Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask

Jan 12, 2021
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Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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  • It's not a razer product if it doesnt have rgb

    sage skyzersage skyzer3 minutes ago
  • Can mine come with rgb?

    mike bentonmike benton6 minutes ago
  • for once razer didnt put RGB on their products

    Ry0t_Ry0t_8 minutes ago
  • Lets not keep dancing around the price point razer,how much?

    MattIsLolingMattIsLoling8 minutes ago
  • How much

    Juicy BoyJuicy Boy14 minutes ago
  • I would prefer it if you didn't show my mouth. Otherwise cool product

    Michael MorrisonMichael Morrison21 minute ago
  • will this let me breathe at 1000 fps

    TismodyTismody27 minutes ago
  • Launches and covid ends

    【 JAYKOV 】【 JAYKOV 】35 minutes ago
  • Can I buy this now sheesh

    Isaiah WilliamsIsaiah Williams37 minutes ago
  • if there's no audio changing app I can download to sound like the Mandalorian I don't want it

    Anthony WalnutzAnthony Walnutz39 minutes ago
  • What I don't understand is, if you're promoting this mask with features like voice amplification technology and a clear front to help see mouth movements, then why not wear the mask in the advertisement to show off how well it works?

    Amber KoepkeAmber Koepke40 minutes ago
  • Where can I buy this from

    Universal TimesUniversal Times43 minutes ago
  • Why would I want it to be clear? I enjoy being ugly in peace

    PeptoPepto47 minutes ago
  • If this exists, Razer Venom should exist too

    Sr. BrainySr. Brainy51 minute ago
  • How do u talk in it?

    SalmonfishSalmonfish57 minutes ago
  • “Also, it’s $900.”

    Kayson MuellerKayson MuellerHour ago
  • if i buy this its better be worth it to breath 390 fps

    SyN GabSyN GabHour ago
  • come donate masks here in brazil bro

    VittãoVittãoHour ago
  • The only thing that could make this better would be the ability to make the see through bit opaque

    Mina InfanteMina InfanteHour ago
  • i wont be suprised if they bulid a gaming car now

    Warrior XWarrior XHour ago
  • when can I buy one?

    ShadowStormShadowStormHour ago

    Darren LiunardiDarren LiunardiHour ago
  • Led 16gb of ram gaming mask

    SwaggyCashMASwaggyCashMAHour ago
  • Where do i buy these?

    DearPowa Easy Peasy Lemon SqueezyDearPowa Easy Peasy Lemon SqueezyHour ago
  • When will it go on sale?

    SIRENSIRENHour ago
  • Cool, when do we get to buy them?

    Rezatera EilolsiânRezatera EilolsiânHour ago
  • i cant tell if this is a joke

    henryyhenryy2 hours ago
  • ok but where is the rgb

    InfyreInfyre2 hours ago
  • Price 800$ 😂😂😂😂😂

    RR-LovecraftRR-Lovecraft2 hours ago
  • looks like straight something out of COD ngl

    NRX AstroNRX Astro2 hours ago
  • Well, masks are mostly to protect those around you, and not yourself. Masks with release valves before have been denounced by medical professionals. My questions is, has this mask been tested for the release of water droplets? Does it keep the water droplets from your own body inside the mask? If it doesn't, DO NOT BUY THIS! I love Razor products, I have owned 3 or 4 different Razor Naga, 2 Razor Kraken, 1 Razor Black Widow Elite, and 1 Razor Edge tablet. As much as I love your gaming peripherals, I will only purchase this if I know it will protect those around me.

    Jacob BennettJacob Bennett2 hours ago
  • Starting at $1500! What a great price!

    Dulpho Is better then youDulpho Is better then you2 hours ago
  • breathing at 4K 300 hertz only for 799

    అస్పష్టత బ్రూఅస్పష్టత బ్రూ2 hours ago
  • If this was made 2 years ago you’ll have to check which month it is

    GazookaGazooka2 hours ago
  • it isnt april fools wtf razer

    Da RenDa Ren2 hours ago
  • I would prefer if the mask wasn't transparent.

    Tomi2DTomi2D2 hours ago
  • But does it have RGB lighting?

    ChramanChraman2 hours ago
  • Wait, where’s my RGB?

    Lîón David 101st PSFLîón David 101st PSF2 hours ago
  • Whaaaat, it's April's Fool's day?

    Bogdan VanghelieBogdan Vanghelie2 hours ago
  • Breathing in 60 fps with rgb

    judithjesus2011judithjesus20112 hours ago
  • As a teacher - I want it! Yes please!!

    MahjaratMahjarat2 hours ago

    YaBoiDonutYaBoiDonut3 hours ago
  • He just has a good gaming mask

    Ner07Ner073 hours ago
  • Can barely hear the guy over the background music

    Anders C-137Anders C-1373 hours ago
  • This shit needs a voice modulator. I want to sound like Darth Vader or Bane!

    Jon Gabriel Velasquez JohnsenJon Gabriel Velasquez Johnsen3 hours ago
  • rgb mask to flex

    writx12writx123 hours ago
  • I get to be RGBane? Oh hell yes.

    Gmiller47Gmiller473 hours ago
  • If you want you can sent me one because im Poor and need a cool mask

  • You should have made the music louder

    ConnorWaddellConnorWaddell3 hours ago
  • The budget version of johnny ive.

