Police Chief Catches Racist Cops In Action, Watch What Happens Next.

Feb 19, 2021
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    Vid ChroniclesVid Chronicles15 days ago
    • Same with like with notification and subsribed

      Goran TausanGoran Tausan13 hours ago
    • I subscribed because you absolutely did put a big smile on my face.

      Lee AlexanderLee Alexander6 days ago
    • The message was great. The teasing at the end was silly. This is a real serious issue. It is not a tit-for-tat kind of thing. It's about cops learning to do their job according to the law and not according to their own racist ego.

      ClaudiaClaudia7 days ago
    • Shame you guys show these exaggerated videos of reality but make it act as if this stuff happens.

      TeruTeru8 days ago
    • Indeed..

      CP3540CP35408 days ago
  • I wish all police people were like this chief

    Bendy DemonBendy DemonHour ago
  • Having the power of a police officer is not a right, it’s a privilege. This means that you have power, but you manage it the right way and you abide by the policy responsibly.

    Sea Witch SlayerSea Witch Slayer3 hours ago
  • I love how he mentioned breonna Taylor and george Floyd 🖤✊🏾

    Tha ' Real_DiamonTha ' Real_Diamon3 hours ago
  • Powerful and true

    Alcee ArsberryAlcee Arsberry6 hours ago
  • I could only wish that this would happen but the truth hurts, there are too many racists in the police 🚨 department.

    Dabarium MalakDabarium Malak10 hours ago
  • The cops weren't being racist! The women were not respecting law enforcement. This is stupid!

    M & J OutdoorsM & J Outdoors13 hours ago
    • I hope you're trolling.

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • This video hit hard and was right on point loved it love all y'all videos

    Seantinaa PersonSeantinaa Person13 hours ago
  • Nice ....

    Luis DiciembreLuis Diciembre13 hours ago
  • Fight Free the chiefs spoke The truth ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭

    famliy comes first 2020 Rottweiler trexfamliy comes first 2020 Rottweiler trex14 hours ago
  • I mean it kinda makes scence they where there and he was hispanic

    GohxtyGohxty15 hours ago
  • 3:14 THE WOMENS FACE!!

    Geet ManochaGeet Manocha16 hours ago
  • Loved it when she rubbed it in their faces

    Cary TurnerCary Turner17 hours ago
  • If only this happened ever.

    Kyle PitzerKyle Pitzer17 hours ago
  • I'm white and I totally agree with the message in this video. Unfortunately at least 70 Million other white people in America do not!

    TheRudydog1TheRudydog118 hours ago
  • that was cold-blooded🤣🤣🤣🤣

    curtis samuelcurtis samuel21 hour ago
  • Ohh a new fantasy island episode...

    fran Pezfran Pez21 hour ago
  • Cops : We don't care who her husband is ( Realizing that the husband is their chief) Cops : We are DEAD

    Brave WorldBrave World23 hours ago
  • At the end was so funny she said “you about to lose your job”

    42kCharie42kCharieDay ago
  • Thumbs up

    danilo gallardodanilo gallardoDay ago
  • This is such a slap in the face

    Ramon WilliamsRamon WilliamsDay ago
  • Was this true?

    Omen NemoOmen NemoDay ago
  • This is an awesome video!

    Marilyn OConnellMarilyn OConnellDay ago
  • My favorite part is when she said you bout to lose your job

    Cjay_ TVCjay_ TVDay ago
  • “We feared. for our lives” Say’s the guy who has a gun

  • CIA

    Hailey FrogzHailey FrogzDay ago
  • Sad

    dorothy scottdorothy scottDay ago
  • STRONG MESSAGE but a lot of white racist people will never understand

    Patric WellPatric WellDay ago
  • Good

    dorothy scottdorothy scottDay ago
  • Your bodies are left here on earth. How are you going to explain yourself to GOD when all HIS souls are judged looking the same?!?!?!?! Better curb that racism folks. ALL OF US! NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE.

    Robert ElamRobert ElamDay ago
  • "Stand up and do what's right". Does that include taunting people which happened at the end? What a dumb video. An overwhelming majority of police don't act like this. And when there are those that do, they are dealt with.

    llokutallokutaDay ago
  • You have a awesome channel

    FocusedGamesFocusedGamesDay ago
  • I a just world this would happen, but it's not.

    Dylan N.Dylan N.Day ago
  • Person who’s of color/ black etc : exists Bad cops: ah no I’m gonna die

    angry and confused Teenangry and confused TeenDay ago
  • I’m not a racist person I don’t like racism i treat everyone as my equal but I can’t help but find some things in this video to be funny. I really like what the police chief does.

    moeun maomoeun maoDay ago
  • You bout to lose yo job. Should be a song

    Speed runner Mario3626Speed runner Mario3626Day ago
  • I like this story, the chief is a truly police, and the other police is must be like this chief

  • Exactly!!!!

