Reactors Reactions To Seeing Agatha Harkness On Wandavision Episode 7 | Mixed Reactions

Feb 21, 2021
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Reactors reactions to Agatha Harkness absolutely perfect reveal on episode 7 of Wandavision
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  • Where’s John Wick at when u need him?? lol RIP Sparky

    Free StylezFree Stylez8 minutes ago
  • Am I the only one who cracked up laughing when she said she killed Sparky and loved her even more??? No.... Just me? I'm clearly going to hell! Hahahaha 🤣🤣

    Emma HenryEmma Henry38 minutes ago
  • Its been mattpatt all along

    Gloria EntradaGloria Entrada2 hours ago
  • Isn’t Katherine Han the best

    Dave EnglishDave English10 hours ago
  • The song is what made the twist for me lol having no knowledge of the comics

    Grace HolbertGrace Holbert10 hours ago
  • and I killed Sparky too 😏✨

    i dont knowi dont know14 hours ago
  • Honestly I didn’t get to know the dog really well so he was introduced in one episode and died in the same episode.

    Charlotte An JonesCharlotte An JonesDay ago
  • Agatha: *tortures Wanda, the twins, and Westview* Everyone: I sleep Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too!" Everyone: *R E A L S H I T*

    A Box Of Brix StudiosA Box Of Brix StudiosDay ago
  • Cosplayers are gonna have so much fun as Agatha harkness.

    Xavi NeiraXavi NeiraDay ago
  • Sesskasays was my favorite reaction hehehe

    Adrix' SpaceAdrix' SpaceDay ago
  • Agatha: *kills a dog* People: you b*tch Me: but b*tch means female dog...

    the trolling gamer 098the trolling gamer 098Day ago
  • Everyone hates Agatha for killing Sparky... But was Sparky even a 'real' dog? Or was he just a construct of Wanda's fantasy world? They never make that clear one way or the other.

    plucas1plucas1Day ago
  • I wonder how many tweets and messages to her Facebook and Instagram she got where they all said “You Bitch” to Agatha Harkness for killing the dog?

    bigguy952bigguy9522 days ago
  • The fact is I watch yo Gabba gabba when I was a baby

    mlb and mha and fnaf lover lolmlb and mha and fnaf lover lol2 days ago
  • i love how everyones reaction to her killing sparky was "you bitch!"

    AoibhinnAoibhinn2 days ago
  • So, since Marvel belongs to Disney now, does that mean "Agatha All Along" can now join people's top 10 Disney Villain song lists? Asking for a friend.

    ichigoeaterichigoeater2 days ago
  • The bunny is probably Nicholas Scratch, her son.

    T.J.T.J.2 days ago
  • I’m sorry if this offends anyone I really don’t mean it to but u seriously love how real black people keep it😂

    Idk JjIdk Jj3 days ago
  • Agatha: and i killed sparky too hahahahaha! Everyone: bitch

    MyceliusMycelius3 days ago
  • Bye

    Conner FirkinsConner Firkins3 days ago
  • Hi

    Conner FirkinsConner Firkins3 days ago
  • We need an Agatha origin show STAT

    Betsy RegusBetsy Regus3 days ago
  • It was all fun and games until she said that she killed the sparky😂🤣😂 disclaimer animal abuse is not is not pretty 😕😕😕

    Unpopular—opinions #UOUnpopular—opinions #UO3 days ago
  • Ayo, my mans sparky didn't deserve to be killed by someone with a dope theme song.😂😂😂😂

    TFGamerTFGamer4 days ago
  • I love how when she said she killed sparky, there were two reactions. “NOOOO!” And, “You absolute bitch!”

    Avery MastersAvery Masters4 days ago
  • I killed a dog once

    Meg GriffinMeg Griffin4 days ago
  • Considering how many people realized something wasn't right and the kids were gone in the moment just before Wanda did... I think the director of this show should get more work, is all I'm saying.

