Quick Vid: The Animaniacs Reboot (Review)

Nov 24, 2020
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Is that a bologna in your slacks or are you just happy to see me?
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  • What are we going to do tomorrow night?

    SabersparkSabersparkMonth ago
    • Same thing we do every height pinky, try to take over the world

      R.O.B. The RobotR.O.B. The Robot15 days ago
    • The same thing we do every night Saber Try to cover ever show!

      That One Piranha PlantThat One Piranha Plant28 days ago
    • The same thing we do every night saberspark...try to take over the world!

      miguel gonzalezmiguel gonzalez28 days ago
    • What circle of Hell did you pull the character on the thumbnail from!?

      Russian CheemsRussian CheemsMonth ago
    • Professional Turd “Try to take over the world”.

      Wester FrostWester FrostMonth ago
  • Full-on depth? Count me in! 😁

    mewee2 Jonesmewee2 JonesDay ago
  • Hulu has anime. . . . . . . . . It doesn’t have to be good anime..

    Kookie KookieKookie KookieDay ago
  • can you do an ep on OPAL

    heonkheonk2 days ago
  • Anime Dot is very popular with rule 34 artists

    Donna ChisholmDonna Chisholm2 days ago
  • Is it bad that I choose this as my No. 1 show?

    GhostyGhosty5 days ago
  • People really don’t use Hulu? I use Hulu more than netflix.

    Spicy LemonsSpicy Lemons5 days ago
  • Hulu had season 2 of Attack on Titan when it first came out

    Little PrincessLittle Princess5 days ago
  • Hulu has the good shows from the good old days.

    Mount KilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro7 days ago
  • Disney + should just merge with Hulu already. They're owned by the same company.

    Destiny KarstDestiny Karst7 days ago
  • I wonder in terms of power how are the Warner bros and sister dot gonna deal with a being that you could consider to be wacky and insane-y: bill cipher. Even do he somewhat doesn't have the same level of 4th wallness and the toon force they have. I bet Bill could be a pretty good contender agaisnt them.

    hellon okayhellon okay7 days ago
  • My favorite joke from the original was: "Dust for prints!" "I found Prince!" "No no no... _finger_ prints!" "...I don't think so." I had to take a second to register that lmao

    Lunar_MemoriesLunar_Memories8 days ago
  • Rip slappy the slappy that slapped us happy

    Sharkboy 9231Sharkboy 92318 days ago
  • Do a video abOut sUmmer CamP island

    CJ P.CJ P.8 days ago
  • What does Hulu have? ANIME

    Boom57 33Boom57 338 days ago
  • huh. *h u h.*

    GS! Erin UwUGS! Erin UwU9 days ago
  • I cry because no more slappy

    Kiri KitiKiri Kiti9 days ago
  • To me the show seemed politically biased. I feel like I saw a Trump joke at least 3 times, and that time he was a cyclops was so gross. :/ There was whole episode that was a metaphor about gun control, and lots of feminist stuff. I'm a woman so Im not against feminism, but it came up a lot in Dot's humor. I wish fewer of the jokes were political. But in the end I didn't have fun with the show because it was very formulaic. Watching the animaniacs torment people with their antics isn't something I enjoy and political humor does nothing for me. Its likely I dont enjoy the politics because I've already seen too many of these jokes online, like the video says. I probably would have enjoyed this show if I was a kid, so it works for the target audience. I bet the second season will be better because they'll have to move on to more jokes.

    Lima BeanLima Bean10 days ago
    • @BILL CIPHER my problem wasn't them tormenting people. I just got bored because thats all they did the entire time.

      Lima BeanLima Bean8 days ago
    • Just a heads up. For future episodes. The warners have ALWAYS tormented people. It's not a joke they can just leave behind. That would be very uncharacteristic for them. I get the politics thing. But if them Tormenting people isn't your thing. Then I don't think you should keep watching tbh. They have always and will continue to torment people. It's just what the warner siblings do.

  • 10:07 Guess you could say that they are now actually the ANIME- niacs!!!! Hehyyyyy WAKKA WAKKA

    RexaKnightRexaKnight10 days ago
  • 0:59 I can disagree with this statement I use Hulu everyday and it has way more than bobs burgers, like have you seen the anime section, that outmatches Netflix and hbo max, personally I thought this of max

    Pale RiderPale Rider10 days ago
  • I feel like the show is, i don't really know how to explain it? Its just too different for me I guess? I found it boring compared to the original. While I can and have rewatched the original show completely I can't even finish this reboot. Maybe its the lack of characters, maybe its the political humor, or maybe its the fact that even as a kid I didn't like Pinky and the Brain as much as everyone seems to like them. FYI, I don't really follow politics (im a young teenager who isn't from the US) so quite a few of the jokes might have completely missed me.

