Redrawing my old manga with CLIP STUDIO! | SPEEDPAINT

Feb 19, 2021
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Thanks again to Clip Studio for sponsoring this video! If you want to try the program out for yourself, you can find the free trial (plus a whole bunch more info about it!) right here:
(Program update is available from Manga Studio 5.0 and onwards!)
First speedpaint of 2021! Feels good to be making videos again \(^^)/
Today, I’m taking a page from one of my oldest original manga series’, and bringing it up to date by redrawing it completely digitally! Hopefully there’re plenty of helpful tips n’ tricks in here for any of y’all who are also looking to get into making manga of your own.
If you have any suggestions for future videos you’d like to see, (manga redraws or otherwise), please go ahead and lemme know down in the comments! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
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  • Howdy y’all, thanks for stopping by! \(^^)/ I didn’t realize how much I’d missed making speedpaints, but this was SO fun to put together! (It’s been too long (;w;)) I hope you find this lil’ tips n’ tricks speedpaint helpful - I certainly learned a few things while making this one, so hopefully there’s some stuff in here that y’all can learn from too! (All the links I mentioned in the video are up in the description if you need them!) °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° (as ever, please do feel free to let me know any suggestions for future videos - (redraws or otherwise) - here in the comments! 💖)

    ABD IllustratesABD Illustrates15 days ago
    • Will you be making a anatomy video?

      Amira MelbourneAmira Melbourne10 days ago
    • I love this guy

      Spook TroopersSpook Troopers12 days ago
    • Would you be willing to link your brush set fir CSP?

      scyjynxscyjynx12 days ago
    • Would you be willing to make tutorials for this program

      seleinathescorpioseleinathescorpio12 days ago
    • Do you have to pay to use clip studio? I'm looking to know cause i'm interested in making a comic.

      that one weirdothat one weirdo13 days ago
  • I just bought my first drawing tablet and got clip studio paint and this comes up! Love your art style and thank you for the tips x

    Emilia ParedesEmilia ParedesDay ago
  • Soooo..... U mentioned bout heartless comic..... Ya know? 😅 Also love the new fall like aesthetic!! 🍁

    Drawing wit StarchildDrawing wit StarchildDay ago
  • if u made a webtoon with this i certainly wouldn't complain~

    SquarebooSquarebooDay ago
  • I still use manga studio lol. I would like to update/upgrade buuut.... Clip Studio appears to look and work a lot like Photoshop, and I can't make heads or tails of Photoshop.. SO I guess I'll be sticking with Ye Olde manga studio until it stops working lol

    Forever-DreamingForever-Dreaming2 days ago
  • who skipped th eintro

    byebye2 days ago
  • 8 years and it still looks bad and generic.

    Keiny LaiKeiny Lai2 days ago
  • ughhh i can never watch art videos without getting the extreme urge to draw immediately... -_- i have things to doooo i can’t drawwww

    VanessaVanessa2 days ago
  • Beautiful 👏🏽

    Masta ComandaMasta Comanda4 days ago
  • Is it free?

    Neko-chan EditsNeko-chan Edits4 days ago
    • @Paranoid Artist k

      Neko-chan EditsNeko-chan Edits22 hours ago
    • it depends. if you have a wacom tablet, you can download it for free, but only the pro version, not the EX (which is the fancy one). If not, its about 200 US dolars.

      Paranoid ArtistParanoid Artist22 hours ago
  • Yusssss plz! I would love to see more!

    Kaya ChipmanKaya Chipman5 days ago
  • how did you get the real g-pen to be how it is? i love your pen settings!

    Zoey coxZoey cox5 days ago
  • I randomly stumbled upon your channel and I already love being here lol! clip studio is my favorite program to date and hearing you talk about it is really relaxing. plus you're crazy talented?? the before and after shows how much you've grown as an artist--even though the before is still really good!

    erindrawsstufferindrawsstuff5 days ago
  • Super helpful video, thanks!

    Christy BontragerChristy Bontrager5 days ago
  • I've been listening to so much audio asmr and my god your voice is relaxing af.

    Bella DeensBella Deens5 days ago
  • you're art is ofc amazing and beautiful as ever,, but not enough people are talking about the poofy cardigan :D 10/10 adorable

    Elsa AnayatiElsa Anayati6 days ago
  • This was the most helpful and informative video I've seen for clip studio and I THANK YOU so much for it!!!

    Jene DrawsJene Draws6 days ago
  • If you don’t have Clip Studio Paint or you device cannot support the app. A great substitute on phone is IbisPaintx!

