Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences...

Feb 21, 2021
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Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences. Everything in Minecraft happens by random chance, and some of the RAREST occurrences in this video are absolutely INSANE.
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Considering creeper lol found the rarest mob in the game, I don't think dream cheated in his speedruns / manhunts
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  • 5:22 I would just play it sometimes and I got that bug like twice, that’s odd I just thought it was a lag 💀

    MaryMary6 minutes ago
  • 9:20 oh I find that I thought it was a not rare thx for the 1 like

    euhanne proeuhanne pro13 minutes ago
  • Dream “Pitiful odds”

    cameron moorecameron moore30 minutes ago
  • im a minecraft player, and i got a girlfriend so, im rare, appreciate me please

    MaxMax31 minute ago
  • Please apologize about the last joke :(

    KloniosKlonios45 minutes ago
  • Why isn't Dream's luck here?

    Animu ChanAnimu Chan57 minutes ago
  • I'm gay

    Jose PinedaJose PinedaHour ago
  • What background song is that 5:16

    Lauring phaunLauring phaunHour ago
  • Jokes on you, I have a girlfriend and I’ve been with her for almost two years so....boom

    Gl1tch_Sh4d0wGl1tch_Sh4d0wHour ago
  • That ending hurt bad

  • Ok heres a theory, so since the minecraft world is infinite. Does that mean that we are all in the same world but miles apart?

    SlxtherSlxtherHour ago
  • What are the chances of me making an SMP with a random generated seed and the seed being the exact same as my friend's single player world?

    TaroTaroHour ago
  • hmmm.. a stack of diamonds in one place? Can you give me this seed?

    JugromJugromHour ago
  • Checkmate! I have a girlfriend :>

    CraigO_oCraigO_oHour ago
  • My chances of getting a girlfriend is 10 out of 10 coz I have one

    smellycatbutt 4smellycatbutt 4Hour ago
  • Minecraft Girlfriend.... Now that is something I've never heard of ever since DanTDM made a video of it 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Alfian FahmiAlfian FahmiHour ago
  • I didn't even know brown mooshrooms existed

    ??????Hour ago
  • i have seen a killer bunny and a pink sheep before

    Violet MolloyViolet MolloyHour ago
  • How rare is it to find a baby zombie on a regular zombie's back?

    Simple FriendsSimple FriendsHour ago
  • I wanna save the last part tho.

    Zen MafiaZen MafiaHour ago
  • Ive had a zombo spawn with full enchanted diamond gear excluding the helm which was cool

    EnchantedOcelotEnchantedOcelotHour ago
  • Nonono, the rarest occurrence is me getting other than an F in any of my assignments. its about 1 in every 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    UndeadUndeadHour ago
  • Jokes on you I already have one

    Ollie StudebakerOllie StudebakerHour ago
  • He's not wrong about the last one :l

    penguin animations 2penguin animations 22 hours ago
  • so the odds of tommyinnit being struck and killed by lightining in the middle of roleplay after the destruction of l’manberg was upwards of 1 in 81,000,000

    EE2 hours ago
  • You’re right, my chances of getting a girlfriend are slim!

    The Shroomfruit ChannelThe Shroomfruit Channel2 hours ago
  • I think I just found a modified jungle biome. Can someone confirm? Seed- 1658226799 (Bedrock)

    sabenz sabenzsabenz sabenz2 hours ago
  • The title: Ranking Rarest Occurrences In Minecraft Dream when speedruning: And I took that personaly

  • once i got strucked by lightning 2 times in row

    MEMMEM2 hours ago
  • hwy did u know that i spwned in the jungle and i found a brown panda and arter that i found a reviein that had a endportal (btw its real (in bedrock) )

    Aliyah VictoriaAliyah Victoria2 hours ago
  • i found a stronghold in the ocean. might not be that world but I was scared

    I like treesI like trees2 hours ago
  • What about pink sheep

    TJ WidnerTJ Widner2 hours ago
  • Didn’t TommyInnit get struck by lightning?

    Awesome !Awesome !2 hours ago
  • I’ve seen that 0.01% many times and just ignored it-

    Noify ꪜNoify ꪜ2 hours ago
  • how rare is getting killed by a skeleton with a iron sword because it happened to me a while ago on mcpe and i have screenshot

    Ghost RyderGhost Ryder2 hours ago
  • is it rare to find emerald ore on the top of a mountain

    The Official ShedletskyThe Official Shedletsky2 hours ago
  • The last one -_-

    Mrnico406Mrnico4062 hours ago
  • My friend showed me a seed on minecraft bedrock with infinite diamond generation Literally

    RamiCrafyRamiCrafy2 hours ago
  • 10:25 I hate you

    BasicalPiano YTBasicalPiano YT2 hours ago
  • What about the odds of getting 4 percent preals in 128 gold?

