Feb 12, 2021
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The ball python we rescued is finally shedding!
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  • Thank God Miss Tick Tok is doing better! Tell her my class and our class pet snake Zoom says hiiiiii!

    Jazzminda PinckneyJazzminda Pinckney5 hours ago
  • I’m so glad to see that she is much better. I felt so sorry for her.

    Melissa JongepierMelissa Jongepier8 hours ago
  • Awww she is shy! 😍 I really am interested in how she is doing! 💜

    Rebecca MarstersRebecca Marsters12 hours ago
  • I hope she is okay

    Random ThingsRandom Things15 hours ago
  • I never thought I'd think a snake i as a sweety. I dont like snakes, but I like her

    R RR R17 hours ago
  • Poor girl, who can do this to a pet! She is so sweet!

    Deanna ProvostDeanna Provost18 hours ago
  • I LOve anemials so im glad us ok

    A.C. CastellonA.C. Castellon18 hours ago
  • I think she realised after you toke her home that you guys are helping her. She didn't bote or anything

  • so ive owned reptiles for many years and i would like to know your guys views on soaking a snake. i think its helpful and useful to the snakes health but i was bashed on a snake video because forcing a snake to bath is abusive and stressful? ive never heard that as all my kids love the water. i just would like to know what you guys think

    K1ttykat62K1ttykat6220 hours ago
  • If only all the snakes was kind in this world i probably would have one

    Sky_ RyderSky_ Ryder21 hour ago
  • I don’t like snakes ether but I like that snake

  • Poor baby girrrl 💔 I don’t understand how you can get an animal and not feel responsible for it. I could never. I love my ball pythons so much. People don’t view them as sentient beings

    Dev VanDykeDev VanDyke23 hours ago
  • I love this snake! 😍🥰 Not sure if this is the first injection you guys did on her, but if it was, the Vet said to switch sides of the spine each injection. ☺️

    xnohardfeelingsxnohardfeelings23 hours ago
  • She looks so shy 😭😭 my heart is melting

    Natalie WojtalaNatalie WojtalaDay ago
  • Can you give her a name?

    Kasel Kate MacaraigKasel Kate MacaraigDay ago
  • Not a snake fan at all but her coloring is absolutely beautiful, I'd love to get some nail polish in those colors. I subscribed just to see the post shed colors. Keep it up!

    leslie creechleslie creechDay ago
  • Her eyes are looking so much better. Love how happy and comfortable it looks now. I can't even imagine how much she would be suffering right now if you hadn't got to her in time.

    Kayla CherrieKayla CherrieDay ago
  • I just came upon this video ! This story is wild ! Oh gosh. She’s such a beauty ! I would love to have one just like her 🖤 I hope she’s getting better.

    Claire ValdezClaire ValdezDay ago
  • 5:27

    Trxppy Edits21Trxppy Edits21Day ago
  • God bless you guys

    Allysha HooperAllysha HooperDay ago
  • Does she bite though?

    Shekinah HussainShekinah HussainDay ago
  • I don't like snakes, I hardly had any kind of empathy or something good to say about them, but this beauty has stolen my heart. She looks so loving and aware of the care that you are giving her, as gratitude. She is the only one that I feel enchanted with 😍😍😍

    Vedushka RodríguezVedushka RodríguezDay ago
  • That’s what I was about to say I don’t like snakes I’m afraid too and that snake was so nice it didn’t even bite and it toungue was going like it was happy

    ZerkZerkDay ago
  • She’s beatiful

  • I hope she is all right

  • Never thought I'd fall in love with a snake...

    Mary nikolaouMary nikolaouDay ago
  • Thank god you guys found her , so happy she is going so well . Thankyou guys you are doing a great job .❤

    Suruchi RaiSuruchi RaiDay ago
  • What are you gonna name her or are you gonna wait to find out if your keeping her or not

    Alyssa PhillipsAlyssa PhillipsDay ago
  • I love snake's and she is so cute

    Bella YoderBella YoderDay ago
  • She’s doing so much better. Thank you for being such compassionate people.

    DirpwolfDirpwolf2 days ago
  • She is active

    oshane kingoshane king2 days ago
  • She is so cute!

    Rosa VlogsRosa Vlogs2 days ago
  • She looks sooo much better! Beautiful snake. She knows and understands you both are helping her get better. Great update. 🤓🐍

    Lady Aries SerranoLady Aries Serrano2 days ago
  • SO glad to hear she's doing better! Just came across this channel and had to know what happened with her. It's very disturbing to think of what she went through and that are mindless or cruel people out there. Regardless the intent. Not cool.