    It’s pronounced dieIt’s pronounced die11 days ago
  • I remember watching Animaniacs on Hub and they'd play Wakkos state capital song at school. My mom got the entire series as a Christmas gift and I'm surprised at how much I missed as a kid! Don't have Hulu but would like to watch this. 4:50 I'm not really a fan of how the human characters look. It looks like Flash? Idk just mad Johnny Test vibes *also I got an Animaniacs ad in the middle of the video*

    MidCentury43MidCentury4313 days ago
  • I did not like the Anime part and I do not like anime at all

    Feeds MeFeeds Me13 days ago
  • I never got into the original airing of Animaniacs. I just watch the new reboot for lols and I got hooked!

    Kok Kee YapKok Kee Yap15 days ago
  • What if an Animaniacs fan came across this video, and they didn't know there was a reboot and saw this out of context and thought Animaniacs turned into an anime? :/

    Its•Normal HereIts•Normal Here15 days ago
  • I have sugar in my eyes

    Toasti fluffToasti fluff15 days ago

    Aaron LindseyAaron Lindsey16 days ago
  • So my biggest problem with Animaniacs (a problem most reboots face) is that its not a show thats meant to be released in 2020. The reason the original was so good is that it was original, subversive and unlike any other animated show. Over the last 20 years how many shows have we had that make political commentary or lampoon pop culture? So for Animaniacs to just show up and do what they were doing in the 90's then its just not going to be as entertaining especially when theyve stripped back so much of the shows variety. They haven't rebooted theyve just imitated it

    dick chappydick chappy16 days ago
  • Wish they put the reeboot on youtube TnT

    arob3409arob340916 days ago
  • Me : *reads description* Also me : *mwah* Goodnight everybody !

    Johann BockstallerJohann Bockstaller17 days ago
  • New hulu: hulu additive

    Stickmin 4Stickmin 417 days ago
  • I love how in the original they seem like kids but now it’s 22 years later they seem like adults

    {*} Miss Galaxy {*}{*} Miss Galaxy {*}18 days ago
  • Please, watch this pure gold: usworlds.info/slow/video/e2emaJm3cmOLmKk

    NessjeffpaulapooNessjeffpaulapoo18 days ago
  • Good idea: reboot animaniacs Bad idea: leave out good idea bad idea

    YaBoi AidanYaBoi Aidan18 days ago
  • i got a fucking animaniacs ads for this video

    big borisbig boris19 days ago
  • I want to watch this so badly. But I dont think I want hulu just for that. Get a vpn, an account. Pay for 2 things and what more just to watch this. Im not american either so I doubt I can get hulu without vpn. Or watch it in general

    Marieke van der MastMarieke van der Mast19 days ago
  • remember dot warner a minor 🙂

    big warthogbig warthog19 days ago
  • anime donald j trump, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. ¿family: animaniacs? 2021.

    jorge cameras lopez1jorge cameras lopez120 days ago
  • Animaniacs was always political.

    CawAreYouDoin?CawAreYouDoin?20 days ago
  • Anime-niacs

    MS. AQUAMS. AQUA20 days ago
  • I mean I’ve been using Hulu before it was popular so I have a different view of Hulu compared to most I’m not gonna judge your opinion on Hulu I’m just sayin mines a bit different :T

    Void OpalllVoid Opalll21 day ago
    • Same lol. It was the only way to watch gravity falls before disney plus!

  • I really enjoyed the reboot, the writing is top notch and follows the essence of the original. There were so many times I was caught laughing out loud and did a good job of bringing it to modern times. The only thing I didn’t like is the style of the human characters. It’s too overstylized and didn’t fit the tone of the show.

    ShollosShollos21 day ago
  • I like your funny words magic man

    RenRen21 day ago
  • Yes goes off

    ur momur mom22 days ago
  • With the anime scene i actually loved the way wakko was drawn for it, i think it fit really well. I never actually watched the old animaniacs but i do love the new reboot even though im not one fir cartoons because theyre always so dumb and boreing to me and i thought thats what this was going to be just another mindless cartoon for my little sister to annoy me with, but no i actually am still watching this show and i really love the way the political stuff and the comedy just fits so so well all in all i love it

    S CS C23 days ago
  • United States Canada

    I post anythingI post anything23 days ago
  • I am upset about the political references because I have watch ep. 1-6 and have yet to see one that was *not* liberal leaning.

