Putting Makeup Over a Pimple Patch

Mar 27, 2021
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You can definitely still see it but it’s not as noticeable as I thought it would be. #shorts

  • Thank you to everyone showing love on my page and this video❤️ a couple comments I keep seeing are about my foundation, so my makeup actually oxidizes as I wear it so it does match my skin tone after about 30 minuets to an hour, I agree it does look a little light here, but don’t worry it matches my skin well after a bit😊 Also I do not pop my pimples because it could cause scaring😅

    Mikaela LuvMikaela Luv3 days ago
    • @Braden Caron so? If they think they're prettier with makeup then so be it...let them do it..why are u getting pressed for no reason? ...you don't like makeup don't do it...those who like it can do it .. simple..and girls do makeup only for themselves..not to show the guys or anyone 💀...why y'all gotta make everything about yourself..world doesn't revolve around you

      AnuAnu13 hours ago
    • @Anu it’s different tho from a shirt cause a shirt doesn’t damage your skin like foundation does Dx so if you have oily skin makeup like the type she was using was toxic for her goal of clear skin. I have oily af skin and so I hate the feel of foundations on my face it seeps into your pores and makes your acne a million times worse especially if you don’t use a cleansing wash to remove it before bed. The acne bandaid is actually kinda useful af and it’s not the girls fault tho media isn’t clear enough about what’s healthy and what’s damaging most likely on purpose to fuel a cycle of buying more products rather wasteful XD

      Gale OwensGale Owens14 hours ago
    • Your is skin is too moist that's all, All you gotta do is wash your face with water everyday! Oh and scrub.

      Emily D.Emily D.17 hours ago
    • Yes my foundation oxidizes as well! And popping them can cause scarring because I’ve definitely have done that and regret it

      Polymer BLASTPolymer BLAST23 hours ago
    • @Braden Caron Deliberately missing the point. Personality is not appearance. Ugliness is not a personality trait. Makeup cannot make a person nicer.

      Night JewelNight Jewel23 hours ago
  • The mighty patch ones are overpriced and trash. I know The Créme Shop brand makes really thin ones so you could try those under your makeup, but I feel like it’s still going to be noticeable. The best ones for me that actually suck the yuck out have been the Peach Slices brand, those ones are thick too but you can get those and The Créme Shop ones at CVS stores.

    Syd KydSyd Kyd19 minutes ago
  • Sis why am I mixing cover girl and L’Oréal infallible like you too for my perfect shade 😭😭😂

    Cornella MaduekeCornella Madueke20 minutes ago
  • Don't you cover it with a mask anyway

    CxxperCxxper26 minutes ago
  • Its very noticeable

    Kendal CruzKendal CruzHour ago
  • No it's noticeable. You don't need makeup. Your too tooo tooooo young

    Angel Venus - AfricaAngel Venus - AfricaHour ago
  • Where are you going? Just let your face heal. The earlier you start wearing makeup .... The older you begin to look sooner!!!

    Angel Venus - AfricaAngel Venus - AfricaHour ago
  • Sis looks like a ghost

    V NV NHour ago
  • Omg I literally have the same pimple on same place .like can relate tho

    Fatima ZainabFatima ZainabHour ago
  • Honestly if you are close by to somebody they didn't know you had that pimple then you could probably like they probably wouldn't even notice it they didn't know you had it

    Felicia PottsFelicia PottsHour ago
  • Why do put makeup if your beautiful

    Lemar AhmedLemar Ahmed2 hours ago
  • Anything that'll dry it out without harming your skin will work

    Leah WorthyLeah Worthy3 hours ago
  • mighty patches also has an invisible patch (i think also called day patch) that’s thinner and easier to wear under makeup than the regular one, but it honestly looks fine :)

    oxytocinoxytocin3 hours ago
  • lol I'd straight up pop it the moment it grows on me

    Rene VillarRene Villar4 hours ago
  • Normalize wearing pimple patches in public 2021

    tomtom5 hours ago
  • It's better wo that thing

    maiden 29maiden 295 hours ago
  • I'm happy my Puberty don't went like this 😅

    PhostoxinPhostoxin6 hours ago
  • It’s hardly noticeable

    Mercedes SarnelliMercedes Sarnelli7 hours ago
  • Umm

    Tiana CrawfordTiana Crawford7 hours ago
  • Just wear a face mask. Problem solved.

    Vianca _olvrVianca _olvr7 hours ago
  • Me: oh she looks nice, i bet she'd look more pretty with make-up- *puts wrong shade of foundation* me: ....

    AesKiwiiAesKiwii7 hours ago
  • Nah luv, we can see. Both the patch and the wrong shade of foundation

    Elodie ElviraElodie Elvira7 hours ago
  • Maybe if she weren't using 5 shades above her actual shade it wouldn't create so much shade and be so noticeable. Yes, I used shade many times. Shade.