    KgcopperKgcopper4 days ago
  • This just prices that Disney had the best villain songs

    thefiretailedweaselthefiretailedweasel4 days ago
  • This is probably the best MCU reveal since Worthy Cap in Endgame

    ultramaximusultramaximus4 days ago
  • scene is done like the scene in IT with bev with the old lady

    Coldkiller47Coldkiller474 days ago
  • I’ve been getting that song stuck in my head! Me and my mom and little brother binged watched the episodes to catch up and we love the show.

    Wickedfan219Wickedfan2195 days ago
  • *"YA BETCH"*

    Essio Foot CosplayEssio Foot Cosplay5 days ago
  • *Agatha's Reveal* All reactors: OH YEAH!! Agatha: And I killed Sparky too All reactors: Listen here you purple b**ch

    Дарья СолохинаДарья Солохина5 days ago
  • To many skips, we wanted the whole thing

    Iron LadIron Lad5 days ago
  • Wanda:where are the twins Agatha:they are probably just playing in the basement Reactors:that sus My mind:MY BEDROOM IS IN THE BASEMENT IS THAT SUS

    Becca The Wonderful ArtistBecca The Wonderful Artist5 days ago
  • Agatha: **brings back Pietro** Me: ok whatever she's evil Agatha: and I killed sparky to Me: OH HELL NAH WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU

    Becca The Wonderful ArtistBecca The Wonderful Artist5 days ago
  • Agatha was called by the community before the first episode from the preview stuff.

    apex2000apex20005 days ago
  • That iconic witch laugh 😆

    Adu AdadeyAdu Adadey6 days ago
  • The sparky was to far

    adrian alvarezadrian alvarez6 days ago
  • When she said I killed sparky too. I was like “you evil little witch”

    Wolfe14thWolfe14th6 days ago
  • I think we can all agree this was our reaction

    Reaper_dc410Reaper_dc4106 days ago
  • Justice for Sparky!!!!!

    DanteBrianDanteBrian6 days ago
  • This deeper than rap 🤣🤣🤣

    Carnival CruzCarnival Cruz6 days ago
  • SHE'S A WITCH 😁😁😁😁❤️

    Bia MartinezBia Martinez6 days ago
  • EVERY reactor: "This is cool!" {hears about Sparky} "That f@@@ing b@@@ch!"

    Snark SharkSnark Shark6 days ago
  • Fans root for the hero, but everyone loves a good villain.

    TikiDragon1TikiDragon16 days ago
  • Agatha: I was evil all long Reactors: 😐 Agatha: And I killed the dog Reactors: YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!! 🤬😤😠

    B ModB Mod6 days ago
  • Struggle nation: "She's a witch"

    Mann HollowayMann Holloway6 days ago
  • 8:57 is when it all clicked for him

    Emma WilsonEmma Wilson7 days ago
  • 18:25 My reaction to end of every episode

    DawsonytDawsonyt7 days ago
  • lmaooo 16:40 Spat out my drink....

    Angel AlvaradoAngel Alvarado7 days ago
  • Agatha: " And I killed Sparky too." Everybody: " YOU BITCH HOW COULD YOU !!!!!"

    AtomicGhost 77AtomicGhost 777 days ago
  • I kept wondering why I heard everybody say *YOU BITCH* the day this episode came out!

    kelly mayskelly mays7 days ago
  • Agatha: And I killed Sparky too Eren Yeager: *goes Titans Roar

    Mike Zacharias GirlMike Zacharias Girl7 days ago
  • You'll know whose who are the real geeks after revealing agatha lol...

    Ralph Francisco RoferosRalph Francisco Roferos7 days ago
  • She's not hated because she's a villain, She is hated because she killed Sparky. Now imagine if she didnt, Agatha Cult would takeover 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Karlo GregorKarlo Gregor7 days ago
  • Her reveal is on par with Savitar's reveal in The Flash. You expect it but it is still hecka good. I just wasn't expecting it tho.

