Rescuing Cute Sea Piggies! #shorts

Apr 3, 2021
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These little sea piggies are also known as sand fleas or mole crabs! #shorts

  • The way he rubs the ring of that thing at the end💀✋

    alyssaalyssa4 hours ago
    • text

      Xpeepsdgvg PdpyybheepXpeepsdgvg Pdpyybheep31 minute ago
  • I love you're video's 💦💙

    Michelle ToomerMichelle Toomer9 hours ago
  • I love the weird things he doas outside to

    Harlow DunlapHarlow Dunlap10 hours ago
  • It almost killed you hehe

    Ryleigh SimsRyleigh Sims12 hours ago
  • You’re so nice

    terry longterry long12 hours ago
  • What was the last one the blue thing

    Avele is good.Avele is good.13 hours ago
  • 😷😷😷

    Lynn BroomLynn Broom14 hours ago
  • Ok why is he eating salt

    Lynn BroomLynn Broom14 hours ago
  • Is it a he or a her

    Kataleya HernandezKataleya Hernandez15 hours ago
  • Why is he drinking sea salt?

    Victoria AlcarazVictoria Alcaraz16 hours ago
  • ow

    ScythroScythro17 hours ago
  • Rip sea piggy

    galaxy pure blood Dagongalaxy pure blood Dagon20 hours ago
  • What is your tik tok if you have one

    Linda LaramoreLinda Laramore23 hours ago
  • He mustve felt like SpongeBob without water after downing all that salt

    TehBoiToadTehBoiToad23 hours ago
  • Me:hOw doEs hE haVe a bIg eyEsiGhT

    Bijal PagiBijal PagiDay ago
  • I like the fact he eats rocks and stuff

    Cassandra AllenCassandra AllenDay ago
  • Jacob better had some sea water in a bottle on him that's a lot of sea salt

    Captain ObviousCaptain ObviousDay ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about the greenish thing in The END?!

    M1lkシM1lkシDay ago
  • I eat sea salt

    Princess JPPrincess JPDay ago
  • Eww! How do you touch that.

    Alycia ChebetAlycia ChebetDay ago
  • I eat salt to!

    Depressed Anime kidDepressed Anime kidDay ago
  • WHEN HE WAS LIKE 👁️👄👁️ ⬜ I was like BHAHAHHAHAH

    Pyxl_BlackLeafPyxl_BlackLeafDay ago
  • Did anyone realized that he said “DRINKING some sea salt” 🤔

    PumppkinPumppkinDay ago
  • That was so cool can you make some more Steve videos

    Nylah DuranNylah DuranDay ago
  • I like to catch and release sea piggies. But I call them sand fleas.

    TheGodzillaKid JrTheGodzillaKid JrDay ago
  • That’s nasty why is he doing that

    Brittany DayBrittany DayDay ago
  • Dude I can literally feel how high your blood pressure was from that salt

    Charlotte StuffCharlotte StuffDay ago
  • How do you drink salt

    ZokiDokiZokiDokiDay ago
  • Jesus Christ saves :) repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand! HE sent His Only Son to die for our sins and HE can change your life! The LORD loves us so much to die for our sins!!

    monica lives for CHRISTmonica lives for CHRISTDay ago
  • I'm mostly scared of sea animals because what if some bite and then u get infected or get rabies 😀?..

    Zxzzy_OfficalZxzzy_OfficalDay ago
  • Why were you drinking sea salt

    Kathryn CrockettKathryn CrockettDay ago
  • You had me at salt

    Stephanie ZijgjxbxStephanie ZijgjxbxDay ago
  • Should you eat during this it's kinda gross

    AliDanE90AliDanE90Day ago
  • I found those once we called them sea potatos lol

    FvroggieFvroggieDay ago
  • He is ligit a better god

    Derek-Daniel crowshawDerek-Daniel crowshawDay ago
  • What the bloody hell is happening what was he just eating that was probably just poisonous food why did you create this this is very disgusting I will give it a thumbs down

    Robert StoneRobert Stone2 days ago
  • Eating not drinking Jacob Colvin

    ErnieErnie2 days ago
  • Your so helpful!

    Anna StenbergAnna Stenberg2 days ago
  • U have to make more videos like that

    love rebecca channellove rebecca channel2 days ago
  • my dude ate salt like damn

    Creeperguy2048Creeperguy20482 days ago
  • As long as i want to help other animals i cant do it because im too young and i cant go around find some animals to help

    Merck AlanoMerck Alano2 days ago
  • This channel screams chaotic energy but it’s still informative at the same time lol

    Sammy AguilarSammy Aguilar2 days ago
  • Never mess with a man full of sodium

    Stephanie worrallStephanie worrall2 days ago
  • Let's just eat some sea salt everyone 🙂

    cotton dancecotton dance2 days ago
  • Nobody: Me: What is that green thing?

    Kiki KoalaKiki Koala2 days ago
  • Me:aw the por sea piggi-wait why was he eating sea salt

    Sam OrozcoSam Orozco2 days ago
  • you are sick

    samantha Wrightsamantha Wright2 days ago
  • Wtf is a “sea piggy?”

    BradBrad2 days ago
  • They are good bait for fishing

    Owen GratzerOwen Gratzer2 days ago
  • No one: Me: throwing my phone because the last scene gave me a mini heart attack

    Ardo BaArdo Ba2 days ago
  • Why do I think you changed the salt with sugar to make it like real salt?

    FLIPPYFLIPPY2 days ago
  • So cute little sea piggies

    Dennishi chavez09Dennishi chavez092 days ago
  • R.I.P tiny sea piggie

    SynceesSyncees2 days ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaa ho coleut you have mash recipe for animals . And can you tell me how you are but I love your videos .🙂🙂🙂🙂

    Athen Van der westhuizenAthen Van der westhuizen2 days ago
  • Don't seapigs live like 50km under the sea? This is fake

    Jack TarlingJack Tarling2 days ago
  • Jacob: i was drinking some seasalt. Me:👁👄👁 ... gonna have to watch this again...

