Pisces "Be Ready! Preparing For Something Serious!" April 12th - 18th

Apr 5, 2021
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Pisces "Be Ready! Preparing For Something Serious!" April 12th - 18th
⭐️Minnow Pond Tarot⭐️
0:00​ - Intro
1:01 - General Energies Check In
7:53 - Messages From Future Self
12:29 - Important Messages From Guides
18:14 - Personalish Reading

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    Minnow Pond TarotMinnow Pond Tarot6 days ago
    • I've Pisces moon, im trying to learn how to put everything together and how much weight each carries. I know that my sun sign Taurus is my inner self and rising Virgo is what the world sees, and sweet emotional Pisces cuts through all my earth with all the emotion. But how do I put the readings together? Lol, if that made any sense...

      sandra dsandra d4 days ago
    • Thank you for the super duper reading!💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟🦢🦚👗🍀🐱🐰🌻💝💟

      Kathy SemrauKathy Semrau5 days ago
  • Love your style

    Annette RileyAnnette Riley3 minutes ago
  • Can I get a private reading your on point

    Melissa Avila FigueroaMelissa Avila FigueroaHour ago
  • Everything is working out for me! Yes!

    Angelina FalguiAngelina Falgui3 hours ago

    Amanda LopezAmanda Lopez6 hours ago
  • Thank you for this reading its very parallel with whats happening with me 🤘

    Sherryl GoinsSherryl Goins8 hours ago
  • Cap sun, Cap moon, Pisces rising. ...I figured this out by following his tutorial. And, I wonder if the Pisces influence is more powerful than my Capricorn. I’m definitely going through huge changes: boundaries (decimating relationships) & sobriety has brought unbelievable peace & major changes. Thanks for your readings, Mr. Minnow. They never cease to inspire.

    Sara LacombeSara Lacombe9 hours ago
  • Awesome work Chris 🙏🎏💚

    philippa wajcmanphilippa wajcman12 hours ago
  • I AGREE ♥️💯 your on point 💖💖💖

    Sandra A QUEENSandra A QUEEN16 hours ago
  • Pisces always has a saucerful of secrets to unfold. Sometimes ive found the tower can mean...when it looks like things are falling apart...theyre actually falling in place...sometimes. Lol

    Jamie HuskyJamie Husky17 hours ago
  • You know..u reading me...thanks for reading me...😊!

    oneness fishoneness fish18 hours ago
  • Hi Lovely From the UK. I just love your readings. I am a typical Pisces. Temperance for me is a Sagittarius Twin with Pisces moon. I am Pisces with Aries moon. in separation since 2006. love him unconditionally. I just would love to see him and talk about all the other worldly things that happened. Don't expect anything from him. .. Thank you lovely 🔥🔥💕

    pennystarshinepennystarshine19 hours ago
  • Sounds like a lot of big changes coming in life.

    Nick's GoldNick's GoldDay ago
  • Love the reading ! Thank you

    HootiesHorseHaven HootieshorsehavenHootiesHorseHaven HootieshorsehavenDay ago
  • Spot on Chris! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

    Lisa HurstLisa HurstDay ago
  • You're my favorite ♥️

    Alycia MarksAlycia MarksDay ago
  • I always like your readings. I've never had a reading that resonated so deeply with. Bravo

    kevin mihalsonkevin mihalsonDay ago
  • I Hope So. I’m a Good Man, I’m Good Looking and have Ben alone for 5 years. I Deserve to Be Loved because I HavenLive to Give. I’m only 53 years old, I can’t be alone for the rest of my life. I’m beyond Lonely 😞 I love my 3 Chihuahua’s but I need the Love from Human, a Woman, someone who will Love me as Much as I Love Them

  • Thank you for another beautiful reading for Pisces. They’re only getting better; more positive and more accurate each week. I would love to hear your thoughts on Pisces emerald year.

    holly blaneholly blaneDay ago
  • Yes abraham hicks. Hahaha listen to her videos a lot

    Elisha MaaskantElisha MaaskantDay ago
  • Thank you! Your readings are always so encouraging and inspiring!! All bright blessings!