    Tosty BoyTosty Boy23 days ago
    • @starry nightThe old show had jabs against the left too. Just look at the portrayal of Bill Clinton. usworlds.info/slow/video/r5tkka6uopeDe6k

      Tosty BoyTosty Boy22 days ago
    • the old show was left leaning too, they literally said in one episode that weve lost our way as a country because of the republican party. you dont have to like it but Animaniacs is probably just not the show for you

      starry nightstarry night22 days ago
    • I have caught up to ep 13 and still don't.

      Tosty BoyTosty Boy23 days ago
  • i live in ireland and you were talking about hulu and hbo max and basically NO ONE has hbo max or hulu here like 95% of people have never heard of it so much so that hulu amd hbo are given free with some cable subscriptions like sky or vergion media

    David CooleyDavid Cooley23 days ago
  • I love this channel now and I subbed fast.

    Avia TurnerAvia Turner23 days ago
  • It’s actually a new season

    Julian MacFarlaneJulian MacFarlane23 days ago
  • I use Hulu because there is anime on hulu

    Phantomartist !!!Phantomartist !!!24 days ago
  • ☺️

    MarieMarie24 days ago
  • I have Hulu and I’m only really on there to watch anime but sometime there are episodes missing?? Like Darling in the FRANXX only has episode 13 and so on

    Lily-loves Sweet ‘n spicyLily-loves Sweet ‘n spicy24 days ago
  • Ohhh I love Animamiacs they are Awesome

    Laurie GarlandLaurie Garland25 days ago
  • The same thing we do every night saberspark, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! 🌍

    Cisco SilvaCisco Silva26 days ago
  • Yoooooo he did it

    When youWhen you26 days ago
  • Fan of the original, and I did love the reboot as well. It was not too political, and I hate politics.

    Allan EdwardsAllan Edwards27 days ago
  • My favourite was Slappy and Skippy. "Bully for Skippy" was like someone spied on my childhood, and encapsulated it in a short cartoon. My favourite bit in the entire show. And Slappy is the cranky old crone I've always aspired to be.

    LaikaLycanthropeLaikaLycanthrope27 days ago
  • I honestly like Hulu, it has anime, Steven Universe, and gravity falls.

    The Anime GirlThe Anime Girl27 days ago

  • Animaniacs "were ethically diverse" *False it's only available in USA and Japan* Damn creators put it on Netflix for fuck sake ;~;

    Matthew Anthony 매튜Matthew Anthony 매튜28 days ago
    • thats probably never gonna happen, they cant put it anywhere but hulu for the first couple seasons i think

      starry nightstarry night22 days ago
  • You know, I think dot has your face!

    MLG BobMLG Bob28 days ago
  • part that made me laugh out loud was when pinky went to fight the dragon and yells out LEEROY JANKENS

    Matt HessMatt Hess28 days ago
  • meh . It was alright but imma still just watch the old episodes instead.

    Hermes LopezHermes Lopez28 days ago
    • It's missing that really cartoony energy that it use to have that Tom just had the vision to really pull it off. It's quality but to me missed the mark by a lot because of no Slappy squirrel.

      Hermes LopezHermes Lopez28 days ago
  • I love Hulu, it has a lot of anime.

    Foxshade AJFoxshade AJ29 days ago
  • To save y'all time, "It's good, just different"

    Zachery JequintoZachery Jequinto29 days ago
  • Question:What does quick vid mean I thought it meant a quick video but the video is not that quick so what does it mean?

    Space Star729Space Star72929 days ago
  • Don't be angry at animaniacs making fun of modern technology and culture, because... well... *this is the future you chose*

    CommanderKneeCommanderKnee29 days ago
  • For my opinion for a new character Nora Rita Norita, I think she needs at least have an episode about her or enough screen time so I can get to know her more.

    IndieTimber StudioIndieTimber StudioMonth ago
  • The new show is a masterpiece. I said it.

    AirfilterchildAirfilterchildMonth ago
  • please review wolfwalkers

    Jasmine ShellJasmine ShellMonth ago
  • You’re not very good at script writing lmao

    Maylinn SevenMaylinn SevenMonth ago
  • It's a great show

    the great funtime freddy ytthe great funtime freddy ytMonth ago
  • I say the Internet is not overwhelming, but underwhelming. The Internet has been taken over by corporations and normies, and thus to me it's way more boring.

    timelike01timelike01Month ago
  • Dude I just wanna watch it, but I cant FUCKING AFFORD HULU

    med 1med 1Month ago
    • Get a job

      videogameflumingovideogameflumingo15 days ago
  • The one thing I am... both torn, upset and excited for, is to see if the seeds planted by Julia sprout. That episode made me very uncomfortable, and... really dislike Brain a lot. But I'm also curious about how a sequel to that and how it could potentially be very cathartic.