    Livan LivisLivan Livis2 days ago
    • Lol

      Mustafa KarimzadaMustafa Karimzada2 days ago
  • I love the weird things he does outside - lick sea rocks - pet sea animals - eat sea grass - eating large amount of sea salt - stares at the sun

    ツGabizツGabiz2 days ago
    • @ツGabiz do u have parents who love u enough to take u there? I dont my dad (endeavor) is a little-

      shoto todorokishoto todoroki18 hours ago
    • @pumpkinI live very far away from the sea So its kinda uncommon for me But I wish I could do them too, it looks fun

      ツGabizツGabizDay ago
    • What, how is that wierd? I do them all of the time, every day

      pumpkinpumpkinDay ago
  • Salt.

    Hollie HeathHollie Heath3 days ago
  • The fact that he actually buried the little sea piggy in a spot where it can chill- that's wholesome- I love how he saves all these little sea creatures and names them 😂 Man should be a marine biologist or a diver lol *As he should*

    Twinkies The Zombie DogTwinkies The Zombie Dog3 days ago
  • What's a Sea Piggie?

    Rebecca JohnsonRebecca Johnson3 days ago
  • No

    Kaiden JohnsonKaiden Johnson3 days ago
  • Woooo too aaaaaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa

    Kaiden JohnsonKaiden Johnson3 days ago
  • Jacob: eating salt me: is that salty he eating salt hmmm he going to have sodium :>

    TAN DAMTAN DAM3 days ago
  • Not a hate comment, I love this dude, omg the eating salt was so funny, but sea piggies dig themselves in the sand, it wasn’t dead. :)

    Quincey SmithQuincey Smith3 days ago
  • Eating eating drugs!!!!🤮

    Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson3 days ago
  • What’s a sea piccy

    Gaming with D’AriaGaming with D’Aria3 days ago
  • C H O N K Y sea piggy

    Banana boy ABanana boy A3 days ago
  • You wouldent be able to spit after that jesus dude

    Mr VeggieMr Veggie3 days ago
  • I also drink salt

    A GAMRA GAMR3 days ago
  • The men Poor mouth I was like really just 😒

    Yaya BrandyYaya Brandy3 days ago
  • Love mole crabs, they look like a futuristic bus

    Nice Demon11Nice Demon113 days ago
  • That ain’t a sea pig tho

    Toad FrogToad Frog3 days ago
  • Awwwww it's so cute🥺🥺

    princessfrances Harrisprincessfrances Harris3 days ago
  • Sea Pig: help meh :(

    Estefany OlveraEstefany Olvera3 days ago
  • Danm he must enjoyed the sea salt he ate 👀

    •Just _an_illusion••Just _an_illusion•3 days ago
  • I love it do you love me yes or no

    Anita Cota SotoAnita Cota Soto3 days ago
  • I love ocean animals but he nasty

    Martha JosephMartha Joseph3 days ago
  • 0:29 hey that’s my good ol’ friend scrab idk why I named him taht but you can tell because he chonmk and he has a light color on his shell I am always sad to let him go and he is sad too once he even tried to come back but he knows where we are and we take care of his family every time we go to the beach

    Littlest angelLittlest angel3 days ago
  • Was that salt?!?!

    Mikhail AimanMikhail Aiman3 days ago
  • 👁👄👁

    Deedee DominguezDeedee Dominguez3 days ago
  • It looks so delicious 😋😋😍

    Rohan Jose CJRohan Jose CJ3 days ago
  • What was that uh uh thing uh at the end I need that immediately

    Beast GamingBeast Gaming3 days ago
  • I was outside sea drinking sea salt

    Judah WilliamsJudah Williams3 days ago
  • Lol

    Samuel JonesSamuel Jones3 days ago
  • The way he does this to all see animals see seed on the beach

    CrimsonPlayz RobloxCrimsonPlayz Roblox3 days ago
  • Him: *eating salt* The salt: 🕊🕊🕊🕊

    hamster culthamster cult3 days ago
  • When he put the salt in his mouth Me: Is this what happens to cannibals when thanos snaps?

    Alex RobertsAlex Roberts3 days ago
  • Why are u always at the beach it looks cold were jacob was

    Kelsie SutcliffeKelsie Sutcliffe3 days ago
  • I am already praying for your mouth that must hurt so bad

    CorplexxCorplexx3 days ago
  • EWE!, why would you eat sea salt

    Mbali NtusiMbali Ntusi3 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Massi Ashoor aliMassi Ashoor ali3 days ago
  • Sea salt?

    Farooq ChoudhryFarooq Choudhry3 days ago
  • 'Drinking' sea salt?

    Akiro PelayoAkiro Pelayo4 days ago
  • “I was outside drinking some delicious Sea salt.” Colvin Jacob (2021-2021) Edit:Also, why would you even look at the sun!? Your gonna get blind.😑

    Neoni IterephNeoni Itereph4 days ago
  • I would have expected a nice pure sea salt from small farmers from you. :/

    BcorzatoBcorzato4 days ago
  • I love the sea 🌊🌊🌊

    Craig BarcelonCraig Barcelon4 days ago
  • Do you have taste buds like salt???

    eli1716eli17164 days ago
  • ewwwww why he aeting that😣

    Aron LabitiganAron Labitigan4 days ago
  • Umm when will he stop caring about everything in the sea

    Rubéncube 087Rubéncube 0874 days ago
  • You are a nice man

    Elijah JAVID super workoutElijah JAVID super workout4 days ago