Feb 20, 2021
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The truth behind the Randonautica app is creepy. We will be playing this every day so we can show you the real truth about this app. We play this app so you do not have to. This is part 1 of our new series.
Randonautica is an app that takes you to some interesting locations. This app may seem harmless, but in fact, can be very dangerous and terrifying. WARNING - Please DO NOT try this app. If you decide to use it, please be safe and bring many people with you. For example, in this video, we were followed by a mysterious person and the police came.
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is RANDONAUTICA Real? I Went Randonauting So You Don't Have To (Gone Wrong) - usworlds.info/slow/video/hpRseIubiWR6aqU
RANDONAUTICA IS REAL AND TERRIFYING - Do NOT Try This App (GONE WRONG) - usworlds.info/slow/video/rYeoq2W1gmBrnGo
WARNING RANDONAUTICA IS REAL AND CREEPY - Do NOT Try This CRAZY App (Gone Wrong) - usworlds.info/slow/video/m2eXfpfXk5J8qGY
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  • *This video is Part 1 of a massive multi-part series. We are sorry for the drought as the snow storms have made it hard to film but we are BACK! 13,000 likes and we will drop part 2!* Chris and I are giving away 30 pieces of signed merch! If you want to win, just share and like the video! Winners will be messaged randomly wherever they share it. Much love! If you catch anything in this video that we missed, please let us know! Also, comment below and let us know if you've entered in the giveaway so Chris and I can keep better track. What state would you like to see me film Randonautica in next?!? If you have any intents that you want us to use, comment down below! If we use your intent, we will give you a shoutout in the video! The most commented state is the state that we are going to film Randonautica in next!!! If you would like more of these videos, smash that like button! Full randonautica playlist! - usworlds.info/net/PLuRbJK0CkbTzTBZcuwUdPRZoc8YNiuLiE.html

    JaskoJasko14 days ago
    • Excellent you guys are amazing your videos are really crazy at times and appreciate that you are risking your lives out there. Have a great night and stay safe.

      Susan DiltsSusan Dilts9 days ago
    • Question when you opened the backpack how did you know that if you turn it around and open it up it said something? ...u seemed to have been to familiar with it

      100%Tee100%Tee11 days ago
    • Looks like you dumped Sue"s ashes on the street. SET HER FREE!

      Karen MillerKaren Miller11 days ago
    • Might of been ashes to a person or animal

      jenny degeorgejenny degeorge11 days ago
    • Jas come to Louisiana

      NSG FuZeNSG FuZe12 days ago
  • That’s not 2020 on the Ouija board but the name ZoZo...

    B-Haunt Science, Tales From The Dark SideB-Haunt Science, Tales From The Dark Side50 seconds ago
  • Not talking smack, but did chris think the mic was a tootsie pop😂😂

    Matt CirasoloMatt Cirasolo17 hours ago
  • Bro, do your gloves have the Dairy Queen logo on them? I’ve been working at a Dairy Queen for 3 years and I have never seen gloves with our logo on them! Either I’m right, or I have been working to much.

    Harley Quinn And JokerHarley Quinn And Joker17 hours ago
  • Hi guys loving your content I have liked and shared ✅🤞👍

    Christy ReevesChristy ReevesDay ago
  • Dude no offense but your friends voice really irritates me every time I see your videos that’s why I don’t watch them no more

    Fabian _ 4U2CtvFabian _ 4U2Ctv2 days ago
  • At like 14:25 can clearly see someone down the hall.

    Blake BurnsBlake Burns2 days ago
  • That powder looks like human remains

    Marty CobosMarty Cobos2 days ago
  • Yo jugué randonautica y me pasó algo muy extraño, pensé en retar a la aplicación, pensé en un hombre de rojo y dije en mi miente .... Esto es real, está aplicación es real? Cuando me mostró el point encontré a un señor vestido todo de rojo y un grafitti que tenía dibujado una mujer y arriba decía: ¿Real? Tuve mucho miedo

    DEKONICDEKONIC2 days ago
  • JC is also jesus christ? XD

    J CooperJ Cooper2 days ago

    Hunny FytHunny Fyt2 days ago
  • Casually watching this and my name gets said at 17:01 🤣

    Stacey BurnsStacey Burns3 days ago
  • The sound you heard when you found the egg was someone yelling help

    Jessica WaltonJessica Walton3 days ago
  • Jasko: *exists Background: "ŇŇŇŇĞĞĞĞĞ"

    Liz RiosLiz Rios3 days ago
  • J.C Jesus Christ???? 😂

    Lady Love71Lady Love713 days ago
  • “how far do you think i can throw you off this bridge? 😈 call me a cow one more time 🧍🏻‍♀️” chris is too funny please

    tori marietori marie3 days ago
  • Not jasko dumping ashes on the ground 😭

    Aly RamosAly Ramos3 days ago
  • That bag could relate to the movie "bloody valentine"..

