Apr 3, 2021
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  • I will say he has repented in his own way in his music

    YK The GamerYK The Gamer6 minutes ago
  • Bruh your delivery is way off, it's disrespectful and it's trash... Do better that man deserves so much more than this, and why would you use this picture? You couldn't find a better one? Stop it!!!

    Zenande NqunqaZenande Nqunqa24 minutes ago
  • Take this video down brother.... PLEASE!!

  • Hassan do you think you should take this down? Ppl having a hard time with his passing.

    PhillyGirl 1PhillyGirl 1Hour ago
  • This is a weird ass video. I'm only 2 minutes into it and I ain't going to finish it because it's completely illogical.

    bully wit a fullybully wit a fullyHour ago
  • Hell yeah that's what's up. So sad I loved the dog for real. Crying.

    Nate PierceNate Pierce2 hours ago
  • Sleep in heaven King 👑

  • What difference it make, know one put a Gun to his Head, RIP DMX.

    Joe JordanJoe Jordan2 hours ago
  • Bullshit if bam bust your ass so u still gay tell the 👀 s

    Louisiana kas AnovaLouisiana kas Anova2 hours ago
  • Sacred fice

    Louisiana kas AnovaLouisiana kas Anova2 hours ago
  • He died 4 weeks after the covid vac. These are rumors being spread

    Black Girl MagicBlack Girl Magic2 hours ago
  • Ew- you’re so much Drama👎

    Laura LeiLaura Lei3 hours ago
  • Nobody forced him to take drugs so who cares who supplied the drugs. People are responsible for their own actions.

    Joseph AdamsJoseph Adams3 hours ago
  • Supplier doesn't matter. Moral of the story...HAVE TABOOS.

    streetlegacy816streetlegacy8163 hours ago
  • You suck bro!!

    Azell TannerAzell Tanner4 hours ago
  • I could only take 15 sec. of NOTHING of this guy. How did I get here anyways?! :P

    mrgclipsmrgclips4 hours ago
  • This corny ass post foh clown

    Richard WiseRichard Wise5 hours ago
  • Murder quiet the riot

    Iu TyIu Ty6 hours ago
  • A wise man once said ...

    Zeppelin Sci fiZeppelin Sci fi6 hours ago
  • Exactly who????

    Frankie DevineFrankie Devine7 hours ago
  • Is this the only pic you could find of DMX bruh ? A mugshot of him at his worst

    Dee TDee T7 hours ago
  • When they sell they soul they can never come back to the most high god y’all don’t get that shit smdh

    Dee SullyDee Sully7 hours ago
  • You wrong for this one g no respect

    Juan ArroyoJuan Arroyo7 hours ago

  • Your saying alot of unknown statements... Let God be GOD, you don't know anything about his salvation. You speaking good and evil on him. You praising him and tearing him down at the same time. Your saying he didn't have time to repent... do you know even in his COMA state God can speak to the heart... so be very careful with your statements... I'm out...

    Carla WilliamsCarla Williams9 hours ago
  • If you read yo bible it's people in heaven with drinking and other issues as long as you don't push it on the next man.... just the love he had for jesus alone , he might have just made it

    Moniko HarrisMoniko Harris10 hours ago
  • The picture of his mugshot ain't cool Hassan. We all not what he did in his life. Sheeesh

    head inthekloudzhead inthekloudz10 hours ago
  • he gave up to the demon the master of puppets.. DRUGS he could not take the pain within anymore,and led the demon take him to rest after a all to lonf fight... i know how he feels, i have been cleen 6 month now, and the puppetmaster is right on my sholder,but i will win this last fight of mine,and be here for my daughter and family. not for me,but for them.. once we are born we start dying, but not before the lord jesus say its time.. then he will guide u there.. rip DMX see u in VALHALLA.. mutch love from Denmark..

    Ole gunnar HansenOle gunnar Hansen11 hours ago
  • Drug dealers worship money, that's the root of all evil. Then often waste the money on shoes, jewellery, etc. Saying it's in the name of feeding their families.