    Jess ChristianJess ChristianDay ago
  • If only this ever happened in real life !!

    BigBuckeye 678BigBuckeye 678Day ago
  • Claim here before 1million likes😁

    Mario NguyenMario NguyenDay ago
  • George Floyd was a criminal

    Tayron SandovalTayron Sandoval2 days ago
    • Doesn't make his slow and torturous murder at hands of cops while handcuffed and immobilized okay

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • I’m dead you about lose your job

    Devanta BlountDevanta Blount2 days ago
  • We are all human beings no matter what color, nationality, or any other thing.

    Jade PhoenixJade Phoenix2 days ago

    Willthepro2 Is godlyWillthepro2 Is godly2 days ago
  • You are right always is THE SHIN COLOR

    Elizabeth BalazsElizabeth Balazs2 days ago
  • If Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were white, the wouldn’t be dead right now. Just because the color of their color of their skin, they are dead. Let’s stop racism.

    Peyton AlaridPeyton Alarid2 days ago
  • I have a question, Are these videos based on actual events? I enjoy them, or should I say they infuriate me? I'm infuriated by the racist cops who mistreat law-abiding citizens.

    Rik DanielsenRik Danielsen2 days ago
  • We feared for our lives 🤦‍♀️

    Ali DialoAli Dialo2 days ago
  • 5:51 you bout to lose yo job

    ZL zayZL zay2 days ago
  • This scenario played out exactly one time, in this vid and has NEVER happened in real life

    Stephen KrausStephen Kraus2 days ago

    The Legendary Pocket HoundsThe Legendary Pocket Hounds2 days ago
  • Black person: eats food cop: STOP RESISTING OR I WILL ARREST

    Lovely LeeLovely Lee2 days ago
  • They aren't sorry they are sorry that they got caught💀

    chrqvillxzchrqvillxz2 days ago
  • "Hey Charles and Bradley!" Them: **looks back** Adriana: *You about to lose your job ✋💀😭*

    chrqvillxzchrqvillxz2 days ago
  • All racist police officers need to watch this.

    Toast KingToast King2 days ago
  • A couple of cops with attitude but surely they undergo a formal hearing prior to dismal from service? Embarrassing for them if they'd knocked on Michelle Obama's door.

    John BeckJohn Beck2 days ago

    dd Bdd B2 days ago
    • Do you not understand that cops don't have the right to act as judge jury and executioner?

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • America you have committed heinous crimes against the children of Israel. I charge you with thief of land, murder, rape, and slavery. I therefore find you guilty as charged. For your crimes I will destroy America...case dismissed! So sayth the Most High God of Israel!

    cesarcesar2 days ago
  • click here 👇🏽

    My KidsMy Kids2 days ago
  • BLM BLM BLM my uncle got killed

    My KidsMy Kids2 days ago
    • I'm sorry for your loss

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • The chief is sounding like a teacher that is grouling of two kids🤣🤣

    Amelia HopkinsAmelia Hopkins2 days ago
  • This is a reality video most people should watch it'll make them think more positive in life.

    Devon CarterDevon Carter3 days ago
  • Only if it was so easy to fire bad cops just like that. Even Police Chiefs do not have that much power to fire a police officer like that. The police unions are the ones to blame and some ridiculous usefulness test which is running since decades saving their jobs. Qualified immunity is another parameter because of which cops are supposed not to give a damn. And even when they are caught, what happens ? Yay it's vacation time ahhm *Suspension* I mean. I've read cops drawing six figure salaries and suspended for more than 3 years. These police Unions, qualified immunity and the ridiculous usefulness test has to go. It's a looooong process

    Lavish HandaLavish Handa3 days ago

    Omega PierreOmega Pierre3 days ago
  • In a country so racist you have to make it up! Floyd was jacked up on fentanyl. More jussie Smollett shit...

    Blaine ScottBlaine Scott3 days ago
    • In no way is this making up racism no more than having a storyline on racism in a tv show does. Do you hold that is such disdain as well. Floyd didn't die from Fentanyl. He was slowly and torturously murdered by cops

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • I have no respect for people who treat blacks are Hispanics..are white..are Any other human who treated bad are hated because of there color of skin!!! When God Judges you..hows this kinda action going to effectively look on you when your Judge by your heart condition of hate for other's..Not Good!!

    James FoxJames Fox3 days ago
  • too bad its only a video.

    Timmy beeTimmy bee3 days ago
  • Racism is not growing, we are just becoming more aware of it, Trump made it okay for the trolls to come out of the basement. Now that they're out we can identify and kill them, metaphorically speaking, or otherwise.