    MagicButLikeNumber2MagicButLikeNumber27 days ago
  • I love how almost everyone's reaction to "And I killed Sparky too!" Was "you bitch"

    DrowningScallopDrowningScallop7 days ago
  • Agatha might be kinda intimidating but Kathryn Hahn really is such a good actress portraying Agatha. Good Job Kathryn👏

    한사만타한사만타7 days ago
  • Kathryn I hope you getting your money SIS CAUSE SHE BODIED THIS ROLE like baby I don’t even think she was trying so effortless so powerful!

    Suprem3 SavagesSuprem3 Savages8 days ago
  • agatha: ItS bEeN aGaThA aLl AlOnG watchers:ok? agatha: and i killed sparky too watchers:YOU BITCH

    Jakub RomanowskiJakub Romanowski8 days ago
  • Everyone after she confesses she murdered a dog: BITCH

    AFKAYAFKAY8 days ago
  • What if John Wick is in Westview for retirement and Sparky was his dog and once the hex falls out he realizes Sparky got killed?

    Lorenzo CobaLorenzo Coba8 days ago
  • my only question is, why use fate: the winx saga as hell, you're using to many letters and giving it some credit....

    bodki malonebodki malone8 days ago
  • It was right under our noses the whole time. AG-atha hark-NESS AGNES

    str8dominicanstr8dominican8 days ago
  • Agatha best villan of MCU

    Niccolò ZeggioNiccolò Zeggio8 days ago
  • StruggleNation referencing Charmed and Woogyman/Nexus of Power they had in their basement.

    Free NERDmanFree NERDman8 days ago
  • 11:35: priceless 🤣🤣🤣

    Azteco LatinoAzteco Latino8 days ago
  • Was that really a surprise for anyone? The song was great though ^^

    AthraxesAthraxes9 days ago
  • I love how several reactions have some variation of "you BITCH" after she admits to killing Sparky XD

    GreenGreen9 days ago
  • marvel is fucking dark like killing a puppy? that is dark

    captainDi louxecaptainDi louxe9 days ago
  • The people reacting "where are the kids!!!??" Me: oh just wait til episode

    Dr. DiamondDr. Diamond9 days ago
  • It's bigger than Endgame this!

    Twisted MetalTwisted Metal9 days ago
  • love how everyone called her a bitch cause of sPaRky! HAHHAAA didnt even care about the dog cause Agatha was slaying and the song!

    VinciVinci9 days ago
  • Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too" Everyone: "You bitch"

    Drake DarkstarDrake Darkstar9 days ago
  • Imagine mifsto

    Animevibezz HiAnimevibezz Hi9 days ago
  • She’s a bad actress

    Wi FineWi Fine9 days ago
  • The fact that her line "I killed Sparky too" reminds us that she is to be hated is crazy. I really don't know why we like Agatha [evil laugh like Agatha].

    Michael ValcorzaMichael Valcorza9 days ago
  • No one: Akasan: 'are the kids in the tv?' 'are the kids a rabbit?'