    Francois NelFrancois Nel11 hours ago
  • THAT is the million dollar question... WHO THE HELL gave him some shit that killed him?! 😢😢🤬🤬

    aldrena davisaldrena davis11 hours ago
  • The illuminati did that bro

    Antonio PlumeyAntonio Plumey12 hours ago
  • You are speaking 1000% true facts!

    Shay DemboShay Dembo13 hours ago
  • Yep. My best friend died of crack. Sad deal.

    Ben EnauBen Enau13 hours ago
  • Job 3:17-19 King James Version 17 There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest. 18 There the prisoners rest together; they hear not the voice of the oppressor. 19 The small and great are there; and the servant is free from his master.

    Yahawashi Is KingYahawashi Is King13 hours ago
  • People who use allot of crack, in my town Those People get very old. Whe even have a Saving. Like weed doesnt perish. Strange that in Amerika they all get od

    P. R. LangelerP. R. Langeler14 hours ago
  • He’d only just recovered from COVID ........ his Heart was still weak .. COVID can effect the heart ... he went back on to the drugs maybe the dose strength he thought his body was use too .. but if his heart was weakened from COVID ... that drugs gona kill him 😢

    babs byrnebabs byrne14 hours ago
  • Naw fam. That was all on X! At 50 plus, you shld know that your body can't keep being baked out like that on drugs anymore

    Willie FonteWillie Fonte14 hours ago
  • I think he was setup, idk... I really don't wanna believe that but it hards... ** I honestly thought he was cleaned though so what really HAPPENED 🤔???????

    Brianna BrownBrianna Brown15 hours ago
  • I think it's more to the story about DMX, I'm not buying the drug overdose

    KRAZY ShawnKRAZY Shawn15 hours ago
  • Great points.

    The Lyon And the OxThe Lyon And the Ox16 hours ago
  • I've been saying this for years...drug dealers are the worst, scum of the earth!!

    70 AD70 AD18 hours ago
  • He had a heart attack.. what are you talkin about a bad batch. I think you got heroin and Coke mixed up period knowledge supersedes action and speech.

    Ray SantiagoRay Santiago19 hours ago
  • You lost ones still think the white man christianity given to you thru the pale skinned knights templars is the answer which is why the negus people are dying with no healing. christian churches are government funded but they will not fund you unless you keep your message simple. Do the math. They gave you a religion and told you God was white and then made up their jesus story so the negus royal melanin skinned people can think of themselves as self malfunctions. The same religion you all exalt was given by those who murdered the essence of Kemet and everything highest in moral, spiritual, and teaching value to replace it with lies and trickery to gain a power called "FEDERAL!!" THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHRISTIAN TRUTH OR HEALING!!!! COME OUT OF YOUR PROGRAMMING!!!!!!!!!

    The GaziThe Gazi19 hours ago
  • The hospital killed that man. Let's not play like we don't know how much he exposed the illuminati and baphomet puppeted rappers and rituals in the industry. He told the interviewers "its hard to be sucka free in a world full of lollipops". The hospital and government was waiting for him to get to that murderous building full of masonic, boule, and baphomet practitioners (nurses, doctors, etc.) So they could depopulate him period. Hassan this death is way way way bigger than just a drug deal. Trust me.

    The GaziThe Gazi19 hours ago
    • So the summary of your rant is, We shouldn’t blame drug users for abusing their own lives even when they know the possible tragic outcomes... we should blame the Doctor’s along with the Hospitals and Illuminati.... I’m feeling that theory......if I ever decide in life that I would like to go on a downward spiral and with no good accountability partner and blame all of my short comings and bad decisions on the white man, I will hit you up and hire you as my life coach.

      Jairus CapernaumJairus Capernaum18 hours ago
  • You are so right, my friend is going down that same path right now

    Sunee DillardSunee Dillard19 hours ago
  • I hear he took the vaccine

    a ca c20 hours ago

    Luis GarciaLuis Garcia20 hours ago
  • He sounds mean but he is right a lot of addicts or selfish to their family, the ones that care. I cant respect dealers they send families to graves, kids to placement, genocide.