    Michelle MinerMichelle Miner2 days ago
  • Such a beautiful baby. So polite and calm despite the pain and suffering she's been through and the fact she didn't attack out of mistrust... I've heard snakes are actually super chill pets to have and seeing this just drives in that point even more... Slowly losing my fear of snakes

    Spell BellSpell Bell2 days ago
  • You should make her a beautiful warm nice enclosure bath her EVERYDAY and just leave her till she heals.

    Lock PinLock Pin2 days ago
    • They're following vets advice, they showed that in the last video of this little guy

      Erin KeeganErin Keegan20 hours ago
  • Subscribing because we need more wildlife rescuers in this world

    cartergirl3of3cartergirl3of32 days ago
  • We don’t have snakes here and I’m so scared of them even though I’ve never seen one but I was an animal rescuer so appreciate what you are doing and feel for this little girl. Thank you for what you do

    Anne marie CurrieAnne marie Currie2 days ago
  • I subbed!

    SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK StudiosSevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios2 days ago
  • Happy to see she is now showing her cheeky side. 💚

    Angelina FrankAngelina Frank2 days ago
  • Yes just saw on another USworlds channel that that exact same Snake, strangled and ate young young child . I don’t know why anybody who has any sense in their head would want own something like that chances of them eating your child. Fucking people are so stupid

    Julie QuigleyJulie Quigley2 days ago
    • And please keep nasty comments and curse words off of our channel. Thank you.

      Florida's WildestFlorida's Wildest2 days ago
    • Ball pythons only get 4-5 eat and don’t eat children...🤦🏼‍♀️

      Florida's WildestFlorida's Wildest2 days ago
  • @That Vegan Teacher now this is what an animal rights activist is not somebody singing some crazy songs but beside the jokes I hope the snake feels rlly better

    Sophia And Daniel’s WorldSophia And Daniel’s World2 days ago
  • I am so invested in this snake now

    J KJ K2 days ago
  • I’m not a huge fan of snakes but I’m so happy she’s doing well

    Aiko AikaAiko Aika2 days ago
  • PRECIOUS....God made her too.. God Bless you's❤️

    Eileen OrtizEileen Ortiz2 days ago
  • Thank you for saving her😭 I don’t like snake but these videos just melt my heart 🥺

    Syahira KSyahira K2 days ago
  • She looks so much happier now.

    Amanda GrecoAmanda Greco2 days ago
  • I don't like snakes I am really afraid of them,but that poor snake did not deserve all that pain

    yesii oreyesii ore2 days ago

    Tyriek adamsTyriek adams2 days ago
  • She is so beautiful and happy! I'm so happy you were able to save her.

    GoddessLove RemediesGoddessLove Remedies2 days ago

    autumnautumn3 days ago
  • Does the shedding take off the ticks?

    Crystal BeckCrystal Beck3 days ago
    • Yes😊

      Vilene RoyalVilene Royal2 days ago
  • Does she have a name? Bianca is a strong name. Or Cleo for Cleopatra. She is a fight. You guy have taken such great care of her. She is a beauty!

    Dee That's MeDee That's Me3 days ago
  • For people who don't know, snakes are almost blind in shed because of the liquid that they secrete and their shed when they first shed is actually slightly damp to touch because of that too. Just a fun fact

    Rhiannon FearRhiannon Fear3 days ago
  • I think that she knows you guys saved her and are going to take good care of her! Bless your hearts for doing what you do with these poor animals!

    Autumn MartinAutumn Martin3 days ago

    capt.tonyamarie mariecapt.tonyamarie marie3 days ago
  • She is such a sweetheart

    camerin allisoncamerin allison3 days ago
  • Coot noodle ball!

    thedragongamerthedragongamer3 days ago
  • How do I donate

    John GallegosJohn Gallegos3 days ago
  • This snake is so freaking adorable I always wanted a snake my sister had a leucistic ball python and he was so cute 😭❤️

    Jamya ColemanJamya Coleman3 days ago
  • I love this!keep up the great work!

    Moonshine ThefoxMoonshine Thefox3 days ago
  • Nagini 💕

    Ayesha KhanAyesha Khan3 days ago
  • She needs a name!

    Narc Free FormulaNarc Free Formula3 days ago
  • I love you guys for saving animals! Real heroes! X

    JFoxArtJFoxArt3 days ago
  • Ty for taking care of this beautiful baby ❤️❤️❤️

    Amanda BattsAmanda Batts3 days ago
  • I’m willing to bet that she loves you two very much

    Helen WilliamsHelen Williams3 days ago
  • She does look much better 😊

    N. HerbigN. Herbig3 days ago
  • Very good snake. Wow. Better than mine, I babysat for awhile. I save people pets/reptiles also.!