    Kat RiveraKat Rivera10 days ago
  • Well, had hit & miss guesses up to this point. HITS: -Wanda never took Vision's body out of S.W.O.R.D. Problems with the video Hayward showed: *It ended too shortly. +We saw Wanda come down, but 'never' leave? +Wanda was at Hayward's office then floated down, but Hayward acted as if never knew her? +And, he never made mention of the broken glass. +ALL Hayward wanted was to have Wanda get mad getting her 'red energy' & never did *Anyone notice that Hayward didn't seem to care that the hex Vision trying to break loose was incinerating? That's because he wasn't the 'real' Vision he already has him in his possession! -I suspected that team that Darcy rode in with were working on something 'sneaky'. Yeah, the 'real' Vision! *I don't get Woo, Darcy & Monica weren't picking up on this, especially Darcy who never saw them since! *They never were seen helping in the situation +What about the Wanda-ized drone why did it have to go in that tent? It was used to re-animate the new Vision -Westview is the 'key' The comics stated it was in Florida where the portal to other dimensions lay, what if they changed it to West('view')? *The deed is what brought Wanda there. *Vision can't leave the hex as it's what keeps him alive/viable. We now learn that Wanda created him from her thought of him within it -Hayward wants Vision's body to be re-animated *He's never been fixated or interested in Wanda Only the energy to re-energize the Cataract version of Vision MISSES: - Thought Wanda used a spell book to conjure Vision's body -Thought Agnes/Agatha on her own was the one that initiated or showed Wanda how to do this and/or charmed her -Thought Agnes was the one who was the missing witness in protection UNKNOWN: West('view') -Is West('view') a portal into other dimensions/multi-verses? *Was the rundown look of Westview 'our' version before Wanda created this hex? +Was this our verse's version of Westview, transferred here or we there or both existing here? (Hence madness & multiverses combined) -The deeded lot on which Wanda's house lays 'had' a house on it. We don't known what happened to the structure. *What if that house is in perfect condition in another verse? Rather the ground is a portal used to transport back & forth? Agnes/Agatha -She's definitely not from this universe. *Clearly the date is significant: +We don't have stories of witches self-governing in Salem, but did have witches burned at the stake in Salem. *One of the lines used states her crime she went above & beyond her rank reading the book & doing spells. We don't know of covens doing that 'here' in that time period do we? *We see her draw all the witches including her mother's power causing them to die. So then what? If she could do that then, why isn't she powerful & known now? Because she's not from this dimension! *Interesting mention that Thor's mother was raised by witches, this could be connected, including Loki! *Why was Agnes supporting this idea of Wanda having kids & by whom? Wanda - It's evident she and Pietro had powers before the stone * Then where did she get them from as she's now defined as a natural born mutant enhanced with the infinity stone. *Who are really Wanda's parents? Did we see her biological or, adopted? *Who's in the commercials? Pietro -Who's Pietro? Could Loki be Pietro? Hayward -Is Hayward really Hayward or an imposter pretending? *Where's Fury? "Hayward's" NEVER mentioned how's Fury or haven't heard from him, he's seems to be missing or taking a break from working, NOTHING! +Especially knowing Monica's mother & him were close running sister agencies! *Why doesn't he know about all the Avengers nor doesn't contact them? It's his job to know details. Woo does but he acts like he doesn't. Why? *Copyrights/patents are extremely important to companies. Whether anyone doesn't want to think about it, Vision was Jarvis Tony Stark's personal computer assistant. +In other words, it's his patent & copyright. +Tony, now Pepper & his daughter own Vision! +Whether or not S.W.O.R.D. wants to re-engineer, still has to get authorization & approval FIRST from Stark and/or Pepper! +Vision has ALL Stork's patents as well as other confidential company info. -Are there 'other' villains/good guys? I believe strongly there are multiple villains/good guys *Who gave the deed to Wanda? Good? Bad? *Wanda never saw how the TV shows were made, so how does she see the layout of a legitimate TV sound stage? +Who's injecting the clues in the commercials AND why even have the commercials themselves? Good? Bad? Cataracts -Does this mean blinded/blurred by an operator on the outside, that doesn't bode well. *Is Vision a combination of Ultron & Vision? +Ultron hated to be considered a puppet. *How is it's 'order'/conscience managed? +Tony created Ultron to be a protector against outside earth threats. It didn't go well. +Vision/Ultron were 2 sides of the same machine similar to Data from Star Trek +First one was warped mentally, the other was created after lessons learned innocent like willing to be 'good'. +If they were combined without Stark's input it could be much worse than left alone. MY Assumptions: - We aren't in OUR multiverse anymore or, a portion is/isn't (the hex) (That's why it affected Monica becoming a superhero). PROOF? *Agatha's backstory is from another multiverse. +She knows nothing of Wanda. +Either she was here already & entrapped, or like the 3 wise men attracted by her energy. +She asks too many questions about Wanda & not interested in Vision. She would have been able to review press, videos, interviews about the Avengers & Wanda. *Agnes' basement is NOT normal nor is having a spell book no one is aware of in NJ? I think it's another dimension/multiverse house. *The darkness in the encampment really messed me up. +Why was there never any daylight? +Why didn't we see 'anyone' on downtime standing outside, eating or sleeping in tents? +Has anyone noticed we haven't seen ANY OTHER people? NO Garbage trucks, police, fire, gas station attendants, fast food workers, even other vehicles on the road since this hex expanded? Keeping this train of thought, it's unknown what happened to the Avengers (not of this universe?). *Vision is not theirs yet why doesn't anyone contact Pepper about this? (Wanda was at the cabin for the funeral, she knows how to contact her.) *Whether it's a "What would Nick or Tony do in this situation?" or, "What would Dr. Strange think this way with the hex?" Not one has mentioned (beside remarks about Captain Marvel) ever about the other Avengers? Are "we"/"they" really in the right universe? I keep hearing Monica's mother's words when Monica was waking up from the Blip or, when went through the hex wall. Something isn't gelling about that in retrospect. It's making me think is Monica in the right universe, did her mother plant her here? Or, did Captain Marvel/Fury transplant her there or, did Wanda do something brought 2 or more universes together?