    Nickho Adrian GutangNickho Adrian Gutang3 hours ago
  • Bro a mask?? Are u kidding me

    salty itsghghsalty itsghgh3 hours ago
  • Can I like cover my mouth, I think the point of a mask is to not make people see me lol

    Janzen Thomas SuJanzen Thomas Su4 hours ago
  • Aqui no Brasil iriam roubar essa máscara vendo alguém com ela na rua kkkkk

    Gustavo HenriqueGustavo Henrique4 hours ago
  • How much is it

    Everymoth 9109Everymoth 91094 hours ago
  • I never thought the day would come when Razer made a freaking damn rgb mask.

    EmilyEmily4 hours ago
  • I can only imagine this being used by paranoid elitists. That was probably their target demographic anyway.

    peepostrugglepeepostruggle4 hours ago
  • I can finally breath RGB

    BoogetBooget4 hours ago
  • Can I drink out of it?

    You know the rules and so do IYou know the rules and so do I4 hours ago
  • Finally we can breath in 60 bps (breath per sec)

    BlackSky 1BlackSky 14 hours ago
  • "i need to charge my mask"

    Mr KMr K4 hours ago
  • TAKE MY MONEY! I absolutely NEED this!

    Cillian HarfordCillian Harford4 hours ago
  • Soooo, my country just decided fabric masks aren't safe enough any more. I wouldn't have bought this, but given that FFP2 Masks are ugly and this is ... less ugly, please release this in Austria soon so I can buy one before it becomes irrelevant.

    Georg PlankGeorg Plank4 hours ago
  • Nice music video, but please remove the background speech next time.

    Leos74Leos744 hours ago
  • this people are crazy for spending money

    HaZeeeHaZeee5 hours ago
  • Warum kein N09?

    Roland SenftlebenRoland Senftleben5 hours ago
  • But if i talk in school they will be able to See my mouth move

    LuciidLuciid5 hours ago
  • Since when is april 1st in january?

    ZorioxZoriox5 hours ago
  • Face on fire

    Samuel DavidSamuel David5 hours ago
  • The mask is amazing, but the music in the background is to loud

    Vrook VentorVrook Ventor5 hours ago
  • Make a drag click mouse. Just that

    xTreme21xTreme215 hours ago
  • You can't be a gamer without a gaming mask

    BillXanthGr-RBBillXanthGr-RB5 hours ago
  • He looks like he is about to cry

    Mateja StojčićMateja Stojčić5 hours ago
  • Wtf it's not April fools yet?

    abdulla alsumaitiabdulla alsumaiti5 hours ago
  • Ready to sell my organs

    um emo aleatórioum emo aleatório5 hours ago
  • its razer so its probaly like 3k

    CODWarrior07CODWarrior075 hours ago
  • Of course it has rgb😀

    SleemonSleemon5 hours ago
  • When ever this is released I’m going to get this. Ngl. Well rng it’s a n95 also problems are solved with speaking with a mask on

    Ash RoseAsh Rose5 hours ago
  • Is this real and if it’s under $50 I’ll hella buy one

    Andres NAndres N5 hours ago
  • Le FUTUUUURE !!!

    Doppio VinegarDoppio Vinegar6 hours ago
  • Early 2021: Gamer mask Late 2021: Gamer vaccine

    Magnetic llMagnetic ll6 hours ago
  • If you wear something like this on the street you will probably be spat on by homeless people

    VoihiaschVoihiasch6 hours ago
  • ”Gaming mask protects you from computer viruses”

    Okokokokokdjdhd OkokOkokokokokdjdhd Okok6 hours ago
  • Well buy it if you think that your pc will transmit covid-19 to you

    jared ardonjared ardon6 hours ago
  • If we are to believe what they tell us, this is a real nice mask... just to protect others... 🤗.

    LOLWUTLOLWUT6 hours ago
  • another prank its getting old now

    TgbTgb6 hours ago
  • How much €

    absolutly lostabsolutly lost6 hours ago
  • 200$?

    Pedro SaragoçaPedro Saragoça6 hours ago
  • 2022:razer introduces you the new razer smart pillow

    ManosFNManosFN6 hours ago
  • Not so smart with annoying loud music overriding the vocal sound. Need to work on this before you start advertising how great is your product !

    Kamrul HassanKamrul Hassan7 hours ago
  • is it april 1st already

    Sati RpSati Rp7 hours ago
  • where is the RGB >:(

    Papi YassinPapi Yassin7 hours ago
  • Nice only a price of $2,000

    Reflex øn CrackReflex øn Crack7 hours ago
  • I would buy this if I had enough money

    Valoc1tyValoc1ty7 hours ago
  • Project Hazel - only $299

    Miner DinerMiner Diner7 hours ago
  • Breath 240 fps

    Nobodies CloutNobodies Clout7 hours ago
  • Is it customizable is the question

    Chris P. BaconChris P. Bacon7 hours ago
  • If you would like to order one the proce would be 999999 trillion dollars

    Ghosted zrGhosted zr7 hours ago
  • To all Germans out there, it's called "Project Hazelnuss"

    Pizza StecherPizza Stecher7 hours ago
  • Razer please! No marketing BS this time. Just release it. I would even buy two. A white one and a black one. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    BishopBishop7 hours ago
  • Kenn allso use dies mask Kids ? End how macht is it money ?