    BDsuitsBDsuits3 days ago
  • In reality, the union steps in and they are NOT fired, suspended with pay until it 'blows over". Justice is almost never served.

    lechughlechugh3 days ago
  • sooooo what fantasy island episode is this?

    Das KritterHausDas KritterHaus3 days ago
  • Gorge Floyd died of a heart attack not police

    Austin EmlawAustin Emlaw3 days ago
    • Wrong. Read the autopsies

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • Wtg

    Margaret CraftMargaret Craft3 days ago
  • They forgot to add sadly....This is not based on a true story

    Shana Tmobile PhoneShana Tmobile Phone3 days ago
  • While I'm happy that the "Like" out number the "Not Like" by almost 22:1 ratio, it's sad to see that 1.8K viewers didn't like this message. It shows how many people are acceptable to racism and profiling. Unless, of course, it happened to them.

    Greg PhillipsGreg Phillips3 days ago
  • Yea nice fantasy

    Jane RimfireJane Rimfire3 days ago
  • Good video thank you for sharing

    Bill GroelBill Groel3 days ago
  • "We don't care who your husband is: they cared real quick. Smh!

    Donald F Carter JrDonald F Carter Jr3 days ago
  • Police Chief Catches Racist Cops In Action, Watch What Happens Next. police chief promotes racist cop lol

    Tim TryanTim Tryan3 days ago
  • In America there are departments that are underfunded, therefore the training and professionalism of police officers suffer. It costs money to recruit and train new police officers. In the George Ford case for example had the Minneapolis Police been better funded they perhaps would have been able to afford to sooner get rid of the cop who killed George Floyd, whom already had multiple complaints against him and replace him with somebody more professional.

    mauro ortizmauro ortiz3 days ago
  • If only this video was real America will always be racist but karma is a bitch

    Rawle SealeyRawle Sealey3 days ago

    MxffinMxffin3 days ago
  • Made to make people not trust cops.

    Kenneth HubbardKenneth Hubbard3 days ago
    • In no way was this made to do that. It was made to try to raise awareness on issues that are real. Do you not understand that racial profiling is a thing? Not all cops abuse their power. However there are far too many that do

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • never judge the color of the skin

  • If only loosing their jobs resolves the problem. We still have to interact with them in the community and in their new job roles.

    ----4 days ago
  • Wish more cops would get snap trapped like this.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Justice is served.💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿🤴🏿🤴🏿🤴🏿

    Mark HardimanMark Hardiman4 days ago
  • great show

    rita moorerita moore4 days ago
    • Hello how are you doing today??

      Anthony ThomasAnthony Thomas4 days ago
  • Ez get bodied

    Tahyon RiceTahyon Rice4 days ago
  • Great job on this video it's a good illustration of what really happens. Thank you

    Scott LehmanScott Lehman4 days ago
  • “So did George Floyd ???” The same George Floyd who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly after breaking into her home with a gang ?? The cops here were arseholes who deserved to be sacked on the spot, they weren’t fit to be security guards, but to hold G.F. up as an innocent citizen is laughable.

    ChipchaseChipchase4 days ago
    • Yes George Floyd did do that. That was years before his death, and he did serve his time for the crime. Him doing that crime doesn't make his slow and torturous murder at the hands of cops okay

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • I am liking this video already thats how you handle your staff.

    Mighty Pac-ManMighty Pac-Man4 days ago
  • Once they said Breonna Taylor and George Floyd this video lost all credibility. Those independent cases were justified and reasonable.

    liquidsn0w29liquidsn0w294 days ago
    • I hope you're trolling

      Secondchances123Secondchances1232 hours ago
  • Thanks ,that was a very strong video.

    Gary BanksGary Banks4 days ago
  • Adriana: How am I getting hostile? Because I’m asking the appropriate questions? Me: DAMNNN

    Gojihororfan1980Gojihororfan19804 days ago
  • Those two illiterate police buggers

    Raveendran VelupillaiRaveendran Velupillai4 days ago
  • Well, the cop wasn't lying when he said "We're just doing a regular routine investigation".

    Ryan RiddickRyan Riddick4 days ago

  • He didn't even get their information lol

    Hustlehardhitler mrantiracismHustlehardhitler mrantiracism4 days ago
  • I don't see a Hispanic anywhere in this video....

    Hustlehardhitler mrantiracismHustlehardhitler mrantiracism4 days ago
  • Wish this was real

    Hustlehardhitler mrantiracismHustlehardhitler mrantiracism4 days ago
  • I thank God they really caught red handed. No room for racism

    jacob Christianjacob Christian4 days ago