    Robert WilliamsRobert Williams21 hour ago
  • He had more money back then and he was on drugs worse back then so you would think that he overdosed back then when his album went platinum matter fact two albums went platinum you would think he will OD back then it’s a lie

    Qualee BellQualee Bell21 hour ago
  • Not drugs fam he did a movie before he died so you know on the set of the movie you have to take a Covid vaccine shot do your research

    Qualee BellQualee Bell21 hour ago
  • This is fucking cringey bud Jesus fuck grow up

    Kyle kulikovaKyle kulikova21 hour ago
  • Somebody need to slap you certain shit just ain't meant to be said..!!

    Johnny GatsJohnny Gats22 hours ago
  • Yall really believe he OD???? This entire situation sound crazy. No disrespect

    Jabril Rahman2Jabril Rahman223 hours ago
  • Your clown n**** I don't like the way you're talking

    Rafael RiveraRafael RiveraDay ago
  • Bj

    LiL- BACKLiL- BACKDay ago
  • R.I.P DMX 🕊🕊

    Asey 139Asey 139Day ago
  • Sound like u jealous! Ijs my guy!🤷🏾‍♂️ Smh

    Cedric DanielCedric DanielDay ago
  • I meeeean you could've chose a better picture of him

    VirtuosaVirtuosaDay ago
  • 😥😥😥😥this is bullshit R.I.P

    a fernga ferngDay ago
  • God. Will. Judge

    Dee WArDDee WArDDay ago
  • You kicking the truth all 100% TRUTH !!!🧠🙏

    Tee GreenTee GreenDay ago
  • There's no such thing as sin or virtue, only human beings being HUMAN

    Joe StarJoe StarDay ago
  • Sum uff uff

    ivan paganivan paganDay ago
  • Disrespectful to use the pic of the fallen soldier at his lowest time damn long live DMX ,

    mansa Musamansa MusaDay ago
  • ?u ain't sniffin bruh

    ivan paganivan paganDay ago
  • Dude you're a clown for this stupid video

    columbusohio72columbusohio72Day ago
  • You blame it all on the drug dealer bcuz it’s easy to do but the truth is every1 makes their own choices and unless the dealer sold him something different than what he thought he was getting then it’s not the dealers fault. There is plenty of blame to go around! U can start with why he was in despair in the 1st place

    Derek MooreDerek MooreDay ago
  • Rip x

    columbusohio72columbusohio72Day ago
  • This is the fucking IGNORANTtake on the passing of DMX How can ANYONE take this fat faced clown seriously

    Robert o FalconRobert o FalconDay ago
  • R.I.P. DMX 😭🤧

    Tee GreenTee GreenDay ago
  • This man said “he overdosed so that means he got a bad batch”... huh 🤔? Like no...😂 I mean that’s possible but much more likely it was a really good batch and very pure so he did to much or that it was the usual stuff he used but he went to hard that day

    Derek MooreDerek MooreDay ago

    Taylor GangTaylor GangDay ago
  • Rip king..yo, there's way better picture than the one you're using, respect the dead my dude

    Mohammad adib AhmadMohammad adib AhmadDay ago
  • You are so right requadless of the fact poppi

    Shaquon WhiteShaquon WhiteDay ago
  • Wasn’t a OD the drugs were FAKE

  • Never look down on a man unless you are going to pick him up because we are fall short of the Glory of God, as we all need someone to pray for us in our time of need. We will all die, one way or another. I'm just mind blown to see another brother that had so much wrong done to him tear another man down and for what? To see all this death and to hear people, still being disrespectful and cold, as if they will not stand before the throne of The Lord and have to answer for their transgressions, is mind blogging to me. It's easy to point the finger at someone else, rather than look at, and deal with your own demons. We are so quick to Judge unrighteous, instead of praying for our falling brother's and sister's with compassion and empathy. It's all fun and games when you talking about someone else's flaws, until the chicken comes to your home and roost. Be careful how you entertain strangers for many have entertained Angel's unaware.