    AVAF 02AVAF 028 hours ago
  • I would try covering the patch with glue stick then layer that with translucent powder. After that add the foundation. RIP X🙅🏾‍♀️

    Nichole LocStar BennettNichole LocStar Bennett9 hours ago
  • How to get rid of a pimple: 1 remove top you can either puncture it with a needle or pull it off with tweezers 2(this is gross but) squeeze it until all the white stuff is out yes it will hurt a little. 3 dab it off with a tissue, let it scab, and in about 2 days, it will be gone. Works every time for me

    Catgirl2008Catgirl200810 hours ago
  • I don't even wear makeup it feels gross

    eshayyy BuHhHHheshayyy BuHhHHh10 hours ago
  • Top comment from creator " Thank you all for the love" Next comment (top comment) : Literally hating on the foundation shade Me : SMHH PEOPLE COME ONNNN

    Youtube PupYoutube Pup10 hours ago
  • So noone gonna tell her that even with that she kinda looks better without mskeup?

    AceDoodeAceDoode11 hours ago
  • she went to a human. to a sick person. to a nun.

    FNaF FanFNaF Fan11 hours ago
  • In the 90s we just put a little egg white on it at bedtime and let it dry up the next day it will fall off

    Kristy BryantKristy Bryant12 hours ago
  • Have you thought that your going to be wearing a mask when you’re out

    Laylah StormentLaylah Storment12 hours ago
  • Ma’am you look like you have just seen a ghost

    Alexa NuanmaneeAlexa Nuanmanee12 hours ago
  • This is crazy

    cute rasberrycute rasberry13 hours ago
  • Girl Pop that ish!!!

    A RA R13 hours ago
  • Legit i have one in the exact same place

    Racially accurate jesusRacially accurate jesus14 hours ago
  • Bruh on the back of the box with the directions it says you can do that this is pretty much just doing what the box suggests

    Reagan WentworthReagan Wentworth14 hours ago
  • Thg bubloom like a vampire

    Izayah JonesIzayah Jones14 hours ago
  • No No!!!! You are pretty with out makeup

    Jason RaggettJason Raggett14 hours ago
  • I suggest not putting foundation over it and just putting foundation on necessary places. A lot of asian celebrities do this when they have zits too.

    YganJaeYganJae15 hours ago
  • I wanted to itch the side of my face when I saw the zit

    Savannah GerkinSavannah Gerkin15 hours ago
  • You dumb everything on Tiktok is not really Real so chill oh dam

    Jamela LottJamela Lott15 hours ago
  • Me after seeing her pimple: pOp it, tWiSt iT, pUlL it-

    Anyiah MooreAnyiah Moore16 hours ago
  • Just... pop it?

    Avaricious AmbroseAvaricious Ambrose16 hours ago
  • Does she realize that she has a face on her pimple?

    VerbalHologramVerbalHologram16 hours ago
  • Anybody else really wanna pop it or just me?

    Sophie CookeSophie Cooke16 hours ago
  • Can we just take a second to appreciate her skin? Even with that zit I think you look stunning✨

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose17 hours ago
  • Jesus is coming soon! He loves you and he has a place for you reserved in Heaven all you have to do is accept it. He can give you strength and bless you 💞

    Sxpreme QueenSxpreme Queen17 hours ago
    • Man they change a lot with makeup.

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose17 hours ago
  • I don't even wear makeup. Rarely do. But Zits are a prob, but you can put a dab of toothpaste on the zit and the coolness deswells the zit and shrinks it after at least a minute.

    Danielle CarpenterDanielle Carpenter17 hours ago
  • Imagine her pimple drops off when she's out and everyone be like👁👄👁

    Nurse SeprodNurse Seprod18 hours ago
  • Never try shit you see on tiktok

    Elliot HoughElliot Hough18 hours ago
  • Girls have a pimple and do this, boys just deal with it

    Tyler FranklinTyler Franklin18 hours ago
  • Wow I’m in my late 20s and literally never heard of pimple patches, I don’t even think they sell them where I live (New Zealand) lol

    Shyan WalkerShyan Walker18 hours ago
  • Lol do this again but take the patch off after so there’s just one little spot of absolutely no makeup 😂

    Lil Sheettrey BruhLil Sheettrey Bruh19 hours ago
  • Why not just pop it with a needle and call it a day

    Jasmine deleonJasmine deleon19 hours ago
  • Cosrx do some really great flat patches for next time

    GwynnieGwynnie19 hours ago
  • No offence but she looks kinda like a ghost with makeup on.. Without makeup she looks like a goddess.

    Precious PrishaPrecious Prisha20 hours ago
    • that was supposed to be a smiley face at the end lol

      Natalie AnneNatalie Anne13 hours ago
    • you say no offense, but that actually sounds a little backhanded! You might try rephrasing it next time to something like "You look pretty with makeup and without!" or if you want to give constructive criticism, say something like "Your foundation shade looks a little light! Not necessarily a bad thing, and the camera probably messes it up. Just wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware! still looks amazing!". :(

      Natalie AnneNatalie Anne14 hours ago
  • Well... You can just put on your mask 😉 so one gonna know about your pimple ... Easy right

    Suzzane KumariSuzzane Kumari20 hours ago
  • Girls look beter without makeup. CHANGE MY MIND

    CRΞΞDCRΞΞD20 hours ago
    • Girls look good with AND without makeup. Your comment is backhanded and rude!