    XDecksPlayingCards CJ-Networking managerXDecksPlayingCards CJ-Networking manager3 days ago
  • Is it snake venom

    Sarah WSarah W3 days ago
  • This snake is simply precious! She slithered into our hearts and hope we get to follow her through her second chance at life!

    G'MemoriesG'Memories3 days ago
  • Poor baby! May she have a speedy recovery!

    Elizabeth ArmstrongElizabeth Armstrong3 days ago
  • Thank you guys so much for taking care of this baby!! I wish I could do something to help!!! You guys have gone above & beyond, it's amazing 👏🏽

    Britteny ThomsonBritteny Thomson3 days ago
  • 🥺 hope she gets a great home

    Al MrlsAl Mrls3 days ago
  • I'm glad she's doing better.

    J AlwayzChillinJ AlwayzChillin4 days ago
  • Thank you for your outstanding work

    Dave EatsDave Eats4 days ago
  • I just safed 2 ball pytons from putting down i did not got snakes for the past 20 years only got 1 tererium 2 snakes in 1 is not good so working my bud of to build 1

    1977allout1977allout4 days ago
  • Singer go from completely scared and as still as a corpse to being so lively and active so happy just to move around and taking her environment makes this grown black man's heartworm she's so precious

    m16fermym16fermy4 days ago
  • ih

    Gcina SGcina S4 days ago
  • I'm scared of snakes. But when it comes to animals it is heartbreaking to see them suffer because of the things humans do. Even this sweet girl here is bringing me to tears knowing how much she must have suffered after being abandoned.

    Adam BettcherAdam Bettcher4 days ago
  • Poor snake. ):

    Lemon JoyzLemon Joyz4 days ago
  • She’s still a little shy 💔 poor thing needs so much lovein to make up for the suffering she went through ! Wish i could hold her 🥺

    Kiera VardenKiera Varden4 days ago
  • She’s looking so much better from when you first found her. Keep up the updates🙏❤️

    Jp GJp G4 days ago
  • Amazing job saving her life she has a lot of life left to live 💚

    Tracie RaeTracie Rae4 days ago
  • I am not a snake fan, but I am an animal lover. Thanks to you guys, babygirl appears happy

    Kirbster KKirbster K4 days ago
  • Poor snake ;(

    Maria Juvy EnolpeMaria Juvy Enolpe4 days ago
  • Get well baby. 💞

    Kathleen WheelerKathleen Wheeler4 days ago
  • I do want to adopt a snake but I decided not to until I learn how to take care of it properly because whenever it comes to animals I've been fragile abt them, this snake stole my heart :3

    bear baresbear bares4 days ago
  • Sweet baby.. she's just so calm. She knew she was getting help ❤

    Jennifer PhillipsJennifer Phillips4 days ago
  • Wow this was great. I’m binge watching.

    ShaneCMShaneCM4 days ago
  • I became a subscriber after seeing this beautiful Snakes plight. Whoever dumped her is a ignorant person. Animals that have been pets and cared for cannot usually successfully live in the wild. ❣ This beautiful little girl was very fortunate to of been found by you! God bless you! 🐍❣

    Jewel HainesJewel Haines4 days ago
  • She's such a loving snake! I love ball pythons. Thanks so much for taking care of this baby!

    Stacy CzosnowskiStacy Czosnowski4 days ago
  • Vitamin E oil does wonders for skin scales on people, may work on snakes too.

    Any OneAny One4 days ago
  • I don’t like snakes but I think it’s great what you do. And enjoy watching. So glad she is getting better.

    Sandy NorlockSandy Norlock4 days ago
  • Keeping snakes and other wild animals should be illegal if irresponsible owners can't take care of them. If you can't take care of pet properly, don't get one.

    LittleImpalerLittleImpaler4 days ago
  • 👍👍👍 i hope she will get better!

    Cristina BalleriniCristina Ballerini4 days ago
  • I don't like snakes but u can tell this snakes has a heart and if she can talk she would thank y'all for the rescue plz plz keep us updated

    Brian PBrian P4 days ago
  • I hate snakes typically just looking at them. But through the screen is a good distance i think.

    W xSwiftyW xSwifty4 days ago
  • That is so awful that someone would just dump her like that, so glad that y'all found her and rescued her.

    Brandon BowerBrandon Bower4 days ago
  • She definately knows who saved her. So glad you found her and are helping her.

    Mariea BaileyMariea Bailey4 days ago
  • You guys are awesome

    shelby hudsonshelby hudson4 days ago