    Angela St. PatrickAngela St. PatrickDay ago
  • How u from the hood n u don't know 1 person who had a heart attack off crack??? I'm disappointed i figured hassan would see a broken man he hard a hard life when u got one of those no amount of women drugs or money ever satisfy you because the root of the problem already dead or old

    Blue DogBlue DogDay ago
  • 😥 💯the harsh mockerreality of what u saying Sooooo effed up!!! Rip dmx babe 🌹

    slimThick JonesslimThick JonesDay ago
  • I read his family say he didn’t have drugs in his system. He had a C. Vax and weeks later he had a heart attack.

    NycBeautyNycBeautyDay ago
  • I don't think that it was a bad batch I think hes just been smoking crack for so long he had a heart attack

    SNG_EliSNG_EliDay ago
  • T.i

    Dorothy WilliamsDorothy WilliamsDay ago
  • 👀👀👀

  • You sound a hot mess talking about wanting to punch him in his face! Find a better way to express yourself!

    Dee HiveDee HiveDay ago
  • Can’t blame dmx. Blame the C.I.A

  • I get what dude is saying, but hurt people Will take what he saying as disrespectful, I think his delivery could be a little delicate for the family and friend sake, that's just my opinion.

    Dennis BankDennis BankDay ago
  • This guy is 100%. All the people that are supplying drugs and destroying so many peoples lives just remember everday mothers, fathers, children are cursing u..

    BatmanBatmanDay ago
  • RIP mi artist coming from vvsyoungstunna Jamaican young artist caan believe mi bad bad dog fi live mi say the man bad a bay dmx album mi listen to eno man .the man hav a mad voice a dmx a the first man with the dog dog till it reach a jamaica everybody started say dog

    Vvs youngstunnaVvs youngstunnaDay ago
  • He was doing soo well. What the funky happened?

    TIME TravelTIME TravelDay ago
  • Pusherman by CURTIS MAYFIELD not Ice T

    bob tailbob tailDay ago
  • Rip

    Cursed SoloCursed SoloDay ago
  • R.I.P dmx

    Sam ASam ADay ago

    Siri ZurcSiri ZurcDay ago
  • Some cold hard truth here. Good vid. Newsweek did a good article I recommend with thoughts from Master P and Funkmaster Flex. Go read it!

    Lockon360Lockon360Day ago
  • Exactly man, that's the big question, who was the supplier 🤔 it's a sad day for hip hop, we lost another legend, R.I.P. DMX tha G.O.A.T.

    Is2fiftyslow FsportIs2fiftyslow FsportDay ago
  • on his way to darkness,,, all day people read ur bible

    0PRICE X0PRICE XDay ago
  • I cant believe he's actually gone, Rest In Peace DMX 😔

    Caveman SpongbobCaveman SpongbobDay ago
  • This dude is out of his fucking mind talking the way he is... A family is grieving MAN..

    The GreekThe GreekDay ago
    • It’s just the cold hard truth.

      DraggyTMDraggyTMDay ago
  • Thats true. Im wondering too. Now my favorite rapper is gone.

    RetroJohnnyRetroJohnnyDay ago
  • I understand drug addiction better than most and I just dont believe he slipped up. I think he was set up and sacrificed as usual so the mainstream rappers could stay selling their fake ass b.s. music. He was literally just fine was making sense in all the recent videos I've seen of him. Yes hes human and could've used again I just dont believe he did. It's shame it really is I'm starting to believe anyone in the industry who steps outside the status quo, will constantly be sacrificed by apparent drug overdoses, or we have their lifes ruined and end up broke with nothing. I mean come on there have been more drug overdoses in the music and movie industry than in the porn industry where supposedly all the do is drugs all day. Stop killing my fucking people and to my people please stop killing yourselves cause thats all you can afford to do. No judgement but when I keep my money instead of buying trees I save quite a bit of money.

    whitney352010whitney352010Day ago