    GracefulGraceful6 days ago
  • было лучше...

    pawdurapawdura6 days ago
  • he's making it look so easy 😭

    urlocalc0wurlocalc0w6 days ago
  • Dammit Alex, I'd love to read a comic in your style! Honestly surprised you and the Wizards aren't just making a comic out of your game (might be a bit faster than the animation), but I love the animations too! This has also been very informative. I have Clip Studio, but I tend to stick to using Krita, just cause I'm used to the button layouts and settings. But this really makes me want to go back in and try again.

    Alex CarlsonAlex Carlson6 days ago
  • The two pages have such a different feeling! I've only started the video, but I must say I enjoy the first layout a lot more - the action panel is big, it draws attention and it's got a lot of impact. But we'll see how I'll feel about it once I'm finished watching!

    Stefanowa ŁapaStefanowa Łapa6 days ago
  • Man, I use Clip Studio for a little while now and there was a bunch of functions I didn't know the program had or how to use until you explained in the video. Thanks a bunch! BTW, great video!

    Akemi AcidáliaAkemi Acidália7 days ago
  • How do you round off the tip of your Real G pen brush? I've been trying to do that for my ink brush for the longest time but can't figure it out XD

    Katieee_LlynKatieee_Llyn7 days ago
  • Im litterly in love with your art style

    Randomly ThinkingRandomly Thinking7 days ago
  • Thank you for the template. I can finally start working on my comics!

    DoubleO713 ArtDoubleO713 Art7 days ago
  • Cutting corners may be fast, but when you draw it by hand it feels real, the new drawing feels like a stock photo. The old drawing feels like an actual manga page

    MinnowClawMinnowClaw7 days ago
  • do you know why when i use the real gpen and i press a little it do a massive line? again i dont push much...

    Mattia PerinelloMattia Perinello8 days ago
  • Just curious, why don't you use the symmetry tool ? This is wonderful work and advice but if you are unaware of that option, I know its made wonders for me!

    Virgil Casper FranklinVirgil Casper Franklin8 days ago
  • I loved the original perspective better, but the style and linework of the new adaptation. I felt that the dynamic rope breaking pose in the first spoke more about the situation than anything else.

    AjjerioAjjerio8 days ago

    Visible GhostVisible Ghost8 days ago
  • omg loool thats so cool!!!! the improvement ! i started redrawing my traditional manga from 7 years ago into a webtoon format after i got a new tablet XD i felt like i didnt waste time drawing all those years cuz i got better XD i still have no idea how to use the screen tones... they always look too pixely XD

    Noodles SamaNoodles Sama8 days ago
  • Hi there I know this comment is late but just in case you or anyone else hasn't figured it out yet! You'll notice that some brushes (like the rope and foliage ones in this vid), despite looking like lineart, actually have a white "background" on them which overlaps if you move the layer around. You can fix this in "Expression Color" on the right side menu. Just click the dropdown, select "grey" and then select only the dark square. This removes that white background from the brushes you use on that layer, then you can merge down onto a regular layer once you're finished!

    Mono PhauxMono Phaux8 days ago
  • An actual manga series by you honestly would be so cool

    Polyhue._Polyhue._8 days ago
  • Is there anything like this for free? I can't pay for any software but I really want to try and make comics properly.

    Rainbow CakeRainbow Cake9 days ago
  • Wow! This is so cool! Thank you for sharing your progress!!

    23239 days ago
  • kskskskskk u didn't add -kun that's probably a cringy phase

    claire'shoe periodtclaire'shoe periodt9 days ago
  • i’ve watched 1 and a half of your videos and now i’m subscribed

    fruitykawa *fruitykawa *9 days ago
  • Thank you so much for this video! I actually have this program but haven't tried drawing comics with it yet (I'm pretty bad with computers lol). But now I'm more motivated to try it!

    Victorian MelodramaVictorian Melodrama9 days ago
  • Question, What Brush do you use for your Line-work? Is it a custom brush or a pre made one? I've always wanted to try out line-work like yours but I couldn't get it down-

    *_DragonsBane _**_DragonsBane _*9 days ago
  • ah your voice is so soothing ^^

    Kai CallewaertKai Callewaert9 days ago
  • the text outlines can also be done with edge settings (found in the tool settings by clicking on the wrench icon) which allows all the flexible changes such as edge thiccness and color without having to rasterize the text

    DragonPenDragonPen9 days ago
  • Would love to see you work on procreate so I could get some tips!

    Gabriel RinconGabriel Rincon9 days ago
  • Take a look at vector layer! Will help with line art even more!

