Q&A with Daniel Ezra & Samantha Logan (and me lol) | Greta Onieogou

Apr 6, 2021
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this week, I ask Sam & Daniel the hard hitting questions!!! 😤
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  • 🥇

    BMK CAYDONBMK CAYDON31 minute ago
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    Megan ScottMegan Scott3 hours ago
  • Giveon is amazing

    Antonio VigliottaAntonio Vigliotta8 hours ago
  • “Not open-mindedness”😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

    Nevaeh BrownNevaeh Brown10 hours ago
  • So I watch you guys on all American love the show I n stuff if this your passion keep working as hard as you can .

    Miah ChappellMiah Chappell13 hours ago
  • 6:50 lol why did sam grab the phone like that 😭

    Megan Thee StallionMegan Thee Stallion13 hours ago

    zyphzyph14 hours ago
  • His accent is everything

    Diva DiorrDiva Diorr14 hours ago
  • His voice weird now?

    FunnyRanFunnyRan14 hours ago
  • I love watching your videos and watching You on all American ❤️❤️

    Alyse_editsAlyse_edits14 hours ago
  • Let’s just say ALL AMERICAN is the best show out right now🔥🔥

    John LemonJohn Lemon14 hours ago
  • Ian know Daniel talk like that

    mtClipz-_-mtClipz-_-15 hours ago
  • You guys should do this often but please ya gotta do a cast camping trip :)

    Mani BuggoutMani Buggout16 hours ago
  • hreta giving us hints it aint gonna work in season 3 like...2:18 🤣🤣🤣

    Cloudy GloryCloudy Glory16 hours ago
  • the way greta is acting like she’s taking it personally lmao “do you wanna explain yourself” i’m dead lol

    Keayanna DavisKeayanna Davis17 hours ago
  • daniel’s laugh is immaculate

    jergens lotionjergens lotion17 hours ago
  • Wow did she just say South Africa 🙂🙂

    Chido ChichieChido Chichie18 hours ago
  • It’s so funny how you guys are all friends but in the show you guys all hate each other😂😂

    Candy EnglishCandy English18 hours ago
  • this is hilarious 😂😂

    Demario YoungDemario Young19 hours ago
  • How is Greta 30 years old !

    Lorenso CruzLorenso Cruz21 hour ago
  • i`m sorry, but when the third season of the series comes out?

    Veronika PopovichVeronika Popovich21 hour ago
  • literally my favorite 3 on all american

  • Honestly Greta should consider a role on a comedy tv show or movie she’s funny asf

    Melly BMelly B22 hours ago
  • Ha, AA was gone too long

    luke.luke.22 hours ago
  • Can you ask sam if she misses the teenwolf cast

    NBW x JayyNBW x Jayy23 hours ago

    Daniel HernandezDaniel HernandezDay ago
  • It must take them a million times to get a scene right 😂 I feel like they get halfway and then bust out laughing

    ツAidanツAidanDay ago
  • I always forget he has an accent

    zariah kipkezariah kipkeDay ago
  • So Layla did you actually like Daniel/ spencer ?

    Hayden MartinHayden MartinDay ago
  • Spencer accent lol shit be so unexpected

    NoLimitPNoLimitPDay ago
  • Narrow mindedness! 😂

    Taylor RTaylor RDay ago
  • check out my new vlog!! usworlds.info/slow/video/empon3rJfXKtoJU :) would mean a lot!

    LizzyfiksLizzyfiksDay ago

    Mariba bibaMariba bibaDay ago
  • I can not get over Spencer’s accent🥰😌

    Brandi ThomasBrandi ThomasDay ago
  • 🐐🐐🐐

  • When will all American come on Netflix

    Mayla AlfredMayla AlfredDay ago
  • Broooo I just started watching all American today and I'm soooo in love with it already and now they on my for you on USworlds lmao

    Royal_Xan06Royal_Xan06Day ago

  • Why does Daniel look annoyed with Sam half the time 😭😭

    cice0143cice0143Day ago
  • Oh wow first time on this channel. Leila's surname sounds Nigerian but maybe I am pronouncing it wrong. If it is Nigerian then I love you×100 keep repping!!

    ojo stephenojo stephenDay ago
  • How the hell does Ezra keep his American accent consistent on All American... DAMN this guy is good!!

    ojo stephenojo stephenDay ago
  • Wait where is Daniel from? His accent is amazing and he can speak American 😱😱

    Enoch SimonEnoch SimonDay ago
  • Lit 🤘🏾

    RP AugustRP AugustDay ago
  • I love his accent

    Zakia WilkinsZakia WilkinsDay ago
  • Sam and Greta will definitely be bestfriends forreal it's like Greta knows alot about sam and sam knows alot about Greta 💕

    Mariyah HayslettMariyah HayslettDay ago
  • "Couple therapy"🤣

    Mariyah HayslettMariyah HayslettDay ago
  • when sam and daniel were fighting about the dessert i died

    Jordan AxelrodJordan AxelrodDay ago
  • New York people:😑😑😑😑😑😑 Btw I’m from New York

    Cxmp_Rome18Cxmp_Rome18Day ago
  • “not open mindedness” 😭😭 “are you okay” I love this omg😭😭😭

    T RT RDay ago
  • I still can’t get over his accent omg😭😩 i love greta energy and her jokes about the show😂

    T RT RDay ago
  • And then they start whispering

    Reflilwe CassandraReflilwe CassandraDay ago
  • LMAOO 2:58 “relax”💀😪

    Kumbias316Kumbias316Day ago
  • His accent tho😩

    edgE_SmoothedgE_SmoothDay ago
  • you guys are way funnier than i realized

    Diego PadronDiego PadronDay ago

    ThatCrazyChickThatCrazyChickDay ago
  • I wish I knew all three of you 🥺

    Elijah MitchellElijah MitchellDay ago
  • My favorite people on #AllAmerican💕. Love triangle continues. Enjoyed this so much😄😂😂. Daniel's laugh😍😍. Samantha:"Music speaks to my soul" I agree💯.