    Gina Hill eleanor@wavecable.comGina Hill eleanor@wavecable.comDay ago
  • Great reading thank you very much

    Darlene TruickoDarlene TruickoDay ago
  • Just wow! X

    Tonia AllenTonia AllenDay ago
  • Yes its from Esther

    Janie HollandJanie HollandDay ago
  • excited about this reading ✨🌙🌞

    Kimber FaeKimber FaeDay ago
  • Thank you Chris

    M PM PDay ago
  • thank you sweet angel

    Coaching Mágico by Lu SchievanoCoaching Mágico by Lu SchievanoDay ago
  • Spot on! Thank you bro 😎

    Josh GloverJosh GloverDay ago
  • Everything is always working out for me is definitely Ester Hicks! ❤️

    Comedian Tressa ElebyComedian Tressa ElebyDay ago
  • Your reading was very uplifting and you have a lovely way of communicating relevant information and messages. Thank you

    Yvonne MarshallYvonne MarshallDay ago
  • Hey chris yeeeeessss u got 400k more subscribers.. good job.. congratsxxx u read always resonates on me...

    Zoo zooZoo zooDay ago
  • WOW !! A GREAT reading as usual Chris,resonated totally, many thanks xx

    tracy mcintoshtracy mcintoshDay ago
  • I've been thinking about moving too ! Omg!

    Lilbaddie95Lilbaddie952 days ago
  • On point !!!

    Lilbaddie95Lilbaddie952 days ago
  • Spot on! 😃🌈🙌

    Cynthia VolpeCynthia Volpe2 days ago
  • So much of your reading resonates with me. I just got another promotion at work (whole new team again). Now if my virgo would get off his a** and make a move I might have a chance at happiness.

    candice griffithcandice griffith2 days ago
  • Shout out to Esther Hicks! Love it, love you ! ⭐️

    Nothing in ParticularNothing in Particular2 days ago
  • life is like a cake. beautiful, shiny, inviting. so ready to eat. then a bug crawls out of the cake and walks away. so i left it on the table. you can have it.

    lostonelostone2 days ago
  • another tower. you don't say.

    lostonelostone2 days ago
  • I am a teacher. Contracts for the next school year came out. I did not sign it. For three years I have felt that it was time to leave... finally this year they completely drug me through the mud and now I’m ready to go. I don’t have a job yet... 😬😬 but I want to work overseas lol

    Samantha PerezSamantha Perez2 days ago
    • I just quit my job as a school custodian. I felt that they kept piling more work on me. And it was really unfair. The school is 2 story and I work the upstairs. I turn in work keys just last Tuesday. But I did find another job with better pay. Starting on the 19th😄 I really wish you the best of luck!

      Lovely RoseLovely Rose18 hours ago
  • Thank you so much.... I'm a Pisces moon... And your readings really motivates me to stay focused and to stay positive through out the week... Lots of love from India 🇮🇳❤️

    Gautami KumbharjuvenkarGautami Kumbharjuvenkar2 days ago
  • And thank you so much for your insight my fellow Pisces brother 😍

    Brittany JamesBrittany James2 days ago
  • What an amazing read, I can’t wait to tell you what happens next week 😍😍😍 MUAH xoxo

    Brittany JamesBrittany James2 days ago
  • Thank you, magnificent reading as always

    jessica11104jessica111042 days ago
  • I somehow come across your videos during my tough times and whatever you say just fills me with so much positivity and energy that i feel I'm ready for anything. Thanks for doing what you do, you are a rockstar!

    Poornima HiremathPoornima Hiremath2 days ago
  • This totally resonates! Today i quit my Job! So a new beginning! And yes...many reasons to not do it but i feel so great! Thank you.

    Marijke WiegersMarijke Wiegers2 days ago
  • Indeed all certain & right on point to your reader. Thank you very much

    Sally GianniSally Gianni2 days ago
  • Thank you

    Kristie-lee CorneyKristie-lee Corney2 days ago
  • This is crazy and very accurate... Thank u

    Jaime GoneJaime Gone2 days ago
  • I hope the offer is job,business or anything good nd hoping for success

    Augustine kolaAugustine kola2 days ago
  • 'Everything is always working out for me' Yes it is!!! Love your readings Chris! Thank you. Xx

    nikkileighscott32nikkileighscott322 days ago
  • pisces ex, absolute player of note.