    Bo TranBo Tran2 hours ago
  • I am from tiktok.

    Triggered SpiritTriggered Spirit3 hours ago
  • I found pink sheep, murdered it.

    Yitzhak / IsaacYitzhak / Isaac3 hours ago
  • A skeleton on a spider spawned on my school world and then my teacher killed it not knowing how rare it is

    Helmer Ringdahl WikHelmer Ringdahl Wik3 hours ago
  • “Your chances of getting a girlfriend” damn i gotta tell my girlfriend

    EssenceEssence3 hours ago
  • chance of getting a gf is 0.000000000001 of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

    Monster Official JR.Monster Official JR.3 hours ago
  • Jokes on you I do have a girl friend

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari3 hours ago
  • From the thumbnail: I... Once made. a server with my bro in survival, RIGHT WHEN WE SPAWNED we found a village with houses of pink terracotta. We didn't even care. After 20 more minutes of playing, we found ANOTHER ONEE.

    The sunny D loverThe sunny D lover3 hours ago
  • bruh my friend got struck twice by lightning in the game

    boonana De Floofboonana De Floof3 hours ago
  • 90% of this video is just stolen from other USworldsrs. It’s still content, u deserve a like (Edit) ok nvm that last part was a joke I admit but I’ll remove my like

    CjAZerCjAZer3 hours ago
  • But I have a girlfriend 😿

    N VegaN Vega4 hours ago
  • you forgot to include dream's speedrun

    FiveNFiveN4 hours ago
  • Actually I dont get how no one picked this up but the last clip showcasing the baby zombie is fake. The rare baby zombie jockey spawns with an enchanted iron sword, but there is no sword visible anywhere in the entire clip.

    RentleeRentlee4 hours ago

    CrustyTardCrustyTard4 hours ago
  • What's the odd of a strong hold inside a mineshaft

    Adam SmithAdam Smith4 hours ago
  • in 2020 i make a world that a grass island then i shocked because of badlands i spawn in badlands alot of times in different world seed

    SwedishBall AnythingSwedishBall Anything4 hours ago
  • Iron shovel on zombie: 5% Me when playing survival: *finds enchanted iron shovels all the time on zombies* And I find them so much I have a collection of them. The best enchanted one I have has efficiency 3, mending, unbreaking 3.

    Bacon BoyBacon Boy4 hours ago
  • How rare is it for a stronghold to spawn in a superflat world? I found one a few months ago-

    TamTam4 hours ago
  • The Thumbnail Me: uhh, I literally found that "0.01%" house in my survival world village

    the Creeperthe Creeper4 hours ago
  • What about hostile mobs spawning with pieces of gold,chain or iron armor and iron or stone tools enchanted or not?

    Zachary VittoZachary Vitto4 hours ago
  • Mmm, I’ve only seen one of these for myself. A pink sheep and a pink baby sheep spawned near a forest next to a desert biome

    Marissa WMarissa W4 hours ago
  • yo I need to tell u sum so once I was in Minecraft But then THERE WAS 57 CHARGED CREEPERS IN THE WATER AND FLYING AROUND

    X_OyzQX_OyzQ5 hours ago
  • The baby villager chicken jockey also has to be left handed. Left that part out.

    LumawehLumaweh5 hours ago
  • i found a vein of 2 emeralds and flexed it on reddit, i was proud, until i found this

    BenBen5 hours ago
  • wow i lucky to get 6:28 i thought hardcore made it easy to find them but watching this video i find out why. I think i got (18 - 23)

    Dmitric419Dmitric4195 hours ago
  • I found a pink sheep 2 days ago

    Michael TuckerMichael Tucker5 hours ago
  • I can make that change.

    Bop BoppingBop Bopping5 hours ago
  • I has been at the rarest village idk its rate so i burn the village :D

    IAZHARIIAZHARI5 hours ago
  • Omg my dad found a pig spawner in stonehill castle

    Julia AgnewJulia Agnew5 hours ago
  • Waiiiiiit a minute. Yesterday I made a world, and I’m pretty sure I spawned in a modified jungle edge

    Aiden Does stuffAiden Does stuff6 hours ago
  • I found six emeralds once? Is that rare?