    Belonce KamzBelonce KamzDay ago
  • Miss this trio!! 🔺❤️

    SooChefSooChefDay ago
  • I love Giveon and Tems too 🥰

    Sheilah Lena DhliwayoSheilah Lena DhliwayoDay ago
  • Sam calling Daniel out for not knowing where he was in Italy 😭 and Daniel going “says who” when she says she’ll survive on a Desert island

    Ceara’s WorldCeara’s WorldDay ago
  • I never new Spencer had an accent 😂

    Viviana BetancourtViviana Betancourt2 days ago
  • Like why the hell the new season not out

    Glxcks goatedGlxcks goated2 days ago
  • This can also be called Greta third wheeling for 9 and a half minutes

    Zayvian Duh GOATZayvian Duh GOAT2 days ago
  • Samantha is my brown sugar

    Trevor MichaudTrevor Michaud2 days ago
  • yooo I forgot this man Spencer was from the UK, bc his American accent in the show is too spot on

    Yayoisgoofy 34Yayoisgoofy 342 days ago
  • Bro this was so funny 😘🥰😂😂😂😂😂

    LOVERJ RAE BrooksLOVERJ RAE Brooks2 days ago
  • Bro my guy is from the UK I’m so late

    Lil Kee KingLil Kee King2 days ago
  • when sam said music is a universal language and daniel said "relax relax" i lost it and then greta's face too it was so funnny

    Sarah SSarah S2 days ago
  • 0:13

    lol accountlol account2 days ago
  • daniel: “what’s the word for not open mindedness?” greta: “closed mindedness?”😂😭😭

    nel brinel bri2 days ago
    • I love this

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu2 hours ago
  • The latest episode was named canceled and all american hasnt had new episodes is it canceled?

    Mariam SankohMariam Sankoh2 days ago

    Jadie SmithJadie Smith2 days ago
  • OMG Daniel listens to TEMS

    Dami AkinbolaDami Akinbola2 days ago
  • Can we collab?

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu2 days ago
  • The next episode is a 1 hour long that’s crazy

    Jayshawn LoveJayshawn Love2 days ago
  • I love you, but that piece of fucking hair

    Alisha saifAlisha saif2 days ago
  • "You guys telling secrets behind my back" That killed me😭

    Goofball smegGoofball smeg2 days ago

    noclipJxydeznnoclipJxydezn2 days ago
    • Do more. Please. Love the content. Keep it up

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu2 days ago
  • I still forget Daniel is British 🤣

    karmen russellkarmen russell2 days ago
  • Movies do have music... so what’s a movie withought good ole’ music

    Alanna -Alanna -2 days ago
  • Love this vid LOL

    Kaylah AugustinKaylah Augustin2 days ago
  • He’s British?

    tyson Tysontyson Tyson2 days ago
  • but cheese comes from an animal

    Abraham GilAbraham Gil2 days ago
  • watched season one and two about six times.

    Abraham GilAbraham Gil2 days ago
  • love season 3

    Abraham GilAbraham Gil2 days ago
  • lmao your mom was 2 funny

    Javon_from_nyJavon_from_ny2 days ago
  • Am I the only one Who didn’t know he had a accent ?

    Jacie MarieJacie Marie2 days ago

    Azriel DavisAzriel Davis2 days ago
  • Spenser sound weird then in the movie

    Funny Ty ChrisenteryFunny Ty Chrisentery2 days ago
  • Sam kinda looks like the french rapper Shay

    Dash AshDash Ash2 days ago
    • And Greta looks like Meghan markle ! Waittt what

      Dash AshDash Ash2 days ago
  • Samantha: “It’s a universal language!” Daniel: “Relax” 💀💀💀

    Kayla ArthurKayla Arthur2 days ago
  • Do more. Please. Love the content. Keep it up

    prime icyprime icy2 days ago
  • Being from the uk, find it weird hearing Daniels English accent, when I, used to him sounding American

    George Spencer-SmithGeorge Spencer-Smith2 days ago

    Yvette InspirationYvette Inspiration2 days ago
  • I saw sam in the given video and I was like SAM SAM SAM

    AarsheyaAarsheya2 days ago
  • He has a British accent am I the only shook person right now 😯😯😯😯😯

    avion katisho manongavion katisho manong2 days ago
  • 6:43 had me screaming 😂😂😂, “ cheese is not a plant ”

    TyReiona LatareaTyReiona Latarea2 days ago
  • 7:49 ICONIC ✨✨

    NoNo2 days ago
  • Layla so damn bad

    Flu SznFlu Szn2 days ago
  • Why does his voice sound like that

    WaK3WaK32 days ago

      Goku ChichiGoku ChichiDay ago