    M GM G2 days ago
  • Thank you so much for the reading, Chris! You are always spot on and amazing. Have a great week and weekend. ✨✨

    JasminJasmin3 days ago
  • Thank you for the spot on read

    Caroline SchenckCaroline Schenck3 days ago
  • I’m literally driving from South Carolina to San Diego, CA. Like right now as I type... well I’m gassing up somewhere in Mississippi. I just want you to know that I came across your channel about 5 weeks ago in the middle of a would have been discouraging depressing break up. I did everything right and he was not such a master manipulator. I’m so greatFULL for Spirit holding me and for the ability to transmute energy. You are so spot on and I’m so blissed to have your gift to lean towards for insight and revelation.

    1Eleven Creationz1Eleven Creationz3 days ago
  • Is this reading also for pisces moon sign?

    DewDew3 days ago
  • omg my Pisces sun and Leo moon really wants to take charge right now

    Whitney ChesterWhitney Chester3 days ago
  • Kya saanjeev scorpio sign h? Kya wo mujhe ggym mn milega? Kya wo mujhe april 2021 mn milega?

    SAHH HinduSAHH Hindu3 days ago
  • He's a University teacher.

    Valerie ValerieValerie Valerie3 days ago
  • 🕉🌌🔱 #s #211 #404 #79 #97 #5 🕉🌌🔱🔱

    SAHH HinduSAHH Hindu3 days ago
  • Thank you for a great reading Chris, its cheered me up nicely, looking forward to next week. 😊🙏

    Gillian PittGillian Pitt3 days ago
  • Hey hey, hope all is well and hope you're keeping sane during these weird times. Wondering if you'd be interested in doing private virtual readings.

    Amber LealAmber Leal3 days ago
  • Thank you darlin, preciate ya! 😊💛

    MsHoneyloveMsHoneylove3 days ago
  • Wanted to let you know I'm watching from Peru and love your readings. Keep goin! Thanks for your service and intuition.

    Megan YoungmeeMegan Youngmee3 days ago
  • Yeyyyy😇🙏❤ so excited for next week😘🥰🤗

    mykhel villanuevamykhel villanueva3 days ago
  • Every day things go my way. Love thiis reading Chris XX Little Pigeon jiggle dance love it X

    Lord NelsonLord Nelson3 days ago
  • Very interesting read! Your reading style has become very creative and sophisticated. I really like the columns with future self and spiritual guidance. The divisions give great clarity and it’s cool when you read across/over. Thank you for the great readings!

    RedAlexRedAlex3 days ago
  • First time here & i'm loving the readings.......still a newbie to this but some sort of feeling of me needing to be here got me excited

    Hammilton TshehlaHammilton Tshehla4 days ago
  • Thank you for sharing your obvious gift with us. I deeply appreciate it. As a Piscean, I don’t usually have someone tell me something I hadn’t already felt coming, but rather, it gets confirmed with details. I was drawn here bc I was doing my flopping around, much in need of another perspective to grab onto for stability. I Okay, I’ll just say it, I lost my mom and dad within 6 months of each other. Over the next 18 months I would lose my brother, my sister, my companion animal (a fantastic, mouthy, 25lbs Maine Coon), my job, my business, my home, my truck, my inheritance, my investments, everything. I literally thought Spirit was telling me I was going to die as my life was shutting down in front of me. Without my mom, when the being through which you were drawn forth into this experience, is no longer here, no longer on the planet with you, well, I felt completely untethered. I couldn’t find anything to hold, nothing to love me back. I was adrift, totally lost and I couldn’t care about it. FFW to my turning point. One day, through a crying jay, the thought floated to the surface, to get up I had to shift my attention to what I had been given, instead of what I had lost. Suddenly, I knew what to do and since, life has gotten exponentially better. I’ve been healing, but lately I’m feeling something is coming to me. I was drawn to you for guidance out of this chrysalis state. I wanted to thank you, so for you to understand the significance of my gratitude, I thought it necessary to share with you from whence I came. ❤️😋

    Robert MaddenRobert Madden4 days ago
  • Thank you

    Divine GraceDivine Grace4 days ago
  • 💜💜💜

  • Pisces sun, Libra moon, Cancer Rising and I'm addicted to Chris

    Kadell BowenKadell Bowen4 days ago
    • Me, too!

      Carol AlexanderCarol Alexander3 hours ago
  • That darn beep. Me thinks its one of my own machines..

    Louisa WLouisa W4 days ago
  • My future self better be yelling at my present self "you're gonna be rich, b**ch!!"

    Michael MizikerMichael Miziker4 days ago
  • Great reading.. very deep.. Your Amazing.. Thank you 🌻

    Diane PalermoDiane Palermo4 days ago
  • Great tittle. .. I had to click right away ..