    FaeleyFaeley4 days ago
  • There was a person up that tree when you stopped to look where the first guy was after your run.

    FaeleyFaeley4 days ago
  • That gold thing ur calling a caldren is a urn for someone's ashes and you poured out someone's ashes.

    Sonia VarelaSonia Varela4 days ago
  • jas next to chris at the end lol

    R4ch3l YtR4ch3l Yt4 days ago
  • i think wee came out lol when he looked through the panchete and scared chris i jumped outta my skin lolll

    R4ch3l YtR4ch3l Yt4 days ago
  • at 54:26 it looks like the person in the bag in lagging or glitching. did anyone else see this?

    R4ch3l YtR4ch3l Yt4 days ago
  • The dust could be someone ash's

    RubyRay 92RubyRay 925 days ago
  • Hi Jasko and Chris if you look at 8.00 min into you video you can see someone standing at the other end of the hall when Chris pans around to look down the hall. Then when you both start to go down that same hall that person is gone.

    Irishemerald69Irishemerald695 days ago
  • a eurn for cremated remains serously

    Jesse PawlakJesse Pawlak5 days ago
  • Quit freezing your ass off! Come to Hawaii, craziness here on the Big Island and no quarantine.

    Kimberly FendtKimberly Fendt6 days ago
  • Get it!! Love the vids!

    RC SmittyRC Smitty6 days ago
  • are you guys crazy? that was a ritual that had been performed with someone's ashes!!! human remains?? and now yall disturbed it!!! that can't be good!!! how could yall not recognize that??

    findingoutfindingout6 days ago
  • That Ouija board had ashes with it not dirt. And it didn't say 2020 it said tye demon Zozo please be careful! Please see this comment Jas!

    Krystal ReidKrystal Reid6 days ago
  • Maybe that person was the bloody valentine

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden6 days ago
  • Picnic table at the destination with the metal box in the tree! Most likely a park.

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden6 days ago
  • He thinking of the jewelry silver,not sulfur.

    Rosie CuellarRosie Cuellar6 days ago
  • Physically in pain watching the ashes come out of that backpack 🥵

    Geek Chic MUAGeek Chic MUA6 days ago
  • Now what if the sand dirt in the backpack was ashes or someone that was sacrificed in a ritual used with the board candle and cup... hm

    taylor hursttaylor hurst6 days ago
  • Dude. That Ouija board had Zozo written all over it, not 2020.

    Pam MPam M6 days ago
  • I thing j.c. jesus Christ and that dust was properbly ashes! The Big Q. Whos?

    gesi onegesi one6 days ago
  • This is weird yo my date of birth is 02/14/07 and my birthday went wrong 😐

    Redxen -_-Redxen -_-6 days ago
  • omg sangwoo⚱

    idfkidfk6 days ago
  • how is it you think it is ok to look into someones things? Rude!

    Gaming RigsGaming Rigs6 days ago
  • That looks like an urn and you dumped ashes

    Gail SimonGail Simon7 days ago
  • Wowwww ça me fait capoter !!!!! Why don’t you where gloves 🧤 You put your fingers print everywhere 🤷🏻‍♀️ J. C is for Jesus Christ!

    Celine RiouxCeline Rioux7 days ago
  • Melissa the Fam is right its not 2020 its the name of a devil...dont speak its name...and get rid of that stuff!!! Dont go back! again!

    Bradley FroudBradley Froud7 days ago
  • So you found a cross with J C on it, and you figure it stands for Jasko and Chris? How bout Jesus Christ. That would make more sense.

    Pam MPam M7 days ago
  • Could that dust be someone's ashes? Maybe it fell out of that chalice

    Sophey AnthonySophey Anthony7 days ago
  • That looks like you dumped out someone’s ashes outta that weird backpack with the ouija board! Holy shit! Gross! Lol. Also u have a stalker 💯%

    Lisa The Junk DivaLisa The Junk Diva7 days ago
  • if 1997 was the year jas was born then are you thinking what im thinking? thats jas in the little red dress as a baby girl. how cute ;) all jokes

    Finck92Finck927 days ago
  • That 2020 on the ouija board looks more like ZOZO; the demon that is supposed to be attached to the ouija board.