    Saulė ToleikytėSaulė Toleikytė9 days ago

    ウォルト・ディズニーウォルト・ディズニー9 days ago

    ウォルト・ディズニーウォルト・ディズニー9 days ago
  • How does studio clip art work, I can never figure out how to use it

    Ava Wings.Ava Wings.10 days ago
  • Aah you make it look so easy to use, though I know you knew the program already. It looks really cool! And the page look so good! The old ones were neat too, but I can definitely see the improvement. Especially in the way you set up the panels, a lot of thought went into that and that makes it look so much more clean and prof. ^^ I’m trying to create a webcomic on my ipad, and got Clip Studio because of the smart panelling tool, but I’m honestly SO confused everytime I open the program, because there’s so much going on! I don’t know how to get good at using it, besides of course “just using it”, but it’s hard because I get so overwhelmed and frustrated it makes me wanna quit before I get past the sketching stage. >_

    ReccaRecca10 days ago
  • Damn, your old self was really bold tho, imagine being a beginner comic artist and trying out a pose with foreshortening and forced perspective on your biggest panel, legend. I do love the new one tho, it’s definitely way more readable and the highlights are where they should be

    Victor The CollectorVictor The Collector10 days ago
  • God now if I got a manga/comic by you I would go broke. Quickly learning how scarily addictive your art is.

    Taylor WowTaylor Wow10 days ago
  • Covid killed my drive to draw, but I guess it’s time to start anew so here we go!

    Taylor WowTaylor Wow10 days ago
  • how do you get cc wild words into csp?

    TüthyLadTüthyLad10 days ago
  • the softness of your voice makes me sleepy but I wanna pay attention to your content so a feeling that can only be described as **b r u h** rushes through me everytime you upload. In other words, I love your content!!

    Hello ThereHello There10 days ago
  • How do you all draw so GOOD?! I mean I find drawing oddly hard. Probably cuz I don't rlly enjoy drawing much... But anyway, Absolutely LOVE you're vids! I get to watch you draw super cool/nice/cute drawings and I can listen to nice calm commentary?! HELL YEAH!

    BlueIron270BlueIron27010 days ago
  • this is super helpful for me that can't start with clip studio! your art is awesome and hearing you explaining the program while drawing is nice.

    Masayu SalmaMasayu Salma10 days ago
  • Please tell me this is gonna lead up to a Heartless comic for our viewing pleasure

    HarpoHarpo10 days ago
  • i been waitin for this one TURN IT UP

    LemonsLemons10 days ago
  • Just a quick little critique. Don't space your sound effects so far from the action. For example, on this page, I would suggest putting the "snap" right in-between the two pieces of rope. You actually had it closer in the initial sketch layer. Great work though! I enjoyed this video, and I hope you do more like it!

    Will ExcelWill Excel10 days ago
  • Oh its so good to have you back. I didn't realize just how much I missed hearing your voice until I started up this video but I have absolutely missed your gentle, caring energy. You come across as excited and very calm at the same time and its just so soothing. Plus I've absolutely missed watching you draw.

    Reaper MaeReaper Mae10 days ago
  • This made me remember when I was first learning things of digital programs (best one of not knowing was I had DPI at 1000 for so long)

    Evee JoJoEvee JoJo10 days ago
  • great video!! your one of my huge inspirations :)

    Con ArtistCon Artist10 days ago
  • POV: He mentions working on getting back into drawing in this comic-y style and you screamed, because that means you might get to see Heartless as a comic, and really that’s all you want in the world.

    Rayne NewberryRayne Newberry10 days ago
  • im thinking of making a manga on clip studio i have been using it for a while but im kinda bad with it and i need ideas for my manga i have a base idea but any tips for characters and personality for characters?

    wolf pakwolf pak10 days ago
  • Eat green

    Kaino-PhoenoKaino-Phoeno10 days ago
  • I kind of want to buy Csp but i have no idea how the process of buying it even works, searched everywhere but haven't been able to find anything..can anyone help me?💀

    Ciyochi ChocoCiyochi Choco10 days ago
  • I like the top panel of the old version. It feels very shonen-manga to me. Of course the new version is also cool.

    MathildaMathilda10 days ago
  • God DAMN I love your art dude

    PearDrawsStuffPearDrawsStuff10 days ago
  • I reallllly want cilp studio but i dont like the fact that i need to pay for it every month :(

    PerłaPerła10 days ago
  • Your videos ooze care and love.

    Badreddine KasmiBadreddine Kasmi10 days ago
  • oof I forgot you could just use brushes for leaves and foliage... I drew them all by hand and It's by far the longest to do.

    Fresh MilkFresh Milk10 days ago
  • Hey! I've already drawn comic pages for a comic, but didn't realise that there was a "safe space" that I needed to think about, is there any way I can save the pages by adding more space? If so how much should I add? Advice would be really appreciated I'm in dire need of it!