    Kerikeri HouseKerikeri House4 days ago
  • "Everything is always working out for me" was Louise Hay... 😊🤗

    J'laine ThompsonJ'laine Thompson4 days ago
    • @J'laine Thompson I won't argue...They were/are both tuned in turned on tapped in...:-)

      Heather ClarkHeather Clark2 days ago
    • @Heather Clark They both seem to say it I guess. I remember Louise Hay saying it over 30 years ago in one of her books and tapes but can't deny it's good. 😁

      J'laine ThompsonJ'laine Thompson2 days ago
    • Are you sure? Esther's always shared that quote from Abraham...We went on one of her cruise gatherings...and she had a printed version...that you put in your car... as a gift for all of us.:-).

      Heather ClarkHeather Clark3 days ago

    PhoenixPhoenix4 days ago
  • Spot on for this Pisces ♓ Moon. Thank you Chris! 💜💫🌟✨🖤

    Mary DMary D4 days ago
  • Only fire in my chart is Leo in Mars. Eagle is my Below Totem. I am in a major transmutation. 💥✌️ Pisces ✌️💥 yes Everything is Always working out for Me!!! 🌀🙌🌀

    Christine CunichChristine Cunich4 days ago
  • Incredible i wanna hug u 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Rena HeymanRena Heyman4 days ago
  • School..... His grandfather was a school principal. He's a pisces im A scorpio. He's long distant.

    Anna RixonAnna Rixon4 days ago
  • you're awesome! great reading!

    lyrastar999lyrastar9994 days ago
  • I'm feeling the vibe too. Thanks.

    Dave StackhouseDave Stackhouse4 days ago
  • These keep me motivated. I am ready for big changes but I don’t know which way to go.

    SuperHazelrahSuperHazelrah4 days ago
  • Capricorn here. My husband/soul-mate is a Pisces and I love watching his readings so I can give him pep talks and heads ups. I taught him to read tarot back in 2019 so he likes hearing about it although he doesn't have a ton of time to do it himself. He is a natural though. I guess the benefit of being a reader is that I know how to interpret the cards to different subjects if it's being read in a different life category for other people listening to the reading, but this is all about his career and I'm so excited because big things are finally happening for him...He's definitely on the precipice and it's well deserved. I've been reading for 21 years and I recently found your channel and enjoy your readings. Keep it up. Pisces are pure magic. My absolute favorite.

    Mari ElleMari Elle4 days ago
    • That’s a great combo! I’m a Pisces and have been married to my Capricorn guy for almost 17 years. Added some Pisces and Cap kids to the mix, too. We fish need you earthy folks to keep us grounded!

      MopMop4 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Marilyn OmaguingMarilyn Omaguing4 days ago
  • I love ur readings.

    Krista KaurinKrista Kaurin4 days ago
  • Loved this reading!

    Kim GroteclaesKim Groteclaes4 days ago
  • Waiting on all of my blessings to flow in to me!🎉🎉💕

    J Kirk-LeonardJ Kirk-Leonard4 days ago
  • Last time reading does not resonate to me....im disappoint😔

    Fizza ShahidFizza Shahid4 days ago
  • Brilliant thank you

    Siobhan ShaulSiobhan Shaul4 days ago
  • Spot on. Thanks for sharing.

    Koko HottieKoko Hottie4 days ago
  • I am starting a new life the universe pushes me into it so I hope it will work out for all consented thank you 🙏

    Trish GreenTrish Green4 days ago
  • I am starting a new life the universe pushes me into it so I hope it will work out for all consented thank you 🙏

    Trish GreenTrish Green4 days ago
  • I am starting a new life the universe pushes me into it so I hope it will work out for all consented thank you 🙏

    Trish GreenTrish Green4 days ago
  • Wow now you got me curious😍!!!! Btw you're a pisces yourself do you practice what you preach? ( i was just wondering ) 😊 thank you for this reading I'm ready for next week 🤩🤩🤩

    maxie-nicmaxie-nic4 days ago
  • Offcourse my 12boards are in may 2021 🙂

    Sakshi RaturiSakshi Raturi4 days ago
  • I'm going to start using that. "Everything is always working out for me".

    Carolina WardCarolina Ward4 days ago
  • Awesome , Thank you...

    Michelle LaubscherMichelle Laubscher4 days ago