    Chaosmancer7Chaosmancer7Month ago
  • I just got into the Animaniacs cause I was born 2006 so wasn’t really my time. I’m in love with it. I’m trying to watch the original show but I’m lost cause I’m not getting the references..but still enjoyable.

    Wormzie WormWormzie WormMonth ago
  • Can’t really agree with you about the music, man. A toooon of the old songs were covers of public domain or just... sloppy. Mind you ther were genuine hits and greats, absolutely. But the reboot every song was a banger, can’t say the same about the original

    Strange MagicStrange MagicMonth ago
  • I love how the show is quite inclusive. Plus there's only 1 brother we have an non binary person

    That deppresed pan personThat deppresed pan personMonth ago
  • Ok

    Mary Games CartoonMary Games CartoonMonth ago
  • 13:03 to 13:21i see this scene and ruined my day just my opinion but i like the other video you made keep it up

    Paul ManabatPaul ManabatMonth ago
  • I forget her name, but I don't forget how she looks..

    Zach GannabanZach GannabanMonth ago
  • Don't forget Invader Zim Hulu has Invader Zim

    Dubious DopplegangerDubious DopplegangerMonth ago
  • Helloooooooooooooo Saber! (if you don't get the reference go watch the old Animaniacs)

    SnomSnomMonth ago
  • The point where Pinky said "Oh i know brain but i dont think i can say it" absolutely killed me. My roommate and paused it because we were laughing to damn hard we couldnt hear the show

    vineheart01vineheart01Month ago
  • If there's a season 2 I demand an episode where Pinky and the Brain sing "Everybody wants to rule the world."

    EventHorizonSingularityIsRealEventHorizonSingularityIsRealMonth ago
  • huiu animaniacs 2020

    Nathaniel HassanNathaniel HassanMonth ago
  • I was excited for this but after the jhonny depp thing I kinda checked out on supoorting warner you know they fired him from his roles and the proceeded to kick him while he was down when he was respectful of their wishes it just felt awful and I cant support that idk if I even think jhonny is innocent or not but both hin and heard have accusations out against them and warner brothers is claerly choosing a side whoch is just terrible

    Douglas PetersDouglas PetersMonth ago
    • it was written in 2018, so the case wasnt out for the most part. it was bad timing but it was probably not referring to the abuse case, one of the people on Animacast has even talked to a writer and they said it had nothing to do with it. valid concern but i dont think its talking about that

      starry nightstarry night22 days ago
  • They do mock things, but honestly they aren't doing it in a way that's meant to be hurtful, with one exception that I'm aware of. (Episodes 1-7) Like with the cyclops and Odysseus, that was done tastefully despite it being a jab. Though I have to agree I'm really enjoying Pinky & the brain, which surprised me because I didn't really enjoy them when I watched the original. But, I gotta say I love Pinky. So many of Pinky's lines have stuck with me and made me laugh out loud. Example: "If I eat myself, do I get two times bigger or do I disappear?" And brain just goes 👁👄👁 and I loved that

    SnowySnowyMonth ago
  • Amazing video saber spark.

    jacob droletjacob droletMonth ago
  • I use hulu But only for regular show and adventure time

    Onix #95Onix #95Month ago
  • I think it’s a great reboot!

    SuperWA-HOOManSuperWA-HOOManMonth ago
  • I watched both the first show then the reboot and I couldn't stand the reboot

    Speaker of TruthSpeaker of TruthMonth ago

    MalcolmXtremeMalcolmXtremeMonth ago
  • RE: Good Idea Bad Idea: That would have required (a) the retention of Mr. Skullhead, one of the numerous characters sadly "streamlined" away, and (b) paying for Tom Bodett to come in and read some lines.

    Peter MayPeter MayMonth ago
  • There was a scene were they sexually assaulted a pigeon

    ItMe BoiXItMe BoiXMonth ago
  • Maybe they left out Good Idea, Bad Idea because they couldn't get Tom Bodett (The Motel 6 voiceover guy) to do it again?

    USColdplayFanUSColdplayFanMonth ago
  • Hulu’s got Naruto

    ItMe BoiXItMe BoiXMonth ago
  • Helooooo! Nurse

    Void JesterVoid JesterMonth ago
  • I loves seeing and hearing the singing cat Reta. Sad she is not in it.

    glenfoxhglenfoxhMonth ago
  • Dot is still very in character, but I really really didn’t like the votes for cartoon feminist song

    Prom QueenProm QueenMonth ago
    • why is that song so controversial, are this many people really upset over women voting or something?

      starry nightstarry night22 days ago