    AannW RootbeerAannW Rootbeer7 days ago
  • I mean the J C on the cross necklace could mean Jesus Christ buttt🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Abbi DouthitAbbi Douthit7 days ago
  • Luv❤️

    Hunny FytHunny Fyt7 days ago
  • the bag with oujia board those are ashes of a human and someone was trying to contact the name of the person on the heart box

    Tiffany AndrusTiffany Andrus7 days ago
  • 40:43 a voice. 56:44 a whisper.

    D'niceD'nice8 days ago
  • First I wanna say thank u for the recent Live Stream u did. Appreciate it. Plus I dont mind looking at your cute face Jas lol. Love u guys. Anyway at 34:58, theres a voice saying something after u get that open in the forest. I recognized it as being a Native American language. Not sure which one. Being Native myself & suddenly hearing that scared me. Sounded like a whispered curse. That area couldve once been an Native area. The man & scream I'm the trees couldve been the spirit of the voice I heard.

    D'niceD'nice8 days ago
  • The backpack you found was certainly from a witch of some sort. The urn and ashes everyone’s talking about is probably a chalice and herbs for a spell. Probably smelled foul from the contents, especially if used to project harm or hex someone. Could have seriously contained blood or worse, depending on origination and intent of the spell. I hope you really found that hand sanitizer quick!!! Please be safe! 💜

    Selena SkyeSelena Skye8 days ago
  • And Chris is CORRECT (as he was with Scientology)--Ouija boards are not to be taken lightly and not as toys.

    C Anna CliffordsC Anna Cliffords8 days ago
  • OHMIGOSH. I was worried that those could be ashes. I was so hoping to be wrong. Also, Jas when you use the words synchronicity . Its pronounced syn chro NISS ity (rhymes with MISS) . And I am thrilled that the expressions from my (long ago LOL) childhood *cool & neat* are still current.

    C Anna CliffordsC Anna Cliffords8 days ago
  • Omg this is getting scarier, please be safe guys. Shared to Facebook.

    Cheryl BarcusCheryl Barcus8 days ago
  • pretty sure you emptied ashes onto the road 57:44

    Mr. Pineapple Man lolMr. Pineapple Man lol8 days ago
  • I love the wisecracks you guys give each other 😂

    Mystery AresMystery Ares8 days ago
  • Weird you found all those items at upstairs train building, & matched exactly with your intentions an employee or one of the security have to be involved in someway. Before train stations close the cleaning crew clean up everything

    Mystery AresMystery Ares8 days ago
  • Ummgggnnnth there i typed it 😆 lol

    Mr.Timewarper 9000th versonMr.Timewarper 9000th verson8 days ago
  • Let's get a new video tonight! 🤘🤘 I'm ready!

    Michael ThibodeauMichael Thibodeau8 days ago
  • Did you follow up on the coordinates written on the mask?

    neoreoscar27neoreoscar278 days ago
  • Crazy

    Sue HiletSue Hilet8 days ago
  • Come to Alabama

    Tapanga GriderTapanga Grider8 days ago
  • Do you think that guy in the forest is the same guy that's by that building? Maybe he's a stalker like the one Jody HTD had.

    LorraineLorraine8 days ago
  • I did the thumbs down on this video, due to the fact that you are not being careful enough you do not have to be killed doing this. If you read the rules properly like do not trespass as well.

    Debbie O'BryanDebbie O'Bryan9 days ago
  • You or 2 ,is allowne ! Why or you soo scared !!

    Gerry McsGerry Mcs9 days ago
  • The Ouija board says zozo the demon..

    Aluna KayAluna Kay9 days ago
  • That’s a ritual set red candle represent love or lust and the quija this is a bad omen indeed i would not use the board but use Necrophonic

    Meggy MitchellMeggy Mitchell9 days ago
  • That's embarrassing you can't read cursive. This country is going to shit :(

    DKDK9 days ago
  • Wait... what if the ouija board doesn’t say 2020, what if it says zozo?