    Venus 501Venus 50110 days ago
  • I’m glad I never read the comics because that made the twist even more surprising.

    Weird ThingsWeird Things10 days ago
  • I want to see reactions to the reactors reacting. Can’t have enough reactions!!!!! 😒

    0 00 010 days ago
  • It’s been Agatha all along 💃

    Original EagleOriginal Eagle10 days ago
  • It’s funny to see most of there reactions, got me wondering do they even know who Agatha is ?

    Gamecrasher 3050Gamecrasher 305010 days ago
  • do fan reacts on the supergirl movie it a very good movie

    nightwing hilburnnightwing hilburn10 days ago
  • 🎶AGATHA ALL ALONG🎶 Really nice song

    BirisiBirisi11 days ago
  • I hope these people realized there was a post credit scene

    Chloe JacksonChloe Jackson11 days ago
  • 4:46 men in the 1500’s when a women talked back

    Sam RowlesSam Rowles11 days ago
  • Fun Fact: A small piece of the melody to ‘Agatha All Along’ has appeared in EVERY opening theme to each episode. The only connecting thread between each intro theme... has been Agatha.

    John The DorkJohn The Dork11 days ago
  • I got one reaction: she's a witch I hate her, so excited for a final battle but is anyone else suspecting Hayward as a future villain with whatever project chronos is I mean maybe not here but somewhere along the line but then again comic people might get the reference right away, I wonder if it has to do with the revival of the time stone and rewind time to save vision so he can use him for his own gains who knows

    lego fanlego fan11 days ago
  • FictionalDarling is the BEST reactor

  • Agatha : And I Kill Sparky Too. Everybody : Aaagh You B*tch.

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson11 days ago
  • The condemned stepdaughter immunocytochemically box because colony clinically exercise throughout a maniacal oval. phobic, probable otter

    ju lokkju lokk11 days ago
  • Yawn....

    Paradox GParadox G11 days ago
  • aaaayy my man at 4:58 had me with - its deeper than rap!!!! Hands down the funniest reaction!!!

    DJ SarfoDJ Sarfo11 days ago
  • Sparky? En Latinoamérica es Chispitas hahahha

    Juan CarmonaJuan Carmona11 days ago
  • ‘And I killed sparky too’ John Wick: yeah I think i’m back

    Demon_snowDemon_snow11 days ago
  • I bet Kevin fige is drinking his wine laughing is ass off waiting to surprise us all again.

    SakuX1hdSakuX1hd11 days ago
  • She Kill a dog, i'm gonna call John Wick

  • That Sparky reveal was crazy. Sparky deserved better.

    Prebuiltroom901Prebuiltroom90111 days ago