Racing Nascar Drivers, Cleetus McFarland, Travis Pastrana in the Freedom 500

Apr 7, 2021
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Not really sure how I ended up here racing actual Nascar drivers but hey ill do the best I can to put on a show for everyone! LINK TO THE $1,000 SHIRT HERE:

  • To everyone mad at Heavy D for driving crazy... HES A FREAKING MONSTER JAM DRIVER HES NOT GONNA TAKE IT EASY OK??? Also here the link to your new Bugatti video should you buy one 😏

    WhistlinDieselWhistlinDiesel3 days ago
    • “Monster Jam Driver” is that what they call dickheads nowadays

      Matticus RenwoodMatticus RenwoodHour ago
    • @stYLish-kiDDO same to u

      FlakesFlakes12 hours ago
    • @Bob Silver true Story. This shirt cost 1000oz would be a baller shirt.

      Lawrence TimmeLawrence Timme13 hours ago
    • Love your video's, we watch them on lunch break at work on a smart TV that we have in the lunchroom. Join us at the Wallstreet Silver community and join the silver stacker Army! Save in silver, not dollars as dollars are worth less and less the more they print!

      Bob SilverBob Silver14 hours ago
    • Have you considered not crashing?

      Lawrence TimmeLawrence TimmeDay ago
  • Coolest c*** ever.. big Aussie fan.. people like you cos your you mate.. get used to it..

    Mark AdamMark AdamHour ago
  • fuckdog

    0_2kmh0_2kmhHour ago
  • But he got shot I. the head happy he's okay tho

    RBX. GamingRBX. Gaming2 hours ago
  • $1000 shirt you could at least give a certificate Of authenticity to prove they actually bought one from you & Just didn’t Go have one made down the road Joe blows print shop

    Matthew MilamMatthew Milam3 hours ago
  • yall hatters fucking shut op ass hols let him doe wot he wont's its not your fucking money

    shadow 876shadow 8763 hours ago
  • Best part was seeing you stop for that young man to give em a photo op. That smile on his face was gold. Keep making those memories man!

    Community Tank Home DisastersCommunity Tank Home Disasters3 hours ago
  • Its Jatie&Ryan are still at it stealing your content and posting it to facebook as if it's their own content to monetize its value.. they started posting another youtube truck guys videos too now, and they had stolen another truck guys videos before you.

    Seth ClayborneSeth Clayborne4 hours ago

    wyatt caltonwyatt calton4 hours ago
  • I live in Indy!! I’ll buy a shirt and a hoodie! If you me come smoke you out!!

    Rob BoldenRob Bolden4 hours ago
  • Just kidding? I was literally relying on that Bugatti joke.

    bk princebk prince4 hours ago
  • What happend to monstermaxx

    scrillix bozoscrillix bozo4 hours ago
  • If your not first your last !!!! Or shake and bake

    kaineleeabelkaineleeabel4 hours ago
  • Install an angle kit on your car next year. Problem solved

    Dakota HarbertDakota Harbert5 hours ago
  • The qualifying was damn near the best part of the freedom 500. About choked on my beer man. I hope you kick ass next year

    Dakota HarbertDakota Harbert5 hours ago
  • You are the man.

    Dakota HarbertDakota Harbert5 hours ago
  • Travis Pastrana is OG i grew up watching him too. You know you made it when you meet your idols. Keep grindin Cody!

    Pierce SmithPierce Smith5 hours ago
  • Hey, do you mind giving a shout out to my brother @QuickSpeedShop?

    Holly QuickHolly Quick5 hours ago
  • Oh man!! Funny stuffs right there. Love your videos!!! Your sarcasm is flawless!!! I'm just as sarcastic, most of the time... I agree with you, it's your stuff, do with it as you please! Forget the haters. Grow the hell up already, pull you nutz out of the Mason jar burried in your back yard, it is just a country boy having fun. Keep up the good work!!!

    Andy GableAndy Gable6 hours ago
  • Or don’t buy expensive shit and destroy it 😂.

    Adrian RamAdrian Ram6 hours ago
  • More content WhistlinDiesel such entertaining stuff can't get enough of your videos

    Ethan CoyleEthan Coyle6 hours ago
  • Do more general lee videos

    Karla MooreKarla Moore6 hours ago
  • Bro I got a 1500$ truck that barely runs. Just accept my loyal views

    Aaron ZieschAaron Ziesch6 hours ago
  • Why does this Asshole Whistlin Diesel keep displaying the Unamerican RACIST Confederate Flag of Treason.

    tato kaytato kay6 hours ago
  • If i was rich I'd buy one but... Yeah not rich soo um no

    J.R. CarterJ.R. Carter6 hours ago
  • This dudes going insane.the hype and haters are driving him nuts I think.