    Sarah RasmussenSarah Rasmussen9 days ago
  • Sulphur is used in magick to break a curse or hex, and for protection or exorcism. Red candle adds power to any spells you cast. Wondering if that’s why all the stuff was dumped, to get rid of an attachment from the ouija?

    neoreoscar27neoreoscar279 days ago
  • I think that was Ashes

    Antoinette GarciaAntoinette Garcia9 days ago
  • That bag with Ouija board was that a urn with someone's ashes

    Jennifer MadridJennifer Madrid9 days ago
  • The first item might have been an urn you dumped out what looked like maybe ashes. Might have been sand tho

    Debbi BlakesleeDebbi Blakeslee9 days ago
  • Could be a scavenger hunt. Not 2020 its the demon ZOZO he rules the board or the after life bad demon very evil don't poke fun at him.

    TRUCKER TTRUCKER T9 days ago
  • A muffled voice sounded like somebody buried in the snow pretty close to you

    Bill BarberBill Barber9 days ago
  • JC Jesus Christ

    Bill BarberBill Barber9 days ago
  • Like your videos. You and Chris do a good job. Keep it up. Some are scary but also dangerous . Please be safe out there and make sure you have your gloves, boots something for protection, if possible. Would not want to hear that you guys were hurt by anyone. Too many crazies out there.

    Darlene HarrisDarlene Harris9 days ago
  • That says zozo

    Joy ReevesJoy Reeves9 days ago
  • Hey Jasko. I'm like more that 100% sure that that was an urn and you poured out someone's ashes...

    Kaleb AKaleb A9 days ago
  • I graduated in 1997.. My son was born in 2007.. Crazy y'all..

    Joy ReevesJoy Reeves9 days ago
  • Why didn't u ask Chris if he wanted something out of the machine not nice 😔 love you guys 😍

    Joni PealJoni Peal9 days ago
  • to let u know thats not a caldron it was a Goblet aka (chalice)

    WhiteWitch13WhiteWitch1310 days ago
  • Could what you dumped out of the bag be human ashes

    Stephen NowyorkasStephen Nowyorkas10 days ago
  • Not to scare you! But those coulve been ashes of a dead person! 🤢

    Nancy PNancy P10 days ago
    • No , it is sulfur. he says it in the new video.

      Ah -ookkayAh -ookkay10 days ago
  • Should have followed some muffles sound you could have saved a guy's life that's probably his kidnapper and he probably thought you found him hints why he followed you

    Emo PlushYTEmo PlushYT10 days ago
  • 58:32 Jas why you gotta play games? I jumped 😂

    Brooke LaneyBrooke Laney10 days ago
  • 54:55 that can be an urn ⚱️ with someones ashes when you dumped it out of the thing and the backpack 🎒 And the person that’s outside kinda gives me the vibes that he was also in the woods

    Brooke LaneyBrooke Laney10 days ago
  • 40:41 that’s a Jewlery box jas not a vase or a cauldron 😜

    Brooke LaneyBrooke Laney10 days ago
  • Thise is cool i want more

    Laila HansenLaila Hansen10 days ago
  • the bracelet had a heart pendant i think which correlates with valentines day

    Lexie WLexie W10 days ago
  • That was a urn. nd the "dust " was someone's remains

    Ron VegaRon Vega10 days ago
  • Jas, you are right that the train station was a 💔 broken heart issue. There’s another way to look at it. There could’ve been a couple that broke up and sh was going to leave the area. He thought he could talk her out of it with the gift, the old wedding album and pictures of the kids and them as a family. But it didn’t work. She still got on the 🚆 train. He ended up with a broken heart, and left everything behind. Oh, and you and Chris are like weirdo magnets! The weirdo at the end of this video reminds me of Jody Deans stalker, the first one!

    AprilaliengirlAprilaliengirl10 days ago
  • The 10 minutes I watched was a huge waste of time.

    Joseph HoustonJoseph Houston10 days ago
  • It got down to 4°F here in Texas and a record the most I’ve seen in my 32 years of life was maybe 2” of snow until that big fucking freeze was over a foot of snow

    EricEric10 days ago
  • I agree with Chris! Catch a train and come to Kentucky, there are lots of creepy haunted places here!

    Mary AgustiMary Agusti10 days ago
  • JAS I love your videos. I’ve wanted to do the whole “rando” thing but one nobody would go with me so I would be alone and two I live in a small town and not many places I can go but woods. Don’t really wanna be caught up in some woods around my area will possible get shot 😂!! Anyways you’re so cool and love everything you do! Stay safe and ALWAYS BRING GLOVES, so be like CJ! ❤️😂

    Shaeden BogganShaeden Boggan10 days ago
  • That nasty bag near the end of the video.. that could’ve been a vase with someone’s ashes inside and it smelled bad

    Jeff SchmallJeff Schmall10 days ago