    A Familiar SwordA Familiar Sword11 days ago
  • I would love to see this become a comic/webtoon because your manga page redraws look so good either way I just love to see the process of making it great job ABD illustrates! ✨😊

    Callum JonesCallum Jones11 days ago
  • I love all the speed lines and great expressions, on the old one I think it very clearly sets the mood :)

    Kristina LindseyKristina Lindsey11 days ago
  • When ppl use mAnga over monga I can help but laugh

    DuckyDucky11 days ago
  • Oh my goodness. The redraw is SO GOOD

    Trin SilversTrin Silvers11 days ago
  • Alex: Talkin about making manga* Me: Ohhh the Leaves are moving XD

    Cj ArtsCj Arts11 days ago
  • If you ever do turn Heartless into a manga/comic, I will definitely read it, and buy the physical copy if there is one

    Moonya SnowMoonya Snow11 days ago
  • I have spent more time in the asset store than drawing in Clip Studio...

    LizzieShiroLizzieShiro11 days ago
  • I honestly just binge this whole channel over and over when my mental health gets really bad. There's honestly nothing more calming to draw along to.

    SparrowSparrow11 days ago

    Kirishima KunKirishima Kun11 days ago
  • I’m so glad you going over clip! I bought it for college, because I’m a sequential art major and I was told that this program is what EVERYONE and the their mother uses this program in the industry. I LOVE clip and now it’s the only program I use.

    Okami NinetailsOkami Ninetails11 days ago
  • Hey sorry if anyone else has said this but. I'm a graphic designer and I thought I would give some helpful tips to everyone. For type you should never go below 8 point font. Though it might be tempting, anything smaller gets really hard to read in both digital and hard copy. Also if your going to use different fonts for different things. Try to stick to 2 to 3 max type faces. The more fonts you use in a comic the more complicated it'll be to keep track of A. B it'll start looking messy and clumsy if you're not careful. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with type but keep it clean and easy to read. Though type doesn't always need to be readable for a comic its impotent. Hope this helps.

    InkedfoxartInkedfoxart11 days ago
  • i have been working on a story for approximately a year now. I really want to make it into comic. however i really want to do it in colour yet my art style is more similar to manga style. the original solution was to make it as a webtoon but i like the idea of making full page layouts... any advice? love your videos!

    SwinneiSwinnei11 days ago
  • That sweater is soooo cute! 😍😍

    Cionn GrimmCionn Grimm12 days ago
  • _Why are his shoes one with his pants?_

    Pixl VPixl V12 days ago
  • I have this app but I had no idea how to use thanks

    No_one’s_showNo_one’s_show12 days ago
  • I'm new here, and all I have to say is- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? HUH?!

    albi nyaalbi nya12 days ago
  • "of questionable quality" *looks at my art* This is called 𝓂𝓎𝓈𝓉ℯ𝓇𝒾ℴ𝓊𝓈 Also: Guessing that Bad-time art program was the Pencil-lookin' sketchbook

    Faire PlayFaire Play12 days ago
  • Every time I see your videos I get that spark of childish glee for drawing again! Your videos are always an instant click and I cant wait till I get back to drawing with the same dedication and care that you do. You are absolutely owning it with your content, and I hope that your doing well during these tough times!

    Shiasia BeasleyShiasia Beasley12 days ago
  • Wait... Manga Studio IS Clip Studio Paint??? I remember pretty much drooling over the program as a kid but I sorta forgot about it. Now as an adult, I've heard the name "Clip Studio Paint" plenty of times and had no idea it was the same program, just... newer and better and more adaptable?

    RaiRai12 days ago
  • ngl still wanting a heartless webtoon/web comic, because its such a nice concept

    Face LessFace Less12 days ago
  • Holy wow I've been using clip studio for years and you taught me a lot of new tricks...THANK YOU

    SheilkuroiSheilkuroi12 days ago
  • hi

    Mriya the wandererMriya the wanderer12 days ago

    SophiaSophia12 days ago
  • Who'd have thought that video was 23 minutes long. ~~~Great content!~~~

    ReeflionfishReeflionfish12 days ago
  • You are literally one of my biggest artistic inspirations. Whenever I’m struggling with motivation for my art I watch your videos and it always helps! Thank you for sharing your hard work and improvement with us!✨

    JJ12 days ago
  • I'm quietly dying on the inside

    MaleticMaletic12 days ago
  • You should collab or at least meet Zachary Jack. You two would get on so well. ♡♡

    Single_Line_Of_BuntingSingle_Line_Of_Bunting12 days ago
  • Okay, but the huge sweater you're wearing in your new sprite looks soo comfy! Like, I want it.

    Scarlet Furo AnimusScarlet Furo Animus12 days ago
  • This looks great I missed you, hope you make videos more frequently

    eac dezeac dez12 days ago