    Joe Rocket1979Joe Rocket19796 hours ago
  • Cody, you should get that IDIOT back to film for you. Your videos just aren't the same! It seems like your now Half Assing things. I always thought you were the type to WHOLE ASS everything or don't ASS it at all! WHAT HAPPENED BROTHER?

    Jonathan TullbergJonathan Tullberg7 hours ago
  • Why does he look like he cooks meth? I mean seriously this is the first video of his I’ve seen.

    Sophie & KenSophie & Ken7 hours ago
  • U should make a side by side truck.

    Bryan LanhamBryan Lanham8 hours ago
  • That’s awesome bro

    Betty WilsonBetty Wilson8 hours ago
  • 9:37 bro you should have gave it the old: "this crown vic means nothing to me" treatment right then XD

    FortenurgFortenurg8 hours ago
  • Vaginal Crease

    That Other GuyThat Other Guy8 hours ago
  • My mans pulled a lightning McQueen

    TankerboypzTankerboypz9 hours ago
  • That was't sweat in the helmet.

    Digital DystopiaDigital Dystopia9 hours ago
  • So many people with freedom 500 videos but cleetuses is definitely by far the best out there.

    stewiestewie9 hours ago
  • you made it dude congratz

    FreemaysinFreemaysin9 hours ago
  • Host a demolition derby between the 9 people who bought the shirt

    Michael caplingerMichael caplinger9 hours ago
  • Man your a funny guy. One of my dreams is to meet #199 also. You should go over to his play ground..

    TheKpalexander78TheKpalexander7810 hours ago
  • Whatcha no about wxlf

    Alex Monreal HoffmanAlex Monreal Hoffman10 hours ago
  • Complains about having his helmet stolen, then doesn't return the one he borrowed from Shawn.

    Dave BakerDave Baker10 hours ago
  • ALOT , of professional drivers there. But YOU where the MOST entertaining out of all of them.

    Finnell's CustomsFinnell's Customs10 hours ago
  • Could at least sign the shirt for $1,000

    The SpotThe Spot10 hours ago
  • let TP take you for a rip around the track in the R8 that would be awesome lol RIP tires

    Hammerdown MotorsportsHammerdown Motorsports10 hours ago
  • Finished last place! Perfect fit😅

    Tiffanie EakmanTiffanie Eakman10 hours ago
  • Hack

    Stan LeeStan Lee11 hours ago
  • It was great watching you!!! Hoped to meet you . Do it again !! We chanted one more car because we wanted you in the race.

    Ramsey A. BearRamsey A. Bear11 hours ago
  • Wtf does the insurance company say to you when you get a inspection on a truck

    Gamer kids PlayGamer kids Play11 hours ago
  • This is my favorite USworldsr ever

    Arin SievertArin Sievert11 hours ago
  • 6:45 thumbs up if you tapped your screen

    Swag ASMRSwag ASMR11 hours ago
  • 4:56 who else saw the el chromino

    philsbury doughboyphilsbury doughboy11 hours ago
  • Whenever you’re at in TN I’d be happy to come help you

    Brayton WilsonBrayton Wilson11 hours ago
  • They should have had a everyone's Crown Vic who didn't qualify get run over by mats 5 ton

    tricks for editstricks for edits12 hours ago
  • Love I wood give you my dad's truck it is the only thing I have

    Jennifer L.F. JohnsonJennifer L.F. Johnson12 hours ago
  • on this point what i have watch you. you dont make jokes abaut makeing videos :D

    Joni TurunenJoni Turunen12 hours ago
  • where is the long haired camera man that called you an idiot all the time

    Mississippi Mud TeamMississippi Mud Team12 hours ago
  • How u not know who tf murder nova ???

    Javier SalazarJavier Salazar12 hours ago
  • When you get the low battery notification😂 I didn’t realize it wasn’t mine

    Cole RoushCole Roush13 hours ago
  • Were is your monster truck at

    Hunter EppsHunter Epps13 hours ago
  • Love the old logo Deere shirt.

    J RJ R13 hours ago
  • I have never hated a USworlds channel more than this one, and yet here I am...

    Nik MartinNik Martin13 hours ago
  • And ViseGrip Garage!

    The Calyn & Matt Show !The Calyn & Matt Show !13 hours ago
  • I am thinking about buying 5 of thm.

    Dude _X0Dude _X014 hours ago
  • 12:10 big booty judy

    Nathan BinghamNathan Bingham14 hours ago
  • Still don’t understand how folks hate on him, everything he does brings a smile to my face😂.