      Natalie AnneNatalie Anne13 hours ago
  • We use the same foundation I’m happy 😀

    BaBeccaBaBecca20 hours ago
  • Ewwww

    cole Cadwellcole Cadwell20 hours ago
  • i wanna see her take it off and then theres just a perfect circle of no makeup

    laura U・ェ・Ulaura U・ェ・U20 hours ago
  • I wanna pop it

    Vi74liy SirotkinVi74liy Sirotkin21 hour ago
  • Man they change a lot with makeup.

    Kartik SharmaKartik Sharma21 hour ago
  • So want the patch tare the pimple off when she removes it???

    chris wallerchris waller21 hour ago
  • no offense or hate but she said she saw it on tiktok and it LOOKED ok but the persons pimple could've been suffering underneath-

    TaEyOnGs cLeArSkiNTaEyOnGs cLeArSkiN21 hour ago
  • As a boy I have no clue what you guys are talking about.

    AllonAllon22 hours ago
  • You look so cute

    Shahanar NatShahanar Nat22 hours ago
  • Bruh or just pop it

    Brooke HambyBrooke Hamby22 hours ago
  • I cant see who the frick asked

    Buebito ConKatsuBuebito ConKatsu22 hours ago
  • Looks better than ZIT did👌

    Janyce BrownJanyce Brown23 hours ago

    Luisa CachuelaLuisa Cachuela23 hours ago
  • I see it

    Nicole MurrayNicole Murray23 hours ago
  • Bro use less makeup, you look better without it even with the pimple

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith23 hours ago
  • just fucking pop it

    Cloud·iiiCloud·iiiDay ago
  • Bruh I honestly don’t like make up girls look good enough with out it it makes there face like whiter

    TwoWheelAddictTwoWheelAddictDay ago
  • I like girls with no make-up

    King Khan YTKing Khan YTDay ago
  • Bhoot saf nazar a raha h lol

    Yusra Baig0312Yusra Baig0312Day ago
  • Imagine the patch just fell off and theirs just a circle of no makeup lol

    GiMmE aNiMeGiMmE aNiMeDay ago
  • I see now I kept seeing robot so they are human

    wolfinGam3rwolfinGam3rDay ago
  • Turn to Jesus and be saved

    Heyit’shailey!Heyit’shailey!Day ago
  • You've just done a video showing potentially millions of people the zit on your cheek. And you're worried about putting something on it to make it go away? You have that zit because you routinely fill your pores with makeup.

    Argle BargleArgle BargleDay ago
  • If you have zits and acne, your face needs a break. You are just filling your pores with this mucky stuff and it all needs a break

    Johny StinksJohny StinksDay ago
  • omg☺☺☺☺☺

    loba youtubes ALANNAloba youtubes ALANNADay ago
  • At the club: why do you have a fruit sticker on your face

    Edward.L.HEdward.L.HDay ago
  • People have done this with band aids

  • To be honest you looked better without the makeup. Like I’m not joking

    Patrick ParkerPatrick ParkerDay ago
  • Since the pandemic I don't really care anymore anyway, you put a mask over it 90% of the time anyway (which in turn makes it worse so you'll cover it up with a mask again and the cycle continues)

    R SorayaR SorayaDay ago
  • Just leave it there it looks better

    chopochopoDay ago
  • Marlboro makeup wow

    Keyla VignoliKeyla VignoliDay ago
  • Just pop the damn thing

    The Lightskin HokageThe Lightskin HokageDay ago
  • My sister uses that

    Maeve McGinleyMaeve McGinleyDay ago
  • 2021st comment yaay

    Sena HaşimSena HaşimDay ago
  • Ur face look kinda SUPER RED UGGHHH

    D10 IndonesiaD10 IndonesiaDay ago
  • You're beautiful me.

    aliec alexaliec alexDay ago
    • 😑😑

      aliec alexaliec alexDay ago
  • Me to

    aliec alexaliec alexDay ago
  • You look like my sister that’s how she puts makeup on

    Tehseen ShahTehseen ShahDay ago
  • I tried doing this when I went to the amusement park before covid and it basically turned cloudy throughout the day especially when you sweat. The sticker popped off too.

    Faith Elisha CastorFaith Elisha CastorDay ago
  • When you start getting a pimple, put a little bit of toothpaste on that pimple and leave it for 30 minutes and it should be gone by the next day

    Ximena JimenezXimena JimenezDay ago
  • So no ones gonna talk about her foundation shade?

    Gigie SanGigie SanDay ago

    hello therehello thereDay ago