    Owen UrbanOwen Urban6 hours ago

    Enrique JaramilloEnrique Jaramillo6 hours ago
  • I've once gotten a random repeating seed, back in 1.8. i was impressed at first, cause I legit found 2 grey sheep, 1 brown sheep, and 1 pink sheep. And then I found the same pack, a 2nd time. And again. And again.. I think I found up to 38 pink sheep in a row, which completely boggled my mind. I wish I still had that seed, but lost my old MC worlds.

    tony the officertony the officer6 hours ago
  • Bruh why is having a girlfriend is the rarest??

    Sleepy Head¿Sleepy Head¿6 hours ago
  • An enderman has made snowman on my world once

    Seungminnie CoreSeungminnie Core6 hours ago
  • 10:31-10:34 I'm not gay bro

    Priscilla NaracePriscilla Narace6 hours ago
  • Dang... I guess I’ll never get a girlfriend.. I’m straight and I’m a female

    Allyson GraysonAllyson Grayson6 hours ago
  • How rather is it to span at the strang hold becaus that happened to me

    Joseph FriersonJoseph Frierson6 hours ago
  • I got the panda in my Minecraft world-class

    XxSnakeHeadxXXxSnakeHeadxX6 hours ago
  • The last one is so true

    Gaming IsraelGaming Israel6 hours ago
  • i got a skeleton with an enchanted diamond helmet, diamond chest plate, and enchanted diamond leggings foday

    MasonButterMasonButter6 hours ago
  • I have been struck by lightning

    Joshua LewisJoshua Lewis6 hours ago
  • when i get the 2 one in thumbnail all the time: u sure?

    ・ƈʅσυԃყ ɱαყια・・ƈʅσυԃყ ɱαყια・6 hours ago
  • Idk how rare it is but I’ve found the desert well in a jungle

    Lee McdougallLee Mcdougall6 hours ago
  • *me finding a pink village yesterday*

    lilylistaslilylistas7 hours ago
  • The chance of my dad coming back is 1 in 145 quintillion

    Kozmic nxKozmic nx7 hours ago
  • I like how the chance to get 14 Emeralds in one vain is like 1 in 20 trillion be all you can get with it is probably a bit of bread

    Forrest GumpForrest Gump7 hours ago
  • 1:14 i spawned in the badlands first time i made a survival world in 1.16.2, i found a mineshaft but couldnt find anything else, i took the wood from mineshaft and i also took the couple stacks of gold ore there was (found chest with iron in it so thats how i mined gold)

    Your SenpaiYour Senpai7 hours ago
  • Jokes on you I already have a girlfriend B)

    theshooksterlertheshooksterler7 hours ago
  • My girlfriend just dumped me so I went on USworlds looking for a funny video and i looked back at this video because I started it and didn’t finish it and not 5 seconds into it he says your chances of finding a girlfriend...

    Charlie GodfreyCharlie Godfrey7 hours ago
  • me whom never found pink sheep and i have girl friend what;;;;;;;;

    J and M DGJ and M DG7 hours ago
  • I found pigstep in a mineshaft and I’m very very confused...

    smokinganthraxsmokinganthrax7 hours ago
  • how rare is it for a skeleton to spawn with a iron sword.

    Bigpuffyboy7Bigpuffyboy77 hours ago
  • “Chances of getting a girlfriend” My anime body pillow: 👁👄👁

    PewPewPaandaPewPewPaanda7 hours ago
  • Lmao I have a have a girlfriend hahaha

    Ark BossArk Boss7 hours ago
  • I once found a pillager town in a desert village, with a sand temple 😑 Yeah I started a raid in 2 seconds

    Lovely LikerLovely Liker7 hours ago
  • Minecrafts rarest occurance: a simp getting a gf at the age of 14 and being together until they die

    Its Just The Hot RatIts Just The Hot Rat8 hours ago
  • false, the real rarest occurrence is finding a villager that sells mending first try.

    ThikkataThikkata8 hours ago
  • The zombie rider is fake The plAyers items didn’t explode out of them. So they had cheats on. I play pocket edition,like that person

    Cooper FouhtyCooper Fouhty8 hours ago
  • How rare is it to find a village and see a cave and it has the stronghold in it

    Trevor GoodowensTrevor Goodowens8 hours ago
  • You still didnt find Herobrine tho..

    水の女神水の女神8 hours ago