    Jereme GJereme G14 hours ago
  • Murder Nova going to whoop your ass when he sees you next you better stay away from OKC if you know best but he'll I don't blame him your a Douce bag pos

    Josh HoskinsJosh Hoskins14 hours ago
  • U should apologize to murder nova for not returning his helmet 🪖 dumb ass 😂

    brandonlanibrandonlani14 hours ago
  • I thought 14:22 was your nashville uber driver lol

    fresh2k2004fresh2k200415 hours ago
  • Whistlin diesel needs to go to king of the hammers

    Ben PerezBen Perez15 hours ago
  • U should race more often cause it's great content and u could make some money off of it

    johnathan Moreheadjohnathan Morehead15 hours ago
  • You should buy a 2021 gmc Denali and destroy it

    Axle mabeAxle mabe15 hours ago
  • The broken driveshaft was karma, payback for the abuse WD inducted on so many vehicles. I've never seen a driveshaft snap under full acceleration at a normal speed, usually when shifting from D to R or when trying to get a vehicle unstuck.

    Dat RoseeDat Rosee16 hours ago
  • Not my fold....

    Margrit SchmidtMargrit Schmidt16 hours ago
  • Great video man thanks for sharing

    Josiah WJosiah W16 hours ago
  • all this fool cares about now is money and fame... doesnt give a damn about his vids or subs man you reallllly sold out bad, i feel sorry for you almost

    Carson SpauldingCarson Spaulding16 hours ago
  • I see it coming.. WD takes a Bugatti thru the woods at 100+ 😂😂

    Levi SloneLevi Slone16 hours ago
  • Rubbin’s racin’

    Blake VBlake V16 hours ago
  • I wish I was there and I can’t believe you were in my hometown and great video

    Gordon705Gordon70516 hours ago
  • If you buy this your a baller - whistlin Diesel

    Branson CragBranson Crag16 hours ago
  • Was rooting for you buddy, cant wait to see ya in the next one

    Lracer61Lracer6116 hours ago
  • Cody needs to Just change his name to Andy 🤣

    bluntman305bluntman30517 hours ago
  • We haven’t seen the General Lee for awhile and now I’m worried

    Benji CarBenji Car17 hours ago
  • I JUST GOTTA SAY, you’re the man!! Keep up the hard work and keep doing what you’re doing bro!!!

    VIC SQUADVIC SQUAD17 hours ago
  • AT 645 I seriously tapped close when the low battery message popped up lol

    VIC SQUADVIC SQUAD17 hours ago
  • What happen with all the diesel trucks

    Aaron TuckerAaron Tucker17 hours ago
  • I will come cut some trees down for you bro.

    Kevin BoydKevin Boyd18 hours ago
  • Dude, go get some real oval track experience and come back and show them you do more than just break things.. Great race, great time!

    Dirtnap300Dirtnap30018 hours ago
  • Anybody else catch the Bugatti thing I mean cmon.

    Donavon DavenportDonavon Davenport18 hours ago
  • Get a new ram

    Dreama KillingsworthDreama Killingsworth18 hours ago
  • Imagine being so savage that you screen record your race qnd and your battery is at 20%

    Nathaniel WaltersNathaniel Walters18 hours ago
  • #getagopro

    Joseph HageJoseph Hage18 hours ago
  • I knew you weren't a sell out, or so I thought... Until I see this video of WhistlinDiesel trying to get people to buy a 1000 mfing dollar shirt bc he decided it was a good idea to buy a giant piece of land and rent out a hotel spending $8000 a day and ask people for money. Quit being a P*ssy, and buy yourself a dang trailer of sum instead of acting like a city boy who can't get his hands dirty. SMH I never thought he do this.

    cole brandon1cole brandon118 hours ago
  • You drove like a fool, you could seriously hurt someone driving like you did 🤡

    Elijah DobkinsElijah Dobkins19 hours ago
  • Murder Nova said it best your a PRICK

    Travis TurnmireTravis Turnmire19 hours ago
  • Lmao did anyone else try to click the low battery thing?

    Soggy Pop tartSoggy Pop tart20 hours ago
  • Great guy great videoz and i can tell you aint no bullshit ! Keep it up boy

    Mathieu PoitrasMathieu Poitras20 hours ago
  • WhistlingDildo’s

    J CJ C20 hours ago
  • I am your biggest fan in the world

    Logan ShadduckLogan Shadduck21 hour ago
  • Cleet should have invited a real clown to the FF instead of WD.HD ruined it for lots of folks.Big ego, little penis.

    arron smitharron smith21 hour ago
  • Форды классные :3

    NeudoNeudo22 hours ago
  • You should coat the next truck with box liner and see if it withstands more of a beating lol.

    Isolation GamingIsolation Gaming23 hours ago