hours ago
  • Viper probably screaming "REVIVE ME JETT"

    NotLianNotLian18 hours ago
  • He cute so ama get him!

    Edkun tolentinoEdkun tolentino18 hours ago
  • 2:12 I got 7day cool down in csgo Plz don’t do dis

    2Fk1629 Mzz12Fk1629 Mzz118 hours ago
  • Cypher should go play csgo instead lmfao

    2Fk1629 Mzz12Fk1629 Mzz118 hours ago
  • 1:50 always confuses me How is it gonna show Jett shoot and her bullets slow down and then show Roru’s orb moving in real-time... If we’re being realistic, Jett would’ve dropped him ALSO if Jett didn’t actually die the first time she could’ve easily shot Roru to win the round while he diffused. Beautiful animation non the less lmao

    TheEmeraldCavernTheEmeraldCavern18 hours ago
  • Nobody : Seige players: 0:13

    BALLjeetBALLjeet18 hours ago
  • CSGO is Dead.

    Ans GhaziAns Ghazi19 hours ago
  • Korea vs China

    ArataArata19 hours ago
  • Hmm this is different, i'm sure i've read the comics, didn't yoru kissed phoenix to shut him up?

    LuckyLyfLuckyLyf19 hours ago
  • 1:59 "Oh crap I might not make it" "I gotta, *d e f u s e f a s t e r* "

    I do stuff.I do stuff.19 hours ago
  • Wait... did Yoru only use classic gun ???

    Thungthong ThimpiaThungthong Thimpia19 hours ago
  • two bros agents the world good cinematic

    Fuzzyjr1Fuzzyjr120 hours ago
  • valorant now lags on low end pcs so no the minimum requirements should be changed

    Arpan PramanikArpan Pramanik20 hours ago
  • I forgot this game came out during COVID. I remember it came out after quarantine started, but it doesn't feel like it came out _during_ COVID.

    SlaneSDSlaneSD20 hours ago
  • everyone:wow this cinematic looks great me:yoRu iS LefT hAndEd gUy

    KevLAR 666KevLAR 66620 hours ago

    808Only Beats808Only Beats20 hours ago
  • This is kinda cool

    ExtraMustardExtraMustard21 hour ago
  • Release this game for mobile!

    Amandeep chourasiaAmandeep chourasia21 hour ago
  • Youro is a combination of Phoenix and omen

    Proz BrosProz Bros21 hour ago

    6 ustman 15 faris farhan6 ustman 15 faris farhan21 hour ago
  • I know that Pheonix is essentially the games main character at this point, but is it just me or does anyone else wanna see Omen in a cinematic. I feel like we could have some massive lore drops.

    The PyromaniacThe Pyromaniac21 hour ago
  • fall damage exist Jett: 1:01

    John Gabriel CumigadJohn Gabriel Cumigad21 hour ago
  • "Let me show you how the boss does it" Every Phoenix before flashing himself

    Nines VásquezNines Vásquez21 hour ago
  • If Jett has the operator she could have dodged Yoru's bullet.

    YoriichiYoriichi22 hours ago
  • Btw at 2:46 you can see two people in the watch tower

    archangelarchangel22 hours ago
  • he shot through pheonix does that mean its team damage time?

    ranveer khanderanveer khande22 hours ago
  • Did Phoenix seriously force buy bulldog? Just buy a spectre and shields.

    Jin AscensionJin Ascension22 hours ago
  • This is seriously sick man the animation is insane

    Tech TriangleTech Triangle22 hours ago
  • No joke but the music at the end is sick

    predator 69predator 6922 hours ago
  • Christ. That radio voice, it sounds like Captain Macmillian

    NietabsNietabs22 hours ago
  • my team when i say hold spike-

    soaring beastssoaring beasts22 hours ago
  • I want comb knife .

    ÆÆ22 hours ago
  • Damn this trailer is smoking hot🔥🔥

    Tech PcTech Pc22 hours ago
  • Yoru:defuse the spike fast⏩ Me in real game:O so slow😑

    Rohan Kyle AlgireRohan Kyle Algire22 hours ago
  • They did my boi Cypher dirty :(

    Dorth FoderDorth Foder22 hours ago
  • "She Shot First" 2:23 No guys Han Shoots first.

    AonakitsAonakits23 hours ago
  • Looks like they finally rebibe jett

    HeyHiHooHeyHiHoo23 hours ago
  • No one: Phoenix: “Let me show you how the boss does it.”

    KyloKylo23 hours ago
  • Me: *Defusing Spike* My Team:Hurry Up Me: *Holding 4 harder*

    BlackshadowBlackshadowDay ago
  • i feel like they should make a valorant movie

    Zavon CastroZavon CastroDay ago
    • Agreed

      BlackshadowBlackshadowDay ago
  • Am I the only one who think the BGM is awesome?

    Erriza ShalahuddinErriza ShalahuddinDay ago